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❴Reading❵ ➺ The Least Likely Man  Author Franklin H. Portugal – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 The Least Likely Man , meaning The Least Likely Man , genre The Least Likely Man , book cover The Least Likely Man , flies The Least Likely Man , The Least Likely Man d6098a2ac8e88 How Unassuming Government Researcher Marshall Nirenberg Beat James Watson, Francis Crick, And Other World Famous Scientists In The Race To Discover The Genetic CodeThe Genetic Code Is The Rosetta Stone By Which We Interpret TheBillion Letters Of Human DNA, The Alphabet Of Life, And The Discovery Of The Code Has Had An Immeasurable Impact On Science And Society In , Marshall Nirenberg, An Unassuming Government Scientist Working At The National Institutes Of Health, Shared The Nobel Prize For Cracking The Genetic Code He Was The Least Likely Man To Make Such An Earth Shaking Discovery, And Yet He Had Gotten There Before Such Members Of The Scientific Elite As James Watson And Francis Crick How Did Nirenberg Do It, And Why Is He So Little Known In The Least Likely Man, Franklin Portugal Tells The Fascinating Life Story Of A Famous Scientist That Most Of Us Have Never Heard OfNirenberg Did Not Have A Particularly Brilliant Undergraduate Or Graduate Career After Being Hired As A Researcher At The NIH, He Quietly Explored How Cells Make Proteins Meanwhile, Watson, Crick, And Eighteen Other Leading Scientists Had Formed The RNA Tie Club Named After The Distinctive Ties They Wore, Each Decorated With One Of Twenty Amino Acid Designs , Intending To Claim Credit For The Discovery Of The Genetic Code Before They Had Even Worked Out The Details They Were Surprised, And Displeased, When Nirenberg Announced His Preliminary Findings Of A Genetic Code At An International Meeting In Moscow In Drawing On Nirenberg S Lab Diaries, Portugal Offers An Engaging And Accessible Account Of Nirenberg S Experimental Approach, Describes Counterclaims By Crick, Watson, And Sidney Brenner, And Traces Nirenberg S Later Switch To An Entirely New, Even Challenging Field Having Won The Nobel For His Work On The Genetic Code, Nirenberg Moved On To The Next Frontier Of Biological Research How The Brain Works

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    I found this book inspiring as a narrative but so frustrating as a literary work Reading about the accomplishments of an unsung hero of science made me want to dive into my own work, which makes the book a worthwhile read Yet I wanted to take a red pen to the book and send it back to the editor with the recommendation that it be returned to the author for major revisions Dr Portugal clearly did extensive research in order to do this biography justice, it is a shame that the editors at MIT Press did not have a higher bar for publication In sum a compelling and exciting read, but really needs some editing.

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    Since I have already reviewed this book twice for briefly and an academic journal, will merely provide those links if possible review

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