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    Every once, in awhile, I to go to my first love in reading non fiction I really enjoy John C Maxwell because he s a motivational speaker who uses Christian values to share his thoughts on different subjects His book, Today Matters, can be used by any faith system Don t let the word Christian hold you up from reading this book because it s not a bunch of ideas set to scripture TODAY MATTERS and there are 12 principles to put into practice Attitude Choose and display the right attitude daily Priorities Determine and act on important priorities daily Health Know and follow healthy guidelines daily Family Communicate with and care for my family daily Thinking Practice and develop good thinking daily Commitment Make and keep proper commitments daily Finances Make and properly manage dollars daily Faith Deepen and live out my faith daily Relationships Initiate and invest in solid relationships daily Generosity Plan for and model generosity daily Values Embrace and practice good values daily Growth Seek and experience improvements daily.Throughout each chapter the author gives examples on how to embrace the values he discuss If you don t have your own core value set that you base your life off of, then some of these might be a good starting point for you to consider investing your time and energy into By making today great, you can make your life great, because when you take care of today, tomorrow will take care of itself.

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    I can t stand the feeling of one day blurring into another, of weeks where you just don t feel anything had changed or improved As I age I m becoming aware of my limited time if I died tomorrow, would I look back on what I ve done in the last ten years and say Yep that sure was worth the effort Or would I wonder why I spent so much time worrying about unimportant things, wasting energy on unimportant things, and not doing the stuff that I really cared about This is probably the best book I ve ever read on building up a set of practices that will allow you to do your best life s work make every day worth getting up for What I love most is how practical Maxwell is he provides activities and processes to go through for each aspect of building a solid foundation for your life He also provides wonderful examples of people who have or haven t lived their lives in accordance with their principles.This book to me has come at just the right time to really push me through the process of moving from just knowing to doing Also, even though I thought I wasn t looking for a quick fix, as I looked at Maxwels s examples I realise I have been I might not have consciously thought it, but I ve been trying to find The One Solution that I can follow that will then bring me all the health, wealth and happiness I need This book is very clear, though, that all success, all good relationships, are not due to some magical quick fix They re due to decisions made every day, and repeated every day, that take you further or closer to your ideal And it is the tiny, daily choices we make that make the difference not a one off event propelling us into greatness.Or think of it this way you may have a golden opportunity arrive for love, work, fame etc but if you have not spent your life practicing for that moment by becoming an interesting lovable person, by choosing to improve in your craft every day then you may be unable to seize that opportunity.Maxwell breaks these concepts down in a way that just really hit home in a way some of these messages haven t before I ve dog eared this book than anything else I ve read in years and I ll be coming back to it often.

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    The writer admits early on in the book that he hoards snippets and it shows Most of this book is a restatement of his central theme using different quotes and stories Based around his daily dozen, Maxwell urges that The way you live your life today is preparing you for your tomorrow Each chapter is dedicated to a different focus Maxwell explains how your decisions impact your life and gives suggestions on how to carefully craft your actions in the present to create your future For example, in the chapter on attitude, he suggests monitoring your attitude at the start of a task, creating a vision to achieve happiness, choosing and displaying the right attitude every day and having the attitude of the person you want to become.Each chapter has a number of headings followed by some text If you want just the meat from the book, you could read only the headings The supporting text is mainly anecdotal stories and inspirational quotes Of most value are the reflective questions and exercises that end each chapter I see how these could be useful in a coaching conversation so I ll be keeping this book around for reference and inspiration.

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    This is without a doubt my all time favorite motivational book Every chapter in it is full of inspiration toward leading a full and rewarding life I ve read it at least 10 times and every time I am inspired and uplifted I m just going to list the 12 chapter titles to give you the book in a nutshell or rather 12 nutshells 1 Today s attirude gives me possibilities 2 Today s priorities give me focus 3 Today s health gives me strength 4 Today s family gives me stability 5 Today s thinking gives me an advantage 6 Today s commitment gives me tenacity 7 Today s finances give me options 8 Today s faith gives me peace 9 Today s relationships give me fullfillment 10 Today s generosity gives me significance 11 Today s values give me direction 12 Today s growth gives me potential John Maxwell writes from a Christian perspective so it while the principles are applicable, the Christian perspective may not be in line with those of another faith.

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    Today Matters It s a such a simple concept yet most of us tend to ignore it I ll do it tomorrow ring any bells Johny boy has put together a list 0f 12 simple yet powerful principles As with any book of this type, the principles are all very common sensical Yet there is something reaffirming and, dare I say it, empowering in reading them and if you re so inclined taking notes It s a fucking horrible feeling when days blur into each other and if someone asked you about yesterday, last week, last month nothing jumps out at you.Screw that, today matters and so does this book.

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    I love John Maxwell books Inspirational Educational They make me happy

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    I read this book as part of a leadership class The findings and information were developmental and beneficial Naturally, I needed to read of John Maxwell s books Jessi LohmanAuthor

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    This book is practical in every way Good for folks who have what I would call Self Inflicted Attention Deficit Disorder Key I think though is having a clear purpose statement.

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    Audiobook I listened to this one off and on as I was travelling for work and leadership training Mr Maxwell was a good narrator The book itself was decent but nothing jaw dropping I do admit it may have suffered from the fact I ve spent the past week and a half with similar messages being thrown at me in class almost non stop at work But I thought it was pretty good There s a lot of focus on values and trust which resonates Good for a car ride or a long walk, especially if you are trying to keep focused on the higher ideals of leadership rather than the difficulties.

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