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    This author is just so good at what she does Her writing style is so beautiful yet so clear and concise You won t find any filler in this book Every scene and line of dialogue moves the story along and page after page, I just couldn t put it down.My favorite thing about this book was the author s ability to draw the secondary characters into the story enough to understand them as well as the main characters It just brought the story to life in the most amazing way I usually end up feeling one type of emotion toward secondary characters but with this book, the characters were so complex, I went through so many different emotions It was so much fun to read.The main characters in this story were so easy to love They were hopeless flawed and their own worst enemies I just wanted to give them a hug I would love to hang out with them in real life They are the kind of people who bring a breath of fresh air into a room with their presence or the kind who walk by and you just can t help but take notice There s just something about them that stands out and it s not just about looks, it s everything I love reading about characters like that.This book took so many turns and twists I wasn t expecting It did everything a book should do It captured my interest, it touched my heart, it had me contemplating life and love what can a reader ask for.

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    So, another brilliant work by K.S Morgan It s lighter and maybe less complicated than the previous one but I loved it a lot Faye is just adorable, it s impossible not to love her, even a cold man like Konrad found himself falling for her She s very insecure but at the same time she knows what she s worth, so she doesn t let anyone humiliate or take advantage of her Konrad was so businesslike at first, I loved seeing how Faye always shocked him with something Their first meeting was epic It was so funny when Konrad s irritation changed to interest, Faye was very sweet and genuine, they are perfect for each other.Lauren is, well, Lauren is something too I love when secondary characters have such a complicated personality There were moments when I wanted to hit Konrad with something for how he was treating Faye, but she didn t need any help, she tolerated bad attitude for a while and then just stopped This book has some angst but it s romantic and light than anything else I read it in one go and I ll read it again when I m feeling down It just made my day.

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    An engaging story about love, trust, and the destructive power of a lie See my full review at

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