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❮PDF / Epub❯ ✈ Bad Romance  ⚣ Author Bonnie Bliss – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 Bad Romance , meaning Bad Romance , genre Bad Romance , book cover Bad Romance , flies Bad Romance , Bad Romance c76f57d5c1db7 This Edition Has Been Pulled From Publication Due To Content Issues It Was Fully Revised And Went Through Another Round Of Edits To Adjust Concerns That Were Brought Up In A Certain Situation The Old Edition Is No Longer Available And Will Not Be Updated By Therefore, If You Would Like The Updated Edition There Is A Link On My Website ClaraI Lost Dax Trenton Years Ago No One Could Tell Me Where He D Gone, Or Who Took Him When My Father Moved Us Out To Southern California For A Job I Figured That Would Be The End Of It That Was Until The Day Before I Started College Dax Trenton Was Not Only Standing In My Kitchen But He Was Living Right Smack Next Door He Taunted Me With His Revolving Door Of Women He Insisted On Having Me Up Close And Far Away I Tried To Stay Away But Does A Moth Really Stay Away From The Flame Even When He Does The Unthinkable, When Dax Pursues I SubmitDaxShe Doesn T Know I Recognize Her I Know Exactly Who That Very Well Formed Woman Is That Teases And Torments Me From Her Next Door Window Clara Parker Was My Breath And Everything I D Ever Wanted Until She Betrayed Me Now I M Out For Revenge, And I Will Have It All Over Her Very Creamy, Soft, And Supple Flesh What Neither Of Us Is Expecting Is To Fall Face First In Love With One Another Or Maybe We Were Always In Love, Who The Hell Knows I Just Know That When It S All Laid Out, Clara, Broken Or Whole, Will Be Mine What I Didn T Count On Was An Enemy From Both Our Pasts Showing Up To Break UsGenre New AdultWarning Contains Adult Content That Is Inappropriate For Readers Under The Age Of Approx Word Count ,

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    I just finished this book and i m still a little unsure of what i read Probably, there was something wrong with my copy, because there is no other way to explain how problematic and frankly dreadful this story was.But no, my copy was alright I checked So now let me tell you what was so bad about this book.Fisrtly, i want to note that the premise was great, i was expecting an amazing story with depht, funny moments, sexual innuendos and so on What i got though, was the exact opposite Disgusting characters, thousands of grammatical errors, and a plot that made no sense at all Dax was a deranged, filthy, pervert that is coming from me and my favorite characters are bullies and kidnappers and did absolutely despicable things to Clara, the heroine But Clara wasn t much better Her reactions were unexplainable, uncharacteristic and filled with flaws The plot was also deeply problematic It had no consistency, the time line wasn t just askew but completely preposterous, and the sex scenes crossed a red line pretty early on The hero feels he has the right to drug her, rape her, have his fuck buddy take a video of it all and then send it to everyone in campus But Clara is ok with that, she forgets it right away, no biggie.I could go on and on about everything that was grim and outrageous in this story, but i simply don t have the power All in all, i didn t like the plot, nor the characters and the editing issues made it a feat to finish it.THOUGHTS ABOUT THE BOOK The only likeable character was Todd The storyline featuring his father was ridiculous Why he wanted revenge from her Noone knows There wasn t anything particulary crazy in the sex department, but most of the scenes had a dirty undertone Wrong name at the chapter POV Three POVs Dax, Clara, Todd

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    This was by far the worst thing I have read this year And I am sorry to say but date rape IS NOT A joke Clare s family was going to adopt Dax when she was a young girl until his father showed up and took him away, the next day Clare s mom passed so they never stayed in touch Now she s at college and he is at college and their next door neighbors.He fingerfkks girls right in the front of her He has a different female with him daily He date rapes her and puts the video out, sends it to the whole school and she doesn t report him nor call the police, you know what she does A month later she is letting him fingerfkk her He has paraded at least a good 40 girls in a month time in the front of her and she gives it up to him AND tells him he doesn t put a rubber on And don t get me started on the piece of shit Dax, who acts as though he is god s gift to women Can you do me a favor I will reward you with some dick later DAX is disgusting, Clare is disgusting, the whole story was disgusting If I could give it a 1 I would..

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    Bad Romance has it all a bully who is a bad boy, a college setting, friends from childhood then we have the love hate thing going on Steamy sex, a criminal father who is responsible for the damaged hero, a little action at the end and Bang Happy Ending Ooh and a sex tape and a heroine who doesn t get fazed by much o_0By the and I found it extremely dramatic and the dirty talk was a little to much There were glimpses of a good book but it didn t give me .

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    I really enjoyed this story So many twisting turns After all that had happened in both Clara s and Dax s lives they both deserved a happily ever after Of course I had to read a bit into the story to feel this way about Dax He had me wishing I were a character in this book so I could walk up to him and give him what for, for the way he was treating Clara He really was offensive but some girls just go weak around Bad Boys With her love for him when they were young coming back to her mind she just couldn t do in her own defense.To her mind all he did was break her heart.Moving onI have to mention that a lot of things that happened in this story were not pleasant and down right against the law There was sexual harassment, child abuse, drugging of innocents, gun running, and Murder Some pretty bad stuff Some pretty great stuff too can t give it all away you know All in all it kept me on the edge of my seat where I didn t want to put it down.The reason for the 4 stars instead of 5 Grammar, sentence structure, and typo s Just a few Plus on my Kindle one chapter was stated to be Todd s POV and turned out to be Dax s POV Quite confusing at first, until I figured it out of course Otherwise I loved the story.

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    I gave it 3 starts First it didn t really get good until the end Starting the book off with one incident in the book discourage me a lot Multiple editing errors became a distraction Good points are I like how the main female character was a full figure woman and she doesn t talk about wanting to lose weight she s comfortable in her own body enough I like how there was references to Star Trek and doctor who I like how she is a nerdy comic book reading normal chick not the popular bimbo She seems like a girl next store.even though this was a stand alone I hope it will be reconsider to show Todd and cats series cause I was intrigued by cat and wanted to know .

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    4 Star Read Among some of my favorites Outstanding literary work The characters are well developed, interesting The liked characters are likable and the hated are unlikable The writing is captivating enough to keep you interested until the end and leave you wanting It has a fairly original or uniquely well developed plot The pretense and romance were well balanced and done with properly distributed amounts of hints, behaviors, and chemistry Not so much predictable if at all Overall, loved it, I recommend reading

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    DNF 35%This would be a good book if the author considered getting some beta readers It had loads of potential but was ruined due tot he writing style The writing style was jumpy, way too much profanity and tries to hard to create atmosphere and angst but was just weird I also got bored about how hot DAX is with his V muscles or whatever There s very little banter between the characters, just lots of profanity and unnecessary angst You re assaulted with a surfeit of I HATE YOUs before it even begins It would have worked better if Dax was slightly mature And if Clara didn t constantly swoon after him, and act like such a little mouse.Even the one time she stands up to him,, it s to drink a silly alcoholic drink to annoy him which plays into his game as he mixed roofies in it It s a dark romance so appreciate that the characters aren t going to be vanilla but this was just plain silly.The whole thing just seemed way too far fetched his hatred was psychotic And it just jumped from one bit to another without there being any character build up, dialogue etc.Only Dax s friend seemed the only normal person.

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    3.5 Stars A contemporary romance, heavily laced with heat, grit and emotion.

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    3.5 stars

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    Both the blurb and the negative reviews spiked my interest in this book It had great potential Truly I really get into stories involving reformed manwhores and the good girl plain jane However, like the previous reviewers, the plot inconsistencies and the Hero s assholery made it impossible for me to finish I m not a routine DNFer This is only the 4th book I ve DNF d I just wasn t feelin it.The timeline was impossible to follow I mean, these people are in their 20 s at most and H is holding a grudge against h from 14 years ago What, were they in Kindergarten when she committed this dastardly deed Okay, I peed my pants in First grade because the teacher wouldn t excuse me to go to the bathroom It never occurred to me to engage in a decades long vendetta against her.Additionally, H was apparently adopted by both h and a secondary character s family However, adopt and foster are used interchangeably throughout the book so that was confusing.I truly enjoy dark erotic reads including non con and or dub con themes However, mixing non con via roofies within a university setting made H completely irredeemable to me I would be interested in reading a revision if one ever came out.

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