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Child of a Mad God (Coven, #1) summary Child of a Mad God (Coven, #1) , series Child of a Mad God (Coven, #1) , book Child of a Mad God (Coven, #1) , pdf Child of a Mad God (Coven, #1) , Child of a Mad God (Coven, #1) af751aa976 From R A Salvatore, The Legendary Creator Of Drizzt Do Urden, Comes The Start Of Abrand New Epic JourneyWhen Aoleyn Loses Her Parents, She Is Left To Fend For Herself Among A Tribe Of Vicious Barbarians Bound By Rigid Traditions, She Dreams Of Escaping To The World Beyond Her Mountain HomeThe Only Hope For Achieving The Kind Of Freedom She Searches For Is To Learn How To Wield The Mysterious Power Used By The Tribe S Coven Known As The Song Of Usgar Thankfully, Aoleyn May Be The Strongest Witch To Have Ever Lived, But Magic Comes At Price Not Only Has Her Abilities Caught The Eye Of The Brutish Warlord That Leads The Tribe, But The Demon Of The Mountain Hunts All Who Wield The Coven S Power, And Aoleyn S Talent Has Made Her A Beacon In The Night

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    4.5 5 stars I ve been reading and enjoying R.A Salvatore for almost 20 years, so what struck me as profound during Child of a Mad God was how well rounded a writer he has evolved into He was always an accomplished storyteller, but compared to his early works in the world of Corona published in the late 1990s it s immediately clear how next level his work has become Child of a Mad God was superbly written and I don t have a single critical thing to say about any craft related aspect of this book it was excellent.I didn t realize this book was part of the Corona world until I was about halfway through Even though I ve only read two other Corona books Demon Awakens and Demon Spirit , Child of a Mad God felt self contained enough to be read on its own It will transport you to an isolated, indigenous landscape, and set a mood that is almost otherworldly in its delivery There were a few minor characters including an unknown to me POV in what I call the Drizzt letter at the beginning of every part that felt a little like cameos from previous books and made me feel like I was missing a bit of historical depth But none of them had any direct impact on the main story I m actually looking forward to reading the backlist in this series to find out if we really have seen these characters before.The main POV characters had so much depth that it sort of took me off guard I wasn t expecting to have so much emotion pulled out of me, and that introspection is probably the strongest element of the story He really digs into the motives and carnal wants of these characters, which slowed the pacing considerably even though it still had a lot of impact As I touched on already, the world building was fantastic It was totally immersive into this culture without ever dwelling on the mundane aspects of their daily lives Instead, it focused 100% on the things that made the plot special Even though it was slower, not a single page was wasted So, while I absolutely loved all of the elements I usually rate books on writing, characters, world building, etc , I need to be honest about my general enjoyment level of the book You see, it s pretty brutal It often danced on the edge of what I can tolerate take this with a grain of salt because I m the first to admit that I m a wimp , meaning a lot of my reading experience involved an odd juxtaposition of loving it but absolutely hating the awful things that happened within it Even so, from an analytical standpoint, I can appreciate how those brutal moments helped raise the stakes for the story and really ground the reader in this unforgivable society By no means is it a happy story, but it s certainly a compelling one I usually need a strong ray of hope to keep me engaged in books, which Child of a Mad God was pointedly lacking I yearned for vindication for these characters and was rewarded with a punch to the gut every time Even so, the potential for satisfaction in future books is what has me eager to continue the series.Recommendations I d hand this book to fantasy readers who often list good characters as their main criteria, but it also fits the bill for excellent world building and beautiful writing If you can stomach indigenous brutality and slower pacing, Child of a Mad God is a great pick for you I felt it stands alone well enough that you don t have to have read previous Corona books to enjoy it, but that s speaking from someone who doesn t yet know quite what she s missing I d like to thank R.A Salvatore and the publicists at TOR Forge for the opportunity to read and review an early copy of Child of a Mad God Via The Obsessive Bookseller at www.NikiHawkes.com Other books you might like

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    Freaking loved it Mel

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    If you ve paid any attention to my reviews at all over the course of time and, if you have, you are clearly bored and in need of some diverting entertainment, such as a root canal, or perhaps a colonoscopy , you know I m a big fan of Bob Salvatore see, for example, my apparently premature eulogy for Drizzt Do Urden So, take that into account when considering my take on Child of a Mad God.For the first time in several years, Salvatore leaves the shared world of the Forgotten Realms behind and returns to his own land of Corona Corona is a hardscrabble world than the Realms, and in Mad God, Salvatore explores a particularly bleak and brutal corner of that world, one populated by demigod monsters and the Usgar tribe, a people whose menfolk routinely brutalize and demean women and whose women treat non tribe members in the same way It continues to develop and refine the magic system of Corona in interesting ways and explores new geographic and religious frontiers, but this is not an easy, escapist fantasy read it is, in many ways, a Hobbesian experience, solitary, nasty, and brutish The thing I appreciated most about Mad God, which isn t my favorite story in Salvatore s oeuvre, is the style in which it s written, which is characteristic of Salvatore s usual approach a mix old school fantasy formality, intense fight scenes, and dialogue that mixes high and low humor After than 40 books, it s like hanging out with an old friend, even if the story and characters didn t keep me quite as enraptured as usual this time around Still, there s plenty of potential for this series to grow, and an intriguing main character in Aoelyn, so I m in for the long haul If you re new to Salvatore s work, though, I wouldn t start here start with his Drizzt Do Urden books specifically, Homeland, though you could also start with The Crystal Shard If you want to check out Corona, start with The Demon Awakens and work your way up to Mortalis, which, for my money, is the best albeit most emotionally draining Corona book before you come back around to Child of a Mad God.For those of you still reading, I d be happy to buy you a colonoscopy, because you clearly need something better to do Do they do gift certificates for those

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    Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths Child of a Mad God is a return to Corona for R.A Salvatore, but this time out the familiar lands are far away, as a wilder, dark world far beyond the Wilderlands takes center stage Here savage tribes reside Brutal raids see innocents killed Ritual sacrifices are common Slaves are taken Women are raped Demons hide in the shadows And covens of witches aid their warriors and pass on their secrets to selected girls To say this book showcases a grittier, bloodier side of the author s writing style is fair, but, at heart, it is still the familiar action packed Salvatore tale all his fans will adore.Far to the west, past even the Wilderlands, is a barbaric region, where people can get lost in the untamed vastness The young frontiersman Talmadge is one of these people, eager to avoid the crowded chaos of civilization His time spent traveling from township to township trading with the semi civilized tribes for precious goods he turns into gold to finance his survival The years passing by as he slowly finds his way in the world.Meanwhile, in the Usgar Tribe, Aoleyn is a young orphan being raised by a witch her life filled with the harsh realities of tribal life in a patriarchal society, where warriors loot, pillage, rape, and enslave anyone they wish even their fellow tribesmen Aoleyn herself not immune from casual brutality And it is only when she has grown into a young woman and finds within herself the sacred magical power that she feels strong enough to fight against the traditions of her people, determined to live a life far different than what she has grown up in.Eventually, these separate tales of our two protagonists slowly entangle, causing them to come together to deal with tragedy, terror, and make some very important life decisions No real conclusion is reached in their encounter and its aftermath, but it certainly sets up important things to come in this saga going forward.What most readers will likely adore about this story is the character of Aoleyn, who perfectly represents the new fantasy go to character of smart, strong, and perceptive woman determined to right the wrongs of society To make our heroine s rise even awe inspiring here is the fact she comes from a horribly misogynistic society, one which glorifies brutality, slavery, rape, and general vileness Her slow recognition of the injustices of her people and their treatment of everyone around them a true hero s journey of personal enlightenment, as Aoleyn begins the process of escaping from the bonds of her morally bankrupt society.On the other hand, what most readers will not enjoy about this novel is the slow pacing of the narrative Understandably, Salvatore devotes a great deal of time carefully molding and shaping the harsh wilderness of Corona while also lovingly fleshing out Talmadge and Aoleyn, but what is not quite so understandably is the fact that this takes up over half the book with little to no payoff being given readers in the conclusion Yes, the last hundred or so pages are filled with action and drama than the preceding three hundred and so, but the ending doesn t really conclude anything Rather, it feels like a long, drawn out set up for book two Child of a Mad God is an interesting return to the world of Corona, telling a gritty and brutal tale of a rugged frontier land and its inhabitants Whether you enjoy world building and lore or strong female leads, this book will have some element to please, especially if you already have a strong affinity for Corona or the author s writing Certainly, the slow pacing and general lack of a conclusion might be bothersome, but if you need a fix of R.A Salvatore fantasy, this book will not disappoint.I received this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review I d like to thank them for allowing me to receive this review copy and inform everyone that the review you have read is my opinion alone.

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    It s clear that Salvatore wants Child of a Mad God to be a progressive, feminist novel, and it s almost there, but several moments sabotage his efforts, and show how far we still have to go before we can break away from the genre s tired tropes That aside, Child of a Mad God is a welcome return to the world of Corona As a big DemonWars Saga fan, I was thrilled to return, and fascinated by the way Salvatore revealed new things about the world s magic It can be difficult to return to a world after several years away, especially when you re trying to craft something new, and not just a rehash of the prior stories, but Salvatore succeeds in this It s familiar and fresh at the same time The DemonWars Saga is forever cemented in my reader s soul, and Child of a Mad God reminds me of just why I fell in love with Salvatore s novels in the first place.Full review

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    DNF 30%Does this book ever start making sense There is very little difference between the two groups of humans, and the thoughts of the demon are inane ramblings Into the abandoned book pile there s better stuff out there.

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    I ve been a big fan of R.A Salvatore and although I love the Drizzt books and the Forgotten Realms, I ve been dying for him to finally return his world of Corona When I learned that that s exactly what he was doing I leaped and squealed like a little girl Child of a Mad God may be a return to the world of Corona but it is completely different than his past novels Whereas the DemonWars Saga and Saga of the First King were set in Honce The Bear, a typical civilized fantasy setting of nobles, clergymen, and elves this was set way west of the Wilderlands in the mountains ruled by a tribe of the misogynistic Usgar barbarians that pillage and rape the lesser lake tribes and anything they damn well want This book follows two characters Aoleyn, a rebellious orphan of the Usgar, and Talmadge, an explorer with a haunted past and a friend of the lakemen I thought it was a good read, but not without its flaws The biggest problem I have with this book is that it has what I like to call the Salvatore Syndrome the book is cluttered with so many povs that the main character doesn t get much of the spotlight Aoleyn is the star of the book yet having so many different Usgar tribesmen and witch povs crammed with Aoleyn in a 500 page book makes it a little hard to get attached and know her The other thing I did not enjoy was the pacing I understand that Salvatore was building this new Corona setting throughout the novel, but I still found it too slow There was too much of a build up to the final encounter with the Demon Fossa and when it finally got to it, it felt very rushed and anticlimactic Other than that, it was good and enjoyable The characters, Aoleyn and Talmadge and even the demon Fossa, were fun to read about And I appreciated Salvatore showing us the darker side of Corona Man oh man, I have to say though the monologue journals written by Aydrian Wyndon were an amazing treat for readers of the DemonWars Saga and very fun to read Also the cameo but a certain character view spoiler That s right its Aydrian Wyndon hide spoiler

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    I don t think I ve been interested in picking up any of his books until I saw this

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    After 2 months of sitting on my currently reading shelf, it s definitely time to DNF this It wasn t bad I just lost my desire to read it after I couldn t renew it any from the library and had to return it I kept telling myself I was going to check it out again and then I did and STILL didn t read it.

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    NO SPOILER REVIEW Child of a Mad God by R.A SalvatoreOn February the 6th, New York Times Bestselling author R.A Salvatore will launch his newest epic fantasy novel series Child of a Mad God, a Tale of the Coven is Salvatore s first novel in almost 8 years to be set in the land of Corona This world, created by Salvatore himself, is also home to his very popular Demonwars and Saga of the First King novels.I was lucky enough to receive an advanced readers copy of Child of a Mad God from Bob as a gift and wanted to give all the other Salvatore fans in my network a spoiler free review to help create interest in the new book So without further adoCover At first look I was really impressed with the packaging of the new story There is a lot of significance to the art, and you can learn a lot from the cover without having to read a word of the novel itself We already know that this new story is set in the world of Corona, and we know that the area in which the story takes place is brand new and previously undescribed The cover gives us our first glimpse of what this new area looks like We see a female character standing high on a cliff overlooking a huge lake surrounded by mountains I think we can assume that the character is Aoleyn from this book cover description listed on TOR Books Website When Aoleyn loses her parents, she is left to fend for herself among a tribe of vicious barbarians Bound by rigid traditions, she dreams of escaping to the world beyond her mountain home.The only hope for achieving the kind of freedom she searches for is to learn how to wield the mysterious power used by the tribe s coven known as the Song of Usgar Thankfully, Aoleyn may be the strongest witch to have ever lived, but magic comes at price Not only has her abilities caught the eye of the brutish warlord that leads the tribe, but the demon of the mountain hunts all who wield the Coven s power, and Aoleyn s talent has made her a beacon in the night Aoleyn seems to be dressed in furs, which supports the idea that she is living in a primitive tribal civilization as mentioned in the cover description Tribal civilizations tend to have rituals that take place due to astronomical events, thus the Blood Moon on the cover seems to have some significance as well.The text on the cover was done really well also It clearly presents the important things, title and author, but also includes little hints at what is inside It says A Tale of The Coven which immediately tells us that this is not a stand alone novel, but part of a bigger series It also says With change comes blood accompanied by a blood smear behind the A Tale of the Coven text These little things make the novel feel primal than novels previously released in Corona.Part One When I started reading the novel I will admit that I was worried I am a huge fan of the Demonwars and Saga of the First King novels I was fearful that because Child of a Mad God was set in a new part of Corona that I might feel lost, and thus start the book off on the wrong foot I was immediately cured of this fear when reading the first two page monologue The first few chapters introduce what I assumed would become two of the main characters, including Aoelyn It didn t take me very long, less than fifty pages, to become invested in both of these people We are also introduced to the antagonists, one being the, brutish warlord, the other being a new kind of demon, both described on the cover description All I will say is that I despise the warlord to a massive degree and if the new demon was released in my neighborhood, we would all be in serious trouble The bad guys are really bad I think back to some of the other villains from the Land of Corona and cannot recall any as insane and evil as these villians, maybe besides the Dactyl itself Bob has always been an author who lets the characters tell the story, and l find as a reader that this helps me to become encompassed by the story itself Both characters are very different from what you would expect in a Corona novel, and this helps Child of a Mad God to stand on its own, but the differences are not harsh enough to make the novel seem foreign.The first part of Child of a Mad God also sets up the new part of Corona There are fantastic descriptions of the landscape that use a ton of imagery to allow you to picture the setting in your mind Everything from the people who live in this area to the monsters that plague them are shiny, new and different from what we have seen from Salvatore in the past The nice part is that despite these differences, Bob gives us just enough throwbacks to his previous work to make the new area feel like it fits in the world properly It was neat to see all the ways Bob made such a diverse setting exist alongside a previously well described world We also see and hear of some of the classic DemonWars monsters, magic and themes, but all done in a way that make them fresh and unique.Part 2 We are again reminded of the DemonWars novels in the monologue, and then the story begins to ramp up It is hard to describe properly without spoilers but I can say that both main characters find companions, and these companions make them start to question their places in their respective lives I will also say that I began to really fear for the characters and found myself unable to predict what was going to happen next Each time I thought I had a character figured out, something subtle would make me question my assumptions Approaching the halfway point you really start to feel the tension of the storyline building The antagonists learn some things they probably shouldn t, and the protagonists are playing damage control There are close calls for all of the characters and events seem to be escalating My emotions were all over the place by the end of this part, everything from really happy moments to gut wrenching twists of despair and anger.I enjoyed immensely the progression of the storyline paired with the continued description of the new setting By the end of Part Two I really began to understand what made the natives of the area act and live the way they do I will say that the people in Child of a Mad God are much primitive than other people in Corona This lack of advancement give the people a unique connection the land, and an honest respect for its dangers Their society is nothing like the Bearmen or Behrenese, and is akin to the Touel alfar or To gai Ru, but less advanced and still very different.Part 3 If the text on the cover With Change Comes Blood ever applied to this novel, part three is where it does so the most Both main characters along with their secondary companions begin to write their own stories, and the changes they are forced to make are not so easily done The severity of the violence practiced by some, and the barbarism practiced by others caused me to be angry, afraid, and just outright sad At this part in the progression of my reading I am convinced that Child of a Mad God is the edgiest Corona novel to date I am also happy to see that even though the people of the new area are primitive, the power level of the story is still remarkably high When I say power level I mean the strength of magic being used, the abilities of the fighters, and the abilities of the characters I would also say that Child of a Mad God has a higher power level than shown in the Saga of the First King, and at times so than the Demonwars Saga itself Magic on Corona has always been tied to, for the majority, the magic imbued gemstones that are produced by Corona s Halo This magic structure is the same in Child of a Mad God, but is presented in a different way that I found really creative and innovative There are also introductions of new uses for the gemstones, and new gemstones altogether, that really put the power level of this new novel through the roof It was wildly exciting to read some of the scenes where characters are doing crazy stuff with gemstones that I would have never considered, yet that make perfect sense in the structure.Part 4 As I neared completing Child of a Mad God I had a hard time putting the book down Things began to happen very fast and once again all of my assumptions were called into question The last bit of the the book is very fast paced, and we get to finally learn some truths about the characters and their endgame motivations I will say that the first chapter in the fourth part had shivers of nostalgia running up and down my spine As a huge Demonwars fan I was given exactly what I wanted and was able to once and for all say goodbye to viewing Child of a Mad God through a Demonwars lens, and to view the new book as something truly unique and special The emotions I felt leading up to the climax were no longer focussed on anything but what was happening to the new characters, and what emotions they were I was still fifty pages from the end when my anticipation for the next book began.I hadn t even finished and I already wanted Tales of the Coven I found myself in love with the new world, the people that lived in it, and the characters that I had gotten to know seemingly so well I really can see, through Child of a Mad God, the maturing of R.A Salvatore s writing Everything that has drawn me to him as an author was magnified in this new book tenfold, and it now holds a special place in my heart.I also really am looking forward to seeing where the other as yet unmentioned main character will end up, and fear that his past might cause unintentional strife for the peaceful people who live in the new area I would say he is my favorite character from Child of a Mad God and he really reminds me of Elbryan, who is my all time favorite character from Corona The differences between him and the Nightbird are pretty stark but both are people who have learned to see the world in a different way, and who will willing give their lives to protect that world I hope to see a monologue or two from this new character in the future, it would seem fitting.Conclusion I honestly and truly have to give Child of a Mad God five stars and ten out of ten Every single reservation I had before reading this novel was bolted out of existence by very clever and subtle writing I am invested in these new characters than I can ever remember being after only reading one book in a storyline Hats off to Bob for writing characters who feel like friends, with flaws and triumphs Thanks for giving us enemies that are easy to hate and difficult to predict Child of a Mad God, at least in my humble opinion, is a than worthy continuation of stories from the Land of Corona It is a novel that anyone can read, even if it is their first Salvatore novel, and not feel lost. More importantly to me, is that Child of a Mad God will satiate the appetite of even the most devout DemonWars or Saga of the First King fan This novel is special and is well worth the almost decade wait I highly suggest pre ordering a copy now so that you dive into it on February 6th Here is a handy link

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