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The 27 Club pdf The 27 Club , ebook The 27 Club , epub The 27 Club , doc The 27 Club , e-pub The 27 Club , The 27 Club f993dfffc18 You Don T Know When You Don T Get To Choose If When It S Time To Join You Ll KnowYou Might Think You Want To Be A Member But Trust Me This Is One Club You Don T Want To Join It S Not A Place Where People Go To Live Out Their Deepest, Darkest Sexual Desires There Are No Handcuffs Or BlindfoldsTheClub Only Admits Those Who Die Young And Tragically My Brother Was Recently Bestowed Membership And Joined Many Of Our Ancestors Before Him I Know I M Next This Is My Destiny, And I Was Ready To YieldBut Then I Met Nate He Awakened A Sensuality In Me That Had Never Been Explored, Never Satisfied I Knew Then I Could No Longer Accept My Destiny Nate S Presence Controls Me I M Overwhelmed By His Touch, His Words My Every Thought Is Consumed By Desire I Believe He Was Brought Into My Life For A ReasonNate Doesn T Believe In DestinyBut I Do And If There S A Way To Cheat It I Must

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    3.5 Stars The 27 Club is about fear of the unknown, life, death, destiny and fate It s about control and realising that some things in life are beyond our personal control If you ve read the blurb you ll know that the 27 club is a unique place and one that may seem illogical to our reality but my interest was piqued, it s the very thing that attracted me to this story I was keen to discover how it would unfold and develop, how would the author make me believe the premise I was intrigued before I even started and happily the intrigue element of the story continued throughout creating an air of mystery surrounding the destiny of Zoey s family and their fate This story kicks off with Zoey s brother celebrating his 27th birthday, thereby making him eligible for The 27 Club and adding a poignancy to the prose from the very beginning Nate, the hero and Zoey s brother s best friend, is intense, handsome, kind, generous and likes to be in control Always Zoey Flowers is a girl on a mission of discovery She s confident but enslaved by thoughts of her destiny They both have fear to deal with, a fear that s unique to them on an individual basis I love the way the hero and heroine are introduced to each other in the text They have a wonderful chemistry together but believe they can never have than a holiday romance, a sex only arrangement In reality, will this be enough for either of them The 27 Club is deliciously hot Kim Karr writes the heady feels of sex mixed with meaningful all consuming emotions so beautifully I absolutely adored all the times the protagonists are intimate, just lovely The premise of the story is the driving force for the heroine throughout, in terms of her actions and her thoughts It controls her behaviour Gives a darkness to her inner thoughts My personal musings about the story as I was reading were view spoiler is it a self fulfilling prophecy, is it fate, destiny or some kind of curse hide spoiler

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    2 STARS You know one of those occasions that you caught onto a good blurb and you just have to read it no matter what This is definitely one of those instances but sadly this read wasn t what I expected it to be at all Let me just put it out there that this isn t a PNR read despite what the blurb may seem to suggest It does touch on the subject of belief in destiny fate and somewhere along the lines of a family curse but that was pretty much all there is to it The 27 Club isn t your usual club, it s one that Zoey Flowers believed that her family is bestowed with a death curse that they all die at the unimaginable age of 27 Her brother, Zach recently succumbed to this deadly fate and now she believes that death is knocking down on her door very soon Having to face the death of her brother, she flies to his place in Miami where she meets Zach s best friend, Nate and what she comes to learn about her brother s life isn t all it s made up to be I ll hand it to the author that the premise is refreshing for me and was how it caught my attention in the first place The underlying message of living life to its fullest is something I appreciated but what absolutely didn t work for me is the execution of it all For starters, these characters are supposedly 27 but Zoey s lack of maturity was glaringly obvious that if it wasn t for the title of the book, I could have easily passed her off as a tween in her early twenties I really struggled to connect with her especially when it kept harping on her constant fear of death and her continuous need to break into tears and running headfirst into Nate s arms It was hard to shake off that Zoey came off needy of his protection and it started to look like a brotherly connection than a sexual one at times Nate s character was a little better for me but their instant connection came off a little manufactured like a typical case of right place, right timing I can understand that their no strings attached relationship is running on a carpe diem setting but at times, their petty arguments and misunderstandings came off unnecessary and honestly, a little frustrating Again, this brings me back to my point of how I find these characters acting unlike their age Now the plot itself really had some great potential There was an introduction of pivotal characters that shed some light on Zach s life prior to his passing but I wished it could have been explored on which could have gave the read that extra depth apart from the romance factor Those were the scenes that had me glued to the read but once it passed, I just wasn t as invested any Overall The 27 Club had a great premise but the execution just absolutely missed the mark for me I ll give it 1 star for the plot and another 1 for the rather steamy scenes but sadly, that s as far as I can give I ve heard praises for this author s other works, so I m still holding out my judgement and will give her books another shot in the future Perhaps this one just wasn t my cuppa but it could very well worked for many others The 27 Club is a standalone adult contemporary romance read. ARC kindly provided by Berkley NAL Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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    I will start by saying this isn t what I expected at all, it was so much After watching the trailer for the book I couldn t wait to jump in. The 27 Club is about love, loss, destiny and living The story begins with us meeting Zach, he has just turned 27 and knows his time is near That seems so odd, but Zach just knows it s his destiny to die at 27 He has a lot of evidence in his family to support his theory, but he decides to not let fear run his life and live life to the fullest Unfortunately, Zach was right and he dies at the young age of 27 That s how we meet Zoey, Zach s sister She has come to Miami to resolve everything surrounding her brother s death and maybe get some much needed closure for herself since she is now 27 Zoey quickly meets Nate, Zach s friend, and they develop a connection I don t want to spoil the story because I do believe the less you know the better.I love when a story unfolds while reading and I am able to experience all the twists, turns and surprises I love when I can be surprised by things and Kim Karr definitely surprised me and left me guessing I enjoyed all the characters I loved how Zoey was able to channel her strength I loved Nate, he was exactly what Zoey needed and I enjoyed his charming, refreshing personality More than that was the message I took away from the story Now the take away will be different for everyone, but for me it was about living life In this case it is fear of untimely death, but if we all look at our own lives we can see that we rarely LIVE everyday While this book broke my heart at times in the end I enjoyed the message, I loved the romance aspect, and enjoyed how it just felt whole ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review

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    I met Kim Karr by pure coincidence Real and Connected debuted in 2013 around the same time, and we both casually picked up the other s books and enjoyed them and we ve been friends ever since I just LOVE getting to read her books before release This one is soooo well written, you guys This is the story of a woman who thinks she s going to die and for the first time ever, wants to live her life It focuses on her discovering the value in life and finding toe curling love in the process It s sexy and super emotional, with honest characters who took me into a world that I ve never been in before I hope you all love this like I did It s truly unique and it touched my heart.

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    DNF 43%Unfortunately I was not feeling this book AT all I was under the impression there was club involved and maybe some mystery, but it was completely different to what I thought it would be I would describe this as a brothers best friend to lovers story Quite sweet, and a bit depressing ARC gratefully received from the author in exchange for an honest review

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    4 Welcome to the CLUB StarsI m a major Kim Karr fan I ve read all of her books in the Connection series so when I found out she wrote a standalone, complete outside of the Connection series, well I was all over that.I m also starting to love suspenseful novels There s something about being kept on my toes and trying to figure out what s going on that just makes me devour books like mad.Zoey s family is cursed A lot of people in her family have died at the age of 27 She lives her life very cautiously and questions everything she does Zoey s brother dies at the age of 27 and it has made Zoey kind of reevaluate her life Especially now, as she just turned 27.I get Zoey and I get her fears A lot of people in her family have died and it would make me freak out too We don t get a lot of detail on how Zoey deals with this, but we do get a lot of internal dialogue on her feelings about her brother s death.She visits where her brother lives and tries to get some closure Except when she shows up at his house, it s not really her brother s house, but his friend, Nate.I love Nate I found him carefree, loyal and the kind of guy you want to be with and friends with I also liked that Nate and Zoey s brother were really good friends and we got a tiny bit of back story with that Nate offers his place for Zoey to stay so she sorts through her brother s things.I thought the dynamic between Zoey and Nate, a little insta lust for me, just at first I wanted a little tension Zoey is pretty upset with her brother s death and Nate is really drawn towards Zoey, so of course clothes start flying off.What I enjoy most about the book is the whole mystery element to it It s not heavy in the suspense, but there s a touch that keeps me interested Zoey s brother isn t who he seems and she tries to piece together how his life was like away from her.I wanted of this I wanted of Zoey going from clue to clue and figuring out what the sketches meant and what really happened when he died The beginning is a bit slow at first and the relationship between Zoey and Nate is sweet, but turns saucy real quickly I am not sure if it s justified, but it wouldn t be a Kim Karr book if there wasn t steamy elements I did enjoy that it wasn t overly erotic.Overall, it s different from the connections series, but still has some of the elements I enjoy from a Kim Karr book An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review

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    This book was so beautiful and touching I m surprised how well can Kim Karr to convey grief and sadness in that respect You feel it yourself Although this character Zach who has ded is not familiar to us At the beginning of the book Zach description was minimal They say the dead don t speak They say the dead will never leave you They say a lot of things about the dead What they don t tell you is what you re supposed to do when they weren t who you thought they were Zoey and Nate had amazing chemistry Nate has promised to Zach that he does not look at Zoey never than friend s sister But Zoey has other thoughts So this attraction that they have, it s hard to look past And in addition there is destiny Destiny that hidden power that controls fate Even though it s a path I don t want to be on, I m not certain I can stray from it.It owns me I don t own it Sweet end FUCK DESTINY

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    Rating 3.5 4 Stars Destiny that hidden power that controls fate Even though it s a path I don t want to be on, I m not certain I can stray from it.It owns me I don t own it Zoey Flowers is a woman who never really believed in fate or destiny until she unexpectedly lost her brother Zachary in a tragic accident Lost, consumed with grief, and paralyzed by the fear of her own uncertain fate, Zoey is unable to move forward with her life and truly live her life to the fullest.There were so many aspects of Zoey s character that I loved and could relate to She s kind, intelligent, caring, and the type of person who will go out of her way to help those in need Of the two children in her family, she s always been a good girl, living a safe life, staying in school and going to college, and staying out of trouble That reminds me so much of my own brother and myself My heart broke for Zoey while reading about what she went through after her brother s death I ve lost someone who was a vital part of my life, someone that I considered to be one of my best friends, and someone that I loved with all of my heart and I could easily relate to Zoey s loss on so many levels I can definitely say that this aspect of the story touched me on a deep, emotional level Stars are born, they live, and they die just like people Some shine bright, some twinkle, some are faint specks you can barely see The lives of stars vary, their vibrancy does too but once they burn out they extinguish, and then they fall from the sky.Isn t that the way of life Nate Hanson was Zachary s best friend and he is there for Zoey when she travels to Miami to settle her brother s estate after his death I adored Nate s character so much 3 He s a successful businessman, confident, likes to take charge in any situation, a little demanding at times, and a very generous person Nate is also very guarded and prefers casual flings to any sort of relationship.Nate and Zoey have such different personalities that compliment one another perfectly I loved watching the two of them grow close, push past their fears and insecurities, and find happiness in a way they neither of them expected He feels so real He s what I crave He s what I want He makes me feel alive I thought that the message behind this story was powerful, unique, and highly emotional at times I will admit that I struggled a bit in the first half to get into this story but it really picked up in the second half and I couldn t put the book down I was hooked by the angst, tangible sexual chemistry between Nate and Zoey, and the author threw in a few twists that I did not see coming.The 27 Club by Kim Karr is a heart wrenching story about moving forward after experiencing a tragic loss It is a story about facing your fears and coming to terms with our own destiny It is a story about finding unexpected love with someone who makes you feel truly alive for the first time ARC courtesy of Penguin Group, via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review

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