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    I ll just say it didn t work I finished it but not without rolling eyes and skimming numerous pages A real disappointment.

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    Review rating 4 stars.Debut novel by Amelia Whit, and I was pleasantly surprised While on a flight to Cancun, for her sister s wedding, Emily is seated next to hot football player, Aiden Upon arrival, she realizes that he is one of the groom s friends, also there for the weddingProblem solved as she didn t get his number on the plane Yes But there s a few surprises in store for Emily before finding her happily every after ending.I loved all the characters, especially the interaction between Emily and her brother, Ethan.Quotes from Game Changer Love just has a way of finding you when you aren t expecting it Erica, Game ChangerGreat story line, funny and emotional at the same time Would recommend this for everyone A big thank you to Amelia Whit via InstaFreebie for my advanced reader copy of Game Changer for a fair and honest review.

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    WTF, did I just read This is pretty much how I felt after only 10 pages.

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    Game Changer is a story about finding love when you least expect it, in the most unexpected places, while sometimes supporting others I loved this story and all its twists and turns Let me tell you a little of what Amelia Whit showed me in the ARC provided to me, which I in turn purchased for my personal library Families, you have to love them, is what they say, right With that comes doing things you don t always like to do like flying, and siblings, Emily and Ethan take off to Cancun to support their sister Erica in marrying her Mr Right, Kane While boarding, the siblings learn they aren t seated together, while upset, Emily has to adjust and prepare Along comes Aiden and takes the next seat to Emily They introduce themselves and include Ethan in their conversations and the three enjoy the trip Before they know it, the trip is over and they re landing and going their separate ways, or not Surprise, Aiden is there to stand up in the wedding Small world Over the next few days, Aiden and Emily get a chance to learn about each other, and despite some family drama, they hit it off well and things move quickly for them Emily expected a wedding trip and now it s turning into fun and so much You know what happens when things are going too well right I won t go into detail and spoil any fun stuff, just tell you things get WOW.Come and read about what happens in this GAME CHANGER

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    Wow did i love this story Brilliant debut release by Amelia Who loves an incredible hea This girl Emily is a young college student on her way to her sisters wedding While on the plane she meets a seriously hot guy that just happens to sit next her Aiden is also on his way to his friends wedding Emily is not excited about this trip but she is there for her sister I will not give any spoilers because this i believe is a MUST READ FOR ROMANCE LOVERS The wedding starts off perfectly Out of no where, an unexpected guest pops up After the Wedding, emily and her brother head home Something horrible happens with Emily and the story just sucks you in deeper and deeper Will Emily be able to get over her fears and hear Aiden out So many crazy things happen Get this incredible journey now.

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    After showing interest on KBoards, I was offered an opportunity for an Advanced Readers Copy of this book.This is a New Adult RomanceEmily s fear of flying goes out the window when the awesome looking Aiden goes to sit next to her Later when they discover they are both members of the same wedding party, things start to heat up just a little Unfortunately a few events force them to cool down Will something come along and kindle their fire This story is told in first person almost like a journal of events then as with most journal life gets in the way and only majorly significant events get recorded I enjoyed the story overall even though there are a few things that made me blush.Warning This book is for a Mature Audience due to Adult Language and somewhat explicit sexual situations.

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    Wow What can I say Emily and Aiden have a love story that s enduring and sweet He empowers her and that is what she needs it because she seems to be full of insecurities But then their world is rocked when an ex shows of of Aiden s Will they be able to see past that We will see You have to read This is a sweet love story that seems to flow effortless off the pages It s a sense of freshness reading a touching love story It had enough twist in it to keep you glued to the pages and humor to bring a smile If you re looking for a love story that brings smiles but yet has enough craziness in it to make it exciting, you ve come to the right place Great job Amelia It s fun yet sweet and just enough secrets to pull you in Nook Books and More Blog

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    I received an ARC for an honest review This is the first book I read from this author and I really like it Emily and Aiden have a sweet and enduring love story Their love story just flows through the pages effortlessly It has enough twisted to keep you glued to the story Once I started reading I couldn t put it down.

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    I was given this book for free in exchange for an honest review.Game Changer by Amelia Whit is about a nineteen year old girl, Emily, meeting the very handsome, Aiden, and how quickly her life changed They met unexpectedly at her sister s wedding in Cancun Sparks flew immediately and the two become very fast friends and a little That is, until a woman claiming that Aiden is the father of her child, and they are engaged to be married In deep despair and all sense of lost, Emily rushes back home with a broken heart Her friends and brother try to cheer her up, but she doesn t want any of it She would rather be alone in her sadness than pretend to be happy Will Emily find happiness again Game Changer is a book I fairly enjoyed The story line is interesting and easy to follow I liked the variety of characters portrayed in the novel and the idea of the story line My favorite character is Emily s brother, Ethan I loved his silliness, yet his ability to be comforting when needed I did find many scenes rushed throughout the book For instance, when meeting Aiden and sparks flew, I felt both characters became a couple a little too quickly, but then within a week it all changed This is hard for me to relate to, and therefore, wasn t sure if I was going to like the book The ending also was rushed It seemed the author wanted to make sure she said what she needed to say without taking too long I wanted to enjoy those last few scenes because they were good, but had a tough time doing so because it seemed like flashes rather than a continuous story.I give this book a 3 star rating because of these reasons and recommend for those who like the new adult genre and a quick romance story.

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    Skipped entire pages, DNF I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review.From the get go, the heroine, who was supposedly a brainiac, acted like a child There were so many things that were wrong in this book Awkward dialogues, weird time and location changes The book also suffers from a huge lack of disconnect from the reality of real life For one, heroine is supposedly an academic, but doesn t ever seem to go to school or need to study once Aiden comes into her life She never speaks of school at all She had roommates but as the book progresses, they all disappear.There s ZERO chemistry between the main characters The sex scenes are unhot.Dialogue was childish I felt like I was reading two 13 year old talking to one another.Aiden never works out or has practices He s a NFL player who tells a 19 year old girl he loves her from the near get go I could not yet see how he could love her, he barely knew her They barely did anything together.There s no indication of how the heroine supports herselfhow she pays rent.She gets pregnant immediately These are but a few examples of what doesn t stand up in this book I m sorry but this story is pretty bad.

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Game Changer summary pdf Game Changer , summary chapter 2 Game Changer , sparknotes Game Changer , Game Changer d39b970 At Nineteen, Emily Flies From Houston To Canc N To Be A Bridesmaid In Her Sister S Wedding Hunky Seatmate Aiden, Who Is Heading To A Buddy S Nuptials, Is A Sweet Distraction From Her Fear Of Flying, But She Expects Her Flirtation With The Pro Football Player To End With The Flight In The Airport, They Discover That Emily S Sister Is Marrying Aiden S Friend As The Two Wedding Attendants Spend Time Together In The Days Leading Up To The Nuptials, Emily Finds Herself Falling For Aiden Until A Pregnant Woman Crashes The Wedding And Claims That Aiden Is Her Fianc And The Father Of Her Baby Emily Rushes Home To Houston, Where She Tries To Become A Hermit, If Only Her Friends And Brother Would Let Her How Could She Know How Much Her Life Would Be Transformed Before Her Next Trip To Canc N

  • Kindle Edition
  • 242 pages
  • Game Changer
  • Amelia Whitmore
  • English
  • 03 February 2019

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Game Changer book, this is one of the most wanted Amelia Whitmore author readers around the world.