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[Epub] ❤ Love Against All Odds By Rosie Harris – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 Love Against All Odds, meaning Love Against All Odds, genre Love Against All Odds, book cover Love Against All Odds, flies Love Against All Odds, Love Against All Odds 7948cc1449463 Was She Always To Be Fated In Love When Gaynor S God Fearing Father Drives Her Childhood Sweetheart Away, She S Certain She Will Never Love Again But A Young German Soon Helps Her To Forget Her Sorrows Until, With War Looming, He Must Return Home And Gaynor Is Left Heartbroken Once And When Her Parents Discover She S Pregnant And Insist She Cannot Keep The Child, Gaynor Runs Away To CardiffPenniless And Alone In A Strange City She Is Forced To Give Birth In The Workhouse But Shortly Afterwards She Is Taken In By A Friendly Spanish Family Who Care For Her And Little Sara And She Quickly Falls For The Charms Of The Eldest Son But Just When She Thought She D Found Love And A Chance Of Happiness At Last, A Telegraph Shatters Her Dreams

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    Gaynor s father is ambitious for his daughter, and does not want her to marry a manual worker So he persuades his employee Barri to move away to Cardiff Gaynor then falls for a good looking German her father approves but things start to fall apart Gaynor eventually moves to Cardiff too and loses touch with her parents.The novel takes place over than thirty years during the early part of the 20th century It works well in historical context, evidently well researched, and the author is clearly familiar with the places she writes about Unfortunately the characterisation is rather shallow, with far too much narrative for my tastes, racing through the years, sometimes, without pausing to get to know the various people Motives and emotions were attributed to them in ways that felt rather artificial, and meant that I didn t have any emotional reaction to anybody in the book The plot was interesting sufficiently so that I read it at one sitting but the ending seemed forced and unlikely, albeit satisfactorily tying up various threads Worth reading for those who like the social history of the period, but not so much for those who prefer character driven emotive books.

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    I thought this book was good, touching in some places, but seemed very unrealistic Still, it was well written and okay to read.

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    Far too slow and long drawn out very tedious

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    A nice read, three sisters all so very different I loved their English grandmother Florence , so lovely a character

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