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    I really enjoyed this Gothic suspense novel I was afraid it might be cheesy, especially since it was published in the 1980s, but it wasn t I also didn t know what I would think of a Gothic novel set in contemporary Virginia, but the old manor house, its occupants, and the surrounding woods were broken down, overgrown, and eerie enough for a mystery of old bones The atmosphere was all you could wish for in this kind of book It reminded me of Susanna Kearsley without the dual time periods, except this was creepy I think it was the bones It was creepy enough to disturb me in the dark the last couple of nights not that that s saying much, since I am easily affected by such things and avoid horror like the plague Also, I really enjoyed the dog I ll definitely be reading of this author s work I m glad to see there s plenty to choose from.

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    2.5 StarsBack roads Spanish moss dripping from old oak trees And guilty secrets Be Buried in the Rain mentioned food once too often and was top heavy with excessive family drama.I may have appreciated the story if I read it years ago Instead, I can t say I liked anyone but Elvis The dog.

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    Good Gothic fun set in 1985 Virginia Family secrets and unearthed skeletons Feisty heroine and a dog named Elvis I used to read these back in high school and wanted to revisit Michaels for the RIP Challenge A fun Autumn read

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    Another entertaining read from Michaels that reminded me of the V.C Andrews tales I used to gobble up as a teen You know, the big mansion occupied by an evil grandmother trying to bring misery to the young maiden shuddering under strict tortures This time its young medical student named Julie Newcomb who caves in under family pressure to spend a summer with the mean old grandmother Martha, who is paralyzed after a heart attack in a huge mansion overlooking the Virginia plantation, she reluctantly agrees but her childhood memories are biting her heels As a child she was always punished and shunned by Martha, and even as an adult her memory of bitter moments is coming back as the old lady of the house still holds strict discipline and who rules her servants and nurse with an iron fist Then comes Alan, Julie s ex lover who is on an archeological dig right behind her house, looking for glory and mysterious human remains, her cousin Matt who got her into this whole mess of watching Martha, using his cousin and grandmother to further up his political career, not to mention crazy cook Mrs Danner who turned into a nun from a party girl under her husband and Martha s rule and other whacky characters who make the book so rich and interesting.When skeletal remains of a woman holing an infant are found by Mr Danner everyone wants to know who it was, but the body seems to be tangled up with the whole family and some members don t want the secrets to be out Drama unfolds as bizarre events unfold and Julie proves to have some spunk with trying to figure out her grandmother and not to succumb to all her tyrannical commands On top of that her slimy ex is digging on her territory and starts to confuse her with his vague plans and fake charms When Julie starts to hear footsteps in the house and loud noises in the dark she gets a dog but even that plan seems to be getting sabotage by a mysterious foe The delicious part of the story is figuring how everything ties in together For once there are almost no loose ends Mrs Michaels does a fine job closing the story.Fun, enjoyable and easy on the mind, this was a great book The characters were so real that I felt like I knew them, and I was sad to see them cease to exist from my days when the book was done I also loved reading about Martha and trying to figure out whether she was really evil or just misunderstood the ending was well done in that department I must also comment that Julie was one of my favorite female protagonists that this author writes so well Somehow they are all different, that s why I keep coming back to her books.

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    Anyone who knows me, will tell you I LOVE these 60 s and 70 s Gothic Romance Mystery novels Barbara Michaels in incomparable However, this one, which was copyrighted in 1985, wasn t one of her best The last 100 pages or so were where the action was This story was set in Virginia, which gave this novel the feeling of Southern Gothic Set in the requisite old mansion, Julie is manipulated into spending the summer with her 85 year old grandmother, who is recovering from a massive stroke The Grandmother is bedridden Julie s cousin, who is running for state senator and is the heir to the mansion, is too busy to help, but foots the bill for all expenses Another fly in the ointment is Julie s ex boyfriend is present on the grounds working on an excavation after old bones of a woman and child were found The story is painfully slow moving, and I was fairly certain what had happened There was one small twist at the end The romantic part of the book, was in the background for the most part, but still nice A little disappointing,but not bad I could never say Barbara Michaels wrote anything bad I would still recommend it those who are fans of this genre.

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    After having read Here I Stay a couple of years ago the first and only other book I ve read by Michaels , I didn t expect much than a similarly light little read with this one but it was so much better There was a lot going on here the story was detailed and interesting, as were the characters The book starts out on a very creepy note within the first 3 4 pages I won t tell you what it is Then we switch to Julie, who is winding up her first year of med school when she is pressured into moving in with her grandmother for the summer in order to help out as caretaker for the mean old woman She dutifully takes up residence in the old plantation in Virginia, called Maidenwood, which seems to be full of secrets I really liked Julie she was witty, spunky, and funny This is a great summertime read perfect for a lazy afternoon bonus points if it s stormy outside.

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    One of my favorite Barbara Michaels Will have to find it in storage and read again.

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    I have only now discovered Barbara Michaels through the booklike group I belong to I am really enjoying her books, even if they are a wee bit dated.

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    Actual Rating 3.5 StarsThis was a very enjoyable Gothic Romance, and I found I liked this one than the first Barbara Michaels book I read, Ammie, Come Home link to my review Considering the fact that Be Buried in the Rain was written almost two decades after Ammie, Come Home, some of the actions and instances were a bit easy to relate to for me On top of that, I liked the inclusion of archaeological elements at play in the somewhat mystery behind this book s story line I had been told by a friend that the author is actually an expert in this particular field with a degree, so we know the material presented in the book is solid.To be honest, one of the only complaints I had about Be Buried in the Rain was the fact that, for a good twenty to thirty percent of the book, I really wasn t quite sure I knew what was going on and that the main love interest, Alan Petranek was kind of an asshole Certainly the Main Male Love Interest Is Kind of An Asshole trope isn t uncommon in any kind of romance, specifically the Gothic Romance particularly during earlier times and even so during present day But that doesn t mean I have to like it.Otherwise, I really enjoyed this book overall The characters, especially our main character, Julie, grow on you over time I would have liked for there to have been supernatural elements, but the atmosphere and Julie s own overactive imagination seems to set the dark mood of the story quite well without the addition of deliberate ghostly happenings.Finally, Elvis, the stray hound that Julie takes in is certainly an added bonus 2016 Reading Challenges Goodreads Reading Challenge BookLikes Reading Challenge 2016 Halloween Bingo

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    Written well, reads fast but not the kind of fast pace thriller that I like Seemed like she was trying too hard Left a bunch of loose ends, forced ending Disappointed me.

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