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Daughter of the Flames quotes Daughter of the Flames, litcharts Daughter of the Flames, symbolism Daughter of the Flames, summary shmoop Daughter of the Flames, Daughter of the Flames be0b2241 Zahira Is A Young Woman Of The Conquered Rua People, Their Country Occupied By Another, Very Different Culture The Sedorne Zahira Is An Orphan And Has Been Raised To Despise And Distrust The Occupying Population, As Well As To Be A Devout Follower Of The Native Religion But Everything Changes For Zahira When Her Home And Foster Family Are Destroyed And She Finds Out Some Shocking Truths About Her Heritage And Real Family Realizing That It Is Up To Her To Do Something About The Violence And Upheaval That Are Tearing Her Country Apart, She Must Learn To Accept Her Sedorne Origins And Try To Bridge The Gap Between The Warring Cultures But When Her Own People Suspect Her Of Treachery For Her Ideas Especially After She Saves The Life Of A Sedorne Nobleman And Begins To Fall In Love The Epic Task Ahead Of Her Seems Insurmountable

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    Daughter of the Flames was quite a treat It really had a little bit of everything action, adventure, drama, political mystery, goddesses and the divine, romance if you can name it, it was probably there Marriott manages to balance all of these elements and create a fantasy that is not too overwhelming for the reader to understand But what I really enjoyed about most about this book aside from the awesome sparring scenes was the complexity of its characters and their interactions Though the romance in this novel starts out as pragmatic than anything, it was nice to see that the friendship forged out of circumstance slowly blossomed into something heartfelt and true Marriott does a wonderful job of layering each character with their own fears, wants, hopes, and dreams Nobody is good Nobody is evil Everybody is just doing what they believe they have to do in order to set things right Even King Abheron It is very rare for me to find a book where I sympathize with the villain as much as I do the heroine, but I found myself wishing that he could be taken to a therapist and helped Maybe if Dr Phil existed in this world less people would have died But it certainly made for an exciting read For the full review, please visit my blog

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    This book is perilously close to a full 5 stars Because I can t decide, I am for now, instead going to give it a glowing review and demand that you just go out and read the book The weakest part of this book and one reason it isn t getting an automatic 5 stars is the prologue I feel that Ms Marriott tried to tell us too much about her world all at once, by alternately giving the reader way information about the happenings of this world than we can currently handle and casually tossing out words, phrases and ideas that should have an explaination but don t Oh, that s right We all worship a glowing blue fire goddess called The Mother Anyway, I understand the desire to introduce your readers quickly and fully into the world you have created, but I do think this time, it could have been better That being said, I LOVED this book Zira Zihira is scarred Not an interesting mark in her hairline, or a clever little rose spot on her cheek No She has a huge, horribly noticable burn scar that almost completely covers one whole side of her face It almost cost her the eye Magically thank you fire goddess she can see No worries it isn t really a spoiler, it s all talked about in the prologue Oh ya, and she totally kicks trash She is like, fer real hard core When I was younger I wanted to be a ninja Who am I kidding I STILL want to be a ninja If I couldn t be a ninja, I totally wanted to be an indian warrior princess This girl has got it going on She gets to be it all A hidden princess not quite indian, but there are 2 differing ethnicities acting together here and she can fight you and win Bam, smack down I love that Marriott is able to write a truly strong heroine here who doesn t apologize for what she has to do, or what she has become Once she realizes who she really is the true ruler of her people she faces up to the challenge and makes the really tough decisions no one else seems able to make And she sticks with them Then, there is Sorin Who doesn t like this guy He seems pretty down to earth definitely a guy I d like to meet And, I love that Marriott doesn t take the easy way out with his character After the midnight mess no details, sorry I don t want an actual spoilers here Just read the book it would have been so easy for Sorin to experience no long term effects, but given the nature of the incident, it would have been unlikely, and would have cheapened the event So, she didn t She let the story take it s natural and logical course, made Sorin s character grow and expand around that and I think the story is stronger and meaningful because of that Oh, and her Uncle, the King Lets no forget about him, shall we He is creepy And yet, I pity him And not in the way you pity villians because they are just such pathetic maggots that there is no emotional response left available to you No, I pity him because his character deserves the soft hearted genuine pity one gives to someone who has utterly lost their way, truly desires to find it again, but knows as do you that there is no redemption left for them A truly great villian, because there are moments of humanity and heart that shine out through the depravity and darkness Most of the supporting side characters are just as fun as those taking the spotlight Although many of them aren t fully developed and don t get a lot of screen time I left the book feeling like I knew them and that in the event that I needed them, they would have my back Sigh It s gonna really suck when I m in an awful position, in imminent danger expecting Deo or even Rashna to come riding to my rescue, only to realize Oh ya, they aren t real here The only other complaint I had with this book Stop reading if you don t want a mild spoiler that may or may not ruin a moment for you Although they initially married for convinience and the sake of the kingdom, it is obvious to readers and those who haven t gotten that far yet, because, come on What else would happen here that the pair, Zahira and Sorin fall in love, real love, happily ever after love, with each other But, neither one actually ever says the word to the other The closest Sorin comes is once to call her, My love I for one, would have liked the verbal affirmation Especially at the end They both probably know how the other feels, but who doesn t like to hear that every once in a while Suffice it to say that this book was wonderful I loved the characters Zahira is a strong character She is of the best kind, because she begins being strong in body and stable of mind and when the story ends, she is still physically strong although perhaps aware of her own mortality but she is now incredibly strong mentally and emotionally and she relies heavily on who she is.

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    I ve had my eye on Zo Marriott s second novel, DAUGHTER OF THE FLAMES, since I read Chelle s review lo these many months ago So I was happy to see it pop up on my Cybils reading list I ve read several books lately that have had an Asian Middle Eastern flavor to them and was surprised and very much pleased to find DAUGHTER OF THE FLAMES did as well This was my first novel by Ms Marriott and I was both looking forward to giving a new author a shot and in the mood for some traditional fantasy It s also worth it to point out the rather lovely cover this novel sports The flames and curlicues are swirlingly lovely, enough so that the fact that Zira doesn t look quite as I pictured her isn t any kind of stumbling block at all.Zira is a trained warrior A novice with a face full of scars and a forgotten past, she perches right on the cusp of her sixteenth birthday At the same time she anxiously awaits her superior s decision on whether she will join the ranks of the namoa or be sent to tend the temple livestock for the rest of her days Born a Rua, Zira belongs to a conquered people The Sedorne rulers overran the peaceful country of Ruan and the current king, Abheron, rules with an iron fist, encouraging his lords to crush the Rua under their feet But behind the deceptively peaceful temple walls, rebellion is in the wind When a surprising series of events lead Zira to save a young Sedorne lord s life, she is set on the path that will lead her to places she never expected, where, frankly, she would rather die than set foot But it is Zira s fate to be than she is, to combine the hopes and fears of two races in one body, and to be savior to a nation.I was drawn in very quickly There are all kinds of familiar fantasy elements at play here that Marriott handled quite well, wrapping them up in a nice bit of world building, full of heady descriptions of cuisine, vegetation, and light and shadow that had me salivating and oohing and ahhing at will Zira s past is appropriately murky and, when it comes to light, it is in no way surprising And yet Ms Marriott weaves in some interesting implications that keep you reading The same is true of the villain He is dastardly and despicable and, after one particularly grisly scene, I was convinced he was truly evil But he wasn t surprising or very complex, really, until about 250 pages in when his character development takes a truly masterful turn Literally between the space of one page and the next I was fully invested, desperate to see how these heretofore unknown layers worked their way into the plot to wreak havoc Unfortunately, this was a bit too late as there were only about 80 pages left in the book If only he d become interesting 100 pages earlier Because this book has a truly excellent climax, full of fighting and mayhem and excitement The romance followed the same lines I loved how unconventional it was, how it was all arranged as a matter of strategy and convenience and whether or not they might actually be capable of falling in love with each other was considered of only minimal importance This slow pace was delicious and I bought their hesitance and awkwardness and loved every minute But things began to fall apart at a certain point and I felt like this central relationship never quite got back its former fervor by the time the story wound to a close Despite these inconsistencies, there is some real talent here and I will definitely be picking up Ms Marriott s next book.

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    From inside jacket flap What if your deadliest enemy was the only one who could save you.In an ancient temple in the mountains, fifteen year old Zira trains in the martial arts to become a warrior priestess, defending the faith of the Ruan people Then terror strikes at everything Zira loves, and the only home she knows is destroyed byt the occupying forces of tyrannical King Abheron To survive, she must unravel the secrets of her identity, decide her people s fate and accept her growing feelings for a man who should be her enemy I ve been waiting for a new Zoe Marriott book ever since I read her first novel, The Swan Kingdom about a year or so ago Marriott is one of the authors that I ve come to count on when I need a good young adult fantasy book to read She may not be very well known, but she knows what she s doing when it comes to writing a satisfying book I really liked the main character, Zira She was a strong character, and even after she fell in love she was still independent and fierce there is nothing worse than a heroine who falls to pieces after she has found a big, strong man who sweeps her off her feet I am a romance junkie, but I still appreciate it when author s allow their female leads to have a brain I think that the cover of this book is really eye catching, but a bit of disappointment because the girl isn t a very good representation of a Zira She is missing a scar of her face that is important to the story lineRatings Out of 10 Plot 10Characters 10Writing Style 10Romance 10Original 10Total 50 50 A

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    Its been a while but I remember why I wanted to read this book Firstly for the main girl she sounded like a strong heroine that can really hold her ground Secondly because of my brother Now he doesn t read books like this but I remember how he used to always say call himself Lord of the Flame I think he got it from some movie So the name Daughter of the Flame caught my eye.I was really hoping to love this book but I was kind of disappointed Part of it had to do with the main girl At first I thought this is exactly the kind of girl I want on my team but then in the middle she really just turns to mush I understand it s stressful to be responsible for so many people and being so young too but she cries an awful lot and doesn t know what to do about anything I think the love interest is making most of the shots and that would be fine if he was the ruler of her people but he s not In the end though she shows what she s made of I like the guy too, just as a side note.Another part was the villain is just all kinds of wrong He isn t scary, not really and his reason for doing what he did doesn t make sense to me He just does bad stuff just because it s his fate it s what he is good at , that s the most pitiful excuse I ve ever heard Sorry that might have been a spoiler, buuuut I don t really think so I can say I thought he was creepy though, yeah he s creepy alright.I could be okay with the first half because I could understand Zirah to some extant, I was just kind of disappointed is all and the villain just seemed strange Other than that the setting, the culture, religion, and secondary character all very interesting.

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    This has been a theme for me lately and I really should learn from it do not judge a book by its cover And let me tell you, this book s cover is spectacular, I mean really, it s beautiful The book itself, however was boring.There was nothing particularly wrong with the story The writing dragged a bit at times, but it wasn t bad The plot was just the same old fantasy rehash I notice Marriott thanked Diana Wynne Jones for writing The Tough Guide to Fantasyland but, really, wasn t the whole point of the guide to help you not fall into clich s when writing Because this plot was all about clich s Orphan girl discovers she s the last of a royal line, has a great fate to lead her people but must first learn, blah blah blah Now, I don t mind that storyline at all because as it is known there are 7 basic plots and every story will follow them somehow And that s alright because the characters will pull you into the story You ll root for them, you ll want them to succeed I didn t feel much of anything for Zira I didn t dislike her, I didn t like her in fact I didn t feel much of anything for any of the characters in the book Not even one I was actually kind of hoping for some kind of tension between Zira and her should be enemy love interest, but he, as well as their whole romance view spoiler which can t even be called that because it all boiled down to You saved my life, I owe you Hey, remember how you owed me, I m here to collect Btw I m a princess Oh, we should get married Ok I mean, now that I think about it, it was kind of like Bruno Mars Marry You, I know I m just throwing shade at this point, but really, it hide spoiler

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    Daughter of the Flames opened beautifully Readers enter into a vibrant new world where the unfortunate people have been suppressed by a brutal tyrant The dynamics of this novel were wonderful Marriott s style is lightly reminiscent of the classic fairytale of old The characters each had distinct personalities, especially the heroine, Zira.The passion that Zira feels for what she believes in shines through Daughter of the Flames But the truly captivating aspect of her personality is how she learns to not let her passion override her sense Zira s emotional growth in this novel was remarkable She begins the story seeing the world only as an individual would, but by the end, she is able to view things by looking at the whole of a situation and at what is best for the general good.Other characters display depth even the villain of the story has a story to tell Marriott did a wonderful job in Daughter of the Flames The bright fantasy had a soft but heady scent of fairytale, which complemented the tone delightfully Modern girls will love this novel, particularly readers who are fans of heroines with a backbone Zira never once gave into the unfortunately common damsel in distress syndrome, and the readers will be left with a marvelous sense of empowerment.Daughter of the Flames is highly recommended by the NSCGs.Reviewed by Bella Aire for The Not So Closet Geek site

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    Oh Zo Marriott the ways I adore you Let me get this out of the way I am an absolutely massive Zo Marriott fan Truthfully I have loved every single one of her books Daughter of the Flames was my emergency read, like that book you keep when things get on top of you and you need escape and comfort I d been saving it for years.If I was comparing Daughter of the Flames to Zo Marriott s most recent Name of the Blade Trilogy then there differences I mean Zira s story was Zo s second book and published in 2008 but the Zo Magic as I call it is there.All the things that I adore so much are there The characters, the world building, the captivating writing, the way I ve never yet managed to just read one chapter but always end up reading the whole book in one sitting.Daughter of the Flames might classed as YA Fantasy but actually I think it s a story that would be enjoyed as a fantasy read by anyone It s strategic and political with magic, love not just the romantic kind and swords.

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    The basic plot here is a fairly cliche high fantasy lost prince ss vs usurping tyrant set up, but Marriott does manage to add some original elements to make it her own Zira and Sorin were fairly solid main characters, and I liked that the author did not break down the two sides in the conflict along strictly national ethnic boundaries although I think the country of Sedorne could have used some development Most importantly, I was glad to see Marriott improving as an author the writing and structure here are much tighter than in her debut The Swan Kingdom.

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    Daughter of Flames is a stand alone, which seems to be harder and harder to find in YA nowadays It does have a companion novel which has other characters in it, but it isn t necessary to read that one to enjoy this one While I liked that about it, it was also a drawback because I felt the story was a little rushed at times This book could have gotten five stars from me if it had progressed at a slower pace through certain parts For example, I wanted to experience how Zahira and Sorin got closer and I felt like we were mostly just told that they did Other than that I have no complaints The book was hard to put down and I loved the characters.

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