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Juxtaposition summary Juxtaposition, series Juxtaposition, book Juxtaposition, pdf Juxtaposition, Juxtaposition f1e027397d In This Brilliantly Satisfying Conclusion To The Epic Adventure Begun In Split Infinity And Continued In Blue Adept, Piers Anthony Again Proves Himself A Consummate Master Of Both Science Fiction And FantasyStile Had Problems Two Whole Worlds Of Problems, In FactOn Proton, A World Of Future Science, His Murder Was Averted Only By The Help Of A Lovely Robot, Who Sent Him Through An Invisible Curtain To Phaze, An Alternate World Ruled By Magic There He Found He Was The Double Of The Sorcerer, The Blue Adept, Who Had Been Mysteriously Murdered And The Assassin Was After Stile To Survive, Stile Had To Master Magic, Fight A Dragon, Win The Friendship Of A Lady Unicorn, Locate His Enemy Among The Paranoid Adepts, And Return Out Of Phaze To Win The Great Games On Proton After That, He Was Ready To Face The Real Problems The Infallible Oracle Was Suddenly Involved In The Conspiracy Against Him The Two Worlds Were Out Of Balance And Heading For Disaster Stile Was Somehow Supposed To Take Over The Job Of Saving Them Or Go Down To Total Destruction With All He Loved, He Had To Act And Act Quickly With No Idea Of What He Was Supposed To Do

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    The conclusion of the Apprentice Adept trilogy Although that trilogy seems to have grown somewhat since the first time I read the first three Now it s a seven part series two trilogies and a finale apparently.The end of the first trilogy ties up all the loose ends The ending isn t ever in any doubt the good guys win, the bad guys lose The journey is the fun Now I m gonna have to find the rest of the series aren t I

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    When I was 13, I read a lot of Piers Anthony, and when I say a lot, I mean a lot The guy was pretty much all I read, from the Xanth series to the Incarnations of Immortality series, and even the Battle Circle and Bio of a Space Tyrant series, but my favorite of his books from that time would have to be the Apprentice Adept series I read them again in my late 20s and thought they held up pretty well, so when I got on a bit of a nostalgia kick recently, I thought I d give these another go, just to see if they were still pretty good And the verdict is well, mixed.When I was 13, I realized that most of Piers books had a lot of sex in them that may have been a reason I liked them as much as I did what I didn t realize was how much sexism they contained As I was re reading this series, I started finding some questionable quotes from them, of which these are some choice selections She evinced the confidence normally associated with a larger person, though of course height was less important to a woman Stile could not pick among women he had to have one shorter than he Not because he demanded it but because society did if he appeared among serfs with a girl who outmassed him, others would laugh, and that would destroy the relationship You have a Tourney to win, she reminded him, aptly changing the subject in the manner of her sex She smiled brilliantly and bobbed her cleavage about, enjoying her youthful form as only an old hag could no one feared age like a middle aged woman Yet she was a consummate actress, as so many women seemed to be And perhaps the most egregious, from when he and one of his many paramours are running from the threat of death, hiding inside a hollow wall, and he attempts to get frisky with her but she speaks encouragement, but ultimately denies him To speak readiness while withdrawing that was often woman s way I mean, this stuff bypasses plain old sexism and start to take a walk in the land of misogyny It s really insulting.It would be one thing to have these passages written from the perspective of the characters, to indicate their own motivations and feelings There was another quote I thought to include What is a bitch, compared to oath friendship but in the context of the speaker and the culture a werewolf, with a pack mentality similar to standard wolves , it fit the moment But the other quotes were buried in the narrative, indicating that they represented a philosophy of the author himself It makes me realize that, much like with Dave Sim and Cerebus, it s impossible to separate the author s work from his own questionable philosophies In the end, Anthony s portrayal of women wasn t just offensive, but it was also condescending and arrogant, as if this was just the way it was supposed to be.The generalizations are insulting, as is the way Anthony writes the women characters to be servile to the men, so because Anthony writes the women characters to be strong and speak their minds That would suggest that the characters are independent, but it s hard to call them such, since ultimately they re all pawns to the male character The only independent female characters out of the trilogy appears in the second book, and you can see her over there on the cover of Blue Adept She s strong willed, fierce, and independent but she s also a man hater who gets written out of the story by the end of the book It s almost like the only way a woman couldn t be somehow used to Stile s needs is if she couldn t stand men at all, and it was even insulting and demeaning The theme mirrors the same theme from Sos the Rope, and I imagine that I ll find that same sort of thing in the last two volumes of that series.The weird thing about the series is that I knew from the first couple of chapters of Split Infinity that the story was going to keep going down that road, where Anthony developed his male characters and used the women as objects for them to use in one way or another if they weren t sleeping with Stile, they wanted to, and found other ways to be servile to him , but I still felt pretty compelled to read through the stories Part of it was morbid curiosity, just to see how bad it would get, and to see if my memory of the stories had somehow betrayed me, but I can t deny that the stories were interesting and compelling by themselves, either Shoot, I re read them all in the span of about a week, so regardless of his feelings about women, Anthony clearly knows how to tell a good story.Something else that bugged me about the trilogy was the overbearing sense of arrogance, conceit, and condescension of the narrative Stile, the main character, is basically an example of male perfection enough so that I started to wonder if Stile is just a Mary Sue character , and while there s some justification for this he s supposed to be a top player in the Game, which requires skill in several areas of sport and art the way he speaks to other characters is irritating Lots of of course s, obviously s, always s and clearly s are used in the way he communicates, none of them ironically, and after a while it becomes pretty grating He s self confident of course and self assured obviously , and the few times that he s not the best at what he does, he s at least second best clearly , so it s somewhat understandable, but he lacks empathy toward anyone else who doesn t meet his own standards always.So, I re read the series, and plan to finish off the Battle Circle series I already picked up the rest of the books in the series , but I think after these, I ll be done with Piers Anthony for good I have some fond memories of the Incarnations of Immortality series, too, but I also remember all the women characters being patsies of men, even when they were the protaginists And the less spoken of the Xanth series, I think, the better Even when I was 13, I felt like those were a lot juvenile than the stuff my friends were reading.

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    The red and blue adept continue their spat2 March 2012 This is the final book in the first trilogy of the Apprentice Adept series and is where the battle between the Blue Adept Style and the Red Adept comes to a conclusion The final parts of the book are very action orientated as the battle rages across two interconnected worlds Personally I have no idea why the Red Adept was so intent on killing Style, but it is a conflict, and it is a requirement of most literature that there be a conflict that needs to be resolved Both the Red and Blue Adepts are similar in that in Phase they are powerful entities that form a part of the magicians that rule the planet, while on Proton they are both serfs who are competing in the game to become citizens I believe that it is in this book that Style wins the game and becomes a citizen, and despite now being allowed to clothe himself, discovers that despite being a citizen, he still sits at the bottom of the ladder and now faces new challenges to increase his status in the world This, and the first book, seem to work on the principle of sex sells Both of these books have a naked woman on the cover, though the first has a robot, and this one has a stone statue I suspect in some places these versions of the books were banned, however I notice that it was these covers under which the Australian version was sold, so I suspect that this was also the British version The reason I say this is because there was, and I believe still is, a restrictive trade deal between Australia and Britain This deal pretty much says that Australia is only permitted to source its books from Britain, not America, which means that it makes books in Australia somewhat expensive There has been a long running dispute regarding this, which once again surprises me since it could easily have been solved by the World Trade Organisation Despite it being a very opaque organisation that seeks to strike down any treaty or law that restricts trade, in some cases it is beneficial The concept is that if the WTO makes a ruling, and the country ignores it, then they are forced to pay a fine that is ongoing, and very expensive The only way to get out of the fine is to drop the law or the treaty If you do not then you could also find yourself on the wrong end of a trade embargo However, Australia has some very tight quarantine laws, that would be considered a barrier to trade, but has been allowed to keep them Yet, with a treaty such as this, I am surprised it has not been challenged However, any matters that go to the WTO are in the strictest confidence, which means that pretty much nobody hears about it, and nobody knows the results of the decision nor can they put their view points in as well That sort of went away from this book, but then again, I really don t care I did enjoy these books when I did read them, however it was a long time ago, and much of the content I really cannot remember I will probably consider writing about the next trilogy, though the problem is I really cannot remember the content, and am unsure if I actually read them No, I think I won t write about them, because it is likely than not that I did not read them, simply because Anthony decided to move to a second generation in these stories, though in a way I sort of do remember this No, I ll write about them shortly though I think I will interpose them with other books.

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    Juxaposition is definitely the best of the initial trilogy The pace is very fast, with satisfying, significant events happening regularly Stile as Citizen is delightful some of the gambling scenes are better than any of the previous Game scenes And while Stile s rigid morality gets tiresome, it is, at least, internally consistent, and the deux ex machina that insures everyone gets a happy ending is better than marginally plausible.The rampant sexism gets no better Stile still has every woman he meets drooling after him, to ridiculous lengths, and while Sheen at least has better things to do for most of the book than swoon, she does manage to work in some significant swooning in her spare moments The Citizens culture seems about as patriarchal as it gets the women go for medical surgical beauty improvements while the men are content to be fat slobs, which would only be mildly eyebrow raise worthy if it wasn t explained as The vanity of women caused them to go this route In a book describing a male gaze paradise, that was almost enough to cause me to throw the book across the room.This was originally the end of the trilogy, and it s a perfectly good end, for what it is the additional four books are definitely only for the faithful I loved these when I was a kid, but man, I m not sure I can even justify the shelf space for them any .

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    I read Piers Anthony s books first when I was a young teenager When I had to go to the bookstore in the mall and have them look up the missing volumes in a big book and send me a postcard when they came in so I could go pick them up I think that was the only time to enjoy them.I really did like them then Until I grew up, and the Xanth books became too bloated with puns.Now, with my youngest older than I was when I started, I thought I d revisit these Times have changed, and so have I, and these books did not age well I ve read plenty of older books which were a product of their time and the views now seem so antiquated and often extremely wrong The sad thing is, the time of these books wasn t that long ago, and I cringe to think that I missed all the misogeny at the time I recently read an article about a reread of a Spell for Chameleon which made up my mind to never open that one again.Definitely a lot of points for an interesting world and a story that kept me reading until then end But it s still hard to read this now The male protagonist who can do no wrong, skilled at everything, and every female of every species just throws herself at him Gag And he can sleep with and then cast aside but stay best friends with the women who throw themselves at him Until he meets his soul mate Which he knows upon first glance because She s pretty Oh, and most of the people in one world are slaves and have to be naked all the time, because Well, just because, okay Yeah If you ve read this before and loved it, you might want to let it stay in the past If not, it s an interesting relic, but I d probably move on to something else.

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    On the planet Proton, science works and magic doesn t, but juxtaposed with this world is another frame, that of Phaze, where magic works, but science doesn t This is powered by a mineral called Protonite or Phazite depending on which frame you are in, and the Protonite mining of it is endangering the balance of both frames Stile has been prophesied to ameliorate this destruction, but many powerful people in both frames are out to stop him, denying the destabilization and wanting to maintain their present status What Stile must accomplish, jumping back and forth between frames, is enough work for ten men How he manages it all will keep the reader on the edge of his or her seat throughout Anthony is not content to state a premise of this complexity without asking the difficult questions Many authors would rely on a statement like magic works without feeling it necessary to explain Anthony s world, and it s backstory, contain logical explanations for the fantastic occurrences therein World building does not come at the expense of characters, either Stile s honor, incorruptibility, and personal development have converged to make him uniquely qualified for his task Sheen the self aware robot struggles with her inability to be real and her desire to be loved Even secondary characters such as Clef, Merle, and Trool have their own internal conflicts and personal evolving to do I really can t recommend this series enough, particularly if you can t decide whether you prefer science fiction to fantasy There is quite enough of both to satisfy you.

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    I strongly encourage this be read as the entire series The last books go in a very different direction than the first few.At first, this seems a rather typical fantasy type book Toward the end, well, the comparison to our own world is inevitable and powerful Why can t we all just get along I m giving the series a rating of 4 Some of the books in the series are better than others As a whole, I think it s worthy of a 4.

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    Misogyny and sexism play major roles in this book It s kind of sad Every woman is objectified, her body described and rated for attractiveness Stile is horrified that he gets beaten by a woman in a contest And on and on The storyline is enjoyable But I had to edit the demeaning portions out as I read it to my kids.

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    The weakest of the Apprentice Adept trilogy.The old characters are moved about like chess pieces.The new characters are uni dimensional and just plot devices.The whole book is really a plot device to get the first two books to lie down and be quiet.If you have put your effort into the first 500 pp and need to see that it all comes out all right, by all means go ahead, but not Anthony s best

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    This book taught me a very important thing, the meaning of the word Juxtaposition I used it incessantly after and discovered that professors really like it in essays.

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