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❰Read❯ ➯ The Return: Nightfall Author L.J. Smith – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 The Return: Nightfall, meaning The Return: Nightfall, genre The Return: Nightfall, book cover The Return: Nightfall, flies The Return: Nightfall, The Return: Nightfall fa6e81e38da09 To Save The Two Vampire Brothers Who Love Her, Elena Gilbert Sacrificed Her LifeNow That A Supernatural Force Has Brought Elena Back From The Dead, All Handsome, Brooding Stefan Wants Is To Keep Her Safe But When He Is Lured Away From Fell S Church, Sleek, Powerful Damon Seizes His Chance To Win Elena Over, Unaware Of The Danger They Re Both In A Malevolent Being Has Infiltrated The Town And Is Growing Stronger Able To Possess Damon At Will, The Creature Is Also Drawn To Elena And The New Power She Has Acquired But It S After Than Elena S Power It Thirsts For Her DeathElena S Story Continues In Shadow Souls

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    ATTENTION READERS If you REALLY liked this book, please don t read my review below WellI thought the book wasBORING This book was, like, so lame and I think the previous book Dark Reunion should have been the best ending for the Vampire diaries, but noHow could that be _ L.J Smith yawning and thinking I am bored Which book should I ruin Night World Nah Dark Visions Nah The Secret Circle Nah Forbidden Games Nah Well, How about The Vampire Diaries UmmYeah That sounds good Why do people love this series so much I will ruin this book No, seriously I think that was in L.J smiths mind while writing the whole book.Might Contain Spoilers SWEAR ALERT The Characters Omg Elena was so LAME First an innocent kid who can fly WTF and then people looking at her when she says Damn like, OMG Shes too innocent, she can t say that WTF It was so lame, so lame, I couldn t possibly think how could an author really right this book after her previous books have been so awesome She was like a werido shape shifter or something in this book My reactions on ElenaElena Dead Hmmdidn t expect that Buh stillk Elena Vampire AhanohkI can see thatbecause it s Vampire Diaries Elena Innocent Baby Who can actually fly Hahahaha that s so lamebut the book says she will turn normal so I am waiting for thatElena Angel SeriouslyWhat the fuck what kind of a freak is she OOoo I wanna be a fairy I believe you can be a pain in everyone s ass turns into fairy WTH Stefann looked like my Grandma in this bookMe Sneaking and stealing toffee from the kitchen.Stefan Looking at me Me SHIT Stefan Oh Lord What are you doing my little lovely love Me Sorry..on the other hand, little lovely love WTF Stefan Now let me put that toffee back, you don t want to spoil your teeth now don t you Me Whatever Stefan Let me read a story book to you and then I will sleep in the rocking chair so you won t be scared.Me You are such a desperate bitchStefan Shocked Don t say bad wordsyou know I can t fight back.He is so pure, so purehe is a vampire _ Chill out dude and be evil or whatever but don t act like a Grandma I was so happy that Stefan wasn t in the half of this book or he would have ruined itDamonHe was so good except for what the author made him do or say Mutt Muff Mett hahaha The author wrote such an awesome joke, It was so funny, I forgot to laugh _ But he was so sweet and I loved him DMutt is a Mutt Hes a weirdo Matt I like Elena, I like ElenaDamon Kiss ElenaMatt No I would die, I would Jump, etc etcSeriously That was lame And if you really don t like Elena, why don t you just go up to Bonnie and say I Like you Mhansometimes, I even think hes gay Bonnie, seriously, stop acting like Omg I need help..AA..OO and start fighting And get over Damon He s Elena sHappy now Plot So lame I hate it Full Story Elena is a kiddo and then she turns back while people out there thinks shes still dead and Stefan is acting like her mom all the time Damon in the other hand wants Elena for himself when he freaking knows she would be like NA NA NANA NA I am Stefan s Bonnie and Meredith moms are like, hahahamy daughter is so sweet they are at each others house while they are fighting for their life And Matt, God only knows where are his parents when the police man said He stole a freaking car you get it A CAR Then a weirdo sister and brother who kiss each other WTF wants to rule the world and insert a eww Malach or something in people s body and they start going insane.Ohk Where are the FBI The other Vampire Diaries series kind of made sense I could follow the story and understand At by end of book 3, Elena was fully dead Then she came back to life in book 4 Fine I get that Now, in this book, What s up with the whole Elena witch and wings thing and the little demon things I really did not understand how this had anything to do with anything that had happened before And Elena s white magic thing was so laughable The story seemed to be going in circles First they here, but then they weren t because the demons actually made them go here And there And all over the neighborhood Then at the dying moment Elena cranks up her magic and saves everyone When I was done reading I was thoroughly confused, and the only conclusion I could come to was, Yep L J Smith was on crack Or if she wasn t she should have been Overall it was a weird book It was like somebody forced her to write or shes too tired of this series Ok Smith, we get it that you are bored of this series or something But please don t make us suffer for it I will read the next book just because my friend has it or else I would have said, sheeshI have some other work to do rather than read a weird book VERY DISAPPOINTING I will give this book umm2 5 stars

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    I am so saddened by this novel I have been an avid LJS fan since 1995 and my favorite series is The Vampire Diaries I loved the characters and the story This was a jumble of words that literally made NO sense There were concepts that did not hold true to the original series such as the vampire powers and characters were doing things they would never do Perhaps this should not have been written in Damon s POV, whatsoever It RUINED him Ghosty Elena Lovely love love Mutt The hell Anyway, I have not finished this book I will, but I need to set it aside I can t even read it for a good laugh or snark It s just SO bad This book has the pleasure of joining only one other novel on my pick up set down shelf as of the date of this review

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    Such a disappointment What a garbled bunch of nonsense Maybe I don t remember the writing accurately I fell in love with these books when I was a kid or maybe it s gotten worse Either way, this was awful Makes me embarrassed I ve been trying to get my kids to read this series instead of Twilight If I had to read Stefan call Elena love one timeor witness, yet again, what awesome friends Matt and Meredith and Bonnie are to Elena despite the fact that she s seriously one of the most selfish characters everaugh I think I have to reread the first four Hopefully my memory s accurate and they re better than this sludge.

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    I shall consider this book inspired by The Vampire Diaires You can t write fanfiction when they re your own characters, can you Because I don t know what else to call this There were a few bits of new information and a scene here and there that I really, really enjoyed There were also old questions which were answeredonly, I realized I didn t really want it all spelled out for me after all The writing style was justwtf WTF Normally, Smith s writing style is very clear and concise, and this was haphazard and slap dash How much of this was what she intended to write when she wrote Dark Reunion and how much of it is whatever popped into her brain last year as she started writing again after ten years off I can t even give this a number of stars because I don t know what to think In my book journal I gave it a grade of Not Applicable.

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    It s difficult for me to review this book, because I ve been waiting for books in this series since high school, and there s an odd emotional attachment to books that were such a prominent part of my teen years.That said I think that L.J Smith did a remarkable job picking up the series again Throughout the Vampire Diaries, Smith has woven in various supernatural mythologies not limiting herself to vampires, she has incorporated werewolves, witches, ghosts, and even angels In this new installment, she takes on demons specifically the Japanese fox spirit, kitsune Two kitsune are the main antagonists, infecting our anti hero Damon, and wreaking chaos in the small town of Fell s Church Smith provides a two fold explanation for why yet another supernatural creature has shown up in Fell s Church One reason is that the town has many ley lines, which attract the supes The second is, of course, Elena, whose miraculous story draws paranormal curiosity Interestingly enough, Stefan, the hero of the previous four books, is taken offscreen for the majority of this novel Instead, we get a deeper glimpse into Damon, seeing how the kitsune are twisting his natural chaotic tendencies and his jealousy into something truly horrifying The reader also gets to see from Matt Honeycutt s perspective, and poor, previously cardboard Matt, who is so dull that Damon requires an acronym to remember his name, becomes much interesting as a result There is also the requisite amount of Elena, and quite a bit from Bonnie, which carries over from the fourth book.Smith doesn t shy away from gore and disturbing images in this book The female kitsune creates chaos by infecting young girls with overly sexualized behavior, trying to build a case against Matt as a rapist one of these girls acts out by piercing herself repeatedly, and the reader is subjected to graphic descriptions of this Another character chews his own fingers off Damon nearly forces Matt and Elena to act out a rape, Meredith is nearly made to fork her own tongue, and Bonnie is attacked by returning antagonist Caroline Forbes doing her best impersonation of Regan from The Exorcist.But there is also a lot of beauty in this book, particularly in a scene with Damon and Elena in Honoria Fell s tomb, in Stefan s pure love for Elena, and in the strong friendship between Elena, Bonnie, and Meredith The book is not perfect I, for one, would like to see Damon redeemed without it being a result of something Elena did, and for him to remember it, and I d like Elena to be a little flawed, although since she is practically an angel at this point, I doubt that will happen I did see glimpses of potential between Bonnie and Damon also, which intrigues me, but there were equal hints of Bonnie Matt So we ll see, I suppose Overall, this book is kicking off a new arc in the story of these characters I m very glad to have Damon, Bonnie, and the rest back in my life.

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    Like many other readers here, I first read The Vampire Diaries series as a teenager, and really enjoyed it Although I am in my 20s now, I was excited to see a continuation of the story, and see what happened next to the characters I had loved so much However, I ended up completely disappointed by this book The biggest problem I had was the characters and setting in this book just didn t seem like they fit with how they were portrayed in the first four books This book supposedly picks up right where book four ended, but the characters are completely different, and the magical and horror elements are pretty different from those featured in the older books Also, this book just seemed overly long, like the writer attempted to stuff too much into one book I think it would have worked better as two books especially since this is a series, there s no reason not to divide it into books if it works better this way I do realize it s been a long time since the original Vampire Diaries, and I respect that the writing style of an author can change with time But rather than continuing a series that readers loved so much, and taking the characters in a direction that just doesn t fit with the original books, why did the author not create new characters and a new world and write a new series that fits with her current writing style Had she put her talents to that, I think a lot of her older fans would have been a lot less disappointed I ended up giving up on fully reading this book about halfway through and skimmed through the rest, hoping it would look promising, but it didn t I may try again when I ve gotten over the disappointment of the book being so different from the rest of the series, but I would encourage those who truly loved the earlier books to avoid this one They will likely end up disappointed as well.

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    When Elena sacrificed herself to save the two vampire brothers who love her the handsome, brooding Stefan and the sleek and dangerous Damon, she was consigned to a fate beyond death until a powerful supernatural force pulled her back Now Elena is not just human She has powers and gifts that were bestowed on her in the afterlife What s , her blood pulses with an overwhelming and unique force that makes her blood irresistible to any vampire I m not going to sugar coat anything This book was awful Now I will agree that sometimes a book can start out slow and redeem itself by the end Sometimes a book can have a great beginning but fall flat But this book never took off I was confused and annoyed by the silliness from the beginning and it got worse from there.To be honest, I did not finish the book I read half way and threw it down in disgust It s a book that s pretending to be a sci fi work that uses anime as a reference It s made up of pages and pages of scenes and conversations that go nowhere, chapters that end in odd places, changes in POV that shift for no discernible reason.It seems like LJ Smith has been cooped up in the house with every season of Sailor Moon for the past 10 years The villains are kitsune twins, who look like Pokemon and act like Team Rocket, spout stereotypical Japanese words, and seem to generally fail at being anything other than vaguely annoying and really attractive Or how about this harsher description Evil Japanese twins that are incestuous, sadistic, and absolutely ridiculous cartoonish would be accurate.Then there are suddenly random Japanese families in Fell s Church who, of course, randomly provide clues I m suspecting Smith of some cultural racism because these characters border on parodies of Japanese people and folklore Lastly, Elena s healing and flying powers all have thematic names, which she yells out as she s executing them Wings of Purification and Wings of Redemption Cue anime music please.Did I forget to mention the angry sentient trees from the angry Old Wood that has suddenly appeared in Fell s Church as though it s been there all along And giant invisible insects made of jell o that seems to be causing a rash of possessions in Fell s Church As for this being a adult L.J Smith I could not disagree Gratuitous violence and sophomoric sexual overtones do not an adult novel make Adult indicates a depth and maturity that exists nowhere on these pages Instead we are forced to endure absurd musings over lingerie while someone is dying, euphemisms for sex that are utterly juvenile, and implications about sexuality that are at best offensive and at worst irresponsible All of it is as far removed from the very adult, very subtle themes of the original series as to be absurd In Nightfall The Vampire Diaries The Return, 1 , there was no deeper meaning or affect, and I felt like I was watching a little kid curse for the first time and giggle.More of Purplycookie s Reviews Book Details Title Nightfall The Vampire Diaries The Return, 1 Author L.J Smith Reviewed By Purplycookie

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    Fell s Church is the Hellmouth of Virginia, like Sunnydale was to California Elena is no Buffy, but she does like to foil the best laid plans of the evil doers that come to wreck havoc on her little country town Though Stefan and Angel share a lot in common Spike and Damon however, are nothing a like in my opinion I liked Spike, but I love Damon I might have been the only person who was happy when Buffy and Spike ended up together or maybe not , anyway I m hoping if these characters and author are anything a like, then I can hope that Elena and Damon will find their perfect happiness together I might be okay with Bonnie and Damon, we ll see I m not sure what to do about Stefan.Hopefully Fell s Church doesn t end up like a big hole in the ground like Sunnydale But, I m hopeful for Vampire Diaries I hear that the CW is creating a series for next season I m looking forward to it Over all, I enjoyed this book, especially since Damon was in it regardless if he was possessed by ugly demon creatures The one negative I do have was at times feeling like the story was dragging It didn t always bother me, but there were times I was like, lets move it along

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    That was, um, weird.

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    This is L.J Smith s next Book number 5 in her Vampire Diaries series The original four were written in 1991 So, this book comes 18 years later The Vampire Dairies is one of my all time favorite vampire series because the story and characters seem so timeless Now, after 18 years, L.J Smith has written a fifth book in the series This book, The Return Nightfall is going to be followed by two books which publication dates have not been assigned as of yet, the next will be Shadow Souls followed by Midnight This newest book follows all of the characters we so desperately fell in love with in the first four books However, as L.J Smith has already stated, this new trilogy will be focusing largely on Damon So, for the fans out there that are upset Stefan was absent through much of the book, need to remember how much he was in the first four books, and that this is a to be continued book with two to follow Now, after 18 years, L.J Smith s writing has changed a great deal The first 100 pages or so are written in a completely different style, the rest of the book is like her writing However, overall this is a very dark book and is written in a adult fashion You cannot expect a carbon copy of any of the previous four books This book cannot be compared to the other four at all It think this new book, and the other two to follow need to be judged separately from Ms Smith s original four This book is very different There are new bad guys and Elena has new Power.

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