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[Epub] ❦ The Rising (Blue River Chronicles, #1)  By C.M. Meridian – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 The Rising (Blue River Chronicles, #1) , meaning The Rising (Blue River Chronicles, #1) , genre The Rising (Blue River Chronicles, #1) , book cover The Rising (Blue River Chronicles, #1) , flies The Rising (Blue River Chronicles, #1) , The Rising (Blue River Chronicles, #1) 4fab235887025 The Town Of Greenwood Had Always Enjoyed A Placid, Yet Somewhat Boring Existence, Being A Haven For Both Nature Enthusiasts And For Its Residence Who Wish To Live A Peaceful Life Tristan Cain However Dreams Of Something Bigger To Have A Unique And Exciting Life Little Does He Know That You Have To Be Careful For What You Wish ForTristan Thinks Of Himself As Fairly Normal, Even Boring Actually He Has Friends, Needs To Focus On His Final Exams And Also Deal With The Reality Of What It Means To Be A Boyfriend, But There Has Always Been Something A Little Odd About Him, And Lately Things Seemed To Be Getting Weirder It Started As A Feeling Of Unease, But Soon Tristan Notices Strange Men And An Alarming Increase In Oddities Around The TownPeculiarities In Both His Appearance And Unnatural Abilities, Leads Tristan To Believe That He Is In Fact Not Normal, And What S Worse, He Seems To Be The Target Of Interest For The Strange MenReluctantly, He Accepts The Help Of His Guardian And Finds Himself Being Pulled Into The World Of The Supernatural Against His Will, As He Comes To Suspect That He Himself Is Not What He Seems

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    The gorgous cover lured me to this book at first I thought the story was rather meh, almost stopped reading, but I m glad I didn t the pace picks up and until it slams you into the ending I thought the main character was well rounded, the author doesn t hide his faults which was kind of nice, he s not perfect, he not overly handsome, he s a little bit ewe actually at times but that s good I think no hiding behind those perfect teenagers that occupy YA ficiton lately, especially supernatural stories.Ok so The Rising is probably not the most riveting story, but it s honest, has a good flow, nice and colourfull discriptions at times and the author doesn t seem ashamed to write what she wants.If you want an easy weekend read than go for it, but seriously isn t that cover just sexy

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    What I loved from the start, is that this is no ordinary, run of the mill werewolf book It s different and fresh, with both loveable, irritating and funny characters that makes this world come to life The writer is quite clever at adding teasing little details that make you sit up and beg for information, and this also keeps you on your toes.Well written, with a solid plotline and great characters, I highly recommend reading this book and then waiting im patiently for the next installment.

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    Great read, I didn t like the main character at first but now I am so worried what will happen to him next It s nice that the story is not just a soppy teen romance Pity the author is only starting to write the next book in the series

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    This might sound strange but the biggest reason that I loved this book was because this was the main character that I could identify with the most that I have ever read Looking back to my own high school years I see it in him as well.Story wise this was nothing like other books out there and it was refreshing to read because it actually had a plot The twist was unexpected and I really could not put this book down.Will recommend this to anyone.

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    Let me start by saying I liked this book, but it seems some don t and I can understand that This is not a typical teen, supernatural romance at all, actually I think it should be called a teen life story There are no big romances, no epic battles or even a heartthrob male character though I m a little attracted to Tristan for some reason and Dustin has caught my eye too , but I found it quite good at portraying a real teenage boy, and I certainly thought that I could relate to the main characters when I think back on my teens and how it really was , but I know many readers want pomp and circumstance such as crazy lovestruck girls, boy triangles and stupid made up supernatural traits like sparkling or changing based on weather patterns.The Rising is a little stereotypical at times and at other times not at all, I like the Mark of the Beast tribute I wonder if anyone else caught this It is a short, easy, enjoyable read that give you a glimpse into the life of a teenage boy and how he copes with finding himself in supernatural circumstances I like the mysteriousness of it I think there is a lot of cool stuff to come in the next books , the descriptive moments love and the way the characters, especially the main character, felt real The book is a nice short read, it is very reasonably priced, has a good flow and the timeline is very well thought out I checked , and it is the start of a series that I certainly want to keep reading.

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