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The Prophet of Yonwood explained The Prophet of Yonwood, review The Prophet of Yonwood, trailer The Prophet of Yonwood, box office The Prophet of Yonwood, analysis The Prophet of Yonwood, The Prophet of Yonwood 7c9d Nickie Will Grow Up To Be One Of The First Citizens Of The City Of Ember But For Now, She S An Eleven Year Old Girl Whose Father Was Sent Away On Some Mysterious Government ProjectSo When The Opportunity To Move Presents Itself, Nickie Seizes It But Her New Town Of Yonwood, North Carolina, Isn T What She D Anticipated It S A Place Full Of Suspicion And Mistrust, Where One Person S Visions Of Fire And Destruction Have Turned The Town S Citizens Against Each Other Nickie Explores The Oddities Around Her Her Great Grandfather S Peculiar Journals, A Reclusive Neighbor Who Studies The Heavens, A Strange Boy Who Is Fascinated With Snakes All While Keeping An Eye Out For Ways To Help The World Or Is It Already Too Late To Avoid A Devastating War A Prequel To The Modern Day Classic The City Of Ember This Highly Acclaimed Adventure Series Has Captivated Kids And Teachers Alike For Almost Fifteen Years And Has Sold Over MILLION Copies An Alternate Cover For This ISBN Can Be Found Here

  • Paperback
  • 289 pages
  • The Prophet of Yonwood
  • Jeanne DuPrau
  • English
  • 05 June 2017
  • 9780440421245

About the Author: Jeanne DuPrau

Jeanne DuPrau spends several hours of every day at her computer, thinking up sentences She has this quote taped to her wall A writer is someone for whom writing is harder than it is for other people Thomas Mann.This gives her courage, because she finds writing very hard So many words to choose from So many different things that could happen in a story at any moment Writing is one tough

10 thoughts on “The Prophet of Yonwood

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    This book was horrendous The whole time I was reading it, I kept asking myself, This is really the prequel to the City of Ember I can t believe that the editors at Random House actually allowed Jeanne DuPrau to be so self indulgent That s what it felt like, reading this book, as though DuPrau was less interested in telling the story of how Ember came to be and about forcing her political views down the reader s throat DuPrau spouts off during the whole book about random nonsense OKAY, we get it already, WAR IS BAD.Reading these books as an adult, I realize the allegory I realize it and I understand it, and in The City of Ember and The People of Sparks, I appreciated it There were times when I felt that DuPrau was overstating things issues were presented simplistically, whatever I understood that because I also understood that these books were written for an upper elementary school reading audience However, The Prophet of Yonwood, also an allegory, was ridiculous None of the characters were likable Nickie and Grover seriously pale in comparison to Lina and Doon.Nickie was an immature and annoying main character She s eleven years old and one of her goals at Greenhaven is to fall in love I don t buy it Compared to Lina, Nickie is a wishy washy brat She blindly accepts Mrs Beeson s request to spy around and report back anything bad Nickie supposedly has a thirst for knowledge, but apparently is confused as to what to do with this knowledge and can t handle making a decision on her own as to whether or not people are good or evil I couldn t even force myself to feel sympathetic when Otis is taken away along with the other dogs because DuPrau was busy trying to force me to feel sympathy I can t drum up sympathy for a character I don t like and think was only getting what she deserved.The utter randomness of this book was also off putting Random teenager and her dog lives in the attic Why Nickie finds a picture of Siamese twins who visited Greenhaven Why Nickie s great grandfather s journal mentions a mysterious vision Why Nickie finds a letter written in a strange manner, as though to conceal portions of the message, or to conserve paper Why Some people in Yonwood are condemned to wearing noisy bracelets Why There is an albino bear in the woods Again, why DuPrau takes the reader on these absurd sidetracks with no explanation Why is any of the above important Why am I supposed to care about any of it Stop wasting my time.I would feel comfortable allowing the students with whom I work middle school age read the first two novels in the Ember series, but there s no way that I would recommend The Propet of Yonwood Children can t separate DuPrau s prejudices against religion from the story Children can t come away from the story and form their own educated opinion I, however, can, and I thought this book was utter crap I ve heard there will be a fourth book of Ember and that it will return to Lina and Doon s story I will probably pick up a copy and start to read it, just because I like Lina and Doon, but if DuPrau starts going off on her pointless tangents, I don t think I ll force myself to finish it like I did with Yonwood.

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    Meh I really enjoyed the first two last two books in DuPrau s trilogy, and was excited about reading this prequel I have to say, though, I felt like I was reading something that had been written by a liberal Democrat frustrated with the takeover of the evangelical right and defense contractors in modern American politics And I say this as a liberal Democrat who is currently frustrated with the takeover of the evangelical right and defense contractors in U.S politics But YA fiction is not the space to pontificate it should be a place where young and not so young adults can exercise their brains by leaving behind their preconceived notions The strengths of Duprau s first two books were suspense and paradigm shifting, if I can use the cliche Yes, the books are mysteries of a sort, but they re also glimpses into a world that is very much OUR world, but a world where people understand social and political rules very differently than we do That s what made the books so interesting If I wanted to be brainwashed, I d watch Fox News or read the Slate.The Prophet of Yonwood, as other reviewers have mentioned, fell flat The story was okay for awhile, but quickly devolved into a small town dystopian nightmare Not quite the same thing DuPrau s first two books had going for them It would have been stronger had DuPrau not abandoned the themes she d already established in favor of a presentist minded discourse about terrorism, fear, violence, and evangelical military groupthink Not that I think she s all that far off the markit just wasn t terribly successful as a prequel, in my opinoin And the Afterword was terrible I m sorry, but finishing off a trilogy with an Animal House ending doesn t do it for me Glad to know that Grover became a famous snake guy Glad to know that Nickie survived the nuclear holocaust 50 years down the road But so what What happened to making a new world All that said, the Otis storyline was really cuteand then really powerful If she had focused on that, this would have been a better stand alone book.

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    I read this because I d read the first two books in the City of Ember series and enjoyed them this is the 3rd book and a prequel to the events in Ember, so I expected a good story about why the city of Ember was built and how it all began Instead, this book introduced eleven year old Nicki, who moves to her great grandfather s old mansion in the city of Yonwood and discovers there is a woman regarded as a prophet living there, whose words are interpreted by another woman and the city follows her instructions accordingly, trying to be so good that evil wont come to their town The writing in the book is about the same as it was in the previous books that is to say, it is light, easy, and has a good tone I liked Nicki as the main character and I sympathized with her wanting to be good and do good I even thought the plot was decent the country may be on the brink of war, and everyone hopes that by following the prophet, they will be saved from destruction However, this book felt barely connected to the earlier two book in the Ember series It s not until the last two pages of this book that we find out how Nicki and her story tie in to Lina and her story in Ember In that regard, it s not much of an installment in the series Rounding out my complaints about this book is the fact the some of the most interesting aspects of the story are not fully developed For example, while exploring the mansion, Nicki finds old photographs and letters and even her great grandfather s old notebook that he recorded strange observations in These were interesting to read about, but we never get to find out their purpose or what, exactly, her great grandfather was recording or who the person he mentions in his writings is I wondered, what was the point of even mentioning these things if they go nowhere Just to pad the book and add another layer of charm about the mansion and area Futher, while I thought the story itself was decent, it was almost too much of a parable about religion and politics at times, and I hate reading fiction that the author uses as a venue to project his her political views, no matter what the view are unless, of course, these views are seamlessly intertwined with the narration and serve only to strengthen it which is not the case here The author s views are certainly present in The People of Sparks, but I overlooked it there in favor of the good story it encompassed In The Prophet of Yonwood, it is almost too much, and I was not able to get lost in the story enough to ignore it So, that was pretty irritating too One complaint Nicki goes to Yonwood with one of her goals being to fall in love What She s 11 I kinda rolled my eyes every time this was mentioned Overall, this was a decent installment in the series and I use that word lightly because, as I mentioned earlier, it barely ties in to the other books but nowhere near as enthralling as Ember or even Sparks If you re a fan of the series and want to keep reading, go into this book not expecting its plot to really coincide with the others This would have been so much better if it d focused on the events right before people went to Ember this book takes place 50 years earlier or even focused on the first people who went into Ember and how they coped This book ends in the epilogue where it should have begun

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    Too preachy and the connection to the other books is just tossed in at the end.

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    Even if you like the Ember books you should skip this one I had several problems with this book 1 I was expecting some explanation of why and how the Builders decided to hide away a group of people for 200 years This book instead is of a stand alone story about a girl who happens to grow up the be the journal writer from City of Ember From this book we learn that it was built because of fear of war and the cave was in California Two very trivial bits of info.2 Jeanne DuPrau brings up several ideas then goes nowhere with thema Nickie receives coded messages from her father Groves like to enter sweepstakes contests including some that involve solving puzzles Do they collaborate together like Lina Doone Of course not Instead at the end we get a very flip oh yeah I figured that out already And really, her father risked sending a coded message and all it said was the name of the state he was in How dumb.b.Nickie s great grandfather leaves a notebook with strange writing but despite all the time spent on it the writings are never explained Again I was expecting to learn about the relationship of the great grandfather with McCoy Perhaps even opening up a relationship with Nickie and McCoy.c Related to b., Hoyt McCoy is involved in something mysterious The explanation if too strange and too short for something that appeared to be a major plot point I really didn t get it Did he really open up communication with aliens and that scared the Phalanx Nations 3 Nickie is 11 years old and one of her goals is to fall in love You have to be kidding me.4 The overt anti religious political message was very off putting for a YA book The idea that the Believers in City of Ember were dumb naive gullible was an irritating side story but it is the major theme of this book.

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    It was a mistake to write a prequel to The City of Ember books Or maybe it was a mistake to go back as far as DuPrau did It could have survived the abrupt change of cast if it had at least taken place in Ember, perhaps during the earliest years There are so many interesting questions to ask of the first generation of Ember How did they organize their government Handle money Assign jobs Deal with outcasts or criminals None of this is answered, though, because the prequel takes place before the city is completed and the main character is the daughter of one of the builders The book ends just as it s about to get interesting when, as an older woman, she is handed a baby and a new husband and sent underground I read the beginning and the end, and skipped the vast majority of the middle Maybe I ll try again one day, but at the time I had the final book in the Ember series waiting for me, and there was no way I was going to wait to get back to the characters I loved in order to read a prequel that basically had nothing to do with the rest of the series.

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    This prequel was actually disappointing in comparison to The City of Ember and The People of Sparks It was too disconnected to these two books to be considered a prequel for my tastes The story line was not nearly as interesting as the other two books It does raise some interesting questions about blindly following the prophesies dictates of someone else because you think that person must be right instead of trusting your own instincts.

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    I was hoping for a book about the people who built Ember and why they decided to not teach them any technology or nation rebuilding skills This isn t that book This is the author s treatise on why the Iraq war is a big mistake and how religion only makes people fight There is hope in science and studying the stars than in saying prayers The story was engaging, but I m getting tired of the religious being treated as zealots and mindless sheep looking for any type of leader This book was a disappointment.

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    This should be called The prophet of Yawnwood I can overlook flaws in a book if the story and characters are interesting enough, but this was pretty boring and the main character was annoying My biggest problem is that as a prequel to The City of Ember , this book should have given us a clearer picture of the world before people decided to go into a city underground to save themselves from disaster The first two books hint at wars and terrorism and I was hoping that this one would give us In this book we still only get vague descriptions of war and terrorism The author could have done so much with this considering all the problems that our world could potentially face and the events in this book should have been much worse in order to set up the City of Ember scenario Instead this story centers around the life of an eleven year old girl and the small town of Yonwood which has been swept up in a wave of religious fundamentalism due to the visions of an elderly lady they call the prophet A few church leaders in the community have placed themselves in charge of interpreting the prophet s words and they end of making some pretty ridiculous laws for the town Nickie, the main character wants to be a good person and starts out thinking that this means obeying the laws, but throughout the book she does some soul searching and learns to think for herself and finds her own personal spirituality not based on organized religion This is a good message, but a message in a book only works if the book is actually good I think Ember and Sparks were successful because the author had limitations placed on her in creating the worlds presented in those books Within those confines she was able to paint very detailed pictures of what those worlds were like In Yonwood , the setting is basically our world maybe 20 years from now It s a much bigger world to imagine and there were a lot of places she could have gone with it She tries to go too many places and ends up going nowhere How disappointing

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    When I finished this book, I was left feeling a bemused combination of huh and so what feelings which had been growing on me since the beginning of the book.In the first two books of the Ember series, there are deep and thoughtful morals that can be drawn, but this book s message was glaringly overstated The heavy handed moralizing in Yonwood made for a plodding pace and an anticlimactic conclusion Worst of all, while there were several interesting clues throughout the book her great grandfather s notebook and the mysterious vision he had and his references to M , the sky splitting open , Nickie s father s mysterious post scripts, etc , there was absolutely none of the engaging, endearing detective work and puzzling that I loved so much in the rest of the series These clues either never lead to anything the notebook , lead to nowhere the sky splitting open , or were solved without the reader s having the privilege of following the characters as they worked out the clues the post scripts.Finally, I never really cared for Nickie because she didn t seem real to me Grover was a little interesting, but I was disposed to dislike him because when we first meet him he is something of a braggart The wrap up at the end felt rushed, and was a pretty lame tie in to the rest of the series All in all, this book was a huge disappointment.

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