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    After I Do A Marriage Map by P.J LaRue Common sense advice about relationships, from the heart.Before I write the review I must confess something I m not married and I m not in a relationship at the moment I m not sure if that qualifies me or disqualifies me completely from writing this review, but I ve already warned you If you want to read on, it s up to you.Having said all that, I have to confess I loved the book Like all advice, one can take it or leave it And Oscar Wilde already told us that the thing to do with good advice is to pass it on That one should never use it oneself I don t agree although understand the sentiment.P.J LaRue explains her reasons for writing the book She is aware of the statistics on the survival of relationships and observes that although her marriage seemed to have many numbers for not working, it has so far for over thirty years As people kept asking her and her husband for the recipe, that got her thinking, and as she is a writer, she thought she d write a book about it.The author s advice is common sense, but not for that less valuable She reflects on what she calls Starter Marriages and observes that if there is no true commitment to a relationship from the beginning you might as well not even bother If you re going to give up at the first hurdle, don t get in the race She also emphasises the importance of communication, true communication, and she highlights the elements she thinks are necessary for such communication to exist honesty, be open, listen, never trash talk, don t play games, whisper sweet nothings, choose your words carefully, change requires self awareness, change takes effort, compromise, tone, body language, golden rule and R E S P E C T Other than whisper sweet nothings I d say they are very good principles to follow in any communication, but even important when the communication is with your loved one.If the advice is sound, as I say, what I found touching and it is a touching book was how the author uses her own relationship as a yardstick and example of both the things to do and the possible pitfalls, the type of problems that relationships experience She is candid and honest when talking about her personal difficulties and the trials that they have had to go through and they re still coming to terms with It might be that some of the ideas exposed in the book yes, I m talking about her stance on sex in relationships might sound old fashioned, and she herself acknowledges that, but just because something is old or has been said before it doesn t mean it is wrong You can always decide what parts of the advice you think should apply to you, but if you can be as selfless and insightful as the author is after you read it, I guarantee you will have a much better chance at making your relationship work.I was given a free copy of the book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    I purchased my copy of this book directly from the author because I wanted a signed copy I did not get it for free and so does not cloud my objectivity.There are a great many books out there giving advice on what to do before you get married, how to keep your sex marriage alive, what to do when you reach the 7 yr itch, how to sustain a happy life, etc., ad nauseum Philosophers, psychiatrists, psychologist, sociologists, talk show hosts, friends of friends, media specialists, judges, doctorsoh you name it, a someone has an advice book for newly married, soon to be married or the long term bored married No one has managed to get down to simple brass tacs Until now.PJ LaRue offers a very short, simple and I do not mean that in an unintelligent manner , brutally but sensitively honest look at how her 30 yr marriage has survived, how she and her husband met the years and overcame certain trials The clever use of making a map of the years is a great hook for the book but truthfully, the heartfelt, open insights are what sells it.PJ offers truth So it is truth that you ve heard before, right Ah, but the stories behind the truths are what makes this little book very special PJ takes advice and makes it human and relatable based on real events That s rarely done in all the how to books I have a great marriage and didn t think I could learn anything from this fast read But, I was reminded of some very key elements that make my marriage strong and what makes PJ so clever with her book That sometimes love and patience and heart are not enough You need a good solid dash of common sense to make sure you can always find your way on the marriage road.Anyone thinking of getting married, newlyweds or even those married 50 years would enjoy and need this delightful, personal insight to making it work

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    This is a quick little read I, mistakenly, thought it was a short story It is really a bunch of marriage advice from the author from her personal experience While these tips are interesting, I am sure great for couples, as a single I did not get as much out of the read I kind of hoped for of the back story and the romance of them meeting Then about the current health struggles and moments that kept them together.I was hoping for a story and this is an instruction manual or tip sheet I listened to the audiobook narrated by Amanda Young, who was delightful I definitely want to look for of her reads, she kept me listening to a book that did not really interest me Great vocal tone and an efficient pace throughout It would be interesting to hear how she tackles actual characters in a read If you found this review at all helpful, please take a moment to let me know I love reading and sharing my opinions with other readers I listen at double speed, all my impressions of the narration are from that setting Thanks for taking the time to read my review You can see audiobook reviews on my blog www.eargasmsaudiobookreviews.com

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    GOOD THINGS COME IN SMALL PACKAGES We re all heard of the For Dummies series of books, so naturally you ve guest there s one which deals with marriage and like the others in the series, each one is about 350 pages long The one which deals with marriage has 384 pages.P J LaRue s After I Do A Marriage Map, however, is a quick fun read which I feel should be read than once I read it twice in a day And after reading it, I believe, the book cuts to the chase and gives its readers everything they really need to know about this thing we call MARRIAGE The book, written in a straight forward manner, and based on her experience, gives us what works The advice she gives crosses all religions, ethnicities, and races the good times and the bad.Unfortunately, as LaRue told us in the beginning of her book, half of all marriages end in divorce This in all probably is, I feel, due to the adversary relationship present in many cases from the start.There are many marriages in which the woman believes she can change the man she s about to marry from the way he is remember, she s marrying him because of the way he is into what she wants him to be like So naturally, as she walks down the aisle towards the altar while listening to the hymn being sung these three things repeat continuously in her mind AISLE ALTAR HYMN Just repeat these words a few times in your mind And as she approaches the altar, the groom stands there, looking at his bride, while in the back of his mind he thinks of what his married friends have told him about life after the honeymoon.Here comes the bride.There goes the groom.Boy, he s going to get it after the honeymoon.So given the above, it s easy to tell why some marriages wind up on the rocks.This is why I ve not hesitated in giving it 5 STARS.Please be advised, I ve received a signed copy of the paperback edition of this book, after winning a contest the author held on FaceBook This review has been my honest opinion.Robin Leigh Morgan is the author of I Kissed a Ghost , a MG YA Paranormal romance novel.

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    After I Do A Marriage Map should be must reading for every newlywed couple It talks about what marriage is really like No, it might not be the fun of the courtship period, but to have a life long partner that you can count on to be there during life s ups and downs is priceless This is one woman s story of how she and her husband have weathered different storms As a marriage therapist, I know that Mrs LaRue s advice applies to any marriage Caroline Madden author of How to Go From Soul Mates to Room Mates in 10 Easy Steps

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    After I Do A Marriage Map was an interesting take on the value of modern day marriages and what makes them work Like the author, I believe in the substance of a solid, strong commitment This book is a wonderful read for adults, especially those who aren t married yet but wish to make that beautiful bond with another soul someday.The author uses her own personal experiences, memories and struggles to portray the importance of a loving, long lasting relationship I thoroughly enjoyed living through her eyes to understand the importance of communication, understanding and what it truly means when a husband and wife utter those everlasting words through sickness and health and until death do us part I really enjoyed reading this book.

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    This book is essentially a common sense map, BUT I think all people getting ready to get married should read it because not everyone will have a chance to get this common sense information in their lives prior to the big day It only took me 30 minutes to read The only thing I would like to have added was a detailed chapter about children The author does touch on it, but as her and her husband decided not to have any of their own she didn t feel she could really comment on it in depth Overall it is a very useful book I think a copy should be in every library, church office, and counselor s office.

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    A couple of my slugs married and it didn t work out, if only they d had After I Do by P.J LaRue then maybe it would ve all been very different With 30 years experience, P.J Larue provides some good old common sense from her own personal experiences and little anecdotes to give that extra intimate touch They always say you should write what you know and P.J LaRue has certainly done it here Highly recommended for anybody, slug or not, preparing to commit or already involved.

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    After I do is a wonderful book full of insights and stories of a successful marriage In a society where half of all marriages end in divorce, this book is a nice reminder of simple common sense tricks and techniques to survive common pitfalls.

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    Very Inspiring for me Since I ll be getting married next year

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