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    Back when I was 20 and considered things like making homemade lip balm and agua frescas and the sort, I would have loved this book That time has passed.More aspirational than inspirational if that actually makes sense.

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    What a cute book I knew it would have recipes since it is based on a food blog, but it also has many other things to make and ideas to do and experience Plus the recipes are not the ordinary and look easy to try Flavoured butters and honey, fruit sugars, homemade goat cheese. plus of course pie It also included pictures for each item, which I think is a must I d recommend to anyone who wants to add a little somethin, somethin in their life.

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    I just love this book It s so warm and inviting The concept is darling and the recipes and other little ideas for crafts and homemaking are simply adorable It s such a sweet book to page through, and inspires all kinds of fun little adventures It s encouraged me to make my 2016 The Year of Cozy

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    This is a really cute collection of recipes and crafts, and I enjoyed the author s blurbs throughout the book as well Also, I cannot wait to make the blackberry walnut pie this weekend

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    After thinking about this book , I m taking my rating down from three stars to two I like the idea of this book, and I especially like how the book is sectioned into seasons, but most of the recipes and crafts don t really evoke cozy to me Some of the recipes seem pretty cozy, like the recipe for decadent hot chocolate, or recipes for pies But so many of the recipes are sugary, and diabetes is not something I associate with coziness This book would have been better with recipes like the soup recipes in Chrissy Teigen s Cravings cookbook Roasted Tomato Soup, Chicken Noodle Soup, Chunky Creamy Mushroom Soup, Pot Pie Soup with Crust Crackers, Split Pea Soup with Crispy Hot Dogs and Hot Dog Bun Croutons A lot of the recipes seem like too much effort as well of something to aspire to than to actually take the time to make Maybe I m just not much of a crafter, but most of the craft ideas were lost on me With the time and effort it takes to do something like etch water glasses, it seems reasonable to just buy some nice water glasses with a design you already like I guess the ideas are fun for someone who really wants to personalize their home, but some of the craft ideas are kind of ridiculous, like gluing rose quartz onto a mirror I can understand crafting decorations for a holiday or maybe something fun for your pet, but most of the other ideas are just things I would never end up doing.Some of her life advice was cute, like taking an autumn picnic or bringing a friend the components for dinner in a basket, but some of her advice was pretty silly, too because do I really need someone to explain to me how to do nothing or how to start a hobby.With only a handful of the recipes, craft ideas, and lifestyle advice being things I would actually consider doing, I m glad that I was able to read this book from the library instead of purchasing it The photographs are nice, the author s voice pleasant, and the dog pictures adorable, but this book did not hit the mark for me.

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    I totally love this book So many beautiful crafts to try and amazing recipes also I am a huge fan of the authors blog so the book just brings everything to life If you are a DIY individual this is the book for you

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    While I mostly read this aspirationally there are cereal boxes in my oven and not much cooking happens in my little studio apartment I found it to be a truly pleasant read Fun to tuck a bunch of these recipes away for later, or maybe to hope I can convince one of my culinary inclined friends to whip something up The book is really aesthetically pleasing, and makes me curious to now follow Adarme s blog as well.

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    A great concept and provides ideas to aspire to Although by seasons, there are things to do and make that can be done any time of year Read this to be specifically about her year of cozy like I don t have a dog but should inspire others to create their own year of cozy

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    I think it must be really hard to write a crafty lifestyle book, especially one based on a blog By the time it s released, all the same ideas are already on Pinterest I am a sucker for beautiful, homey, lifestyle photography and the Year of Cozy really delivers in that area Very many cute dog pictures Thank you But, lots of the projects here are easily found elsewhere, or else seem like make work projects Thanksgiving name tags The life philosophy component here comes across as pretty cheesy, though I agree with the premise, that making things makes your life happier There are instructions in this book for how to do nothing though, and that kind of content makes me laugh out loud, because it seems so ridiculous.

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    this book had a lovely and cozy layout and she owns a corgi immediately a 5 star rating I really think I d enjoy perusing this book often and need to add it to my birthday list I love the idea of making a to do list by month season, with little emphasis on holidays and focus on getting in touch with yourself, relationships, and true enjoyment of life.

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