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[PDF / Epub] ☉ The Cat and Shakespeare Author Raja Rao – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 The Cat and Shakespeare, meaning The Cat and Shakespeare, genre The Cat and Shakespeare, book cover The Cat and Shakespeare, flies The Cat and Shakespeare, The Cat and Shakespeare 6686b42837736 The Cat And Shakespeare Is A Gentle, Almost Teasing Fable Of Two Friends Govindan Nair Is An Astute, Down To Earth Philosopher And Clerk, Who Tackles The Problems Of Routine Living With Extraordinary Common Sense And Gusto, And Whose Refreshing And Unorthodox Conclusions Continually Panic Ramakrishna Pai, Nair S Friend, Neighbour And Narrator Of The Story This Evocative Novel Brings Alive The Raw Texture Of Life In Trivandrum, And Delights In Its Humour

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    1.5 starsWhat the bleep was that Is there such a thing as philosophical fiction That may have been this I don t think there was any kind of plot From what I could gather there as a man with a wife and a mistress one, I m not sure which, was woman not a woman , just woman He has a daughter child , not a child , just child He works A boy child got sick, a cat appeared somewhere along the way, a boss died, the mistress was pregnant and I think had a baby I think The book gets the extra half star for what I think I actually followed in the book since I was surprised that I managed to follow anything at least I think I did Sorry if any of what I mentioned as a spoiler my apologies if I ve ruined the book for anyone

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    Metaphysics galore Also, low key humorous People don t lie when they say that this book reads like a song it indeed does In an all, quite unlike anything I ve read before.

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    If you re into metaphysics, then this is your heaven The central point isThe student Rama, the MC has ambitions, desires But lets them be Then, comes the Guru Govinda , who guides the latent to fruition and half completion the house is finally built of two storeys instead of three Why The student knows naught the reality of the world But the Guru knows Is cat unreality and Shakespeare reality Then is ambition unreality that needs to become reality Then does that mean that unreality comes before reality, thus there is no unreality Because unreality is simply a part of reality It is fun to go on such musings But what the novel is to me is language Nowhere will you find such elevating poetry Prose and poetry are not separate but are one ha It is pure sensual pleasure reading this novel Wit also plays its part, gathering a few laughs Want a sensory experience of a South Indian town village with a metaphysical twist Then, you must read.

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    There seem to be no boundaries in and to his writing Normal acts and philosophy keep merging into each other, to make you home to the dreamy state that life is His style sets you free from the bounds of usual structured writing and makes the mind so light The sense of time in the story keeps getting warped, and still it seems natural As the story proceeds, the metaphysical themes are explored , and left open to the reader s interpretation.

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    A philosophical inquiry into life that defies the time it s been set in What could be different in the novel from the conversations of today is the absolute authority with which caste and gender pervades all discussions of the characters Of course, they are discussed today, but in a completely different light.

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    There s a whimsical sing song feel to this book, I enjoyed the odd humour and upbeat storytelling I wouldn t say go get this book right away But if you want to explore different writing styles, this would be a good suggestion.

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    plain stories through talks about random thoughts existence,objects, their properties, space , conceptual analysis, blah blah blah

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    What I liked most about this book was its music When you start reading it and you get into the rhythm of the book, you are singing the book

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