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We Walk Alone summary We Walk Alone , series We Walk Alone , book We Walk Alone , pdf We Walk Alone , We Walk Alone 53335980f3 We Each Are But A Grain Of Sand On A Beach, A Cog In A Great Time Piece We Are Surrounded, Yet Solitary, Wanting To Be Part Of The Whole While Aching To Be Individual We Search For Those Special Connections, Reaching Out With Hope But Holding Back With Trepidation, Our Hearts Wanting One Thing When Our Minds Are Saying Something Different Yet Within This Battle, Despite The Scars, We Somehow Manage To Find Love, Hope, Companionship, And Purpose, Ultimately Without Surrendering Our Ability To Find That Necessary Peace Within Ourselves We Walk Alone Examines The Journeys We Take In Our Head It S About The Struggle To Connect With People And The World Around Us

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    Short and sweet If you enjoy brevity and poetic insights into the imperfect intricacies of love, loss, and life, this is the book of poetry for you.Lengthier analysis This collection of poetry has something for everyone Whether you re looking for light hearted wit, rhyme and rhythm, sexual innuendo and double entendre, rich emotions, metaphor, and imagery, or just relatable content, you ll find it somewhere in the book, and that is what makes it great One of the first things you ll notice is the author s use of clever formatting think E.E Cummings, but pointed There are several examples of this type of poetry in the book, and each was written in a way that forces you to pause and reflect upon the words presented in a manner you might not have thought of otherwise The next thing you ll notice is the way Mariah manages to capture big thoughts in small passages Although, at a glance, you might suspect otherwise, there is no lack of depth or profundity in the poems themselves, despite most being relatively short in nature This is a pleasant surprise, and a feat any fellow poet can admire.Love and loss are explored frequently in the book, as the title might suggest, and the poems range from sweet, tender musings, like the first tendrils of a new love or friendship, to frank, sometimes jarring descriptions of heartbreak, and, at last, to the detached observations of the love lives of others from the perspective of a narrator who is bitter and alone The book s undercurrent of transition from childhood to adulthood, sometimes paradoxical in nature childlike observations and imagery in one poem and the dashing of childhood ideals upon the sharp cliffs of reality in the next , is, perhaps, a reflection upon life itself being a perpetual clash of past and present the only constant being change, and one s own self The effect is a sense of nostalgia, or the sensation of flitting in between dream and awake Overall, this book was an easy, pleasant read The author s tone is like a paperweight tied to a balloon her head may, at times, drift among clouds, but her feet are planted firmly in the ground, barefoot, toes sifting through the dirt Closing notes I love poetry I read, write, and even seem to breathe it at times As such, I have a great appreciation for a poet s ability to reach through their words to touch an audience Poetry should be like an old friend something to awaken feelings that have been lying dormant, and introduce you to thoughts you wouldn t have considered on your own We Walk Alone, by Mariah E Wilson accomplishes that effortlessly Disclaimer I was fortunate enough to receive an advanced review copy of this book in exchange for a fair and sincere review.

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    It s almost impossible for me to review my own work, of course I love it, it s mine I write because I love to and my only hope is that some of you out there like my work In this book there s a poem titled We Walk Alone The book centers around this idea, this realization that though we may walk the same path as others, we re all alone in the end That s a line that I first heard on True Blood It stuck with me, it resonated somewhere down inside me and it just made sense.Not one other person on this planet can have the same exact experience as me Even if they experience it with me, their experience will be entirely their own So, though we are all connected and even if we share a road, the journey is entirely our own.

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    I was given a PDF copy to read this morning I would just like to say, first off, I love sharing the same first name with a wonderful person A bit on the side, haha AnywaysMy review is nothing but greatness I ve never read poems such as these They remind me of Shel Silverstein s works So simple, yet so complex.The words ring in your ears as you read through.I will definitely buy myself a copy once it is released.

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    Sent to me in a surprise package from the author about two months ago, I FINALLY got around to reading it This is full of some complex, thought provoking poems, so naturally, I loved it My favorite in the collection is the title poem, We Walk Alone because even though I am surrounded by loving family and friends, I almost always feel like I am walking this world alone I have been in a reading slump the past few months, and I m noticing that poetry usually helps me get out of them, so here s hoping I hope everyone who wants to, checks out this collection

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    This review first appeared in The Compulsive Reader The poems in We Walk Alone by Mariah E Wilson, remind me of the great writer John Edgar Wideman s description of one of his characters in his Damballah Wideman writes, He has the gift of feeling Things don t touch him, they imprint Wilson, too, has the gift of feeling Things don t touch her, they imprint For evidence, read her poetry.In You Remind Me, Wilson warns that the universe can be heavy on your shoulders 15 One gets the sense that this weight comes about due to lost, a song of things forgotten and love gone too soon Too Soon, 10 Lost is a prominent theme in the collection It is what Wilson does with this theme, and others in the collection, that brings a sense of magic to her work Wilson is a dexterous writer, her pen is a scalpel that incises the human emotions in concise ways And in doing so, she takes ownership of her feelings not allowing them to power over her, or the reader.This sense of control is eloquently posits in poems like Not for Sale and in The Myth of You Wilson affirms her self worth in the two pieces, stating in the latter but you take to the wind your empty laughter your strange self your smoke rings were never really here anyway 30 Therefore, Wilson seems to encourage, self preservation or survival should be a natural consequence of a lost, as in a relationship One of my favorite pieces in the collection that gracefully deals with the theme of pressing forward is Holding it in 32.Life,A seriesOf pregnant pausesAll waitingFor the nextBig MomentTo exhaleThe poem gives the impression that whatever it is that one maybe going through in life, it is a pause, and life will move you into the next moment She wants you to take a pause in the moment a behavior that is yogic and know that life is moving you forward.I must admit that I, at times, enjoyed the shorter poems in the collection compared to the longer ones Maybe this affinity is biased in nature I have a thing for brevity But I do believe that Wilson is a poet that does with less I look forward to reading of her work, and do recommend that you pick up this latest collection.

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    Review to come This collection is gorgeous

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    I received an ARC PDF copy in exchange for an honest review In her debut book of poetry Mariah explores how even in all our connectedness there is still a part of us that walks alone I love the use of imagery in her poems with Conversations In The Rain, Linger, We Walk Alone, Dandelion Daydreams, Broken Toys, The Echo Remains and One Night being particular favorites Broken Toys reminded me so much of my brother and brought back childhood memories for me An enjoyable read and one that many can find themselves relating to.

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    I was fortunate to be given a pre release copy of this collection I should preface this review by admitting that I am generally not a fan of poetry It tends to go over my head the same way physic does However, I found this book to be excellent several of the poems spoke to me on a very personal level I found myself smiling through some poems, and tearing up through others I was deeply moved.I highly recommend adding this book to your collection, and personally am looking forward to reading by this author.

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    I was given a PDF of this today Such a beautiful collection of poetry The imagery is strong and the words stick with you I smiled when I read Conversations in the Rain because I ve been that girl standing out in the rain to feel something Another piece that stood out to me was Claire I especially loved the last stanza I m a poet myself but could never achieve the light atmosphere as Mariah does so flawlessly I feel like this is the kind of poetry book that I d go back to and make notes in all throughout my life.

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    This book is a great read

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