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    Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths ReviewsWhenever I write a review on a Robert E Howard story, I always like to begin by tipping my proverbial hat to this master of pulp fiction In just 10 years, Howard penned approximately 300 short stories, two novels and countless poems featuring numerous characters in a wide variety of genres, including heroic fantasy, western, horror, historical and humor While Conan the Barbarian might be his most famous creation, he was a prolific creators who dreamed up characters and worlds seemingly at will, as his stable of protagonists span the gamut from Sailor Steve Costigan 1930s tough guy sailor , to Dark Agnes de Chestillon red haired 16th century French swordswoman , and onward to notable heroes like Solomon Kane, El Borak, De Montour, Kull the Conqueror, Bran Mak Morn, last king of the Picts, and Esau Cairn, the hero of this sword and planet novel reminiscent of Edgar Rice Burroughs Barsoom novels.Since this is a classic portal scifi story, Almuric begins on earth, where Esau Cairn is a man born out of his time What makes it worse is that he realizes it, feeling that life holds no challenges for him, and so he spends his days drifting from place to place, adventure to adventure, seeking a challenge worthy of his near superhuman abilities Or so the narrator tells a reader, introducing this rugged man and his life up to this point, enlightening his listeners on Esau s fruitless search to find contentment in the modern world when his blood cried out for a less civilized time.Naturally, this introduction leads to our hero finally stumbling upon someone who can help him This someone being a scientist, who uses an invention of the modern, civilized world to exile Esau to another planet far from earth.Once awakening to his new home, Esau Cairn finds himself among strange creatures, who force him to return to man s natural state of honorable barbarism His initial tales of harsh survival setting up his later journey across this alien world to find other intelligent beings.Eventually, Esau encounters a race of huge apelike men Naturally, they speak English , who hide behind massive stone fortifications and zealously guard their females, Who, naturally, bear a striking resemblance to gorgeous human women and must use his physical prowess and sword skill to survive and carve out for himself a place upon this alien world.From this beginning a rousing tale of sword fights, menacing villains, and unlikely heroism and friendship develops There isn t too much here that surprises, but it is entertaining, as only pure sugar coated pulp fiction scifi can be Sure, it does read a little like a poor man s version of Burroughs Barsoom, but Robert E Howard pulls his sword and planet tale off admirable, making Esau Cairn s story compelling, if not enlightening So give it a try if you like Howard or Barsoom it will be well worth your time.

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    Almuric, il pianeta selvaggio l ultimo racconto di uno scrittore tra i massimi esponenti del fantastico horror del primo Novecento Pubblicato postumo nel 1939, Almuric racconta di Esa Cairn, un uomo dalla statura imponente che nell America degli anni 30 si trova estraneo, tutto quello che succede nel Mondo non lo appassiona, ma un bel giorno scopre una roccia particolare che gli cambier la vita Non mi va di raccontare altro sulla trama, invece vorrei spendere due parole per l autore Rober E Howard nasce nel 1906 in Texas, ha un infanzia non delle migliori, osteggiato dai suoi coetanei e da suo padre, si chiuder sempre pi in se stesso e nella protezione di una madre possessiva, cos inizia da subito a sviluppare una passione spropositata verso i libri, la lettura d evasione, saranno i suoi veri amici Cos come sviluppa la creativit letteraria gi adolescente, scrivendo racconti di avventure Uomo di stazza imponente, le sue storie hanno come protagonisti dei suoi alter ego, vedi Conan, che sconfiggono il male e la prepotenza con il temperamento, la forza e l onest dei sentimenti Quando nel 1936 sua madre muore, Robert non regge all urto e si suicidaScrittore straordinario, con una capacit descrittiva inesauribile, riesce ad amalgamare capitoli di forte impatto, come i combattimenti, epici, con spade, martelli, pugni e soprattutto con l impetuosit , a capitoli dove ci racconta l ambiente alieno, infine a capitoli dove le storie leggendarie e mitiche riesumano mostri venuti da un lontano passato, diciamo i Grandi Antichi tanto raccontati dal suo amico epistolare Lovecraft.Almuric l esempio pi incredibile di racconto fantastico horror che abbia mai letto In 182 pagine ci racconta di avventure al limite dell incredibile e dell insondabile, insomma imprescindibile per un lettore avvezzo a questo genere C un ora del giorno che sembra fatta apposta per imprimere negli uomini inseguiti o incarcerati un senso d impotenza, di rassegnazione dinanzi all ineluttabile E l alba E il momento di fredda luce grigia in cui l organismo umano al suo pi basso indice di vitalit , quando nelle corsie d ospedale i moribondi esalano l ultimo respiro e le partorienti sgravano pi spesso Ed l ora in cui sulla Terra la polizia segreta fa irruzione nelle case dei sospetti ben sapendo di trovarli poco disposti a reagire, o in cui i condannati a morte vengono svegliati per essere condotti storditi e passivi al loro destino.

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    I m being generous in my rating Really, the book doesn t deserve than a 1.5, a 1.75 at most I don t think I could have finished it if it had been much longer than the 100 or so pages in my edition I downloaded it from s Kindle Store but I can t stand not having a book cover so I m archiving it under this edition Almuric is about a character, the Earthman Esau Cairn, and a setting that obviously didn t inspire Howard much, though the theme of barbarism being infinitely superior to civilization you find in the Kull and Conan stories is omnipresent A good example being found early in the book My being grew and expanded I tell you, the natural life of mankind is a grim battle for existence against the forces of nature, and any other form of life is artificial and without realistic meaning There s no real set up for Cairn s ensuing adventures on the planet of Almuric He s running from the law and stumbles across the laboratory of a man who s able to transport him to Almuric, where he finds a culture amenable to his disposition For Cairn is an atavar a caveman born 20,000 years too late The good life for him is carousing, fighting doing manly things with other manly men And the Guras fit that bill they are skilled in war, the hunt, and weapon making and know nothing of painting, sculpturing, or the higher learning And then there are the Gura women As the men assume all risks and responsibility, they naturally assume all authority.Yet her lot woman s is not so unhappy as it might seem.The duties of the Gura women are few, concerned mainly with child bearing and child rearing written by a life long bachelor They do no work heavier than the manufacturing of silk They are witty, merry, affectionate, playful and docileand they are content in the protection of their ferocious mates and masters. I don t need to spend much time excoriating the many deficiencies of Almuric When inspired REH could write some of the best fiction in the genre Beyond the Black River, A Witch Shall Be Born, Queen of the Black Coast, The Cat and the Skull, etc but this is not one of those works.

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    It is truly remarkable how much work pulp author Robert E Howard managed to accomplish during his brief 30 years of life Indeed, a look at his bibliography, on a certain Wiki site, should surely flabbergast any reader who knows the Texan writer only as the creator of Conan the Cimmerian, King Kull, Bran Mak Morn, Solomon Kane and, essentially, the entire genre known as Sword Sorcery Hundreds upon hundreds of titles can be found there, in such variegated categories as boxing, Westerns, Oriental exoticism, sword sorcery natch , horror, fantasy, crime, historical tales, detective stories, adventureeven comedy, spicy stories, essays and poetry But of all these myriad story types, one salient fact emerges Most of them are just that short stories Howard, despite his superhuman output, wrote very few four, I believe longer pieces during his brief career, and indeed, thinking back, I could only recall having read a single one, The Hour of the Dragon, aka Conan the Conqueror, which first appeared as a five part serial in the 12 35 4 36 issues of Weird Tales But I hadn t read this great fantasy work since high school years ago than I d care to admit , and thus felt that it was high time for me to finally read his posthumous, stand alone novel, Almuric Almuric initially appeared in Weird Tales, as well, as a three part series in the May, June July, and August 1939 issues, three years after its author s suicide in 1936 In hindsight, it seems remarkable now that this work, now deemed a fantasy classic of sorts, never copped the cover illustration for any of those three issues It saw its first release in book form as a 1964 Ace paperback F 305, for all you collectors out there , with a cover price of 40 cents The version that I recently read, from Paizo s Planet Stories series, cost than 30 times that, but turned out to be a worthy investment, nevertheless, as Almuric has revealed itself to be a very solid, at times relentlessly gripping fantasy work, told with an incredible amount of panache.In the book, a scientist, Prof Hildebrand, introduces us to a man named Esau Cairn, an individual of extraordinary dynamism and physical brawn, who feels discontent with his life on Earth and who has inadvertently injured many an opponent in the boxing ring and on the football field Cairn showed up at the professor s laboratory after killing a crooked political boss, and the professor convinced the big lug that his only chance was to utilize Hildebrand s latest scientific wonder to materialize himself onto a planet that the inventor has dubbed Almuric This is soon done, and the rest of the book is narrated by Esau himself And what a narration it is After living by himself in the planet s highland wilderness for many months, fighting off an assortment of nasty beasts and Almuric s troglodytic inhabitants, Cairn is taken prisoner by the residents of the city of Koth He fights the mightiest Kothan, Ghor the Bear, and, narrowly besting the Alley Oop like brute, is made a citizen But Esau Ironhand s as he is now known troubles are just beginning When the lovely Kothan maiden Altha is captured by the bat winged black men of distant Yugga, Cairn follows in hot pursuit, ultimately doing battle with a host of dog faced apes, a monstrous spider, and an electrified and tentacled slug creature not to mention uniting the hereditary enemy cities of Koth and Khor to do epochal battle against the Yagas fortified cliff city and their evil queen, Yasmeena Almuric, to be sure, is a red blooded in the figurative and literal sense the book is extremely violent , rousing action yarn that never lets up and that grows increasingly bonkers as it proceeds Indeed, the book s final battle sequence is absolutely gripping you won t be able to turn those pages quickly enough, I assure you Howard s imagination must surely have been working overtime as his story proceeded, especially as regards Yasmeena s Ultimate Horror, as wackadoodle a creation as anything Conan ever had to face The story is a true fantasy of sorts, and not just as regards the amazing monstrosities that Esau Cairn a great name, that, isn t it encounters Perhaps the novel s most glaring fantasy element is this notion of Almuric s male residents being hairy, ugly cavemen types, while its women are all smooth skinned and beautiful a development that arose, Howard tells us, because the females were spared the onerous work and hardships in general that the men allowed themselves to endure Uh, okay Putting aside that small matter, though, the reader should happily find himself herself immersed in one mightily entertaining page turner It s nothing deep, to be sure, but it sure is fun, and wonderfully atmosphericperhaps never so than when the sun is blotted out, the world turns impenetrably dark, and some monstrous Thing passes over the landscape Howard was perhaps influenced here by the truly mysterious, unseen monsters in William Hope Hodgson s 1912 classic The Night Land At this point, I don t think I need convince anyone what a wonderful, natural storyteller Howard was, with a great command of pulp style and verbiage Just take this wonderful Almuric sample, however, from the scene in which Esau battles that giant spider Catching up a heavy block of masonry, I poised it for an instant, and then hurled it straight into the onrushing bulk Full among those branching hairy legs it crushed, and a jet of nauseous green stuff gushed into the air from the torn torso Or howzabout this wonderful bit of pulp verbiage, as Cairn describes the Yagas I believe they represented a separate branch on the tree of evolution, and that it is only an incredible freak of coincidence which cast them in a mold so similar to man, instead of the shapes of the abysmal, howling, blasphemous dwellers of Outer Darkness Whew And speaking of language, this might be as good a place as any to mention that this posthumous novel was, it has long been assumed, put together by Weird Tales editor Farnsworth Wright, utilizing Howard s completed first draft and incomplete second draft, and that the slightly unpolished feel of the book might have something to do with that provenance To be sure, there are many who believe that Howard did not even write the book s concluding section, ending as it does with a happy, almost domesticated note, one very atypical for this author However, if you will go to YouTube and type in the word Almuric, you ll find a 30 minute dissertation by a Howard scholar who has used the author s known writing samples, as well as samples of a half dozen other possible suspect Almuric contributors, fed into a computer, to prove that Howard was, indeed, the book s sole writer This YouTube clip, by the way, demonstrates that my love of Robert E Howard pales into insignificance when compared to some others , a fact that does my heart a great deal of good.But pleasing as it is, Almuric does come freighted with any number of small problems Frustratingly, Hildebrand not only refuses to tell us the nature of his transporting gizmo, or how he has received Esau Cairn s incredible narrative, but also why he has named this discovered world Almuric to begin with We never learn how it is that the residents of the planet happen to speak perfect English a conundrum that Esau ponders, at one point , and we never even get a sense of the evil Yasmeena s ultimate fate On a side note, oddly, the author tells us that the men of Koth worship a being named Thak, which was also the name of the ape creature that Conan battled in the 1934 story Rogues in the House Another bit of oddness here the fact that the only Yaga female to have wings is the queen, Yasmeena to keep their females subservient, all the other females quite literally have their wings clipped at birth.Still, minor problems and bits of strangeness aside, Almuric stands, mainly due to its author s overwhelming storytelling gusto and unbridled narrative sweep The Paizo edition contains typos than any book should reasonably be allowed to have, especially with its 13 price tag, but better to read a faulty edition of a true fantasy classic than not to read it at all As author Joe R Lansdale says of the book in his enthusiastic introduction, Man What a killer By the way, this review originally appeared on the FanLit website at a most excellent destination for all fans of Robert E Howard.

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    Almuric, Barbar Conan efsanesiyle tan d m z yazar Robert E Howard n 1939 y l nda nl Weird Tales dergisi i in kaleme alm oldu u b l ml k bir bilimkurgu.Kitap d nyada arad n bulamayan ve siyasi mekanizman n buyruklar na alet olmay reddeden insan azman bir varl n, Esau Cairn in hik yesini konu al yor nsanlar aras nda bir ucube olarak an lan ve nereye giderse gitsin d nya zerinde bu t r yak t rmalardan kurtulamayan bir ki inin yk s n dinliyoruz.Sonunda onun durumunu fark eden bir profes rden, kendi ke fetmi oldu u ve evrende d nya harici insanlar n ya ayaca tek gezegen olan profes r n kendince adland rd Almuric e g nderilme teklifi al r Nelerle kar la aca n o an umursamay p, riskleri ve bilinmezlikleri bir kenara atan Cairn in Almuric e olan maceras b ylece ba lam olur.Kitap toplamda 12 b l mden olu uyor Ama kahraman m z n Almuric e ayak bast andan itibaren nemli a amadan ge ti ini s yleyebiliriz Bunlardan ilki, bu yeni gezegende ya ad yaln z ve vah i hayat Daha sonra o d nyan n maymuna benzeyen farkl t rlerdeki k ll barbarlar yla ge irdi i zaman geliyor Son olarak Yaga ad yla bilinen u an iblislere tutsak oldu u ve beraberinde geli en olaylar n konu al nd b l mle nihayete eriyor.Bu s re lerde Esau Cairn, farkl bir d nyada ya aman n ne oldu unu anl yor Yine hayal dahi edemeyece i t rden yarat klar n, efsanelerde bile duymad iblislerin kol gezdi i bir gezegeni ke fediyor Tutsak al n yor, say s z kez d v yor, derisi bu yeni d nyan n artlar na uyum sa l yor, k l pay l mlerden kurtuluyor Anlayaca n z tam bir barbar hayat ya yor, bununla birlikte kontrol edemedi i fke n betlerine girip vah et sa yor k da oluyor Anlam veremedi i olaylardan bir nceki d nyada b rakt zannetti i zek s yla ba etmeye abal yor.T r n bilimkurgusal yan ba ta profes r n onu Almuric e g ndermesinden ibaret Yeni bir d nya olsa da bilimkurgu olarak nitelendirece imiz pek bir ey g rm yoruz Belki tamamen ki isel fikirlere g re de ele tirimizi devam ettirebiliriz Bilimkurgu da var, fantastik olaylar da A k as roman okurken b y k keyif ald m belirtmek isterim Zira ak c l sayesinde sayfalar su gibi ak p ge erken, roman n ilerleyen b l mlerinde neler olaca n , kahraman n lmeyece ini bilseniz dahi ne ekilde hayata devam edebilece ini merak ediyorsunuz Tamamen ilkel bir hayat n ya and bu d nya yazar n enteresan hayal g c yle birle ip okunmas zevkli bir eser k yor ortaya Hakan TUN ncelemenin tamam i in

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    Esau Cairn has a rather nebulous background, working as an enforcer for a criminal boss When he kills his employer in self defense or was it murder,is he a hood or a good guy Cairn goes on the lam and befriends Professor Hilderbrand.Who has just invented a device that can transport humans to an unknown planet, in a distant solar system.The scientist calls it Almuric,he asks Escau if he wants to go there What has the fugitive got to lose Hilderbrand isn t risking his own neck After warning the volunteer he will be unable to come back,Cairn quickly travels to the new world.Not wasting any time he gets immediately into a sword fight.Since that weapon is king on Almuric and the expatriate is an expert,he soon receives the nickname Iron Hand.The planet is like ancient Greece, city states war on each other continuously.Joining a tribe to survive ,he meets Altha, there is always a pretty girl in these books and battles winged devils ,evil apes and weird creatures.Fun in a word happens Can the man civilize this place Hopefully not.

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    20 Howard Solomon Kane , , .

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    This was Howard s entry into the Sword and Planet field established by Burroughs with his John Carter books Howard puts his own unique spin on the subgenre However, there s pretty good evidence that Howard didn t actually write the last chapter and there is some mystery as to who completed the novel.There are several editions of this novel available, including a hardback version.

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    Great fun, full of pulpy weirdness.A twentieth century fugitive uses the Great Secret to flee to another plant, a planet of primeval apeman and winged Devils There s some great writing here and tons of resonance with Conan for example, Thak a god on the planet of Almuric is very similar to Crom and Esau Cairn is a twentieth century Conan, a man born out of time who thrives on the harsh world of Almuric There is some superb action and the final battle is thrillingly well written Loved it

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    Ahhh Almuric As far as I know this is the only full length novel of Howard s that off the top of my head I can think of While in general I prefer his short stories as the compacted space seemed to better fit his unique style Almuric is by no means a bad book Quite the opposite in fact While it s pretty clear that Howard was heavily inspired by Burroughs EXCELLENT Barsoom books he does manage to add his own unique style and twist Enough so that the book holds up as a solidly entertaining read and one I d recommend to any Howard fan that wanted to read than just his Conan stories Almuric, in short, is about a human, Esau Cairn, that after murdering a fellow earthman finds himself hunted by the law As can only happen in a story like this from a simpler time he just so happens to find a scientist that has the means to transport him to another world from whence he can never return Esau, knowing his life on earth is doomed already and having never fit in to begin with, accepts the offer without so much as the bat of an eye I mean if it were you or I we d at least have to take a minute or two to think this over right Right But that s the simplistic charm of the pulp era of writing Instead of spending twenty pages hemming and hawing it over our man Esau readily agrees and is soon on a path of adventure the likes of which no earthman aside from John Carter has seen before.I won t go too in depth as to the story as others should read this entertaining little book for themselves Suffice to say on his journey he encounters many new, and dangerous, forms of life Be it rabid dog headed men, winded devils , ravenous spiders, giant electric slugs how great is that and, of course, hairy ape men that are what passes for the humans on the planet of Almuric Oddly, and amusingly, enough the female of this species exactly resembles earth females It s that kind of convenient plot device that always entertains when it comes to the pulp writers.Is the book without flaws Of course not The pacing can be off at times More than likely due to the fact that Howard was used to penning short stories The book does have themes of racism and chauvinism and while , yes, I absolutely understand these things aren t good in any way I also understand that these were penned in a different time when the world was a much different place The criticism I see over these factors of Howard s writing always make me shake my head If you re reading the work of Howard, or any other pulp writer from the 20 s and 30 s, and are seeking political correctness and enlightenment than you probably shouldn t be reading that particular genre As noted above this genre and era aren t for everyone but if you can simply enjoy the stories for what they are rousing adventures with some of the best battle scenes to be found as only Howard could do then I highly recommend this book as well as his other works.In closing while it s not by any means my favorite of Howard s works, those spots are reserved for his tales of Solomon Kane and El Borak, it s worth reading in my humble opinion Does it stack up to the Barsoom books Well no but to compare one book to a series that had time to develop is silly to begin with Just give it a read and enjoy Howard Nuff said.

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Almuric summary pdf Almuric, summary chapter 2 Almuric, sparknotes Almuric, Almuric d00b3a7 The Creator Of Conan Looks To The Stars In One Of Fantasy S Most Enduring Science Fantasy Classics Robert E Howard S Almuric Is A Savage Planet Of Crumbling Stone Ruins And Debased, Near Human Inhabitants Into This World Comes Esau Cairn, Earthman, Swordsman, Murderer Only He Can Overthrow The Terrible Devils That Enslave Almuric, But To Do So He Must First Defeat The Inner Demons That Forced Him To Abandon Earth Filled With Vile Beasts And Thrilling Adventure In The Tradition Of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Almuric Is One Of Howard S Few Novels, And An Excellent Yarn From One Of America S Most Distinct Literary Voices

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Robert Ervin Howard was an American pulp writer of fantasy, horror, historical adventure, boxing, western, and detective fiction Howard wrote over three hundred stories and seven hundred poems of raw power and unbridled emotion and is especially noted for his memorable depictions of a sombre universe of swashbuckling adventure and darkling horror He is well known for having created in the p