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    This novel is set in a village in the UK in the middle of the 19th century 12 year old Abbie has just left school and is about to apply for a service job A picture is drawn of a fairly close lower middle class family with a discontented mother When their mother leaves home it s no surprise, despite being shocking for the era Abbie has to take charge of the household, and does it well The narrative skips several years, when a pleasant day out turns into a nightmare The rest of the book feels like a kind of soap it s full of violence, tragedy, betrayal, and the loss of and loved ones There are some pleasant interludes, then yet another terrible scene is introduced By the time I was about half way through I wanted to get to the end, to be finished with all the tragedies, piled higher and higher.Conversations are stilted, with exchanges that add nothing to the story or the characters concerned There s a lot of introspection too, but viewpoints switch even within a scene, making the reader feel uninvolved in any of the characters Moreover, Abbie becomes less and less likeable, and she s the main protagonist Rather than being depressed by all the awful things around her, she becomes obsessed, rude and unreasonable She s supposed to be intelligent, but can t even figure out what a recurring bad dream means The ending is, in a sense, hopeful but Abbie s emotional state isn t real, and didn t move me I should have been in tears at the horrors of the final chapters, but she felt wooden and unbelievable and , I wondered if the author had any insight at all into the ways a young mother s mind worked and, after finishing, discovered that the author is in fact male, writing under a pseudonym I don t wish to be sexist, but it does explain, perhaps, why the women in the book are so hard and two dimensional Not recommended.

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    A bit long, and tear jerky dramatic, but still a nice read.

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    Brilliant It made me cried Some stories reminds me of Titanic

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    My favourite book It made me cried

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    Did not finish, read the start but did not capture me and the book is simply too long for my liking

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So Long at the Fair download So Long at the Fair, read online So Long at the Fair, kindle ebook So Long at the Fair, So Long at the Fair 0ef26187055d Growing Up In A Small Wiltshire Village, Abbie Morris Knows What Lies Ahead Of Her A Life Of Drudgery As A Menial Servant, Like That Of Her Sisters But Everything Changes When Abbie Is Twelve And Their Emotional, Spirited Mother Casts Them Into A Crisis For Which No One Is PreparedSix Years Later The Morris Family Have Rebuilt Their Lives, And When Abbie And Beatie, Abbie S Adored Elder Sister, Set Off For The County Fair, The World Seems A Good Place But Their New Found Happiness Is Not To Last A Chance Encounter With Louis, A Personable, Handsome Stranger, Leads To Tragedy And Has Repercussions That Threaten To Destroy Abbie S Peace Of Mind For EverAbbie Struggles To Forget What Happened That Night, To Get On With Her Life, But When She Meets Charming, Honourable Arthur And Re Encounters Louis It Becomes Clear That She Might Never Recover From The Night They Stayed So Long At The Fair