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About the Author: Karl Edward Wagner

Karl Edward Wagner 12 December 1945 13 October 1994 was an American writer, editor and publisher of horror, science fiction, and heroic fantasy, who was born in Knoxville, Tennessee and originally trained as a psychiatrist His disillusionment with the medical profession can be seen in the stories The Fourth Seal and Into Whose Hands He described his world view as nihilistic, anarchistic

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    I love the Kane books by Karl Edward Wagner, but I was tempted to rate this final volume even lower three of the best novellas already published in the previous volumes are gathered here with two shortish stories, so 80 % of the collection is recycled material and it just doesn t feel right to call this the sixth book of Kane It s like one of those Best of albums of popstars that pick of few hits and then put in a couple of new songs that didn t make it on the original release so they could make another sell with minimal effort The fans will buy it anyway, and it might even tempt some new listeners readers to take the plunge.So, even if I was dissapointed to find almost nothing new in the final Kane book, I would still recommend it to new readers All the six volumes can be read out of order, so it doesn t matter if you start at the end or at the middle Fans of the darker brand of Sword Sorcery mixed with horror a la Robert E Howard and of the flowery literary style of Fritz Leiber or Jack Vance should feel in familiar territory.Right now a top five of sword and sorcery for me would be Conan Robert E Howard Cugel Jack Vance Fafhrd Grey Mouser Fritz Leiber Kane Karl Edward Wagner Tempus Thieves Worldnext anti hero to check out that might break into the list is Elric of Melnibone I read only one of his books in the early 90 s and I remember I liked it a lot.

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    This is an excellent collection of Kane stories hard to come by Two of the stories, MISERICORDE THE OTHER ONE were new to me They re not included in any other collection that I know of I have most of Wagner s books.REFLECTIONS FOR THE WINTER OF MY SOUL Also the first story in Death Angel s Shadow This happens right after Dark Crusade Kane is pursued into a snow bound castle where a werewolf stalks the inhabitants Just who the wolf is who will survive is up for grabs.MISERICORDE new to me a great story with Kane at his brutal best An assassin for hire, Kane faces a great challenge against an impregnable fortress great magic.THE OTHER ONE also new to me Kane reveals his softer side in his care for a girl Told as a campfire story, the ending is not really unexpected, but no less brutal for all that.SING A LAST SONG OF VALDESE also in Night Winds Kane meets a girl on the road becomes part of strange eerie meeting RAVEN S EYRIE also in Night Winds On the night of the Demon Lord s moon, a badly wounded Kane takes refuge in an inn he sacked years before becomes embroiled in a dangerous situation that quickly spirals out of everyone s control.

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    I admit annoyance about at least the Gateway Orion edition and possibly all the editions , which shamelessly duplicates several stories from other collections It would take some effort to figure out which ones, if any, are unique.Of these, I d still peg Misericorde as the winner Kane obviously outclasses his opponents, but watching him work is still hugely entertaining, especially his urbane detachment and his desire to alleviate the ennui of existence with these interesting and artistic diversions And when you think it s finished, it s really not.Wagner struggles with dialog I can see how he is trying to adapt or translate the uncultured words of rough men into a corresponding modern vernacular, but the language used is too specifically a late 20th century urban American This rips apart the timelessness of language that most fantasy goes for, and it sometimes isn t even used consistently within a single story.Kane is at his best that s a relative term he is repeatedly proven to be a thoroughly awful person when his refinement and education come into play Not just in Misericorde , where he is thoroughly in the heads of his opponents, but in knowing the ancient language in Reflections or in the sudden understanding of circumstances in Sing a Last Song of Valdese or in the anthropological musings of The Other One , where he insufficiently researched his target.

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    Well then I guess that s about it I ve read all the Kane stories Loved every bit of them I m so sad there s no Kane is the best Much better than Wagner s horror fiction I ve read all of Wagner s Kane and all of his horror fiction but there still is a bit to finish up with So I ll head in that direction and I ll no doubt start re reading the Kane books again Darkness Weaves is calling my name Fantasy just doesn t get any better than Wagner s Kane It s pretty much perfect.

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    It s rare that we get exactly what we want Or, at least, for me it is The times when stories exceed my expectations are few, but here we have Kane, the Mystic Swordsman, whose few tales in this collection I devoured like candy And it s the best heroic fantasy type candy that I have encountered Everything feels just right here The stories are dark and gruesome, yet somehow fun and adventurous at the same time Kane is a unique superhuman who knows his world very well, and it s great watching everyone else try to catch up to him Sometimes they do get the best of him, but Kane does sensible things he works with what he has and he s patient Immortality will teach you to take those approaches, I guess I can t wait to read the rest of the Kane stories Leave it to a guy from East Tennessee to come up with some rockin fantasy, the likes of which you are not likely to encounter this side of the Hyborian Age.

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    A very nice edition of some of the Kane stories by Wagner The Kane tales are definitely worth seeking out in whatever version you can find them in.

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    It is not easy to rate, or review, a book like this now This is old school sword sorcery, iron thews and all, combined with flat out horror The first part of that equation is problematic in today s climate There is no denying that huge swaths of the subgenre are, at best, sexist, and Wagner knowingly wrote along these lines However, he also crafted some of the best SS put to paper, up there with Howard himself Wagner also wrote novels starring REH characters Conan and Solomon Caine.The prose is, especially in the earlier works, hammy and overblown in delightful ways that throw back to the category s pulp roots The style becomes subtler and refined in the later stories, but rarely loses that pulpy feel Wagner was capable of sophisticated prose, but he saw no need of it here The stories, too, are fairly simple, with few surprising twists, but are still satisfying.The character of Kane is a complicated issue He is the protagonist of most of these stories, but is in no way a hero He s a bad man, a murderer, thief, and rapist He has something resembling a code, though it is hardly a moral one For most authors, Kane would be a villain, and not even a complex one Wagner, however, pits Kane against foes just as vile and often less disciplined He also raises interesting issues rarely dealt with in anti hero narratives, specifically the evils influenced by the character s own actions No punches are pulled here Wagner knows violence and hate beget of the same, and uses that knowledge to both further and comment upon the narrative.All that said, if you just want stories of a muscle bound murder hobo doing exciting things, you re in the right place There are evil spells, undying vengeance, dark spirits, and gruesome violence here, all delivered with bloody cheer This is fun stuff all the deeper stuff is there if you want it, but you can just have a good time, too.Look, I liked this, and will be reading of the series, but I won t pretend this is an enlightened series Mileage will vary, but you will know very quickly where you stand.

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    Am I rating this too harshly Assigning a GoodReads rating to this book has made me question again just what I should be basing my judgement on Superficially, this is a non question The pop up GoodReads guidelines when you hover over those stars for the most part deal with emotional engagement did not like it , liked it , really liked it That should make rating things pretty easy My difficulty here is in judging whether I use those stars to reflect my feelings about the stories, the prose, or the book.Often, those three attributes will be so closely entwined that it would be unprofitable to even try and unpick them Here though, it s impossible not to The prose and the storytelling are of a standard that I ve come to expect from Karl Edward Wagner adequate, or slightly better than average, and imaginative and tightly paced, respectively The book thoughThis was the last of Wagner s Kane books to be published and I can only conclude from that that the author had already tired of his creation He lived for another fifteen years without returning to Kane in his writing Did his publisher insist on issuing this in order to capitalise on demand It s short, at less than 150 pages Despite that and although it slots roughly into the middle of the somewhat confused Kane chronology three of the five short stories contained had previously been published in other volumes Sing a Last Song of Valdese and Raven s Eyrie were both in Night Winds Reflections for the Winter of My Soul was a part of the first published Kane short story collection Death Angel s Shadow which slots into that tenuous chronology somewhere after this So, the stories themselves are good perhaps three or four stars on the meter The book though I feel misled and ripped off I definitely did not like that feeling That s one star.

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    This is old school swords and sorcery in all the best ways It has that classic feel dark, supernatural, violent and creepy, like an old castle ruin This is a collection of stories about Kane, a fabulous character, larger than life, but also enigmatic and not always predictable The writing style is rich and interesting These stories are well told, full of twists and turns I m looking forward to reading the books.

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    Classic Kane Solid collection of short novellas about Kane Several are especially gripping I enjoyed it very much Again, the prose are dense enough to invite skimming, but resist it This is very good writing.

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