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➵ [Reading] ➷ Flowerevolution  By Katie Hess ➪ – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 Flowerevolution , meaning Flowerevolution , genre Flowerevolution , book cover Flowerevolution , flies Flowerevolution , Flowerevolution 7a93e011d780e In Many Ways, With The Current Advancements In Technology, We Ve Lost Our Connection To Nature, And In Turn, Our Connection To Ourselves This Disconnection Often Leads To Stress, Fatigue, And Imbalance In Flowerevolution, Flower Alchemist Katie Hess And Photographer Louie Schwartzberg Invite Us To Venture Into The Vast And Beautiful World Of Flowers, And Learn How They Can Be Used To Give Us A Fuller Experience Of Our Everyday Lives This Flower Filled Guidebook Is Rich With Information, Stories, Images, And Rituals That Demonstrate The Largely Untapped Power Of Flowers Most People Are Unaware That Quiet, Unassuming Flowers Can Amplify Our Positive Qualities And Awaken New Joy In Everyday Life, But In Fact, Flowers Are Ready To Spark Us To Reach Our Greatest Potential One That Is Likely Bigger Than We Can Even Imagine Flowerevolution Is Designed To Open You Up To A Fresh New World Of Magic And Possibility In It, You Choose The Flowers You Re Most Attracted To From The Different Profiles, And Discover What Your Favorite Flowers Reveal About You You Ll Find Out How Flowers Can Be Used For A Variety Of Conditions, Including Pregnancy And Postpartum, Travel And Jet Lag, And Addiction And Learn The Answers To The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Flower Elixirs The Book Also Features Ancient And Modern Methods For Harnessing Flowers Unique Qualities, Including Flower Baths, Elixirs, Mandalas, Body Oils, Desserts, And By Engaging With The Stunning Photography In Flowerevolution, You Will Discover For Yourself The Hidden Wisdom Of Flowers And Be Able To Use Those Insights To Better Understand Yourself, Your Loved Ones, And Your Place In The Intricate Web Of Life

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    I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.Quite fascinating This book really explores our connections to nature, and how nature can heal us Not just a book for gardeners, with gorgeous photographs Exploring the power of flower elixirs can benefit all Recommended.

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    What first caught my eye was the stunning photography done by Louie Schwartzberg It is not easy to capture the true beauty and full magic of flowers But I feel this book has done a beautiful job doing that Flowerevolution has a profound way of seeing flowers and the transformative power they have It was hard for me to put this book down and not read it from cover to cover Katie Hess describes the solely positive effects that occur from using flower essences She shares the unique circumstances in which she collected flowers and how they can communicate to us what their essence can be used for There are some exercises and rituals that Katie shares In the first part of the book she also discusses some case studies from her own practice and the experiences her clients had The descriptions of the flowers are organized and very easy to understand It s perfect to use as an encyclopedia and read about the flower that you re interested in at the moment I was left feeling inspired and felt a whole new appreciation and wonder for flowers.

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    This is a huge, gorgeous book full of beautiful pictures of flowers Note that it s about the healing powers of flower essences not actual flowers, essential oils or herbal remedies but homeopathic remedies that are sold after flowers are soaked in water that is then diluted so none of the actual flower is in it It s designed to help you figure out what flower essences you need to buy to solve your problems and I don t really subscribe to that sort of thing, but I was inspired to plant flowers around my yard and also loved all the little quizzes and such.

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    Amazing book if you want to get the idea of what flowers can do to our everyday lives A recommended read

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    Flowerevolution as one word in the title is a warning Absolute drivel and mostly a personality quiz all I wanted was gorgeous plant pictures Boohiss

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    Gorgeously done, yet accessible A friend recommended this and I was dubious however the flower insights and meditations are powerful yet fun and inspiring This book just strikes the right cord.

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    I m astonished and delighted with the content of this book It is filled with beautiful flower pictures and useful information about flower essences and their uses There are also suggestions for tracking the changes that take place when using flower essences What a great book I Love the great amount of knowledge that is shared with us so we we can find a new way to improve our lifes naturally I also appreciate that she shares the formula so we can make the elixir our selfs, or buy on her website Most of the times authors write about products but we don t know where to buy the product that we can trust, and she gives us good options I recommend reading this book it s a eye opener In an exchange for an honest review I received an e book from Netgalley.com, but I loved this book so much that I bought the printed book.

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