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    John C Maxwell has written a very inspiring book in a biography style of his accounts of life experiences He explains how leadership is a continual journey of personal development and refinement I would highly recommend this book for anyone who is or would like to become a leader with some form of leadership role, such as teachers, business people, entrepreneurs, governing or any other authoritative position One of the chapters named Keep Learning to Keep Leading, is as the spiritual principal that we need to continually press forward and fearlessly step out in faith for the purpose of discovery through what we learn, so we can contribute, share and empower others to do likewise To lead by example, to serve before you lead, to influence others by inspiration This book is greatly informative on how to manage your life, also improve your communication skills, accountability and responsibility of your own personal leadership and how you lead and mentor others Each chapter has a systematic conclusion with application exercises and instructions for mentoring others based on the context of the chapter Even though John is a very devout Christian, he has written this book to also appeal to those who are not willing to heed Biblical context of references, even though all the principals are based on Kingdom of God principals God s way of doing things It is a very enjoyable read with some elements of humour throughout the book.

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    After years of writing and lecturing about leadership, and after decades of practicing it, John C Maxwell created this book as a reflection on all he has learned about guiding others He shares leadership lessons he experienced firsthand as well as those culled from other experts His 26 gold nuggets address various aspects of leadership, such as developing relationships, nurturing tomorrow s leaders, and recognizing and responding to defining moments At the end of each chapter, Maxwell offers Application Exercises to show readers how to put the lessons to practical use, and Mentoring Moments to help them teach the principles to others As in most of Maxwell s books, his strength lies not in his originality but in his ability to distill offerings from many different sources into pithy quotes and simple, easy to learn portions Maxwell readers will encounter much familiar wisdom but, nonetheless, getAbstract finds that this is a warm and helpful text for emerging and current leaders in every field.

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    Cuando empec a leer, empec por los cl sicos, y no solo por ellos, sino por aqu llos que me parecieran m s controversiales y complejos Era, por un lado, un desaf o autoimpuesto, por otro, el nico criterio de calidad que, en mi inexperiencia e inmadurez, hubiese podido llegar a manejar.El haberme acostumbrado a leer a las celebridades de la literatura, de la filosof a y de la ciencia, no obstante, tuvo un impacto perjudicial en m en la medida en que me convirti en una suerte de snob literario, elitista.Por un buen tiempo mantuve el criterio de que si una obra no era reconocida, no val a la pena leerla En cierto sentido eso puede llegar a ser cierto Es cuesti n de n meros estimar que las mejores obras tendr n una mayor probabilidad de llegar al status de cl sico, pero este razonamiento ignora por completo la falibilidad de la opini n p blica A trav s del uso del sentido com n, de esta manera, se llega a la parad jica renuncia del mismo en una acepci n m s particular es el abandono del criterio propio y la sumisi n total a la opini n general Hay libros populares, o contempor neos, que merecen atenci n Hay libros buenos renegados por la mayor a Hay libros malos ensalzados y obras maestras vilipendiadas Estas afirmaciones me pasaron desapercibidas por mucho tiempo.Tiempo atr s no hubiese dedicado ni un segundo de mi tiempo tan siquiera a considerar un libro de John Maxwell como merecedor de mi atenci n, por las razones anteriormente mencionadas, pero lo hice y me siento satisfecho con los resultados En un palabra, el libro de Maxwell es til Es un libro lleno de experiencia, que con una conjunci n de optimismo y sobriedad aborda conceptos en los que todos llegamos a pensar en alg n momento, probablemente informes o todav a difusos en las imaginaciones de los j venes que a n no tuvieron las suficientes vivencias para definir las verdades m s complejas del relacionamiento pol tico porque el liderazgo es una actividad pol tica en el sentido amplio de la palabra en ideas n tidas y cristalinas Maxwell es una voz de la raz n cargada de sabidur a com n e inteligencia natural que le dice a uno de todas tus hip tesis sobre esta cuesti n, sta es la correcta, y por ste motivo.

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    Currently correcting Spanish translation

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    This book was given to me by a friend of mine who is very laconic and not the sort of person to explain himself, and so I was left with a mystery as to why this book was given to me Was it given to me because he was done with it and did not want it to be read by others, or because he knew I devour books like boneless chicken wings Who knows At any rate, once I had the book, I decided to read it, as I am generally interested in the subject of leadership 1 , even if John Maxwell s books have invariably been a bit of a disappointment to me 2 , given that they always come so highly recommended and tend to leave me wanting .To be sure, this book shares a lot of qualities with Maxwell s body of work in general This would include an approach that appears to blend an interest in moral and Christian ethics of a certain kind along with a pretty standard sort of approach to leadership that relies on stories as well as numbered principles 3 There is also a certain sense of glibness in his tone that tends to make him less relatable to a reader, although this book does include a lot of lessons of fallibility I am surprised, given some of his previous work, that the author did not eat crow, given that the praise a previous book gave to the leadership of Enron was immensely foolish, a matter that appears to have been referred to obliquely and quietly in this book, but without naming the company directly, as an example of what can go wrong when you give influence away.This is definitely not a book for the callowness of youth it is a book that does honor youth when it is combined with wisdom but also evidence of the mellowing and reflective process that goes on for someone who is in the ironic position of being a writer but not much of a reflective person The reflection and humility contained in this book, although it is not as much as I would prefer, is enough to soften the author s rather glib tone so as to make this book a wise and worthwhile one in a variety of ways, in helping us understand who we are, face up to our weaknesses and admit them honestly, hone our strengths and use them to serve and connect with others, and leave this world a better place than it was when we found it, while recognizing that most of our problems are in the realm of our relationships and not our competence It is not that these lessons are particularly original, but the stories used and the exercises contained therein help the principles stick It is a bit lamentable that someone who was a pastor for 25 years does not seem to show a deep interest in speaking about scripture, or show a deep awareness of biblical principles, but that is fortunately not my problem to deal with There is much to enjoy in this book, and much to reflect on, and a wise and discerning reader will do both 1 See, for example 2 See, for example 3 This particular book has 26 principles 1 If it s lonely at the top, you re not doing something right.2 The toughest person to lead is always yourself.3 Defining moments define your leadership.4 When you get kicked in the rear, you know you re out in front.5 Never work a day in your life.6 The best leaders are listeners.7 Get in the zone and stay there.8 A leader s first responsibility is to define reality.9 To see how a leader is doing, look at the people.10 Don t send your ducks to eagle school.11 Keep your mind on the main thing.12 Your biggest mistake is not asking what mistake you re making.13 Don t manage your time manage your life.14 Keep learning to keep leading.15 Leaders distinguish themselves during tough times.16 People quit people, not companies.17 Experience is not the best teacher.18 The secret to a good meeting is the meeting before the meeting.19 Be a connector, not just a climber.20 The choices you make, make you.21 Influence should be loaned but never given.22 For everything you gain, you give up something.23 Those who start the journey with you seldom finish with you.24 Few leaders are successful unless a lot of people want them to be.25 You only get answers to the questions you ask.26 People will summarize your life in one sentence pick it now.

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    Leadership Gold is a nice selection of insightful quotes that John Maxwell has collected in his quest to capture the properties that effectively improve leadership cultivation However, I don t feel like his interpretations always fall in line with contextual intention of the quoted authors And, he also tends to preach in too absolutist terms towards overly generalized situations when expressing how to practice successful leadership I most appreciate his positive attitude towards being a continuous learner and for making and recording intentional goals with real definitive deadlines.

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    I would highly recommend this book to those people who are in leadership and those who desire to be in leadership There is alot of wisdom and practical understanding crammed into this book and I will probably have to read it a few times to get the full understanding of it Well worth a read

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    Exceptional book It should be required reading for all leadersif they would be willing to learn from someone who is successful and seasoned.

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    Very inspiring i will definitely nee to read this book again

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    Absolutely fantastic One of his best.

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