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❮KINDLE❯ ➜ Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List ❤ Author Rachel Cohn – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List, meaning Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List, genre Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List, book cover Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List, flies Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List, Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List 1121e98c89eeb Naomi Loves ElyAnd She S Kinda In Love With HimEly Loves NaomiBut He Prefers To Be In Love With BoysNaomi And Ely Have Been Inseparable Since Childhood Partially Because They Ve Grown Up Across The Hall From Each Other In The Same Manhattan Apartment Building, And Also Because They Re Best Friends Soul Mates Or Are They Just To Be Safe, They Ve Created A NO KISS LIST Their List Of People Who Are Absolutely Off Kissing Limits For Both Of Them The NO KISS LIST Protects Their Friendship And Ensures That Nothing Will Rock The Foundation Of Naomi And Ely The InstitutionUntil Ely Kisses Naomi S Boyfriend And A Fateful Piece Of Chewing Gum In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time Changes EverythingSoon A Rift Of Universal Proportions Threatens To Destroy Their Friendship, And It Remains To Be Seen Whether Naomi And Ely Can Find Their Way Toward New Soul Mate Prospectsand Back To One AnotherRachel Cohn And David Levithan Have Written A Love Story About Love Of All Kinds, One That Reminds Us That Any Great Friendship Can Be As Confusing, Treacherous, Inspiring, And Wonderful As Any Great Romance

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    Jesus Christ, I hate this book I want to curse and scream and use caps throughout this review, but I won t David Leviathan is the worst freaking writer ever Rachel Cohn isn t much better in fact she might be WORSE This is what happens when two idiots decide to write a book without discussing anything previously, and then mix their idiot juice into the pages by throwing a bunch of annoying random characters into an already convoluted plot.Ely is a huge jerk, and Naomi is a moron As for Naomi, she knows he s gay and yet she still has many many fantasies of retarded things like him touching her in inappropriate places or them getting married and having lots of children He is gay He doesn t want children, anyway and if he did, he wouldn t want them with you But this isn t all of her fault, because Ely is always crossing the line of their supposed platonic friendship by doing dumb crap, like kissing her for no reason or flirting with her WTF, dude I thought you said you were gay And then he goes and steals her boyfriend And then we re supposed to feel sorry for him when Naomi calls him out on his selfishness YEAH RIGHT I was half hoping that she d kill him, and then it d turn into a murder mystery It would have been entertaining than the tripe that they wrote, anyway.Robin boy and girl and Bruce the first and secondwhy WHY WHY NAME YOUR CHARACTERS THE SAME THINGS It isn t quirky or cute, it s stupid and confusing and it makes me think know the writers are morons I can t stand this book.EDIT I forgot about their bad mouths I don t have a problem with teens who curse a lot I think it s important in YA because a lot of teens do curse But I do have a problem when you can see that someone is just cursing to sound cool and hip.The f bomb doesn t make your book sound young, it just drives me away Seriously God, how I hate this book.Also, I dislike how they made Ely s revelation clear Umso he falls in love with gay people while looking atwhat was it Gay pornography Riiight That s not how it works I d rather him fall in love with a person, like a real person And then figure out he was gay.Geez, is it too much to ask for some intelligence in LGBT YA, that s got a decent level of cleanliness Please recommend me some.

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    This book is not only worse than Twilight but it might be the worst book I ve ever read None of the characters get any of my sympathy There is no plot The POV jumps back and forth to characters that add nothing to the story The use of profanities is unneeded and makes it seem like a 13 year old on drugs wrote it as a fan fiction assignment.Usually I can find positive things to say about books but there is nothing positive I can say about this one.I ve read Nick and Norah s Infinite Playlist and while I wasn t please with it I found somethings in it to be really original and interesting This however is not.Save yourself some time and read the summary on That pretty much sums up the entire thing right there There aren t any surprises None.Naomi is hopelessly in love with her friend Ely who just happens to be a self centered jerk Not only does he flirt with her boyfriend but he kisses him too And guess what, he falls in love with him Yes Ely falls in love with her boyfriend Bruce the Second.But it gets worse There is 200 pages full of angst and BORING garbage about this Naomi complaining about how her and Ely were supposed to get married How her and Ely were meant for each other I would have felt sympathy for her except for the fact that Ely is a huge jerk It s like the guy ignores the fact that she likes him out of spite even though they re best friends He might be gay but that s no excuse for ignoring your best friend s feelings.And the worst part is, he ends up with Bruce the Second anyway And Naomi seems ok about this Instead she gets with Gabriel, the doorman He s very irrelevant to the plot and is really a deus ex machina for Naomi to fall in love with so she gets over Ely.No one learns anything at all.I seriously wanted to kill every single character in this book Their hobbies seemed contrived I didn t like Rachel Cohn s writing before when she was doing Norah Her characters seem like what she wants to be instead of their own characters Her writing is much easier to follow than David Levithans though I thought he had the potential to be a decent writer before I read this I pray that John Green cancels his project with him The book had no plot It just rambled on and on until crashing and burning when Naomi has a revelation that she and Ely can t be together because of his selfish reasons It s one thing to simply not be attracted to some one It s another thing to flaunt this around, kissing them occasionally, and stealing their boyfriend away.I have no problem with the idea that the book was trying to sell but I hate the fact that no one in it has any morals If Cohn and Levithan would just realize that gay does not equal cool, hip, and interesting maybe they d be able to write something worth my time It s ok to have a book that s about that subject but when it s only selling because of that and nothing else It s like Stephen King publishing his laundry list, is it good just because Stephen King wrote it This book probably only got published because it s got their names on it and it s got controversial material in it.The two of them need to realize that planning a book and building characters is essential Not just randomly typing out whatever situation you d like to be in.Ely might as well been a girl At least it would have saved me the time of having to skim over his stereotypical gay antics Seriously every gay guy probably does not act like the ones that Levithan writes He s pimping them out much in the same way that cutters and suicide victims and car accident victims have been contrived and used in YA for the past 20 years.When we realize that good writing does not come from being controversial and typing random garbage to fill 250 pages maybe we ll get back to writing good books.I see that their problem is that they don t know when to end a book They kept NN running for 100 pages to many It would have been better as a 50 page novelette This should have been five pages without the profanities I have nothing wrong with using them except for when the vocabulary becomes so colorful it s like look at me mommy I said a BAAADDD word You guys are adults You don t need to show off your BAAADDD vocabulary to me.There s so much to rant about Just don t read the book Or if you do, don t buy it Get it from the library And read it there, don t even waste your time checking it out and having that on your library card record Don t waste your time.If you actually want a good book read The Perks of Being a Wallflower That covers these themes WAY better.

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    Life tells you to take the elevator, but love tells you to take the stairs I actually thought this book was going to be good.I was so damned disappointed And I felt this way before I finished the book Not only did I not care about any of the characters and their inflated egos, I also did not care about what happened to them There were so many things that bothered me about this book And let me tell you right now that the LGBT themes in this book was not one of them So how do I start talking about this shit Right Let s first talk about Naomi Who was Try and guess.Try to guess what Naomi was like Come on You know you wanna guess Okay Fine Let me tell you It s spooky how beautiful she is it s like her hazel eyes have gotten deeper and alluring from all the crying they ve obviously experienced lately All eyes are on her beauty as she stands up from our table Yes She s pretty.Yes Everyone wanted her.Yes Everyone looks at her with desire.But She wasn t exactly a nice person Actually Naomi s a bitch A really annoying bitch.She was a whiny girl who things she could get anything she wanted just because she s beautiful Wtf I don t really like girls who think that the whole world is theirs just because they look like Helen of Troy.Nooo.Noooo.Noooooo.I mean okay, she does have her issues which I like I love my characters flawed and conflicted But Naomi wasn t an easy character to like and relate to She does so many things that just made me roll my eyes I get flaws and mistakes, but there was something about how she was written which felt so wrong All I know is that Naomi has got to be one of my most, if not my most, hated character ever There was very little of her that is redeemable The way she thinks of getting revenge against Ely is totally disturbing To think this girl is a teenager Okay, you pussy teasing faggot, do you know what I m going to do to you I am going to take back that boy whose lips you are currently fellating, and I am going to send you pictures of him doing things to me that he d never, ever be able to do to your Every time you step out of the elevator, I m going to make sure that he and I are jammed together on the other side of the wall, releasing moans that are going to make you scramble to find some porn I will take him by the and lead him away from you, and I will make you watch every fucking moment. See my problem right there Naomi Naomi Naomi Why do you have to be that kind of girl Ely on the other hand is a different story.Ely is Naomi s best friend And she loves him But He s gay He has been very open to Naomi about this from the start He tells her everything, even the stuff that he does with his boyfriend And I was okay with it The way the author wrote him was much believable and relatable I loved Ely s confidence and maturity for the most part Ely wasn t perfect, but you slowly see what a good head he has on his shoulder.So what really happened to Ely and Naomi They decided they need to have a No Kiss List where they put guys they should not kiss so they don t fight over guys What set Naomi off was that Ely kissed a guy that wasn t on the Kiss List but was her boyfriend So technically, he wasn t on the list but was still considered off limits by Naomi which I sort of had to agree.Shit happens Things were said Things were done Their friendship that they worked so hard over the years was destroyed because of a boy I just couldn t believe it.I didn t like this book But I didn t hate it There were things here that I liked.THE WRITING STYLEThe writing style was unique There were sentences in this book that had pictures instead of words That was cute It was witty and entertaining at times Each characters has their own personality in the way each of their chapters were written Naomi has her own quirky way of telling her story And then there s Gabriel and his music inspired one And yeah, you get my point right There were quite a lot of lines in this book that I really, really liked And I ll include some of them towards the end of this review.THE NAMESI think the names authors used were pretty cool One example is Bruce the First and Bruce the Second Then then there s Robin girl and Robin boy Haha It s pretty cute I could imagine some people not sharing the same thoughts about it though because it could get a bit confusing.THE BOOK COVERIt looked fun and simple At least the one that I got.GABRIELI actually ended up liking Gabriel than anyone in this book I think it s because of his love for music I never really connected to anyone else in the book aside from Gabriel.THE ROMANCELet me start with that I hated the romance in this book First of all, Naomi s love for Ely was totally ridiculous I did not feel at all that Naomi loved Ely as much as she said she did If that is what she calls love then her love must have been pretty shallow.And as for Ely, why would you do that to your best friend Seriously.Then there s the third party on both sides How could it have been that easy I don t get it Naomi and Ely, were never a couple But they were the best of friends and that ought to count for something Ely should have taken Naomi s feeling into account before he did something I have no problem that he fell in love with the other guy, but he should really have taken into consideration what it would feel to Naomi And Naomi and her infatuation with Ely I don t buy that either This book has so much relationship problems that I couldn t really focus on any of them It was a disaster.And then the person they end up with towards the end I did not buy it either.THE CHARACTERSOh man These characters had no appeal to me whatsoever I hated them Okay let me correct myself, most of them I hated MOST of them Most especially, Naomi I could not relate to her character at all She is, possibily, the whiniest characters I have ever read She only thinks about herself and not the people around her.Ely is not exactly too different, but at least he wasn t as whiny as Naomi And I liked that I got to know him a bit than just the guy who stole his best friend s boyfriend He grew on me as I was reading the book.The minor characters were actually a bit fun to read about I liked Bruce the Second s POV How he is slowly realizing what his preference really is and dealing with his feelings I liked that.But overall, I felt the characters were shallow and inconsistent.ALTERNATING POVI m usually a fan of alternating POVs, but this book had so much of that it hurt my head There were far too many POVs It s probably because the authors wanted us to see Ely and Naomi s character outside their own heads, but it didn t work that way for me Like I said earlier, I actually preferred reading the secondary POVs but only if it works Only if I get to know about these characters Only if it draws me closer to them and not away from them.CHARACTER DEVELOPMENTWait there was character development in this book There was, but it wasn t really too well done The revelation about Ely and how he figured out he liked boys that girls was a bit unrealistic to me You don t realize something like that You realize things through experience and not just a random thing you think of after seeing something Eeeh Not going into spoilers here Sorry.As for Naomi I don t think she matured in this book at all I did not think there was any development in her part That sour attitude she had towards the beginning of the book radiated until the end of it When I finished, I was just so glad I finished it That I didn t have to endure any of Naomi s complaining and whining and all that crap.GABRIELOkay Gabriel is one of the characters I liked in this book, but I also felt his character was inappropriately used I didn t like how he was the reason things got better for Naomi I don t use this word often, but he was the Deus Ex Machina of this story and I didn t like that at all A guy, no matter how gorgeous or hot or mouthwatering, shouldn t be the reason why someone gets over someone No Just no.THE PLOTWhat plot This book could have been so much better to be honest I loved David Levithan s The Love Dictionary I thought it was brilliantly written I loved the story and the manner on how it was delivered I saw his writing in this book, but the story itself was really a let down I didn t think the story was planned out really well There were a lot of things in this book that could have been cut out and end up not affecting the entire story.I think Rachel and David also co wrote Nick and Norah s Infinite Playlist which I thought was good It wasn t my favorite, but it was way better than this one The characters, the events, the plot development were far superior than this book which is a shame.I didn t really have the intention of picking this book up until I saw the movie trailer which I thought looked pretty I haven t watched the movie because I ve always been the type to want to read the book first before watching the movie But here I am, wishing I haven t read the book because it was a real waste of time.There were however, some good take aways from this book that I would like to share We always see our worst selves Our most vulnerable selves We need someone else to get close enough to tell us we re wrong Someone we trust Maybe your history just repeats and repeats until it batters you enough to snap the seams that hold you together

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    I see all the low ratings, and, admittedly, they have a point.Naomi is far from perfect Ely is far from perfect Neither of them are instantly lovable But isn t that what makes them human The fact that my paperback copy of this little book has not fallen apart yet is amazing, seeing as I ve read it far times than I can count It is a quick read, but a fantastic one Compared to Nick and Norah s, this is far serious someone mentioned that it is about the tearing of a relationship as opposed to the building of one they hit it spot on Naomi and Ely are forced to face the deconstruction of their happy fantasies, but they survive This is why I love this book they survive It does not end with them skipping into the sunset, or greeting it in Time s Square, like Nick and Norah They grow a little, learn a lot, and are okay in the end They are moving on I could write paragraphs, essays, sonnets to Cohn and Levithan They continuously write phenomenal, quirky, little novels that embrace New York, friendship, courtship, and humanity Their serious thoughts are balanced with funny ones I fall in love with their characters every time I read them To end, the last two lines of this book, which I find completely and utterly true It s a total lie to say there s only one person you re going to be with the rest of your life If you re lucky and if you try really hard there will always be than one.

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    I usually read the book then see the movie I review the book as one item I review the movie as another And then at the same time I like to compare How things usually go though are I read the book, then see the movie, compare the two, pick and pry, then and 99% of the time I will either say I loved the book or I loved the movie Because lets be honest We would all love to say that the book is always better, but the truth is that sometimes they re not Doesn t mean the books bad, just means the movie did really well Then there are these other times that I read a book think its okay then see the movie and think it was okay too I know I m rambling but what I m trying to get at is that sometimes when I watch the movie right after reading the book it actually ends up making me want to rate the book higher The combination of the two makes both the reading a viewing better So again what I m getting at is that since I saw the movie I appreciate the book Thing that I couldn t full grasp in the book I finally got in the movie A few scenes even made me tear up so my original rating of this book would have been a three but with the movie I m going to bump it up to a very solid four None of that probably made any sense.

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    My deal with David Levithan books is even if i m not really liking it, I still can t help but love them They re so real They re so witty Definitely not my favorite, but lovable characters nevertheless Wouldn t recommend this though, sorta pointless plot and levithan cohn have definitely done better.

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    2.5No lo am Aunque le perdon media estrella gracias a ese final, ese desenlace que estoy bastante seguro que escribi David, porque David es bueno, porque escribe genial y sabe como llegarme.David y Rachel decidieron unirse de nuevo, pero esta vez no resultaron ser el d o maravilla que yo esperaba como en Nick and Norah s Infinite Playlist Por el contrario, me dejaron con ganas de m s.Y el libro es b sicamente esto Ely es gay Naomi est enamorada de Ely Naomi sale con Bruce The Second Bam , Ely besa a Bruce The Second Boom , se enamoran Naomi se enoja con Ely por enamorarse de su novio y hace un berrinche que dura casi todo el libro hasta las ltimas p ginas Fin Los dem s personajes son de relleno Excepto Gabriel l no tanto.PROS 1 Hay algunas cuantas citas que, a mi parecer, salvaron el libro 2 A pesar de que la historia estaba destinada a ser un completo clich , creo que se pudo rescatar un poco 3 Ely y Bruce The Second.CONTRAS 1 El bajo uso de la que se supon a que era la premisa The No Kiss List.2 Naomi Todo T O D O sobre Naomi.3 La forma en que estaban escritos los cap tulos de Naomi.4 La excesiva cantidad de narradores.5 El relleno que represent la historia de los dos Robins.Mentir a si no dijera que me siento un poco decepcionado, pero estoy seguro de que todo es culpa de Rachel Cohn esa bruja.

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    A I like multiple POVs but GEEZ there are a lot Don t I make impassioned speeches about the overratedness of Jodi Picoult for such things butB Wow I like the exploration of sexuality and how fluid it is so so so much.C A book about 19 20 year olds is very interesting in the way that there are very rarely books about this age in this genre I think most books I ve read about 19 year olds are literary fiction.D OH NO YOU DID NOT MAKE ME JUST ALMOST CHOKE UP WITH A SENTENCE ABOUT KIRSTY MacCOLL E Book, you made me feel really old by splitting before and after Green Day fans into Dookie v American Idiot In my day before and after meant Lookout Records v Dookie The times, they are a changing.Okay, I ll stop with the pithy list making and cut to it My wise friend Meg called Nick and Norah s Infinite Playlist a fantasy, and this book is too, albeit in a slightly less fantastical manner This is one of those books that doesn t get everything right I never could pull for Naomi as much as I wanted to because I often really hated her but strikes to the heart of the matter in a wise way that surpassed what the book was actually about and made me reexamine things within my own.I m not quite sure how I felt about the Big Revelations happening so closely together Yes, I get that s how you find a climax within a character driven multi POV novel, but it was a little too coincidental for me to buy it completely That said, the revelations made sense and I could buy them THAT way.I have yet to read a book that so accurately pins down how messy friendship v love v lust can be, no matter what end you end up on I also really appreciated that it made the point that friendship matters just as much, and in not that different of a way Books for teens rarely make that point it s all about finding the perfect guy or girl and having that solve so much This book generally didn t take the easy way out there I really relished how complicated everything was.

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    Dude, it s not my fault I blame him

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    I really don t know how to rate this Okay bitches let me give you the story behind this sooo I watched the movie when it came out and I loved it so I was like I really wanna buy the book The thing is that iii forgot to but kept it on my TBR I know what you are thinking, why did you buy it now Look bitch, at this point I had to buy it so I did also the bookstore sadly didn t have the yellow cover that I love and it s also wayyy smaller than I expected it to be Whatever I read it in like 4hours.Where they getting paid by the emoji 2007, what a weird year I almost forgot to mention the 50billion POVs this has Calm down you two Gay doesn t mean I shouldn t wait for that one moment when he won t be Ely Well, it s a good thing you re gonna fuck you, cuz it ain t gonna be me My boy I thought Ely would be my firstI waited for him He never waited for me, though Bruuuhh, ugh I just feel really bad for the hags that are in love with their GBF and hope they will date them I just get second hand embarrassment Also I watched Object Of My Affection last night and honey nooo Go out, find a man that wants to fuck you Leave your gay friend alone Last night I bitched about Leah On The Offbeat and pointed out that she was a snarky cunt that was rude because the author thought made her look cool In this Naomi Ely are arrogant, self abort cunts but it makes sense They were hurt and humiliated by what their parents did BTW they didn t attack their parents like some other cunt did Leah wtf Why They only have each other and then they lose that too sooo They are fucking assholes, I like them Also Naomi really doesn t give a shit about anyone I m jealous.High School Musical brings people together Also Strabucks is fucking overrated And those prices Omfg honey no I will take you down if you disrespect Britney Same Naomi, same Baby I will hit you than one fucking time if you disrespect the queen.This is a dumb guilty pleasure I m not ashamed to admit I enjoyed it I bought it and then I figured out that the guy who co wrote this co wrote Will Grayson, my favorite book I should bitch about it one day apparently I gave it 2stars and not a garbage review I need to change that ASAP.

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