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    City of Vikings had me hooked from the start, the world Farah Cook have created is a perfect blend of fantasy and dystopia The colorful descriptions are breathtaking and makes the story come alive, the plot is fast paced and intriguing, especially for those who love Norse mythology and leaves you wanting to know even about Norse mythology, Nora Hunt, and the world she lives in My favourite thing about this book has to be the characters Nora is fearless, loyal, and down to earth Frederick is kinda arrogant, and cocky, I can t help but love him I totally ship them Fredora This story have everything I look for in a book, and I can t wait to see what will happen next

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    Wow, I have no words, the sequel was so much better than the first, and that is rare to find Farah Cook has done it again with her character development In the first book we see Nora being stubborn and strong willed, she obviously doesn t need no hero to save her, there are also times where she saves Fredrick But in this sequel, we see a soft side to Nora, her love for Fredrick, her admiration for Magnus, her protectiveness for Helena and even her complex relationship with her mother Karen Nora as a character has grown so much and it s something that I loved about this book Fredrick, oh I ll always love him, even if he lies and doesn t tell Nora what he knows or secrets, he is frustrating and stubborn just like the first book, but he has also grown mature, less arrogant and that s nice, we still see glimpse but I like this new Fredrick and it s wonderful The plot was divine, perfect balance between giving us details and action, we see how Nora goes on her journey of self discovery and seeking the ancient Viking assassin weapons, now that she has found out her true purpose in life, we see how much she accepts this fate but also how she questions it as times too But before she can seek the weapons she must first find the place where it is hidden, the City of Vikings, where apparently is where her father is exiled Nora must fearless go through many dangers, face unlikely creatures, and seek help from her friends, and sometimes her enemies to get what she wants How it all turned out in the end was amazing, it s not fully resolved, which I can t wait to read the next one, but what we do experience is breath taking and keeps you on the edge of your seat at every turn Every secret, every kiss, every confession of love, every betrayal was beautifully written and set at a perfect pace We even experience a love square at one point, which was definitely unexpected but not unlike So, definitely happy how it turned out, and the revelation we get at the very last page and I can see action and drama in the following part, and I can t wait to get my hands on it Received an ebook copy of the book from the author herself, in exchange for an honest review Thank you heaps Farah

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    I received this novel as an ARC from Ms Farah Cook Thank you This book was a great follow up to the previous novel, City of Skies, where the characters are introduced and what their purposes are In this novel, things take a darker turn, and nothing is as it seems Betrayals and secrets are around every corner and the main character, Nora Hunt, cannot trust anyone Everyone has their own agenda and Nora is at the center of all this Nora is conflicted over many things, especially her feelings for, Fredrick, a Veran and the enemy of the Goths.Nora has been selected into the Elite Raiders, specifically, the Jarl Raiders lead by Marcus Nora begins to discover many things hidden to her, like the fact that she is actually a Viking assassin, destined to protect the king She has the tree, Yggdrasil, tattooed onto her back which is a map to the artifacts and can release evil onto the nine world However, it is encrypted to keep the locations a secret She needs to find the artifacts that will help her defeat the darkness from the Verans.However, she cannot stop her feelings for Fredrick, who no matter how hard she tries to deny her feelings of love, cannot Fredrick has his own battles to fight and puts his family above everything else, which hurts Nora because she knows he loves her Fredrick keeps secrets from Nora and she knows she cannot trust him.Everyone wants to use Nora is someway, which makes her angry as well as the secrets they keep She needs to find the City of Vikings and speak with her father to discover the truth about her gifts and destiny Nora s journey through the novel takes her to discovering various plots, even one with intent to kill her as well as trying to find the location of the City of Vikings Eventually, Nora travels to the City of Vikings and Fredrick follows her Together, they face many obstacles and dangers, but they reignite the love they both feel for each other and eventually reach the city However, nothing is as it seems and Nora finds herself with questions rather than answers The novel ends on a bit of cliffhanger and I cannot wait to read the next novel in the series

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    The first book as good this one was amazing I can t wait for

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    Delighted to have been offered a copy of the first book I immediately purchased book 2 after reading book 1 and It was unputdownable Read both books back to back and they are just a rollercoaster of a ride I m not that up on Norse mythology or vikings so found the book intriguing The setting and world building were spot on There were curveballs and love triangles, and epic adventures The female protagonist is likeable, the antagonist is likeable but I ve got a feeling that may change The other love interest seems nice And the antagonists dad reminds me of Draco malfoys dad in Harry Potter, he just oozes evil Would highly recommend this to YA readers and fans of dystopian and fantasy novels Can t wait for book 3 Had an adventurous evening in an amazing fantasy land Pity I had to leave

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    This book is absolutely amazing As soon as I got this ARC copy from the author, I emediately started devouring it I had been highly anticipating it I quickly put aside any other book s I had been reading When I got to the end I couldn t believe what happened I did not want it to end Now I will be on pins and needles until I can read the next one Farah Cook s writing is very descriptive I can easily imagine the characters and scenery I can put myself in the shoes of the protagonist and feel what she was feeling as described Ms Cook s imagination seems limitless I m completely blown away

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    I received a free copy from the author for an honest review.This book took me forever to read There were times where I would get really into it, but then they would taper off into kind of boring parts The writing is kind of choppy and doesn t flow It feels like the author really thought out the plot but the actual writing is hard to read She constantly contradicts herself Something will be happening across the room and then it will suddenly be happening somewhere else Overall it was good, but it could be better.

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    Book 2 and the story goes on and I was right there engaged, very entertained, and so relieved at almost the end, Then the author leaves me with bated breath and Oh No don t end now But it did and I am waiting for book 3 of the well written, fantasy adventure with angst, romance, and surprises as the story unfolds Sorta know the villains Definitely know the heroine Not sure of heroes yet.

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    Another fantastic book in the Viking assassin series I was hooked from the start It builds upon the story in the first book and delves deeper into Nora s abilities It feels as though you are learning with Nora about what she is capable of achieving it s very exciting The descriptions in the book are engrossing with a fast paced story Can t wait for the next book.

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    This is the second book in The Viking Assassin It starts where we left off from book 1 and gives a brief overview Nora takes us on another action packed adventure and we learn about Nora and what her purpose is Look forward to the next instalment.

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City of Vikings (The Viking Assassin, #2) download City of Vikings (The Viking Assassin, #2) , read online City of Vikings (The Viking Assassin, #2) , kindle ebook City of Vikings (The Viking Assassin, #2) , City of Vikings (The Viking Assassin, #2) a88016bfd616 Nora Hunt Is The Last Of Her Kind From An Aristocratic Bloodline Of Viking Assassins She Is Chosen By The Norse Gods, To Carry The Map Of Nine Viking Worlds, Yggdrasil, Which Is Tattooed On Her Back Nora Was Blessed By The Gods With Rare Gifts And Will Become Powerful When She Finds The Assassin Weapons With Her Unique Gifts, She Must Serve And Protect The Goth Empire The Oldest Standing Viking Monarchy, From Its Enemy Verans Her Mission As Assassin Is To Get To City Of Vikings, Where Her Father Is In Exile And Discover The Powerful Viking Weapons Before The Enemy The Goth Empire Is In Danger From Verans Who Hold Possession Of The Artifacts That Call For Yggdrasil And Are Getting Closer In Finding The Cryptic Symbols That Will Open The Gates To The Nine Worlds The Battle For Yggdrasil Is About To Begin Who Will Rule The Nine Worlds Of The Vikings With A Confined Monarchy And Weak Senate Trusting Her To Liberate Them, And A Heart Devoted To Her Sworn Enemy, Which Side Will Nora Chose And Will She Discover The Assassin Weapons And Win The Perilous Battle For The Worlds Of The Vikings