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  • Paperback
  • 92 pages
  • Are You Sure You Want to Love God?
  • Tony Yang
  • 10 June 2019
  • 9781497303683

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    I won this in a First Reads giveaway I read this book in less than two hours However, it s the type of book that affects your life and you ll still be thinking about in days, weeks or even years.It wasn t the most well written book that I ve ever read and I didn t completely understand many references to biblical texts being that I don t have a definite religion However, I think that it was quite interesting that the author drew primarily from his own life and experiences to explain his feelings for God Not only is the reader drawn into thinking about their own philosophical considerations about God, but the reader gets a little bit of insight to the life of Tony Yang and his family.I think that there are aspects in the book that might be improved if it were expanded My particular problem is that, as I mentioned briefly above, I don t understand all the biblical references The author treats the readers as if they already know the passages The other thing is my biggest question through much of the beginning and middle of the book is, what is this mystical O word on the cover of the book It turned out to be view spoiler Obey Obedience hide spoiler

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Are You Sure You Want to Love God? characters Are You Sure You Want to Love God? , audiobook Are You Sure You Want to Love God? , files book Are You Sure You Want to Love God? , today Are You Sure You Want to Love God? , Are You Sure You Want to Love God? 0333c When We Think About Our Love Relationship With God, We Tend To Focus On HIS Love For Us God Created Us In His Image God Sent His Only Begotten Son To Die For Our Sins God Will Send His Son Once Again To Take Us Home But What About OUR Love For God WHAT Exactly Does It Mean To Love God WHY Is It So Important And HOW Do We Love Him Tony Yang Answers These Questions Through A Bible Centered Approach, Weaving In His Personal Testimony With His Unique Storytelling Style His Conclusion Is One That He Least Expected The O Word In His Highly Anticipated Debut Book, Tony Yang Presents Key Questions And Answers Them With Such Simplicity, Using Easy To Follow Practical Applications With A Solid Biblical Foundation, It Also Educates, Encourages And Inspires, Leaving The Reader To Desire A Deeper Relationship With God

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