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    PISSED Pissed off is what I am.Pissed off that it s over already, even though I tried to read as slowly as possible to savor the lurve.And yet I was STILL done with the book we ve all waited endless months for in less than four hours Boo.But what can you do I even forced myself to take Bejeweled breaks, thanks to my new gaming addiction via Mr Hubby whispered asideSir Man Meat said I would never be able to score as high as he does Pffffffffffft Real Life Fun Fact Alert I call my husband Rabbit and Bub, rarely by his actual first name So that above gif just became homie s favorite But I digress The book Elle Kennedy I bow down to you And to the Elle Kennedy Off Campus Formula Done Wait, what formula, you ask Whelp, this one Hot hunk of hockey player who can and usually has fucked everything that moves because, you know, all the vaginas be like please fuck me and my friend too Girl next door hottie who hot hunk of hockey player suddenly realizes is a hottie is reluctant to get involved with said walking STD, but golly gee, she just can t fight the hotness and surprisingly scintillating hot man personality that is his hockey hotness Hot as fuck friends with bennies situation somehow ensues because, you know, casual fling, wherein which both hot hunk and hottie next door realize there is MORE to said hot person and they think they OMG lurve themCue in a relationship facebook Twitter Instagram status Skulduggery and intrigue suddenly proceeds to come afoot , creating an OMG conflict between said hottiesCue temporary it s complicated facebook statusBut never fear Because true hotties always rise above HAPPILY EVER FUCKING AFTERAnd there you have it folks.The best NA YA You fucking name it A formula known to man And God BLESS Elle Kennedy for bringing it better than anyone else, day book in and book out Now, all joking about the above formula aside There is a LOT of depth to these books that you don t always find in other NA books or just plain ANY book for that matter The characters in this series deal with some major issues along the way And not OTT let s fucking out tragedy each other issues, but REAL LIFE issues that occur or are occurring in real people s lives OUR lives everyday REAL life problems and obstacles that cause legit grief and heartache So there s that Also, another awesome round of applause to Ms Kennedy for the anti slut shaming agenda that arose pun absolutely erected in this story All us sluts heartily thank you And that ending Holy hot hockey ness, people I m sooooo fucking excited for Tuck s book that I can t even stand it.So long story short, this is an AWESOME installment to what has become one of my favorite all time series If you love sports romance, mature NA, the above mentioned formula and haven t read this series yet You are mos def missing out And with that Find me at

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    5 stars It s very rare that I read a series with 3 books and all 3 are equally fantastic and solid 5 star reads for me When starting The Score I was a little nervous it wouldn t live up to all the hype I loved the first two books in this series so hard, I could only hope this was as good I think The Mistake is still my favorite because, well Logan But honestly, this was just as good as The Deal for me and solid 5 star read Dean and Allie are two characters we ve known and loved since book one I was so anxious to see how Dean would be in this book how does the ultimate college man whore settle down Is it even possible one woman could make him fall Maybe just maybe if it s the right girl And they have the right chemistry And she can keep him on his toes And just maybe this girl won t want anything to do with Dean Di Laurentis after one night But we all know she d only be fooling herself Because it s DEAN Dean has a life motto for christ s sake I just adore him I do what I want, when I want And I don t give a shit what people think about me Let me just say there is a lot to Dean than what meets the eye I love the Elle gives her characters this depth you wouldn t expect I didn t think there would be so much to Dean, but there absolutely was And Allie was pretty fantastic as well I loved how she didn t easily give into Dean and his ways like all the other girls on campus seem to I love me a feisty heroine Dean met his match when he found himself wanting her There is so much I love about these stories, but really I think my absolute favorite thing is the bromance between these guys The four friends that live in this hockey house together are loyal, they have each others backs, and they are seriously a complete hoot when they re together I can t even tell you how many hilarious lines between Dean and Garrett, Logan or Tuck that I highlighted This is one of the best new adult series I ve ever read When it comes to college romances, this one takes the cake Seriously If you haven t read them, stop what you re doing, and pick up The Deal right this minute Elle Kennedy will give you love, laugh out loud humor and amazing off the charts chemistry Her characters are lovable and these books are just fun to read with the perfect amount of feels and emotions The Score goes on my must read list This is one I highly recommend I thought you said you didn t want to And Dean Di Laurentis only does what he wants, remember I am doing what I want I m making you happy

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    Well, I ll be damned I loved The Deal and didn t think it would be possible to top it, but The Score, OMG The Score was even better The best part in the series So yeah, I guess it s time for Snoopy and the happy dance Nothing about the plot from me because I encourage you to read it yourself, but I promise, you will laugh and get teary eyed and get all mushy inside All because of Dean Sebastian Kendrick Heyward Di Laurentis Holy shit, this guy is swoonworthy Really, I m in love, so back off ladies, Dean is mine Let me count the reasons 1 Doesn t like to wear a shirt, like ever.2 Is dirty in bed, with a power to seduce with just words that spill out of his mouth 3 Reformed manwhore Yeah yeah, you know the type, we all love them But once he gets Allie, he is loyal, so no worries about hanky panky on the side ladies.4 Boy is smart, like really smart with good grades and all Who would have thought, huh 5 Is also super funny and cheery most of the time The banter and sweet talk between him and Allie is awesome.6 And finally, he will squeeze out of you all those warm feelings You Will Fall Head Over Hills In Love with HIM.But Dean isn t the only great thing that makes this book wonderful, Allie as a heroine is kickass too, plot is fabulous and I loved catching up with the whole bunch Truly, it was fantastic, mark your calendars for January 11th 2016 You don t want to miss this book, I swear.Now, only Tucker left, and judging from that last sentence his book might be interesting So yeah, keep that shit up Elle Kennedy because you are doing a fine job ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    The funniest, most irreverent and emotional book in the series by far My friends know how much I loved The Deal, and I love it still I really do but this bookgah This book made me laugh and it also made me cry Yes, cried because apparently, Elle Kennedy had a few surprises up her sleeves which totally broke my heart.The Score is the third book from Kennedy s wildly popular NA sports romance series, Off Campus This time, the story centers on Dean, the unapologetic and self proclaimed manwhore of the team Dean has had it easy He s good looking, rich and doesn t lack for any female or male adulation But Dean s life became a lot interesting when Allie Hayes, Hannah s best friend, came to stay over at their house one night to avoid her ex boyfriend who want to get back with her Dean being Dean, he put on the moves on Allie despite warnings from Hannah and Garrett.Unfortunately, Allie was unimpressed She knows Dean s reputation and she doesn t want to be just another notch on her bedpost She knows who she is a girl who is prefers relationship over casual sex And Dean is the epitome of casual Besides, Allie just broke up with her on and off boyfriend of three years But Dean was persistent and he managed to convince Allie to ditch her no casual sex rule in favor of some hot rebound sexy times.I personally cannot blame Allie for capitulating because when Dean wants something, he is tenacious and he can turn on that Di Laurentis charm like nobody s business Allie didn t stand a chance Heck, I didn t stand a chance I was swept right along with Allie.I love reading this aspect of the book We all know by now that Elle Kennedy is a master at banter, and that s never been apparent than in this book I could not contain my chuckles and my grins while reading My husband had to shush me because I could not hold my laughter in It s simply impossible not to laugh at some of the things that happened or at some of the dialogue in this book I thought The Deal and the Mistake were funny, but the Score took it to the next level because Dean was a natural comedian Same with Allie, too She can go toe to toe with Dean with no problem at all.I know there were a few readers who were disappointed that Sabrina wasn t the heroine for Dean but let me tell right now, I m not sorry it wasn t Sabrina because Allie totally owned my heart from the get go She s feisty, funny and like I said, she s unimpressed with Dean and she made him work for it Dean and Allie simply worked together Sure, Allie had her moments of guilt and indecision but the author explained those very well I sympathized with her I knew where she was coming from and I could understand why she would feel that way.But the best thing about this book is how you get to see Dean and Allie fall for each other It s so rare to read a book that actually shows the hero and heroine fall for one another in a series of moments instead of just being told that they are in love There s no insta love here NONE And I LOVED that because even though Dean and Allie were physically intimate with each other and are crazy attracted to each other, they didn t fall in love immediately It took time for them to fully trust one another But the moment they did, oh man, it was well worth the wait Seriously, Elle Kennedy should conduct a workshop on this non insta love thing because I much prefer my romance like that.Apart from the romance, there were other layers to this story We see Dean change and grow as a character We read about Allie deal with her limited career choices We see the gang worry about life beyond college, about whether or not they re going to still be friends with each other or lose touch Dean and Allie also had to deal with disappointments and tragedy There were so many things in this book that rang true for me based on my own experiences in college.I also loved that there were no slut shaming in the book My usual complain about NA and sometimes with contemporary romance is that when you have a manwhore hero, we usually get the whole all the other girls are sluts except the heroine and her friends shtick The characters had to own up or gets called out on heir prejudice about sex and hook ups, and it s perfect I could not hate Dean or feel bad for the girls who chose to have sex with him simply because they were written as characters with agency And there were some things from Dean s past that should ve raised my hackles, usually, but it didn t because again, Elle Kennedy treated it with sensitivity and it worked perfectly with Dean s character arc.I really can t find anything to complain about this book I finished it with a huge smile on face because it met all my expectations, and I hope it will meet yours, too I refrained from posting some quotes because you guys should experience all the funnies yourself And trust me, if you loved the previous books in the series, you will undoubtedly love this one as well ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review._____________Dean s book

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    5 Stars I kiss him back hungrily, helpless to resist him Dean Di Laurentis is in my blood now I didn t expect this intense sexual chemistry between us, but it s here, and it s addictive, and I don t know how I can ever give it up. You know when you read the first book in a series and you love it so much that you don t think anything can top it, but then you read the second and you love it just as much So then you know that the chances of that continue to hold for the 3rd book are slim, right In my experience, it s tough to keep that sort of momentum goingunless, of course, you re Elle Kennedy Because not only was The Score absolutely fantastic, but it turned out to be my favorite in the series And considering how much I loved the previous two books, that s saying something.Now let s be real here considering how much I love me my manwhores, it was already a good chance I d love Dean Di Laurentis Even the man s name is hot, for goodness sake Between his self assured ways, cocky attitude, humor, and manwhoring tendencies, I couldn t get enough of him The guy has the attention span of a fruit fly, and the affection giving habits of a puppy, offering his sexual devotion to whoever happens to be holding the treat By which I mean the vagina. What I love about Elle s writing, is the depth that she gives her characters And Dean certainly was no exception He may be the hard partying manwhore with a crass sense of humor, but beneath that perfect exterior there s so much to him and you really get to see it blossom here.Allie Hayes is Hanna s best friend that just recently broke up with her long term boyfriend of 3 years In fear of giving in when he comes calling again, Allie seeks an escape at Garrett s place She knows all about Dean and his one and done ways and he may be hot but he s not for her She s a nester She has relationships not one night stands But then a broken heart and some tequila lead to one of the hottest hookups of her life with none other than the sexy manwhore She s determined to keep it in just friends zone after but Dean is determined to change her mind Have you considered seeing a psychiatrist about your delusions I ask politely Because, sweetie, there s no chance in hell of us boning tonight Fine How about we go down on each other instead How about you leave Counter offer I stay and we dry hump The Score is this amazing combination of witty humor and endearing characters While I loved the slow building romance between Dean and Allie, what kept me turning the pages was the banter between them and the rest of the guys The Twilight references alone had me laughing like a loon It was witty and crass, and wildly entertaining Dean and Allie together was the perfect examples of opposites attracting and I absolutely loved them together Their banter and chemistry was utterly delicious last I checked, genitals don t decide who gets to listen to their music first Oh yes, they doSee, if you take away my dick privileges, I ll be fine for moths Years, even But if I take away your pussy privileges You ll be utterly lost Like a drowning man at sea, desperately grabbing for the vagina preserver Therefore, vagina trumps penis I loved how Miss Kennedy pulled off an incredibly sexy romance while keeping it realistically slow paced These two may burn up the sheets together, but the feelings came with time and I for one loved watching those develop for both of them.This isn t just a story of the manwhore meeting his match and inevitably succumbing to his feelings for her it s so much The story had wit and humor and so much depth to it, too There s something that happens towards the end that caught me completely off guard I never in a million years expected something like that to happen and yet as much as it broke my heart, I can t help but to admit it did the job of driving the plot where it needed to go.Without a doubt, Elle Kennedy is a force to be reckoned with The woman can write the hell out of a book Dean and Allie s story was funny, sexy, swoony, emotional and wildly entertaining It was everything I love about romance and exactly why I read New Adult THIS is how it needs to be done I can t wait to see what the next book brings, because after that little peak we got Oh yeah It s about to get real ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on

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    4.5 STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author in Exchange For an Honest Review Elle Kennedy definitely has another HIT on her hands with this one The OFF CAMPUS series delivers the HOTTEST Hockey Players, panty melting scenes, and laugh out loud moments as well Each guy is pretty cocky and gorgeous, but never do they come off as narcissistic pricks.Dean Di Laurentis is a serious PLAYER He enjoys sex and is a serious exhibitionist as well He also doesn t have any desire to be in a serious relationship with any woman and he always makes his intentions clear with every girl he hooks up with The one time he attempted to be in a relationship ended disastrously and several years later he is still haunted by the past.Allie Hayes is Hannah s best friend and roommate Hannah is Garrett s girlfriend and I m sure none of you have forgotten THE DEAL That book was on my top ten of 2015 list Allie has just broken up with her boyfriend of the past three years and is feeling vulnerable She wants a clean break from him but he isn t willing to give up on her So in order to avoid her ex, she spends the night at Garrett s house, where as luck would have it, Dean happens to be.Allie knows Dean and is fully aware of his reputation, which makes her immune to his charms She isn t like any of the girls he hooks up with But after several shots of tequila and a couple of puffs from a joint, Allie finds herself waking up the next morning naked in Dean s room, with a serious hangover, and a gloriously naked Dean as well.The sex turned out to be mind blowing for the both of them and after a ton of resistance from Allie, the two enter into an arrangement They agree to have sex on a regular basis and to not see other people while doing so But as they start to spend time together, feelings begin to develop and pretty soon they question whether there might be something than just sex between them We learn how life has been pretty unfair to Allie and how things aren t always what they seem where Dean is concerned He lets people think he s just a pretty face with a limited vocabulary, but he s destined for Harvard Law and it s due to his academic prowess and not his family s bank account I found myself comparing Dean to Grayson from The Friend Zone, which only made him that much lovable to me.There were some angst filled moments, but they were quickly resolved and I wished that they had been drawn out just a bit longer Expect to laugh your ass off at least a few times, especially during the bath tub scene with Winston The steamy scenes were seriously freaking HAWT Dean is pretty insatiable and I guarantee that you will either be taking a few cold showers, attacking your man, or spending some quality time with your Winstons.This book releases on Jan 11th and I know you re all going to fall in love with this story and Dean

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    Once again, Elle has taken a common new adult formula and made it fresh, fun and highly entertaining A no excuses manwhore and Ms Relationship come together, resulting in sizzling chemistry and hilarious verbal sparring The Score was a wonderful story, one that had me smiling and a bit misty eyed, a perfect combination of heart warming romance and light heart humor, all surrounding realistic college life Dick Shot Dean gets a book I can t wait ARC provided in exchange for an honest review

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    FIVE MAN WHORE STARS Maybe it s time to stop focusing on scoring and shoot for love. This series has well and truly got me wrapped around its little finger If I could reproduce the feelings I have when reading one of the books in this particular series, then my happiness levels would be set for life Talk about sweeping me off my feet, this hero has gone and made himself my favourite out of all Elle Kennedy s boys no small feat let me tell you, this author has a particularly wonderful talent of making her men irresistible The score is not to be missed, forgotten or side stepped In fact all romance readers who haven t yet had the fortune to meet these characters should make it their quest to read them immediately Trust me you won t look back What s it all about After her latest heartbreak, Allie Hayes decides to make a personal pledge to avoid making the same mistakes again Allie will do anything and everything to avoid getting her heart involved Setting out to concentrate on making her dreams a reality she has no interest when the possibility of a one night stand with the notorious man whore, Dean Di Laurentis becomes a possibility But after one drink too many and with an itch to scratch, Allie lets her hair down for just one night But after getting just a little taste of the sassy blonde Dean finds himself wanting And so begins the cat and mouse chase of a lifetime This hero wants Allie all for himself What did I love Every Single Moment There was not a word, sentence or chapter that didn t have me glued to the action The romance was on point, the characters were adorably addictive and the story line had me hooked But over everything else this book made me laugh like no other in the series, the banter was on point and the connection and friendship between the characters was one that I don t think I ll ever forget about Elle Kennedy really does have an incredibly special talent at making me fall in love with her words and you would have be insane if you didn t find something to love about this reformed man whore and his sassy counterpart Plenty of emotion, scorching hot chemistry and a romance story that had me feeling all the feels I really can t find fault with this diamond of a book and it s official the off campus series is crowned as one of my all time favourites Final thoughts There should not be a single romance reading addict left on the planet who hasn t started this series I m being deadly serious, it s a crime against the romance reading world to have not experienced this authors insane ability to create a new adult romance of epic proportions If you are one of those readers yes, I m looking at you who has not yet got themselves wrapped up in this gorgeous series then I whole heartedly recommend that you stop right where you are and Start It Now And as for me well I can sit back with the biggest smile on my face after meeting a hero that quite frankly will be taking up residence in my book heart for a long time to come However, i m than happy to make room for from Elle Kennedy if she s going to keep up this standard of hero worship Readers, I adored Dean and Allie their story is adorable, soul searching and one to not miss out on I can t wait for my fellow romance addicts to fall in love like I have Enjoy Kisses ARC provided in exchange for an honest review

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    ANOTHER WINNER When you break up with your long term boyfriend what exactly are your options DEAN DI LAURENTIS He could slap his face on a laxative label and every woman in the world would be praying for constipation just to have an excuse to buy it. My face Turn on Chest Turn on I d roll over and show you my ass, but we both know the answer will be turn on so I ll skip that one Dick Turn the fuck on And then we get to the non physical awesomeness that is Dean. You make life work for you, babe. I m an overall happy person, right I do what I want, when I want it And I don t give a shit what other people think about me. I m a live in the moment kinda guy, remember Dean Di Laurentis fucks because he loves to fuck, and he smiles because he goddamn loves to smile. Dean fell apart, yes But maybe he needed to fall apart in order to learn that life isn t perfect, that bad things do happen and you can t stop living when they do. I adore this series and I loved this book, I really did Dean is my favorite in this series The book contains all the elements I love in the college romance genre a manwhore turned prince charming hero, a strong and determined heroine and lots of steamy and LOL moments So why not 5 stars Allie and Dean s relationship seems a little superficial Their relationship is based on sex and watching soap operas Don t get me wrong, they really are a perfect match, but I didn t really feel their love And although the author is trying to portray their relationship as a slow building one, it still seems rushed to me I had a problem with the flow of the story too The beginning and the end of the book are flawless but I got bored around the middle of the book.I also caught myself rolling my eyes a few times, for instance during the tomato scene which seemed immature and unrealistic.But those are only minor flaws I still think that this book is a must read and I can t wait for Tucker s story Overall rating 4 stars Writing style 5 stars Story 4 stars Flow of the story 3 stars Character development 5 stars Heroine 4 stars Hero 5 stars Secondary characters 5 stars Tone mood of the book 5 stars Emotion evoking 4 stars Originality 3 stars Enjoyment 4 stars Effect on me 4 stars

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    Can a manwhore recover from manwhoritis I started The Score on my birthday Happy Birthday to me The sucky thing about my birthday is that it s a week before Christmas I m celebrating with my friends and family with a little voice inside my head saying would these people hurry up and eat their cake The Score is waiting Now I did say I was celebrating, which did involve wine So by the time the friends did leave, the night time rituals had been done and I m finally ready to crack The Score open I m tuckered out I think I got two pages read It s OK, I woke up early and got reading straight away then another birthday party intruded and a Christmas party and another Christmas party The Score was being neglected, but it was definitely not forgotten All of these things slowed down my progress I d managed to get to 77%, loving it, needing it and wanting it, when it all came to an abrupt stop I GOT FOOD POISONING I m literally dying and my first thoughts in recovery My birthday present The Score Why Why Why did this have to happen to me A little melodramatic, but I was really llloooppyy Oh well, can t help the loopy, but I HAVE FINALLY FINISHED IT It took a week, but I m so glad I did wait That last part packed a punch and I needed to be whole and hearty to Deal with it and all The Mistakes that could have cost Dean The Score Maybe I m not over the loopy just yet The story starts out with Allie breaking up with her long time boyfriend Sean She loved him or so she thought, but would someone who loves you want to change you Sean s plans for their future did not include her following her dreams to become an actress His plans were for them both to return to HIS hometown, where HE would join HIS father in business and SHE would become the little homemaker Pffft tell him his dreaming Luckily she woke up to herself and realised their dreams were different Unfortunately, she s used to being in relationships and loves the comfort of having a partner She must remind herself to stay strong against his Sweet Attacks, because she s fallen for them before Her best way to avoid an attack, is to avoid him Easier said than done and she must bring in Hannah, her best friend, to help guard and reinforce her barriers Hannah s solution is for Allie to stay at her boyfriend Garrett s house All those ice hockey heroes can protect her.Dean Di Laurentis, Manwhore Extraordinaire is having a sandwich He s the filling and the two blonde chicks are the bread Now this is not Dean s first sandwich , but it sure is putting this Friday night in his best night ever folder Things are heating up when the doorbell rings His plans get shot to smithereens when babysitting duties are forced upon him His buddy s girlfriend s friend needs a place to hide out and there goes his sandwich.From the very beginning Dean s character surprised me We know him as the manwhore who gets off getting off with numerous women on the couch in the lounge room But the guy had absolutely no hesitation on chucking out the sandwich and going hungry Dean was a very different character to the one I d imagined It didn t take me long to jump in the Dean is Awesome fan group.Allie s NOT looking for a relationship and who would be silly enough to think that Dean would be relationship material She wants to concentrate on her career in acting, and look after her father who has an incurable disease But Dean has magical boy bits and she can t resist Soon they come to a mutual understanding that they ll hook up for awhile They spend time together outside of the bedroom and Allie can t help but join the Dean is Awesome fan group Funny thing is, Dean can t help but start an Allie Rocks My World fan group too.The journey for Allie and Dean is far from smooth Besides their relationship, there are things with their career paths, families, friends and lifestyles that need to be dealt with They re young and still don t have all of the necessary experience to handle everything thrown at them, but I was impressed that they learnt from their mistakes and managed to move on from them They don t take the easy route and they also accept the consequences of their decisions What seemed like an easy life for Dean, soon becomes hard At first he struggles, but when push comes to shove, his intelligence, upbringing and education help him to work through the difficulties.I really enjoyed this story and loved seeing the maturity blossom in both Allie and Dean Can a manwhore recover from manwhoritis In Dean s case, I m not sure he was sick from it I do think that he had an opportunity to enjoy his good looks and privileged life to the absolute full and took it He didn t plan for it to be his life and with his upbringing and loving family as a great example of what life was all about, knew there were important things in his future.Elle Kennedy, The Score was another win for me I cannot wait to see what comes from Tuck s announcement Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.I received a complimentary copy of this story via the author for an honest review.To buy The Score from m an Aussie chick who loves to read and review romance, drink coffee, be a Style Setter and stalk David Gandy To see of my reviews, fashion, food and pervathons

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