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Vulnerable (McIntyre Security Bodyguard, #1) pdf Vulnerable (McIntyre Security Bodyguard, #1) , ebook Vulnerable (McIntyre Security Bodyguard, #1) , epub Vulnerable (McIntyre Security Bodyguard, #1) , doc Vulnerable (McIntyre Security Bodyguard, #1) , e-pub Vulnerable (McIntyre Security Bodyguard, #1) , Vulnerable (McIntyre Security Bodyguard, #1) 5786e3ec725 Note Vulnerable Is The First Book In A Book Series Both Books Can Be Read Standalone, And Both Books End In An HEA, But To Get The Most Enjoyment Out Of Them, They Re Best Read In Order The Second Book Fearless Is Due Out Early Beth Jamison Had A Rough Start In Life She Survived A Childhood Abduction, But Her Traumatic Past Still Haunts Her, And She Suffers From Anxiety And Issues With Intimacy Beth Doesn T Know It, But The Man Who Kidnapped Her Has Just Been Released Early From Prison When Beth S Brother Hires McIntyre Security, Inc To Protect Beth And Conduct Surveillance On Her Kidnapper, Beth Has No Idea She Has Secret Bodyguards Keeping Her Safe With His Money And Good Looks, CEO Shane McIntyre Has Never Been Short On Feminine Company, And He S Developed A Reputation As A Love Em And Leave Em Kind Of Guy But That Changes When Shane Meets Beth Their Mutual Attraction Is Instant And Intense, And Shane Falls Hard For Beth Shane Has His Work Cut Out For Him If He S Going To Gain Her Trust And Get Past Her Fears This Alpha Protector Is Determined To Keep Beth Safe, But He S Also Determined To Make Her His

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    Self Note What a shame this book features a typical manwhore Hero Yes, we know he s Totally gone for the heroine from the moment he sees her, but, we still have references to his sex life and heroine is a virgin which really reinforces DOUBLE STANDARDS Why heroine have to be untouched and the Hero has to have plenty Where is the power balance Is it ok for the Hero to have a lot of sexual experience, but the heroine cannot have these experiences Not cool, so he had his fun and could compare but she will have none Besides It s very unromantic and off putting pairing a virgin with experienced Heroshe s getting his sloppy seconds I was uncomfortable reading this book sample and him having plenty and her none What a shame as I really like possessive and crazy faithful and protective strong heroes that had to be ruined by a very cliche and cheap plot device as the protagonist s characterization that was being overused in constant romance books before

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    3.25 RATING This was an average damsel in distress damaged heroine read Pretty simplistic At times the story definitely dragged and I thought some editing may have helped keep the story moving The author states that this book can be read as a stand alone but I think this is a HFN ending instead of HEA because one major part of the story is not resolved in this book For the life of me, I don t understand why The author could have 100% resolved all issues in Vulnerable and kept this a one book story I m still scratching my head about that Will I read book two I don t think so The book wasn t terrible but I think I ve had enough Note At the time this review was posted, this book was available to borrow through s Kindle Unlimited program To see other books available to borrow through Kindle Unlimited or SCRIBD, check out the Subscription Addiction group

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    I m sorry, but why does the heroine act like what happened to her at 6 years old only occurred a few days ago Whine, cry, woe is me vibe move on it was a bad day, a traumatic experience, but girl you lived and in the grand scheme of things weren t actually harmed at all Getting spooked once in a while I understand, feeling a panic attack when in a similar situation, cool But she built her whole life around it I don t care if what I m saying is tactless As a person who has met some of the most strongest people in life, the heroine s existence in this book was insulting.

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    Beth Jamison was abducted when she was six and she still has the nightmares even at twenty four When her brother finds out her kidnapper has been released, he seeks out Shane McIntyre, CEO of McIntyre Security Shane wants to tell Beth from the get go that her assailant has been released, but her brother Tyler puts his foot down Her anxiety, nightmares and panic attacks all play a part in what he thinks she can handle.Shane becomes protective of Beth from a distance, but it is only a matter of time before Shane inserts himself into Beth s life Once that happens Shane realizes he wont be able to let her go He knows Beth needs patience and that she is vulnerable, he is willing to take the time to get Beth to trust him However, Beth s threat is coming closer and Shane wants who he really is out there in the open before he his relationship with Beth implodes I did not realize this was a sequel book, so the ending was a surprise However, that being said this was an excellent story I loved Beth, she has been sheltered and I think because she was a victim, overlooked at how strong she really is Shane is a dominant character, but his sole concern is for Beth He is so delicate with her but he also pushes her to be vocal and come into her own Anxiously awaiting the next book.

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    Great book A hot reading with constant known threat H was so sweet and patient that no sane women would reject him I didn t know how to think about h s brother, he was overprotective, and totally treated h as a little child, not to mention his decision almost ruined H and h s relationship I was constantly nervous about h s reaction when she found out the truth Fortunately, no much dramas.H s sister was an interesting character, I suspected she would play an important role in Tyler h s brother s future.The only thing I hated was I had to wait for the release of 2nd book When will it be

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    This book was terrible in every single way I have no idea why I kept readingFirst off, April Wilson is one of those authors who feels the need tp write every exchange and situation, so a simple and unnecessary breakfast scene takes an entire chapter The conversations always feel stilted and stale and, worst of all, repetitive The same phrases are used over and over, even in the course of the same conversation Beth was an awful charter Why do writers keep creating leading females like this She was so so so dumb and boring If I met someone like this in real life, I would be so unsurprised to learn that person was a shut in hermit with no friends and family She brings nothing to the table No personality, no spice, just mumbles amd constant doubt and goddamn she is so helpless One of those characters that doesnt offer anything and yet all the other characters in the book are totally in love with her she s so pure and good and virginal they can t help but take care of her And another thing, she has an array of vibrators that the author makes clear have been used, but she is still magically a virgin Shane was gross, too Overprotective to the point of infantilising Beth, which is as sexy as a dog turd Their interactions were boring, the sex scenes were crap and all the characters were one dimensional ex girlfriends were bitchy and slutty, everyone fell in love with Beth to the point of stalking, and NOTHING happened In the entire book Nothing And because of all the nothing, there s meant to be a sequel, which will be equally thrilling I m sure.Crap story, crap characters, crap writing.

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    I loved this book Beth is a very likable character and her romance with Shane is epic I loved the suspense and excitement I felt that their relationship unfolded at a believable pace, even though it happened quickly I still believed it Shane is a hot alpha male with love in his heart and his patience with Beth and her issues was very sweet I can t wait for book 2 Hurry April, hurry

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    I m addicted to firstimer stories I hope this one is good.

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    Wow Loved this book From the get go, I absolutely invested in Beth s character I found her endearing and than likable Shane s draw to protect her did not upset any feminist notions I might have, but rather endeared him to me and strengthened his swoon worthy ness April Wilson did a wonderful job portraying her characters in relatable and moving ways.Plot of the story was also enjoyable It kept me eagerly turning the pages to figure out what happened next I am excited to see where April Wilson takes the series not only with Shane and Beth, but also other members of the McIntyre world.Only downside I can think of would be how suddenly timid Beth jumped into a romantic relationship with a virtual stranger As a result, it did take me a bit to emotionally connect with their romance Then again, with Shane s described appearance and tentativeness, I might not have been hesitant to date him either lol I definitely recommend giving this book a read

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