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    There can t be anything beautiful about war, can there Why then is Brian Turner s poetry so beautiful How can he choose words which soothe and comfort at the same time they break our hearts Finding Brian Turner and Yusef Komunyakaa as a result of reading Kevin Powers Letter Composed During a Lull in the Fighting Poems and his transcendent The Yellow Birds was the most rewarding thing that happened to me this Spring Finding them may also have the longest lasting impact of anything else that has happened Time will tell.It is difficult to imagine Turner as a soldier Did he stand still in a street exploding, capturing pictures through the shutters of his eyes Did he turn a phrase on a curling tongue while listening to a command, standing at a barricade, or licking his lover His eyes are old eyes, and he reaches further, deeper Alhazen of BasraIf I could travel a thousand years backto August 1004, to a small tent where Alhazen has fallen asleep among booksabout sunsets, shadows, and light itself,I wouldn t ask whether light travels in a straight line,or what governs the laws of refraction, or howhe discovered the bridgework of analytical geometry I would ask about the light within us,what shines in the mind s great repositoryof dream, and whether he s studied the deep shadowsdaylight brings, how light defines us.Turner s eloquence stems from a sensitivity so fine that the lines fairly quiver In 2000 lbs each stanza imagines the lives of victims of a car bomber, many of them blameless Iraqis with lovers, fathers, sisters, not forgetting to add the sound of the detonation s aftermath The buffeting wave washes over us and leaves us with a vivid sense of smell Sadiq It is a condition of wisdom in the archer to be patient because when the arrow leaves the bow, it returns no Sa diIt should make you shake and sweat,nightmare you, strand you in a desert of irrevocable desolation, the consequencesseared into the vein, no matter what adrenalinefeeds the muscle of its courage, no matterwhat god shines down on you, no matter what crackling pain and angeryou carry in your fists, my friend,it should break your heart to kill.

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    It seems impossible to me to come out against this book without offending everyone But what if we separate the situation from the writing itself Simply put, in my humble opinion, the writing just isn t very good Turner had a huge opportunity here, but instead he paints a picture of the Iraq war in the way one would render a pretty sunset Not that war is glorified here, in fact, quite the opposite Problem is, it s not done in a particularly forward thinking or interesting manner And now I am likewise guilty of an inability to divorce context from content As a populist poet perhaps he succeeds The craft is predictably fine I can even see how it would appeal to a lot of people, which is also ok But if I want pretty straight up war poetry, I ll take Komunyakaa any day for his attention to sound.

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    War poetry has the great opportunity of sinking into the muck of premeditated maudlin stuff You know, war is hell, and if you were there you feel like you should be able to break hearts and upset stomachs, gross out the pantywaists and come off like the strong survivor that you are, but Here, Bullet does not do that I don t read a single poem that glorifies war and tries to inspire the young to join up and get themselves killed What I read is someone who has been changed not just by war, but by words, topography, cultures, and a recognition that security and fairness are concepts that have no place in a war zone It is important that we read the poetry of those who were there These poems do not preach These poems do not have an political agenda These poems see The poet has taken me there and doused me with buckets of fear and thought Even a long life is short I need poems that recognize the value of life, and how fragile life is, everywhere I need poems that see how easily we die, and still moves me to value life Even the poem where the soldier seems to invite the bullet to enter his body Here Bullet I m right here, waiting for you Even such a concept helps me, hints to me how conflicting all conflicts are, especially conflicts of war.

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    When I picked up this book, I was afraid that it was published because it was an American soldier s voice from Iraq By that, I mean, I thought that the writing may not be up to par and that it was published purely for political reasons and not because of a strong voice.I was wrong Brian Turner s poetry in this book is amazing Powerful Distraught Disturbing Beautiful There is a subtlety here that I thought would be missing Honestly, this is the best book of poetry that I have read recently and I am so glad that I accidentally ran into it in a small local bookstore And glad that I gave it a chance.On a personal note, I found one line of the book to be bizarrely appropriate for me to have read The third stanza of the poem Cole s Guitar begins with the line I m in Wyoming I m in New York.While adjusting to this move from New York to Wyoming, it just struck me how odd that line would appear I guess they are two of the most opposite places you could throw together in a line if you re talking about the U.S And I think part of me right now is in both places It was just odd.

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    This was such an impressive book Usually I think of poets and the military in separate literary groupings For instance, if a vet or another member of military personel happened to write a book, it almost always sounds like a non writer just getting their thoughts down on paper, usually with the help of one or amazing editors that pull it into focus Not so with this book Brian Turner really does a brilliant job writing gorgeous, layered poetry that actually sounds like a poet wrote it, and not someone dabbling in a craft outside their expertise He has this very delicate tone which is intensified by the graphic action going on around him, which create poems that feel both completely involved with the premise while at the same time feel non judgmental and somehwat omnipotent The way he juxtaposes images with ideas and feelings and makes seemingly unrelatable situations familiar with such clarity is truly a gift I would reccommend this book to poetry fans, political history fans, and pretty much anyone in America who is interested in a fresh, thoughtful, and very much needed voice from the frontlines of Iraq.

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    This collection has successfully brought me closer to my brothers who currently serve in hostile environs, while also placing a distance between them and me that can never be bridged.

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    Here, Bullet is about miscomprehensions as much as it is about the misadventures of war The book foregrounds the Arabic language in the prelude poem, and in the titles of many poems thereafter It is the book s contention that the poet has the right and the authority to deploy the language because he, and his fellow soldiers, has paid for it in blood Turner was there fighting the war as an infantry team leader with the 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team in Iraq The book does not, however, sufficiently interrogate the weaponization of translation, how the learning of Arabic enabled the American military to invade and conquer The poem What Every Soldier Should Know begins to do so, with its acknowledgement of the Other, the misspelled graffiti sprayed on the overpasses that says, I will kell you, American To speak to the Other, to threaten and to kill, one has to speak in the other s tongue But the poem ends with American fears instead, that the child or woman chatting amiably with you one moment would dance over your corpse in the next Some poems in this volume are insufficiently transformed from incident and detail The pressure to record, to memorialize, was simply too strong Some of the best poems are erotic in their inspiration, when desire is powerfully mixed with fear and hatred, in a power keg.

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    Whether one agrees with war or not, conflict is a reality that most human beings seem unable to avoid Peaceful human beings should at least try to understand all facets of this issue One way to get a feel for what is happening in war is to read about it, and in this manner poets should read about it in their genre In any event, poet, prose reader, novelist, peacemaker, warrior anyone will not be disappointed with this book Turner uses plain yet descriptive language to bring the horrors and surrealism of war to the reader.

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    Super je IZVOLI, METAKAko je tijelo to to eli , onda evo kostiju, hrskavice i tkiva.Evo za sre u slomljene klju ne kosti,otvorenih ventila aorte, evo misli to preska e procijep me u sinapsama.Evo provale adrenalina koju tako udi ,tog neumoljivog leta, te sulude punktureu vru ini i krvi Izazivam te da zavr i to to si zapo eo Izvoli, metak, evodovr avam rije to uz siktaj je pronosi zrakom, zavijaju i u hadnom ezofagucijevi, pune i eksplozivom svoga jezikapu ku to je nosim u sebi, da bi svako zrnosjelo to dublje u ar er, zato izvoli, Metak,neka ovaj svijet uz tebe skon ava, zauvijek i iznova.

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    Searing and beautiful.

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Here, Bullet download Here, Bullet, read online Here, Bullet, kindle ebook Here, Bullet, Here, Bullet 6b097b5a7ff7 Adding His Voice To The Current Debate About The US Occupation Of Iraq, In Poems Written In The Tradition Of Such Poets As Wilfred Owen, Yusef Komunyakaa Dien Cai Dau , Bruce Weigl Song Of Napalm And Alice James Own Doug Anderson The Moon Reflected Fire , Iraqi War Veteran Brian Turner Writes Power Fully Affecting Poetry Of Witness, Exceptional For Its Beauty, Honesty, And Skill Based On Turner S Yearlong Tour In Iraq As An Infantry Team Leader, The Poems Offer Gracefully Rendered, Unflinching Description But, Remarkably, Leave The Reader To Draw Conclusions Or Moral Lessons Here, Bullet Is A Must Read For Anyone Who Cares About The War, Regardless Of Political Affiliation