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The Heat's On summary The Heat's On, series The Heat's On, book The Heat's On, pdf The Heat's On, The Heat's On d39922278a Detectives Coffin Ed And Grave Digger Jones Are In The Hot Seat In One Of The Most Chaotic, Brutally Funny Novels In Chester Himes S Groundbreaking Harlem Detectives Series From The Start, Nothing Goes Right For Coffin Ed And Grave Digger They Are Disciplined For Use Of Excessive Force Grave Digger Is Shot And His Death Announced In A Hoax Radio Bulletin Bodies Pile Up Faster Than Coffin Ed And Grave Digger Can Run Yet, Try As They Might, They Always Seem To Be One Hot Step Behind The Cause Of All The Mayhem Three Million Dollars Worth Of Heroin And A Giant Albino Called Pinky

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    Books like this are one good reason not to peruse the bestseller list for something to read The prose is tight, with just enough detail to give the reader a flavor, but not interfere with the pace.With characters named Coffin Ed, Grave Digger, and Pinky a decent writer has to get out of the way of the story, which is what Himes did The backdrop is 1950s Harlem, and Himes had enough experience with crime to know what he was writing about.The book is fast paced, easy on the eyes, interesting from the historical perspective, with enough touches of humor to keep the mood good.

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    If you like ram, bam shoot em man cops and robbers of the classic period then these novels are for you A false fire alarm call leads Grave Digger Jones and Coffin Ed Johnson in to a whirlwind of drug dealers small users, bigger pushers and mobsters Along the way there are enough violent deaths to last the avid fan for ages.Very fast moving Some crazy characters and near death experiences all add up to a great read At the end we are left with the grim realities of life in the environs of Harlem in the 1950 s.

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    This book continues Himes tradition of offbeat dangerous characters Sister Heavenly leads this cast of drug dealers, charlatans and murderers Anything to get the money, the drugs the treasure map.This time, Gravedigger Jones takes a bullet, gets laid up in the hospital and eventually slips into a coma Coffin Ed Johnson is on the case alone Oh, I forgot to mention that their badges were revoked, so while tracking the suspects, they were really working as vigilantes Does Coffin Ed step away from the case Hell, no His partner best friend is in the hospital and must be avenged So, he polishes their matching revolvers and tracks the offenders with homicide in his eyes.This book goes further than the previous ones in showing the deep connection between these two men The proof is when hard boiled Coffin Ed finds out Gravedigger is gonna make it he breaks down in tears that stream down his acid scarred face says that that s the only thing that mattered about the case.

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    When Grave Digger Jones gets dropped with a gunman s bullet, Coffin Ed brings savage retribution to Harlem The most conventionally plotted of these, and probably not surprisingly, my least favorite Not to say that it s bad, it s not bad at all, it s good, it s just not as good as the others Still, a ton of weird fabulous throw away stuff about Albino ex boxers and viciously immoral geriatric heroin dealers Library, but, you know, I d keep it because I want an entire collection of Himes s stuff at some point.

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    Very confusing this book It has nothing to do with my idea of a small detective story I give two stars only because it looked to me like a useless time most of it was certainly , but because it is my debut in this genre of books I had read others of the same grade, but as with these characteristics not yet..Aside the general rating given to this work

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    I have read the first 5 books in this series and rated them between 3 and 4 stars The reason I didn t give a higher rating is because I think Himes writing style is a little choppy and awkward But his strong point is creating memorable characters that he puts in amazing situations in the crime world of Harlem in the 50 s Number 5 All Shot Up was the high point so far But this novel was a big disappointment It didn t have the usual lunacy, surreal characters and bizarre and often very funny events that made the earlier novels so enjoyable Even the usual byplay and repartee between Gravedigger and Coffin Ed fell flat Ed s reaction to the death hoax at the end was very 2 dimensional and added little to the story I did read the next book in line Cotton Comes to Harlem and I am glad to see that Himes is back in form and I gave it 4 stars My recommendation would be to skip the Heat s On 6 and jump right from 5 to 7 But if you are like me and like to read a series in chronological order then don t think Himes has lost his touch with this entry because he gets it back full force in Cotton Comes to Harlem 7 I m looking forward to reading the next book in the series Blind Man With a Pistol.

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    Blablabla love Himes What stood out this time were the quiet scenes with just one person concentrating on a delicate task Simple and nerve wracking Also, cuddly animals go under Himes knife, eep Themes obsessions from the past, themes he explores further in the future And, I really enjoyed seeing Coffin Ed working on his own despite the circumstances As always, i t was like listening to someone laughing their way toward death It was laughter dripping wet with tears Working title Be Calm 1972 film Come Back, Charleston Blue based on this, released as follow up to 1970 film Cotton Comes to Harlem.

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    I read a number of Chester Himes novels before I really caught on to how brilliant a humorist he is This is the novel where his hu revealed itself Some of the scenes, pitched with violence and pathos, had a heightened surrealism that reminded me of Magritte than Raymond Chandler even though, as a murder detective writer Himes is up there with the best It also helps that I happen to live blocks from where a lot of the action takes place in this novel and, after reading it, it gave the whole area a fresh glaze.

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    Indeed the heat is on

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    Chester Himes is an amazing storyteller Outside of the few times where the wordplay and descriptions felt excessive or sloppy this was a perfect novella His writing takes you back to Harlem in the 1950s or he at least convinces you that you have The brutality of law enforcement and the manner in which he describes African American is a bit jarring Gravedigger and Coffin Ed seem like the story s mediators, because the supposed villain is far interesting I felt that way with another of his stories With this book sit back and enjoy the ride If you are searching for your next captivating read visit my website, I am an author looking for an audience.

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