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❰Read❯ ➬ Fireflies Author Ally Blue – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 Fireflies, meaning Fireflies, genre Fireflies, book cover Fireflies, flies Fireflies, Fireflies 14831a9127ba8 A Sidhe Warrior In Exile A Young Man With Powers He S Only Beginning To Understand In Their Hands, The Fate Of Two Worlds A Childhood Encounter With One Of The Sidhe Sets Joseph Vines Life On A Fateful Course Unable To Forget The Beautiful Creature Who Promised To One Day Return For Him, Joey Spends The Next Twenty Years Learning, Dreaming And Waiting Braeden Shay, A Warrior Of The Sidhe, Has Spent Those Same Twenty Years Watching Joey From A Distance, Waiting For Joey S Heritage To Make Itself Known When The Time Is Ripe, Braeden Steps In To Protect Joey From Those Trying To Kill Him, And To Help Him Deal With The Changes Turning His Life Inside Out During The Days That Follow, As Braeden Teaches Joey To Harness And Control His Newfound Power Over The Natural World, Joey Finds Himself Falling For The Gentle, Patient Braeden Braeden, Who Has Watched Over Joey For Most Of His Life, Is Already Deeply In Love With Him When The Forces Targeting Joey For Death Catch Up With Them, It Will Take All Their Magic And The Power Of Their Love For Each Other To Survive, And To Save Both Their Worlds Warning, This Title Contains The Following Explicit Male Male Sex, Graphic Language, Violence, And Inappropriate Use Of Plants

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    I have to admit that I have a love of fairies Not only do I love to collect books about them, but I also love to collect knickknacks that are fairy I was hoping this book would be a good one and I was not disappointed A fae visits our hero Joey when he was just five years old He wouldn t see him again for another twenty years He learns from Braeden the fairy that his real father was an evil fairy and wishes to kill him and take his powers His biological father wishes to rule over both the human and fairy world It is up to the two to stop him.Blue does a very good job making the characters seem very believable The story and sex scenes are very imaginative.

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    First off, I really liked the whole theme of fireflies in this book Well, it wasn t actually a recurring theme, or some deep and meaningful concept, but the appearance of fireflies was endearing especially at the end and introduced this awww factor at some parts.That really was an unnecessary comment but I felt it was important to mention because bugs, seeing as most are born as wriggling, slimy hell beasts, are all on my kill on sight and at all costs list.Anyway going to the actual book, I actually liked this quite a lot, despite some of the flaws I found in it The biggest problem for me in this book, I think, was the fact that overall it was quite lacklustre It had some great new ideas to introduce into the already expansive world of the fae, but it was just not an amazing sorry Plain as that However, in that same respect, none of the things I found to be flaws were that amazingly jarring and obvious too.The storyline was quite follow the typical template, with there bring an evil man trying to take over the world who, in some cases, is a relative of the hero , then it ends with the obvious HEA The fact that I didn t tag that as a spoiler should make it pretty obvious that it s mot much of a spoiler.The characters are also quite likeable, but sadly, not amazingly so But they were pretty cute together Braeden was a bit of an iffy character for me You see, I ve not been reading much lately for various reasons so I did drop this book for a week or bit less, and so, when I got back to reading it, it suddenly hit me all over again how goddamn formal and stiff he sounds when he talks It s okay during sex, because if he s saying this long ass flowery sentences, something obviously ain t right, but when he wasn t participating in some man on man action it was noticeable I don t think it s that much if a problem because you get used to it quickly, it just hits you in the face at first Well, at least, for me it did.Joey was quite a lovely character, and realistic as well When taking up his hero mantle, he didn t go from college student I think to badass warrior assassin mage in the span of 2 pages which is good And he did have his occasional breakdowns and tantrums which I found even better, though they still irritated me haha.The bad guy was. Typically evil But that s ok I won t fuss.TL DR sorry I rambled It s a solid and ok read No huge flaws, likeable characters and a so and so plot Not great, but ok.

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    This was a lovely tale of faeries and love And I swear this has the most gorgeous cover art I ve seen so far this year.

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    Aside from the banal cover art and strange fetish of faeries , Fireflies has got awful writing and a confusing story with no character development whatsoever.

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    SlashReaders LJ I read a book of short stories novella s a while back that included one of Ally Blue s works and to be honest I was not impressed with anything in the book However I am a sucker for anything that contains fearies So when I caught sight of this book and it s beautiful cover, well I gave into the temptation despite my previous disappointment.This book is an improvement from any of the works contained in the book of short stories There was some obvious research done though not quite enough So instead of going on and on in detail I m going to list the obvious problems with this work I also think that in the future Ally Blue might be worth another try, there is potential in her work to be much better.So here are the problems that I had with her novel view spoiler 1 Don t spell things out so much in dialogue and repeat it in the descriptions and texts The obvious doesn t always need to be stated This is a problem that will only be overcome through practice and experience It is a problem that a lot of writers make but it can be fixed.2 If your character s name is Josef however he normally goes by Joey I would suggest that you pick one and stick with it A constant tripping back and forth gets a little annoying If a full name instead of a nice name is used for emphasis, then only do it once or twice but no than that That way you keep the emphasis, and it doesn t lose that value.3 Since I just ranted on the whole sex scene thing in the last post I m not really going to go into it again What I will say is that, you don t need it luv You don t need the details in every scene, as with the name If you save those for one or two well place sex scenes you will achieve Though admittedly this book was not as bad as I was afraid it was going to be.4 All magic takes a drain on the user, even small magics such as glamor or conjuring up lube Oh and since glamoured clothing is only an illusion it has no substance and thus would not keep the wearer warm, ect.5 Banyan trees are giant yes however their leaves are about the size of those on a Walnut tree That would ve been a very simple detail to fix Also papayas have to be peeled before they are eaten you can t just bite into one The skin tastes rather nasty and usually the seeds are cleaned out of the middle before eating as well like those in a Pumpkin or Mellon.6 If Branden had magical shields that warned him around the first safe house, he would ve had them around the second Especially since he had twenty odd years to prepare these places I just don t believe that it would ve been that easy to sneak up on a sidhe warrior with magic and time to plan on his side Also on that line, if Josef s father can track his magic then traveling as humans using human transport would only give his father time to track him down, it wouldn t throw him off the trail.7 In the cave if the trees were is no than six feet of rock between them and the world above then why couldn t Josef just pull the roots through the ground to begin with to kill his father How much earth is there Trees can t grow in only rock And when Branden first wakes up his knees are on icy stone , if they are under the jungle where did the ice come from If Josef has the ability to make plants grow then he could very easily pull anything down from the jungle or make it grow to stretch longer than it is to climb down on or use as a bridge.8 The whole large wing thing , how you keep from knocking them or keep them from getting in the way should ve been dealt with at the beginning of the book and not in the last chapter or so hide spoiler

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    I picked up this book because I loved the cover Also it goes towards my GLBT challenges so that is a bonus Overall this is a sweet little book with a simple story line It does contain explicit M M sex, so this is just a head up for people who are uncomfortable with that.Braeden is a Sidhe warrior exiled from fairy he has spent his whole life watching over Joey Joey thinks he s human but soon finds out he is a half sidhe that has powerful plant magic he saw Braeden when he was younger and has been obsessed with the Sidhe ever since then When Joey finds out his parentage he also discovers that he is being hunted by a powerful evil Sidhe.Initially I will say that this book started out as a book with a loose plot that was basically a vehicle to explicit sex scenes between the two male characters As the book continued this improved Blue s characters mainly Braeden, Joey, and Joey s mother are all likable, caring characters, that are easy to read about Blue did an excellent job of keeping the language styles of Braeden and Joey separate and this helps distinguish their very different backgrounds Braeden centuries old and Joey modern and young The plot is predictable and simple, but overall well done.In general this book was a quick read It was a sweet book, nothing was ever too dire for the characters, and all of the characters were loving and understanding The world Blue creates is realistic but not incredibly well filled out I did like that all of the characters were so open about their sexuality and that the supporting characters were also understanding The setting is also well described and the book takes place in a variety of beautiful and lush settings Blue does an excellent job describing her settings.For this book, being what it is, there must be some discussion of the sex scenes In general they were decent, pretty creative, and touching both physically and emotionally They are very explicit, all sex was consensual, and there is some creativity there Joey controls plant life and this gets involved in some of the sceneswe will leave that at that.This is a very short book and the story matches this length Overall a good read A sweet simple story with lovable characters The plot was a bit thin in the beginning of the book and predictable throughout the book I predicted if how Joey would deal with the evil Sidhe pretty much at the beginning of the story A good read if you want a simple and sweet fairy tale story with some explicit M M sex scenes.

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    When I read about sex between faery of the original genre, with faery wings I always ask to myself how can they lay back the wings are not uncomfortable Sooo, a lit of magic goes away when I think so, but Ally Blue has found a really interesting alternative to the problems but you have to read the book to know what.Joey is an halfling fae His father is an evil unselie, and he is fated to kill him He doens t know nothing except that, when he was 5 years old a beautiful fae man, Braeden, has visited him and kiss him on the forehead and say I ll come back for you, when you re ready All right, if a beautiful man, even if he has wings, says to me he will come back, I will sure wait for him And so does Joey And when this gorgeous man came back, you see, Joey has to make sex with him as first thing twenty years is a long timeAll right, tonight I m a bit silly, but really, this is not a funny tale, au contraire, it is also a bit sad But I like very much Joey s character, he is so naivee and he has this passion for the Braeden s wings The rest of the book is a fight between good and evil, between love and hate, generosity and avarice Braeden has no doubt he is fated to love Joey as Joye is fated to rescue the faery world from his evil father.And Matt, from Love s Evolution, made a little cameo appereance and the cover by Anne Cain is gorgeous and give you an exact idea of the two characters.http www. dp 1599987864

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    3.5 starsThis book kind of reads like an erotic children s book.This is the story of Joey, who met a fairy as a child and couldn t ever forget about it, and Braeden, said fairy, who stayed in the human world to watch over Joey until he was old enough to know the truth.Joey is half fairy, and has amazing powers to talk to and control plants But all is not well for Joey and Braeden, cause there s a bad guy after Joey.The story is very, very simple Joey and Braeden hook up at the very beginning, and the rest of the story is pretty predictable It s told in a very simplistic manner, hence my comparing it to a children s book There was no internal conflict for Joey and Braeden it was all external Everything was sunshine and roses as far as their relationship It was basically just a very sweet little fairy tale where the good guys win in the end.The sex scenes were very hot, though I would not actually encourage anyone to give this book to a child If you enjoy m m romance, you ll like this story, but I think it was just a little too sweet and simple for me to get totally wrapped up in it.Note Samhain Publishing likes to give humorous disclaimers about their books One of the ones for this book was inappropriate use of plants Now, I assumed this would involve some smoking of mind altering substances Oh silly, silly me I should have had imagination than that I encourage any m m fans to read this book for that scene alone.

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    Insta love and not really much of interest A cliched action plot.It is not really bad, so I will not rate it, but I am not fascinated enough to read on.The long, raven tresses that hang to Joe s waist gave me a bad Laurell K Hamilton Moment.

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    I ll start this review by stating that this book was neither good nor entirely bad It simply failed to capture me emotionally, and thus was missing a lot There was potential but everything just fell flat and left a lot to be desired.The most important element in a book for me are the characters and the relationship between them To be honest, the sex came far too early and this destroyed so much than I expected It skipped right over the tension and straight into well, what we assume to be the good bits There was a lot of touching prior, but it felt unnatural for supposed strangers to advance that comfortably before learning about each other That sort of broke the suspension of disbelief and made me question the bond between the lovers My favourite part in a m m story is the building of romance the first meeting, the development of interest, the realization, the desire to express it, and the need for it to be returned THEN the unity Everything after should be a reflection of what the readers craved as the rewarding results But here the readers are deprived of that development, and it just left me uncaring entirely There was no time to crave anything, let alone learn who these people are Why should I care about these strangers It felt shallow Their tender moments were boring and the sex was dull ended up skimming a lot of this book The only scene that produced any hint of emotion out of me was when they fought Otherwise, they touch and kiss so often that it sucked the impact out of their actions and crossed over to awkward PDA.The story did not provide much of a recovery either The plot was weak, predictable, unoriginal, and resolved far too easily Almost every fae book starts the same way kid is special and can see and talk to fairies and grows up wanting to know , all because they are half human, half insert fantasy creature here In this one, his fae father wants to murder him because he was prophesied to defeat him, and thus creates his own fate by trying to avoid it not really a spoiler because they state and foreshadow this over and over again many times throughout the book And well, that is about it as far as the story goes Unexplained magical solutions jump out of nowhere to conveniently save the day, so there is no need to worry for a moment sound like fun reading The climax came and left uneventfully and I had to reread the paragraph to make sure it was really dealt with and would not return to cause trouble I was actually suspicious because it was just that simple.I was pretty certain there was something redeemable about this book that I could write about I even waited a while to let my opinions mature into something balanced , but thinking it through, I can only hear all the complaints and how much time I wasted on it There were times I had hope with the plotline and that is as close as I could get to a compliment Actually, the writing style was pretty nice so the author can have another point I originally put it down to read another book and reluctantly returned but it should have stayed down I feel ripped off I d only recommend it if it is a person s first time reading fae.

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