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    Okay sure I shouldn t rate my own book, but it was such a journey to write and so much fun too, I ve become so invested in the characters that I enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it Besides I ve seen other authors rate their own books too

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    I won t lie, I got this book only because the synopsis had Caz, a half demon exiled from his home in it I love a good exile story, especially when it involves a half demon Here I am expecting Caz to go around swinging a sword using demonic strength and magic powers to somehow find a place he can call home Boy was I wrongAnd glad for it.Love today s age where authors can get their books out there in so many ways, so many ideas in the world and now we have platforms to get these stories in my hands.Anyways, this bookThis freaking book had me hooked right from the get go, reminded me of a bunch of other books I ve read Raksura Martha Wells and Tide Lords Jennifer Fallon to name a few but this was nothing like anything I ve read The world, the characters, the story background, the landscape, the writing, damn, I could go on and on.To start though, the Twin Kingdoms is at war North and South, brothers now at war wanting to unite their separate Kingdoms into one So of course humans doing what we do in times of war, burning, pillaging, just general chaos In this we are introduced to Ash and Ember, siblings part of a slave race, wishing to be free, they leave the only home they ve ever known As readers, we learn along with these characters about the outside world and the way the author writes, it truly paints a vivid image in your mind as your reading But yeah, you got civil war, mages and witches, Gods and Goddesses, demons, sword fights, siegesepic.My boy Caz, exiled from his home in what I will only call a desert wasteland, he journeys across the land hoping to find somewhere he can belong Also, he s hungry He s really hungry Every time he met with something new and exciting, he would think like a predator grass, can I eat it , loved all his scenes One moment Caz is an innocent young mind, the next, he s the apex predator he was born to be.From the opening to the end, we are only given little hints and teases about the history of this world, from the Reaping to the Gods and Goddess that these different people worship Also, what destiny does Caz have and what exactly are the shargru By the end here is still so much to learn and I can t wait for the next book.Oh, did I mention Dragons No Always love me some Dragons And these Dragons are not what you would expect.

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    The desert around him was silent, but this was just because the monsters that occupied it had not yet awoken There was a tension in the air an expectancy, and it made the silence feel fragile, as if it was about to crack and splinter at any moment and reveal his death waiting in his path It s writing like this quote that makes this book so amazing to me It is not just a quality, entertaining story, but also shows how much the author has grown as a writer.But let me not digress and get to my review I m not entirely sure why I decided to read this book, perhaps it was because I ve read the author s other book and found that even though her Blue River Chronicles series needs work, there were really enchanting moments in it and I wanted of that and I wasn t disappointed Deep World Fire has a nice flow, the story progresses quiet quickly, and the characters each have such distinctive voices and personalities that it is easy to keep track of them and to form a fondness for that particular one that touches your heart as you learn of their character, internal thoughts and favorite things to say.This story shifts between different viewpoints, often showing how bonds and misconceptions can form as the characters travel through a kingdom that is experiencing the start of a war It is a tale filled with a diversity of races, danger and wonderful descriptive moments I particularly like the fight scenes with Serion and I quiet like the voice in his head that chips in every now and again There is a lot hinted at under the surface of the main plot such as the complex religion, the use of magic and some previous apocalyptic event that is called The Reaping.In conclusion I think this book has the potential to be a great start to an awesome series sorry I mean saga It is definitely worth reading and I look forward to the next Deep World book with great anticipation.

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    Enjoyable, but mostly I wanted it to be about Serion and his bad tempered horse.

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    You know how a book has to become either a cult classic or get turned into a major movie franchise before it s considered to be quotable This novel turns that theory on its head Phrases like half human, half dead already and Dim the moon for me leap out and burn themselves onto your consciousness Spoiler warning The story kicks off with six shargru slaves escaping from their masters The writing style swoops you along on their dangerous flight At first, it s written through the female s, Ember, view point A naive girl who thinks her brother, Ash, resents her Though she has quite a few insecurities, she proves herself to be a warm, kindhearted person but maybe not the sharpest tool in the shed Then, a change of scenery where you meet Caz, a half demon, half human creature born into the dry and scorched Neverra desert Hated by his own clan, and banished from his birthland by his two brothers, Caz journeys away and finally finds himself on the lush side of the mountains that borders Neverra from an unknown land What amuses me endlessly is the juxtaposition of his fearsome, demon form with his childish and innocent mind My favourite part being where he meets a tree for the first time, at first thinking it a menace and curling his lip at it, before approaching it with wonder and confusion He comes upon the group of fleeing shargru, where he and Ember form a friendship Ember ends up being a sort of mother figure to him, teaching him manners and explaining things to him.Now we change again, this time meeting Serion, a prince of the Northern Kingdom A lesser prince, as we soon learn second born son, he was forced off to follow his older brother into a war against the Northern Kingdom Serion is an interesting person and very, very handsome He has an innate sense of fairness, and is handsome , he sticks up for the less fortunate, in a handsome way but also has that arrogant, spoiled attitude of a prince he snobs and sulks handsomely He also meets the shargru and Caz I ll stop here before I give too many spoilers This book is adept at following different characters, getting them to meet up, and splitting up again I never got confused as to who is where and what s happening now The story ebbs and flows seamlessly into a continuous whole, cleverly used words and phrases showing the intricate tapestry of a well thought out, fully fleshed world created by a talented writer This is the second book by CM Meridian, and the first in the Deep World Saga Her writing talent continues to amaze me and I await her other books with great anticipation

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    I was quite surprised to find this book was not only enjoyable, but that it might be one of my favorite new series Deep World Fire is fantasy, but without being over the top fantasy, it s just the right amount Sure you ve got some sort of lowly elven race, a demon half breed, a witch and even a prince, oh and dragons too, and it all takes place in a kingdom at war It is a first rate story with a good mix of magic, realism and battle scenes The reader finds themselves immediately drawn into the story as they follow a group of shargru type of lesser elves as they make their escape into a world at war where two kings, brothers in fact, seem to not be happy how their father divided things up between them As these characters progress through the story, the reader learns about the world and each of the character s own uniqueness, thoughts and faults, creating a rich and interesting motley of shargru that are travelling together.We are also introduced to Caz early on a half demon who might be the coolest character in the story, simply because not only is he ignorant and childlike, but he has this other darker, dangerous side to him that truly shows what it means to be the offspring of a demon Oh and then there s the prince ok he might be the coolest character in the book Handsome, an excellent sword fighter and horseman and a spoilt royal that often acts like a brat but like the other characters, I felt his personality grew and developed as he has to deal with fighting in a war he does not want to be a part of But let me stop there, if you want to know read it Deep World Fire drew me in from the start and I enjoyed reading it from the beginning to the end There is a lot of behind the scenes things going on such as the Reaping ruins we come across, the true history of the shargru and also the mysteriousness of some characters, and this all adds interesting elements and mystery to the story that the reader needs to think about themselves I m soooo looking forward to the next book in the series so that I can learn about this deep world and the awesome characters that I ve grown every fond of.

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    I really enjoyed this book Although not many reviews very given yet I decided to read this book bad decision, because the second part is not out so far I hope I don t have to wait too long for the next book, because this one was really a nice read, although I would have liked it better if it had pages. D

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    Absolutely super story C M Meridian is a born storyteller, and I couldn t put the book down once I d started Loved it, and can t wait for the next in the series Great characters, world building and action I feel mean not giving a five star rating the story deserved it but the lack of editing was a huge problem My grammar is slapdash and lazy, but there are basic rules that need to be followed for the sake of clarity, and to convey meaning The writer s grammar is not good, to such an extent that I wondered if English was her first language Howeveranyone can be a good grammarian, not everyone can write as excitingly as C M Meridian Hmmmnnnnon second thoughts, the story deserves five stars I ve seen groups online where members help each other with editing, it would be worth checking them out.

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    I like it very good

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Deep World Fire summary pdf Deep World Fire, summary chapter 2 Deep World Fire, sparknotes Deep World Fire, Deep World Fire 18bc066 In The Twin Kingdoms, The Southern King Declares War Against His Twin Brother In The North To Claim Back What He Believes Is His By Birthright The Southern King S Oldest Son Sets Out To Create A New, Better World For His Father Where Magic And Religion Reigns, And Any Who Resist Are Cleansed In The Fire ASH, A Shargru, Is Considered A Lowly Creature, Not Much Better Then A Dog, But Despite Great Personal Doubt, He Sets Out To Lead His Family To Safety And Escape The Cruelty Of The Humans That Enslave His RaceZON, A Half Demon Child Finds Himself No Longer Welcome In The Only Home He Has Ever Known Attacked And Outcast From The Dwindling And Suffering Settlement He Was Raised In, He Sets Out Across The Stark Wastes Of The Desert In The Hope The He Will Find A Place Where He BelongsForced To Follow His Older Brother Which He Detests, PRINCE SERION Finds Himself On The Perilous Road To War, Having To Fight Against His Own Uncle For His Father, The Southern King, Who Wishes To Claim The Twin Kingdoms Through Magic, Religion And FireWhether By Coincidence Or Divine Intervention, Their Paths Meet And Are Tragically Entangled As They Try And Find Their Destiny In The Deep World

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  • C.M. Meridian
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  • 13 May 2019

About the Author: C.M. Meridian

C.M Meridian is the author of the BLUE RIVER CHRONICLES Series and the DEEP WORLD Saga.C M has a BA in Fine Art and an Honours in Visual Communication, and worked many years as a ghostwriter for established authors before starting to write stories for herself She currently writes between working as a designer C.M grew up playing in large pine forest plantations and this is where her love for