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    This is the second in a historical fiction series set in 1940s war torn Britain, but I found it worked perfectly well as a standalone for me This is a story that focuses on the lives of women during the war and the jobs they did that kept the nation running whilst the men were away It seems this focus on women keeping the home fires burning has been all the rage in recent time in books and TV Kitty has personal commitments and a problematic father, she is not keen to leave Ireland but the lure of money she is badly in need of, brings her to Lancashire and the Phoenix bomb factory It is dangerous and hard work, but Kit finds friends in Gladys, Violet and Edna Her social life picks up considerably but the secrets she harbours prey on her mind As the friendships between the women grow ever stronger, trust grows and Kitty finds support and discovers that she is not the only one with secrets Amidst a background of war, there are air raids, loss and danger in their lives There are also romantic entanglements and other drama as we find out about the lives of the women This is a light, entertaining, and heartwarming read full of wit, humour and drama in troubling times A most enjoyable read Thanks to Penguin Michael Joseph for an ARC.

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    I ve recently read a spell of books set around the war years where women take on dangerous jobs in the war effort You get the real teamwork feel and their commitment to their job There is a great cast of characters who all have reasons for volunteering for the dangerous job in munitions This is the second in the series but reads well as a standalone.Romance features amongst the ladies and adds to the enjoyment of the story We also get the real sense of deep friendships during a troubled time This one is set in Lancashire.

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    I have read all of Daisy Styles previous books about women s lives during World War 2, so was delighted to see that there was another one coming out.In Bomb Girls Secrets she returns to the world of munition workers The characters were engaging and each had their own tale to tell I really felt part of their world as I read it Daisy Styles really captures the era well.This is not a deep, convoluted tale If you want something like that you will be disappointed, but if you want a heart warming story with an interesting setting a sense of history bomb girls could well be the book for you.I enjoyed it and want to thank Netgalley the publisher for giving me the chance to read it.

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    I love reading books set during the war I ve learned a lot from them over the last couple of years This was another enjoyable read and I look forward to reading from Daisy Styles in the near future All of her characters are likeable and the story line is really good.

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    I listened to the audiobook of this story and I was well impressed.The narrator s voice really had me totally engrossed in the story and she really made the story come to life.I love books set in the war time era and I thought this one was really interesting with the secrets the bomb girls reveal and finally share.Their is a really good feeling of togetherness as they unite to solve the problems that life has thrown their way It really is a true adage that a problem shared is a problem halved and love conquers all.Really enjoyed Recommended.

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    round up to 4.5 stars.

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    Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for this review copy.We re back at the Pendle Bomb Factory for the second instalment in the Bomb Girls Series We meet Kit, Gladys, Violet and Lily Everyone seems to have a reason why they signed up to work at the bomb factory, but not all of them want to share their secrets The girls are all put together in the factory and find that they all have one thing in common they can all play musical instruments Along with a few of the other girls they start up a swing band and begin to play in competitions Alongside all this, their lives go on living in the war They have to put up with the air raids, the destruction, the loss of loved ones and the dangers of making the bombsI enjoyed this book, but have to admit I did prefer the first book in the series This book focuses a lot on the swing band that the girls set up, although obviously there is a lot of stories around their romances In the other book, there was about the work that the girls did in the factory, but there wasn t as much in this one Saying that, it was still an enjoyable book, and I loved reading the girls exploits in love and war I won t say too much about the story as I wouldn t want to spoil it, but if you like your war time romances, then you ll love this book Another great book by Daisy Styles It s a lovely easy read which gets you wrapped up in the girls lives Will there be a Bomb Girls 3 I hope so

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    The Bomb Girls Secrets is a light period read with a lot of heart The novel tells the story of Kit, Violet, and Gladys, and their time at a bomb making factory in Lancashire Their lives are already full of secrets and drama, but a lot of that comes to a head as they start their war work and deal with the consequences of what they left behind.The style of the novel is simple and straightforward, written for readers to get lost in the story and the lives of these characters The narrative is heartwarming and, though fairly predictable, weaves the drama of the various characters together well Though there are a number of male characters, it is the women who are most notable in the story, with the three heroines and their newfound friends forming the real spirit of the book The theme of female power and spirit fits with the history of real life bomb girls and women s war efforts, making this the perfect book for anyone who enjoys reading novels about women s roles throughout history.Daisy Styles book reads like a Sunday night period drama, creating a heartwarming and enjoyable novel that is ideal for fans of women led period fiction.

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    Kitty is a troubled young woman from Ireland, tragic circumstances force her to move to England to work in a munitions factory where friendship and hope is born in the shape of her new friends Gladys and Violet Little does Kitty know they are also harbouring secrets of their own Together they learn to trust and support each other through the good times and the bad.Set during the World War 2 conflict this book manages to tell a story that is sad but also uplifting at the same time The author Daisy Styles manages to capture the spirit of these girls very well The Bomb Girls Secrets is a lovely story to read and I barely put it down once I started it I look forward to seeing from the talented Ms Styles.

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    I have read all of this author s books and think this is the best one I read it in a day The story is set in Lancashire where there are many women involved in making bombs for the Second World War Three young women share a home together and have recently started work at the factory Each woman has a secret The story unfolds in a wonderful way and we share their secrets With new hope for the women, this book is very enjoyable.

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