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Best Served Cold pdf Best Served Cold, ebook Best Served Cold, epub Best Served Cold, doc Best Served Cold, e-pub Best Served Cold, Best Served Cold 4985c0f33d8 Springtime In Styria And That Means War Springtime In Styria And That Means RevengeThere Have Been Nineteen Years Of Blood The Ruthless Grand Duke Orso Is Locked In A Vicious Struggle With The Squabbling League Of Eight, And Between Them They Have Bled The Land White While Armies March, Heads Roll And Cities Burn, Behind The Scenes Bankers, Priests And Older, Darker Powers Play A Deadly Game To Choose Who Will Be KingWar May Be Hell But For Monza Murcatto, The Snake Of Talins, The Most Feared And Famous Mercenary In Duke Orso S Employ, It S A Damn Good Way Of Making Money Too Her Victories Have Made Her Popular A Shade Too Popular For Her Employer S Taste Betrayed, Thrown Down A Mountain And Left For Dead, Murcatto S Reward Is A Broken Body And A Burning Hunger For Vengeance Whatever The Cost, Seven Men Must DieHer Allies Include Styria S Least Reliable Drunkard, Styria S Most Treacherous Poisoner, A Mass Murderer Obsessed With Numbers And A Northman Who Just Wants To Do The Right Thing Her Enemies Number The Better Half Of The Nation And That S All Before The Most Dangerous Man In The World Is Dispatched To Hunt Her Down And Finish The Job Duke Orso StartedSpringtime In Styria And That Means Revenge

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    4.5 5 starsA magnificent tale of revenge filled with bloody actions, betrayal, and humor One cannot grow without pain One cannot improve without it Suffering drives us to achieve great things I ve postponed starting Best Served Cold, the first book in Abercrombie s First Law stand alone trilogy, for almost a year now due to the reason that I thought it will pale in comparison to the first trilogy, although it s the weakest so far, it s still so much better than a lot of grimdark books out there The year is now 579 AU, two years after the events of Last Argument of Kings , it is now springtime in Styria and that means, war and revenge The premise of the book is very simple Monza Murcatto, betrayed by Grand Duke Orso, which resulted in her brother s death and her crippled state, determined to find her own crew and execute the seven personnel responsible That s literally the main plot it s that simple, basically like Assassin Creed II or Kill Bill, except on steroid Unlike The First Law trilogy, there aren t a lot of twists and turns to be found here, it s very linear and direct, but as always, Abercrombie handled his book with brilliance by giving focus on the characters and actions rather than the simple plot, making this an incredible tale full of not only vengeance and gore but also humor and redemption.Picture Monza vs Ganmark Interior Art from Best Served Cold Subterranean Press edition Characterization has always been one of Abercrombie s greatest strength, and this book proved it even All six characters with POV s received proper background, distinctive voice, unique personality and greatly written development, just within one book I do, however, recommend you read the First Law trilogy first before starting this one despite it being a standalone due to the reason that some side characters from the trilogy do make an appearance here, Caul Shivers and Nicomo Cosca, in particular, became the main characters in this book For me, both Shiver and Cosca truly made this book shine for me, but for the main character, the trophy goes to Friendly, a mass murderer with obsessive compulsive disorder towards dice and numbers that I find very compelling and hilarious to read What do the dice say Dice say nothing They are dice Why roll em, then They are dice What else would I do with them The dialogues and interaction between characters are damn fun to read Also, once again, Abercrombie proved his skill with writing intricate and immersive action sequences His writing always pulls me into the midst of the actions that it felt so vivid reading them Wars, duels, gore, and many other thrilling action sequences are all here, despite it being a stand alone.Picture Monza charging Interior Art from Best Served Cold Subterranean Press edition Other than the fantastic characterization and actions, if you ve read Abercrombie s book, you should know by now that he s a master of creating memorable catchphrases I ll leave those phrases for you to find out for yourself I would like to, however, direct your attention to these quotes to show how beautifully philosophical his prose can be, other than being gritty and witty That was the difference between a hero and a villain, a soldier and a murderer, a victory and a crime Which side of a river you called home And this one Things aren t what they used to be is the rallying cry of small minds When men say things used to be better, they invariably mean they were better for them, because they were young, and had all their hopes intact The world is bound to look a darker place as you slide into the grave The only factor stopping me from giving this book a full 5 stars rating is because of the main character herself, Monza Every Abercrombie s characters up until now tend to have a moral gray code but one of his biggest strength as an author is that he always managed to make every one of them realistic and lovable, you just can t help but root for them, I can t find that feeling for Monza She s highly selfish, despicable, disgusting, treated everyone like garbage, doesn t have color to her personality, all she did was fuck, order her crew, blame everything on them, and much I just can t find any redeeming aspect about her and throughout the book I kept on wishing for her, the main character, to die That s never a good thing in my dictionary However, this also proves once again why multi third person perspectives narrative will always be my favorite If this book was written in first person narrative from Monza s POV only, I already know this book won t receive a higher than two rating from me Monza is in fact, one of my least favorite protagonists in a book, ever.My problem with the main character aside, there s nothing else that Best Served Cold did wrong The first book in the standalone trilogy turns out to be a fantastic addition to The First Law series, contrary to my initial pessimism Although Best Served Cold is technically the second weakest book in the First Law universe so far, it doesn t change the fact that the quality of the book was still impressive I highly recommend any fans of the first trilogy to continue with this one You might find yourself surprised by how incredible it was like I did.Bonus Picture My gorgeous UK paperback of Best Served Cold You can find the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions

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    I m gonna have to do it I m going to give a Joe Abercrombie book a 3 star Calm down I almost gave it a 2 As to why The good first The characters Monza is completely bad ass, but I never felt that connection with her She wants revenge for her brothers death, I get that..but give me some anger..give me some emotions..give me something Her band of misfits, you have a drunk, a torturer, a master poisoner and his assistant who eats constantly , a killer who has OCD, and a man from the North that just wants to be a better man.So why was this not the most awesome book ever There was humor..and Abercrombie can be very funny when he chooses too And violence I like the violence But then the bad comes in Frigging politics They bore the shit out of me every single time Then the book may have lasted too long, my eyes kept glazing over and I kept promising myself it would get better Sex scenes shudders I m not done with Abercrombie s writing and this one is no where near as bad as most of the books I subject myself too I just expected .

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    If you are going to say one thing for Abercrombie, say he s got catchy sayings because, after all, you have to be realistic about these things Did you see what I did there Well anyway I was about fifteen pages in and was thinking, this book seems unusually slow then the blood started spraying in the usual Abercrombie style about half a paragraph later I knew from then that this was going to be as good as what came before it The Snake of Talins, the self made mercenary with no regret, is at the height of her power Monzcarro Murcatto this name sounds so ridiculously cool is then betrayed by her employer and thought dead by the world Now she must creep out of the gutter and reap revenge on those that took what was most important from her her brother He was the only person she ever really loved and trusted She must take the lives of six men to avenge his death, ending with the Grand Duke Orso himself It s a very bloody business Who loves a tale of revenge She hires a notable cast comprised of a murderer obsessed with numbers, an aged poisoner, a Northman trying to do what is right, a drunken mercenary and a red headed torturer Most are familiar faces from the first law trilogy So we re about to see what happened to some of these odd balls after the carnage that took place in The Last Argument of Kings As per usual in this world everybody has their own secret motives and agendas Nobody is honest and everybody has a knife ready to plunge into your back This book is filled with plot twists, betrayals and murder, murder, murder This is a brutal story, told with much speed and intensity The Snake of Talins is a very tough woman I sure wouldn t want to cross her One cannot grow without pain One cannot improve without it Suffering drives us to achieve great things Of all of Abercrombie s books, this one is my favourite to date It showcases much of what he does best it shows how far his characters are willing to go to meet their achieve their own desires This is a very dark fantasy world.

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    Vengeance first, questions later.A terrific, action packed romp with a vengeance.This book is all about revenge It follows Monza as she is betrayed very badly and then plots her course to get revenge on all those present at the time of the betrayal Set in the same world as the great First Law trilogy, the back drop is the region of Styria Springtime in Styria And that means war Springtime in Styria And that means revenge.It deals with revenge, what it means and what it feels like when you actually achieve it through a range of very human and likeable characters CharactersWhat makes Abercrombie stand out in today s jam packed fantasy scene, is his ability to write fantastic characters He creates such vivid, human and intriguing people in his books, he is second to none in this regard, in my opinion There are some familiar faces from the Blade Itself world and some new characters as well My two favourites had to be Friendly, a math obsessed ex con and Cosca, well known turncoat and flamboyant mercenary The two form a bit of an unlikely bromance as well More important than simply creating great characters in his works, Abercrombie also has a nack for building on their individual stories throughout, making sure the characters change and learn things or not sometimes Each character has their own arc well though through and executed brilliantly WritingAbercrombie s writing is crisp and moves the story along nicely There were times where I felt he went into too much detail but this doesn t happen all that often The action scenes really stood out for me in this They were fantastic, suspenseful in places and had me on the edge on my seat well, couch for the most part The witty banter, particularly from Cosca was hilarious Here s some of my favourite bits All in all the writing is very witty, human and jam packed full of quotable sayings One cannot grow without pain One cannot improve without it Suffering drives us to achieve great things The dead can forgive The dead can be forgiven The rest of us have better things to do People talk a lot when they ve nothing to say That s the one I m an optimist How s it working out for you Not great, but I keep hoping That s optimists You bastards never learn You are a gentleman, sir, muttered Cosca I am a murderer I see no reason why a man cannot be both He dipped in his wooden spoon and took a taste, and it was good He rated it forty one out of fifty. death so close she could feel it tickling at her neck. My name is Nicomo Cosca, famed soldier of fortune and I am here for dinner To the starving man, bread is beautiful To the homeless man, a roof is beautiful To the drunkard, wine is beautiful Only those who want for nothing else need find beauty in a lump of rock. Words may hold power than swords, as Juvens said, but I have discovered to my cost that there are times when there is no substitute for pointy metal You make yourself too hard, you make yourself brittle too Crack once, crack all to pieces. Blades can kill men, but only words can move them.Final thoughtAnyone with an aversion to swearing, vulgarities and lots of gore should look elsewhere For those who don t mind a gruesome, gritty tale, you should read this It was enjoyable being back in the same world as the First Law trilogy, one of the best series in all of fantasy Best Served Cold wasn t as good as First Law, but it was still a hugely enjoyable tale It also had some of the most awkward, funniest sex scenes I ve ever read, they were hilarious Check out all of my reviews and book related blogs

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    TLDR A MUST READ for fans of Nicomo Cosca Cosca to the rescue Now the review Continuation after First Law Trilogy, telling about epic bloody revenge story Compared with the trilogy, this novel has significantly lower magical content I believe people don t read FL series due to magic system but because loved the characterization of FL Fortunately, the author knew this and delivered another excellent story As expected with only one novel length, I felt the pace of this book is faster and simpler plots than the trilogy And IMO, it is the most hilarious FL novel ever based on Book 1 6 , and I am damn serious about it If you still remember the minor characters from FL trilogy, your retained memory of FL will be rewarded The character developments are exemplary for epic fantasy genre Cosca maybe shine the brightest on this novel, but I like other not so sane characters too, like Day or Friendly view spoiler I recommend to read the spoiler after you read the book view spoiler and there is the most feared super bad ass assassin SHENKT with the important plot twist H s just awesome hide spoiler

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    In this standalone we visit the area which was only mentioned in the original trilogy Styria The favorite pastime of the local people is to make war local nobility that is the peasants suffer or get killed when an army marches through their land Monza Murcatto was the leader of a very successful mercenary band under Duke Orso employ In fact she was so popular among Duke s subjects that he decided it was time to do something about it.During one of the meetings with the Duke her brother was killed and Monza herself left for dead She became crippled, but survived and now her only goal is revenge on the seven men who betrayed the siblings She also happens to have enough means to make her goal a reality.After I read the first trilogy of the series I was ready to proclaim Joe Abercrombie to be one of the best modern fantasy writers This book suddenly came up as a disappointment So what is wrong with it Abercrombie has shown himself to be able to write very good and complex characters In this book he recycles them Shivers is exactly like Logen he is a barbarian in the unfamiliar surroundings where he ended up for exactly the same reasons as the latter and he has exactly the same moral dilemmas copy and paste type of exact There was an excellent character named Glokta in the original trilogy we now have him named Monza To be politically correct he is a female in this book, so the requirement for a strong female is fulfilled She is crippled just like Glokta, she has exactly the same physical pains, her mood is the same, and so on.The book tells the tale of revenge The Count of Monte Cristo was published around 150 years ago and it is still unsurpassed as such tales go Abercrombie tackles the same issues as Dumas classic, but this story does not quite reach the level of the latter.I failed to connect to any of the characters Everybody is miserable and everybody has exactly zero redeeming qualities to the point where I felt relieved whenever somebody got killed at least the poor guy girl ended their misery I really mean it a mass suicide would be the best way out for all of these people of the land as I really do not see any sense of them to continue their pitiful existence full of pain and loss.There were quite a few sex scenes in here They all deserve a dubious award of being the most awkward in the literature this includes sexual fantasies of 14 year old boys Dear Joe, please stop writing them and stay away from writing erotic literature as far as possible I really do not understand how these got past an editor as no self respected one would allow them to remain Abercrombie is a good writer so the quality of writing alone warrants 3.5 stars for the book I will continue reading the series, but not before a big break This review is a copy paste of my BookLikes one

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    AKA Abercrombie and the Ultimate Anti Heroes Here s the short review reading Best Served Cold is like being a guest judge on Iron Chef America Sardines Sure, there s some incredible stuff happening but still it s sardines And would you really want to eat like that every day The long review What s good The writing, the world, the character description, the brilliant way Abercrombie links and weaves so many plots together, both large and small, and the tension he is able to build through the story even when the general outline is known seven deaths There were times I found myself saying, now that was a fabulous sentence paragraph plot twist, but I couldn t tear myself away from reading long enough to take down a note or two So we will all have to remain unsure which particular points struck me what I remember is that they were there and there was than one One notable narrative device used to brilliant effect is in memory segments in the beginning of some chapters The memory gives context an earlier event we ve already heard rumors about or how it has given rise to particular actions It results in a neat little bite of background to the rumors, character insight and world history Overall, he achieves that rare writer s groove where the reader stops to marvel, but not long enough to disengage from the story.The bad Well, while it s not done badly, truly none of the characters are very likeable Caught in webs of their own weaving, and victims of their own pursuits, no one is very sympathetic These are well created characters that occasionally navigate their challenges with grace, and always with fortitude, but most often just use determination and brutality If you ve read The First Law series, and Abercrombie is hoping you have as than a few characters have first made appearances there , the main character, Monza, The Butcher, suffers overmuch from similarity to Inspector Glotka The frequent references to her physical discomforts sounded a great deal like the words used to describe him, and I found myself feeling like a significant amount of her character building was poached from him Abercrombie writes that part of his personal challenge with this book was writing a lead female character, and perhaps because of Glokta, I just feel like he didn t quite succeed Four stars for literary excellence, but the brutality and lack of truly heroic characters will keep me from adding to my personal collection, and prevent me awarding full five star awesomeness rating.Cross posted at

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    What is best served hot Flesh Blood Slaughter Desire Revenge also delicious served coldBest Served Cold delivers all of the above in a warm blooded fashion this is a sweaty, fully engorged adventure novel that follows a diverse cast as they move through various locales on their own sort of anti quest although it spends much time examining the psychological make up of its characters, is heavily reliant on the kinds of details usually found in military fantasy, and is not shy of graphic sex and violence, it still lives and breathes all of the classic, instantly recognizable tropes of adventure fiction to its credit tropes are tropes for a reason their familiarity creates an ideal framework on which to hang a narrative, characters, and themes that may play into or challenge those tropes, depending on the author s goals this author wants to do both, and he succeeds his book is complex and simplistic, old fashioned and very modern.synopsis sibling mercenary leaders Monza and Benna Murcatto are betrayed by their employer during a meeting that ends in violence and murder the six people in the room besides the Murcattos plotters and bystanders alike must now die, and so a colorful band of miscreants are assembled for just that purpose thus the fun begins don t let the title fool you into thinking that this is a book of cunning feints and subtle plots and diabolical machinations far from it its characters may be cold blooded but Abercrombie serves his adventure yarn quite hot.the author is well known for his bleak world view and this novel is certainly of the same not a real hero to be found within these pages although there are plenty of characters who are truly complicated or at the very least, amusingly and or sympathetically depicted being forced to ride alongside such a cynical perspective could make for a depressing experience fortunately, the author s cynicism is matched by his ability to make his characters consistently entertaining and often surprisingly funny dark humor but still humor I appreciate that although a 600 page doorstopper, the book is far from a heavy one to read and is often an exciting, page turning experience rather that one submerged in the sort of fatalism that makes me less than eager to read what will happen next humor is the MVP in Best Served Cold and after that would come Abercrombie s skill at writing cinematic action sequences.unfortunately, there is a Least Valuable Player present and it is that incredibly aggravating flaw that seems to be prevalent across so much of modern fantasy and science fiction REPETITION ugh it is so frustrating to see smart, talented authors like C.J Cherryh, Patrick Rothfuss, Janny Wurts, George R.R Martin, Jacqueline Carey, C.S Friedman, Peter Hamilton, Connie Willis, and I m sure many , fall prey to the idea that their readers simply can t be trusted to remember traits integral to their characters, and so those traits and feelings are conveyed, via dialogue and thought processes, over and over and over, again and again and again and again and AGAIN readers are not idiots who need to be repeatedly reminded about important details because their tiny little minds don t have the capacity to retain an important piece of information over the course of the book repetition does not make the heart grow fonder it make the mind grow numb.but back to the compliments because despite that glaring flaw, I still loved reading this book so I m a secretly sentimental sort of chap and despite my cynicism about people and life in general, I still believe that deep down most of us actually recognize the difference between good and evil, feel guilt about negative actions, and genuinely strive to be good when that s possible I doubt many people get off on their villainy happily, Abercrombie shares my point of view and only the most superficial read of his books would enable a person to come away thinking that the author writes everyone as a villain assholes, yes villains, no like his First Law trilogy, Best Served Cold has protagonists who try to do good despite themselves and who do attempt sometimes too late to make up for regrettable actions they regret things, they try to make amends, they see the need for change even when they are also alienated or bloodthirsty or Machiavellian I hate cheap positivity but I hate cheap nihilism even this novel has all the appeal of a dark, cynical adventure novel set in a bleak, war torn landscape, but it still has a warmly beating human heart at its center I wouldn t have loved it otherwise.also, nice parallel between Monza and the prior books Glokta clearly this type resonates with the author cynical cripples who are super deadly and of course terribly misunderstood and beautiful or at least once beautiful poor Glokta anyway, I could read of this type.

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    It was good but it wasn t great like the trilogy The character interactions were what made the book The plot was lacking and his writing style has never been smooth It entertaining from an action point of view and you don t have to wait for it From the prologue on it s battle, guts and assassinations A killing smorgasbord.

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    I love these books especially listening to them on audio The narrator is just excellent and there is a little soundtrack with slashing swords which really sets the scene The only problem is that I do not get to have the paper copies with the oh so beautiful covers Best Served Cold is typical Abercrombie fare which means it is the epitome of grimdark If you do not enjoy gritty then you will not like his books Somebody dies unpleasantly on just about every other page and even the people who live are usually damaged and in pain of some kind Oh and the sex scenes are so far the other side of romantic.So why do I like it so much Because all of his characters are so well drawn, his writing is beautifully done, the story is smart, well paced and exciting and the world building is. well it just is The author never wastes time telling you about his world but it is there all the time and understood I still miss my favourite character, Glokta, but noticed several references to him in this book The Cripple is still greatly feared.Easily five stars for me and I am already looking forward to the next one.

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