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    This is the 3rd book in The Bad Boy Series and like the ones that came before I am blown away with another 5 star read I don t know where S.K came from before this series but watch out because she has some crazy good thoughts running through her head Even with her than crazy storylines when she puts everything together into a story it all comes out to perfection.We got a glimpse of Low from the previous books but who know hidden underneath that beautiful and loving outgoing girl was something dark and disturbing The life before Tate, Neva and Logan was anything but perfect, anything but a great life Something dark and twisted that left her wanting to escape and put it all behind her In fact for years she has managed to live a life as normal as possible for a girl of her caliber but like they say, lies and the past will eventually find you and when they do it s up to you on what you do about it.Finding Us is the story of Low and Tate and how the secret that Low has kept for so long will finally reach them causing Low to risk everything, including her own life, to keep Tate save from the demons of her past Nobody knows the real Low, her alter ego, her past life, the acts that she not only witnessed but committed herself and soon, very soon, she has to make the decision to let the people who she has grown to care about and love in revealing the truth about everything or take off and continue down the path of playing hide and seek For me Finding Us was jaw dropping I am so glad that S.K took Low and turned her not only into a character that I loved but a woman who risked it all for the chance to finally have a normal existence She is stronger than she would every give herself credit for and she deserves nothing but happiness Tate is lover to the bone but when it comes to those he loves the fighter in him comes rushing out He is passionate and strong and very possessive in a good way about what is his and will stop at nothing to get what he wants He surprised me in this book with his determination to not back down and stand up against evil for Low Twists, turns, and shocking moments during Finding Us left me sitting on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next S.K has a brilliant mind that gives us hair pulling, teeth grinding novels that will leave you breathless and wondering when the next one will be released The Bad Boy Series is full of anxious moments, love, sex, dark sinister demons, and the fight that people will go through for the all consuming love that they so desperately want in their lives.This is the story of Low and Tate and the obstacles they both have to get through and survive in order to finally life a normal life a life that so many people take for granted but others crave Grab the book and see if Low and Tate can make it on the other side of Finding Us.

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    SPOILERS ALERT I did not enjoy this book as much as I did with the first 2 of the series Even though it was Low s and Tate s story, I thought I knew about Ace than Tate by the end I know it s a set up to his own book, but I was looking forward to seeing in than one small chapter what caused the riff between Tate and his mom and having interaction that a head nod in the hospital I would like to have seen a conversation between them and maybe some reconciliation I just think it was tied up way to quick As for Low, I just didn t care for her A mob leader at 19 20, really And what happened to her mom Finally, what was the secret Logan supposedly was keeping from Neva It seemed a bigger deal was made about that than Tate and his mom s relationship and it wasn t even tied up.

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    this is a great book.I love everyone in this story..what can I sayI love Tatebut Ace has my heart

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    FULL REVIEW To my friends, I was the girl with the bubbly attitude and a fiery temper to boot I was the girl who had the unenhanced blonde hair, ice blue eyes, and flawless makeup But, I was , so much than anyone could ever imagine Low Parker wears a mask Every day is the same, cover up the scars on the outside to hide the ugliness that is inside Six years she s been hiding, lying, running And she keeps count One hundred and fifty little lies sat in the jar staring at me, boring a hole right through my own heart One hundred and fifty lies, one hundred and fifty hearts broken over the years One hundred and fifty reasons for me to carry on running Problem with running is that eventually you get tired You slow down And that is when life catches up to you But not Low things start happening to make her rethink every decision she has ever made There are people involved now, people she cares about, loves How can she keep running when everything in her is telling her to face a life she hoped she d never have to I was in too deep I had people I cared about new, my heart was no longer my own it was shared between the relationships I had made I couldn t ignore the warning, I had to finally face the music even if it killed me Facing her past is easier said than done and the people in her former life are hell bent on making it one painful transaction So the lies keep coming Low has to protect those she has come to care about one lie at a time One hundred and sixty little lies One hundred and sixty explanations of why fighting might not be good enough in the end So, what happens when the music finally stops and the lights come on Show is over, everyone is seen for who they truly are and Low is no exception Only the love for her friends, and Tate, proves to be a weakness she can t afford Especially Tate When the heart gets involved where she comes from, it can only hurt you further the only way to beat it, is to become it You need to step out of the mind of Low, and remember who you really are, Willow No longer able to run from her past, Willow does what any person would do when pushed into a corner What choice did I have If I didn t do what they wanted, they would destroy anyone who stood in their way I wasn t about to let anyone get close to the people I loved One hundred and eighty two tiny little lies, enough to tell me.I was a liar I seriously didn t think this series could get any better yet, Hartley proves me wrong with each book I am SO IN LOVE with this story The entire thing I know I gave nothing away but just believe me when I say, you don t want me to The surprises that await on every page are are ugh Amazing The story between Low, Ace, Tate, Logan, and even the twins is fully of.wow, I m at a loss for words That s how good it was, I can t even form a cohesive thought I can honestly say, I cannot wait to see what is in store for Angel in the next book, but I have all but forgotten about him in this one I seriously love Tate That man is the most sensitive alpha is that even possible I have encountered and everything he does is swoon worthy Not to mention how hot he is to boot I can only hope that there is in store for this part of the story Ace has captured my attention once he changed the game, I was left hanging Now, this isn t a cliffhanger thank goodness but I have some serious questions Please, give me Loved it 5 Jar of Hearts Stars

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    I will start off by saying that if you haven t read the Bad Boys series yet you are seriously missing out Finding Us was a brilliant addition to the series and I fell in love with all of the characters even This is book 3 in the series, focused on Tate and Low, and can be read as a standalone but I recommend reading the first two to have a better background of the secondary characters in this story We know from the beginning that Low is hiding somethingsomething big, dark, and dangerous I couldn t wait to find out what it was and man was I shocked when it all came out Low has lied and deceived everyone around her She has spent the last six years running from her past and never expected to find the amazing group of friends that she did when she settled in to this college town She also didn t expect to fall in love While it may sound like she is a bad person, she is really just a loyal and protective person, and told those lies to protect her loved ones She is strong and fierce, and a total bad ass when she has to be She doesn t take crap from anyone But this is not the life she wants She wants to be free from her past be a normal girl in a normal relationship And she needs to decide if she should follow her heart thats says go all in with Tate or follow her head which is telling her to back up and keep him safe Tate, sigh He is just so amazing He is so sweet and loving, caring, and protective and then totally alpha when it counts the most He sees through the mask that Low wears everyday and he wants her just the same He made it clear that he wouldn t push her but that he was there when she was ready He worships Low and does everything he can to make her realize just how much she means to him And man does he prove it Finding Us is a captivating read full of suspense and secrets that will have you glued from start to finish There was of course the WTF moments but nothing prepared me for the climax of the story I actually messaged SK Hartley and said Are you freaking kidding me right now, i can t believe this My heart was in my throat and I think i forgot to breathe Yes, it was that crazy And then it just kept going A very well written, enjoyable book that I highly recommend I loved that the whole gang was included in the story The twins are absolutely hysterical as always, Neva and Logan are still very much in love, and Dex and Trix.well they are still up to their old ways The banter between them makes me laugh And Ace, man do I love him and I can only hope that we will hear from him too I gave Finding Us 5 stars and it was so well deserved I am a huge SK Hartley fan and am anxiously waiting to see what she will come up with for her next book which is Angel s story.I have a feeling that it s going to be an emotional one

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    CLICK HERE TO READ MY ENTIRE REVIEW What I Loved This was a great story It definitely had a lot of twists and turns and kept me guessing at times I love that you know Low is hiding her past from her friends but you re not quite sure what that past is or why she is hiding it It s cool to be let in on the secret but still not completely knowing everything It makes the story interesting and keeps the reader on their toes Although I guessed pretty early on what some of those secrets were, there were couple things that did surprise me, and I love surprises I love Low and Tate together, he is so in love with her and that just makes me love him even They definitely went through a lot together and by the end of the book it shows how much they are truly meant to be together forever I also love Low s group of friends, it s so great when authors not only write awesome main characters, they write awesome supporting characters as well It helped me get emotionally invested in the story because I got to enjoy other storylines going on around them I would totally love to read a book involving the twins, Zane and Colt, or a book involving Dex and Trix Not So Much This was a great story, awesome plot definitely well thought out and had lots of Holy Shit moments But I felt like there were a lot of holes in the plot that kind of interrupted the flow The book begins with Low in college, but I have no idea what year she s in, is it the beginning of the semester or the middle When she goes into detail about one of her classes it seems that the semester just began but it s never really told I really have no clue where this story takes place I know its Spring Water College but where the hell is that The foundation just wasn t built well for me, maybe if I have read the other books in this series I would know but this is supposed to be a series where this book could be read as a standalone Also another thing that really bothered me was that, Low was supposed to be running from her past and hiding her identity so bad people couldn t find her So the hell did she move to a place for six years only a couple towns over from where she grew up If people are after me, I would ve run as far as physically possible and that would not be a couple of towns over That was a major flaw in the story and made everything for me less believable.

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    Low has than her fair share of secrets, it s why no matter what she has had to keep everyone at a distance for the last six years It s why she can t give the last piece of herself to Tate Now though the secrets are coming out and the life she ran from all those years ago is coming back to haunt her, coming to take her back where she never wanted to go She s having to find the balance between being Willow and Low and it s time to decide if her new life is worth fighting for.Low is strong and smart with a big heaping side of Snark, she s loud and proud and doesn t take crap from anyone But she s also hiding so much , she might be tough on the outside but inside she just wants to lead a happy life away from the pain of her past.Tate can see through the crap, but he s not the type to push He ll wait you out and once you open up he s always there for you He s the big brother to the group and for Low he s her Knight, she just only now realizing it.Their story took you on a journey you weren t expecting, leading you through a life you never knew Low has and I loved see all of her come out on the pages.

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    Holy emotional intensity Batman This book went places I wasn t expecting. it totally rocked Full of the emotional intensity that S.K Hartley is known for, add in the guilt factor, the madness that brings past to present, love and caring, friendships, and seriously hot sex I couldn t put the book down I read it all in one sitting and I ll be doing a reread as I always do with really great books because you always miss something the first time through 3 Low and Tate are amazing characters who are obviously soulmates and when Low finally lowers her walls, they are combustible The family feeling within this series makes it one of my favorites.The first two books in this series were emotionally gripping, angsty and full of drama which I absolutely devoured This book was the very same thing but the intensity, turmoil, and danger action put this book at a 5 star read for me Low and Tate are amazing characters who are obviously soulmates and when Low finally lowers her walls, they are combustible I highly recommend this book 5 out of 5 stars for me.

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    Great Book Great Series once i started couldnt put it down loved Low and Tate s story I gave Finding Us 5 stars and it was so well deserved I am a huge SK Hartley fan and am anxiously waiting to see what she will come up with for her next book.I cant Wait for finding forever Angel s story I think this one will be a rollercoaster of emotions to read but i loved Angel so it will be worth it

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    my god I love this chick, her books are everything you can imagine and so much Not only do we get given a beautiful romance we get twists and turns and amazing friendships Tate is just gorgeous and Logan shows us yet again why Neva fell for him and my god Ace please please give me Ace s story next

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