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The Way It Is explained The Way It Is, review The Way It Is, trailer The Way It Is, box office The Way It Is, analysis The Way It Is, The Way It Is 3606 William Stafford Was An Earnest, Perceptive, And Often Affecting American Poet Who Filled His Life And Ours With Poetry Of Challenge And Consolation The Way It Is New And Selected Poems Gathers Unpublished Works From His Last Year, Including The Poem He Wrote The Day He Died, As Well As An Essential And Wide Ranging Selection Of Works From Throughout His Career An Editorial Team Including His Son Kim Stafford, The Poet Naomi Shihab Nye, And The Poet, Translator, And Author Robert Bly Collaborated On Shaping This Book Of Stafford S Pioneering Career In Modern Poetry The Poems In The Way It Is Encompass Stafford S Rugged Domesticity, The Political Edge Of His Irony, And His Brave Starings Off Into Emptiness

  • Paperback
  • 268 pages
  • The Way It Is
  • William Stafford
  • English
  • 04 October 2019
  • 9781555972844

About the Author: William Stafford

William Edgar Stafford was an American poet and pacifist, and the father of poet and essayist Kim Stafford He and his writings are sometimes identified with the Pacific Northwest In 1970, he was named Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress, a position that is now known as Poet Laureate In 1975, he was named Poet Laureate of Oregon his tenure in the position lasted until 1990 In 1980,

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    After nearly a decade of unjust war, torture, and human rights violations on the part of our government, I find myself exhausted of outrage and with little belief that any action of mine can cause any meaningful political change.At such a time, I come to William Stafford as to a refuge.Take, for example, Something to Declare They have never had a war big enoughto slow that pulse in the earth underour path near that old river.Even as a swallow swims through the aira certain day skips and returns, hungry forthe feel and lift of the time passed by.That was the place where I lived awhiledragging a wing, and the spin of the worldstarted its tilt into where it is now.They say that history is going on somewhere.They say it won t stop I have heldone picture still for a long time and waited.This is only a little report floatedinto the slow current so the wind will knowwhich way to come if it wants to find me.

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    This is the first book I have finished for My Two Thirds Book Challenge.Sara picked this book up at the lovely Defunct Books in Iowa City It is a nice used book store that sits atop The Red Avocado vegan restaurant Two great places in such proximity At 268 pages, there are a lot of poems in this book, which cover a 36 year publication history 1960 1996 It even includes the poem he wrote on the day he died.I quite enjoyed this book, copied out several poems and a handful or two of great lines to use as prompts, read several to Sara, and generally pondered what Mr William Stafford was like as a human being.The one possible drawback to these poems is that there are simply too many of them to digest at once The reader can discern one or minor shifts in Stafford s work across time which makes it a bit difficult to get a grasp on him at any specific time But honestly, this is a very small thing as his shifts are never very large and have to do with his moving across parts of the country and with the normal shifts in theme and voice that a poet encounters as they age.These poems accompany one as well as would a wise, world observant, loquacious, and avuncular but frequently solitary companion who knows how to give one all the space and time one needs to grow just as wise and world observant He never gets in your way, never obstructs your view, doesn t tell you what to think or even what to observe The Way It Is is not a prescription but a description, and it winds its way through the whole volume and not simply the single short poem that bears that title In fact, lines and phrases quite similar to the way it is are peppered throughout the poems of this volume.Love, the land, family, community, death, aging, historical events, nature, academia, and writing are only some of the many topics of these hundreds of poems.In many ways I wish that I had taken a bit time with these poems, that I had let them sink in Although, I am envisioning rereading them in the not so distant future as a one poem a day meditation over the course of a year plus there are approx 400 poems My version of a bible chapter a day, if you will My biggest gripe with this book is its arrangement The approximately 400 poems were selected from some three thousand poems published by William Stafford in either journals or in the sixty seven volumes from West of Your City 1960 to Even in Quiet Places 1996 , and from the poet s Daily Writings, with special attention to those of the last year of his life 253 Great so far, but then The volume is organized as follows recent poems in the first section a second section selected from the six volumes collected by HarperCollins in Stories That Could Be True 1977 a third section of poems published by other publishers, mostly in limited editions and a fourth section selected from the poet s last three HarperCollins volumes, A Glass Face in the Rain, An Oregon Message, and Passwords 253.Who does that kind of crap Oh, yes Poetry editors Idiots To show you the order in which I read these poems, as chronological as possible, here is the listing we constructed to do so p 60 1960p 77 1962p 103 1966p 120 1970p 131 1973p 49 1977p 187 1982p 149 1983p 208 1987p 231 1991p 155 1992p 177 1980 1993p 3 1992p 24 1993p 166 1996Simply astonishing All arrangement issues aside, I truly enjoyed this book and look forward to revisiting it and of William Stafford s work.William Stafford at The Poetry FoundationI will leave you with an excerpt from An Afternoon in the Stacks When this book endsI will pull it inside out like a sockand throw it back in the library But the rumorof it will haunt all that follows in my lifeThe Way It Is 235

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    Another book I ll have on my currently reading shelf forever Poetry you can t just dash through it and if it is good you have to read it than once I love lines like this A voice within my shadow wakened me.

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    A friend whose reactions to the world I particularly admire posted a poem by William Stafford online recently that was the first I d heard of him His collected poems mostly fall within a distinct emotional terrain part stoic, part melancholy and within it, they are wonderful Stafford published his first book of poetry at age 48, and many of his poems focus on memories of his parents, aging and retirement, or how we live in the presence of transience and loss His language is resolutely simple, often warm natural forces are profound and often generous A few of the poems reflect Stafford s pacifism, but most pose moral rather than political questions Here s one short poem, titled, At the Grave of My Brother Bomber Pilot p15 Tantalized by wind, this flag that flies to mark your grave discourages those nearbygraves, and all still marching this hillside chanting, Heroes, thanks Goodby If a visitor may quiz a marble sentiment.was this tombstone quarried in that countrywhere you slew thousands likewise honored of the enemy Reluctant hero, drafted again each Fourthof July, I ll bow and remember you Whoshall we follow next Who shall we kill next time and another, titled Over in Montana p167 Winter stops by for a visit each year.Dead leaves cluster around They know what iscoming They listen to some silent song.At a bend in the Missouri, up whereit s clear, teal and mallards lowertheir wings and come gliding in.A cottonwood grove gets ready Limbsreach out They touch and shiver.These nights are going to get cold.Stars will sharpen and glitter They maketheir strange signs in a rigid patternabove hollow trees and burrows and houses The great story weaves closer and closer, millions oftouches, wide spaces lying out in the open.huddles of brush and grass, all the little lives.A final aspect of Stafford s poetry not captured in either of these two poems is his wit, which shows up most often in a final phrase, or even just a parenthetical, that turns the rest of the poem on its head, or re orients it in a way that exposes human vulnerability This will be a collection to acquire and read regularly.

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    These are among the most accessible poems I have ever found I feel like some of them have been written just for me I am happy to have discovered William Stafford finallyand wonder how I missed him before This collection includes poems he wrote in the last year of his life, including the last day of his life Lovely preface by Nye.

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    This is the best introduction to Stafford, a great overview, and it includes a section entitled There s a Thread You Follow, with a selection of 46 poems written the year of his death, sequenced according to date written His practice was to write a one poem per day His last poem, Are you Mr William Stafford , will break your heart.

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    Stafford s writing while direct and plain is rich with observation and understanding of life This is a book to return to again and again over the years, and I suspect find new meanings each time Stafford s humility and love of nature shine in his writing While they are different, as a fan of Mary Oliver I d also recommend Stafford.

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    You there, reading this, be ready, was read on my wedding day and I was readyI go back to stafford often Someone says in the intoduction to The Way it is that thre is a different stafford for everyone.I love all the staffords the playful, the funny, the important, the popular, the moral, the angry, the meditative, the sad..

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    The collection truly conveys the scope and power of Stafford s poetry Many of the poems in this collection have been widely anthologized, but the book is a great to explore the many subtleties of Stafford s writing Stafford s work is immediately accessible and devastatingly tremendous in its simplicity.

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    a wonderful compilation of stafford s work including each poem written the last year of his life he always tried to write a poem a day, so that s a decent bunch stafford is one of my favorite poets, this collection manages to give you his life s work, plus a whole slew of new things that d he d just started putting down on paper it s hard to say which bunch i enjoyed .

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