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  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • The Cryptic Case of the Coded Fair
  • Barbara Tinker
  • 15 May 2019
  • 9780989792424

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    I was looking for a book with math content that might interest middle or high school students This was a fun book to read on cryptology It did have a lot of complicated concepts that may be difficult for some to follow I thoroughly enjoyed the book and enjoyed learning about some of the history of cryptology It seems to be written for a middle school audience, with pictures and a short length, but the reader would need to be able to grasp the concept of cryptology Perfect for the middle schooler or even upper elementary who loves brain games.

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    Disclaimer I received this book as a Goodreads giveaway on the premise that I would review it.Once again the Galactic Academy of Science must reach out to kids from the 21st Century to preserve the timeline This time Dr G is sabotaging the International Science Fair to crush the spirits of budding scientists and create a public impression that junk science is just as valid as real science Future teen Quarkum reaches out to two new field agents, Ella and Shomari.Shomari and Ella must travel through time to learn about cryptography and cryptoanalysis, codes and ciphers, so they can crack the coded messages Dr G is sending his minions while protecting their own communications From Julius Caesar s shift cipher to Whitfield Diffie and the public key, the experts of the past inform the children of the present to save the future.This is the latest in a series of children s books about science, with the framework of ethnically diverse youngsters traveling through time to learn about subjects firsthand The language is suitable for fourth graders on up, with difficult words defined in the text It helps that Ella and Shomari are very literate for their age and bright enough to bring up examples when they re appropriate.Important or notable words are emphasized with colored text, and the illustrations are good There s information on how to find codes and ciphers on the publisher s website if the reader wants to play along.There is some mild peril Dr G s minions aren t very threatening And the story acknowledges that there are difficult topics that come up in the past, such as slavery, religious discrimination and sexism, which hinder or offend the children from time to time However, they are treated as problems of the past, with no mention of such topics in the present.Like many kids, I went through a codes and ciphers phase, and this book would have been fascinating to me then Check out your school or public library.

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    Disclaimer I received the book from Goodreads First Reads.The book is part of a series called the Galactic Academy of Science The book I received came with a small brochure of the other books in the series, where each book aims to teach readers about a specific topic This book had a focus on cryptography The book focuses on Shomari and Ella, two bright kids who are suddenly called in by Quarkum, a boy from the future, to help prevent Dr G, the antagonist, from sabotaging an International High School Science Fair To do so they take a time travelling device and visit famous cryptographers in history, from Ancient Rome 54BCE to 1975 Palto Alto I had a rudimentary knowledge of cryptography and I was quite impressed by the number of encryption methods that were introduced in the 181 page novel The methods become harder to understand the you read, but I find that they are all well explained The authors have added examples to the tricky methods They also added links to the publisher s website with examples, which could be a potentially helpful resource to interested kids.The storyline falls flat There is some suspense and passable dialogue, but don t think this as a novel for reading, but of an engaging textbook.

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    This book has a well developed story filled with mystery, continuing challenges, history and laced with danger The science of coding messages as it developed throughout history was interesting and complicated Each level of cryptic messaging added was also overlapped and used in different ways This is a book to be purchased, kept, and utilized along with the www.tumblehomelearning.com website for younger children, this book would be best read with an adult and the different codes practiced with support For older students, I can see this book as a step to delving deeper into code languages The ATOS reading level of this book is upper 5th grade, as determined by submitting a reading sample to the Renaissance Learning website A comprehension reading test for this book available from the publishing company but not yet available through Renaissance Learning.

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    Benson and Anita need help solving a mystery So they recruit two of their friends, Ella and Shomari Some new computer codes might destroy their science fair So they head back to the past to learn about coding in hopes of saving their fair.If you want your children to learn math and science while falling in love with reading, then check out this book The entire series is filled with adventure, mystery, and suspense while teaching children about different aspects of science My 3rd grader loved the book and talked about several of the new science facts he learned while reading I read the story myself and was very impressed with the presentation and flow It was fun for me to read as an adult, so I know that kids will love it.I received this book free of charge from Tumblehome and JKS Communications in exchange for my honest review.

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