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Some Ether: Poems files Some Ether: Poems, read online Some Ether: Poems, free Some Ether: Poems, free Some Ether: Poems, Some Ether: Poems 5fde0f4d4 Winner Of A Discovery The Nation AwardWinner Of ThePEN Joyce Osterweil Award For Poetry Some Ether Is One Of The Remarkable Debut Collections Of Poetry To Appear In America In Recent Memory As Mark Doty Has Noted, These Poems Are Than Testimony In Lyrics Of Ringing Clarity And Strange Precision, Flynn Conjures A Will To Survive, The Buoyant Motion Toward Love Which Is Sometimes All That Saves Us Some Ether Resonates In The Imagination Long After The Final Poem This Is A Startling, Moving Debut

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    I went out on a limb and bought a book of poetry based on the goodreads star rating of someone I don t know who seemed to have decent taste in obscure literature Plus, I am trying to make an effort to read living poets who write in English.Of Flynn s first four poems, three were about suicide, two referenced guns, two referenced painkillers by brand name and one mentions cutting himself It only got worse from there Blah blah my father is a bottle wrapped in a paperbag blah blah shelters, shitsville blah blah I eat all her percodans, to know how far they can take me, because they are there. blah blah she could whisper the wordburn I d turn to ash. Seriously This book strengthened all of the dismissive, prejudiced opinions that I hold about modern American poetry and how completely pathetic and unworth reading it is This guy has been published all over the place and awarded several prizes If I had just researched him enough to realize that he actually published a memoir called Another Bullshit Night in Suck City I would have suspected that he has no business writing poetry.There is rarely a reason for his language not to be presented in paragraph form as bad prose It is rarer for him to use italics effectively though he seems to think they have a place in most of his poems The language itself is thin He is too busy seeking to legitimize his composed proximity to suffering and ruin by cheap association with narcotics, suicide, violence and alienation to actually attend to the sort of details and feelings that make poetry real His love poems show this shortcoming particularly my tongue opened you soft birds let loose their grip on the earth like whiskey his kiss like whiskey tear away at the skin he can t even write a good poem about a girl eating a peachI only read the whole book because I had purchased it new, because it was short and because I wanted to have a solid foundation from which to offer criticism However, on a note that will hardly balance this review, his first two epigrams were very well chosen and I enjoyed Emptying Town enough to make two friends read it for the chuckle value of the closer not for the unimportant first stanza or the melodramatic second and The cellar machine whirring through the night seems to be about as good as he can write.Avoid.

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    This review is incomplete because I need to read Some Ether again This is not only the first book of poetry, but the first book period that I ve ever wanted to re read as soon as I finished it Okay want is slightly misleading I feel I need to read it again, just to fully understand and appreciate the whole thing But, as far as any sort of guiding recommendation, here s what I can offer not for the faint of heart Sorry, that s all I ve got More later.

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    this book gets better with second and third readings, and it succeeds because he s restrained as he s writing about these two people who have failed him as parents he never has to bemoan the fact that they re bad parents, only has to show the way their behavior has shaped his emotional experience and there you have it.poems in the first section cluster around living with his depressed and erratic mother before her suicide, and the following section shows him constructing a life in her absence he uses the same formula for the poems about the father, though he has less to work with the poems here are less powerful than those about the mother, but the overall effect of the poems as they inform and speak to each other is compelling as testimonies of survival, these are stellar, but than that, they are articulate, beautiful, seemingly unassuming poems that knock you back with their emotional charge.

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    Thanks to Erin for recommending this book to me Startling imagery Unflinching vision.

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    Some Ether by Nick Flynn Graywolf Press May 2000 Some Ether written by Nick Flynn is a collection of dark poems that seeks to revisit the tragedies of his childhood The speaker in each poem seeks deliverance as he is desperate to find love, understanding and closure to surpass the demons that haunt him It is evident that Flynn has grown from these life changing experiences, never allowing to be submerged into self destruction He uses words as a force to work though dealing with his mother s drug abuse and suicide, her promiscuity and his homeless father The veracity of his troubled family haunts him at a very young age In the poem Cartoon Physics, Part 1 Flynn clearly addresses how a child should not be subjected to adult realities so that it robs him of his innocenceTen year olds should stick with burning houses, car wrecks, ships going down earthbound, tangible disasters, arenas where they can be heroes You can run back into a burning house, sinking ships have lifeboats, the trucks will come with their ladders, if you jump you will be saved 24 Flynn illustrates such a sad reality of the disappointment a child feels when he is shorted by his parents and how deeply a child relies on his mother for love, guidance and acceptance The speaker in these poems do not illustrate a whiny, woe is me type of mentality I think this is Flynn s way of coping with his troubled childhood and give him the voice that was silenced or unheard This is his testament of survival I am sure readers are sympathetic after reading this collections but I think what Flynn wants readers to take from his written experiences is the strength and humanity he sought through reuniting himself to his past He wants to save me but we disagree from what My version of hell is someone ripping open his shirt saying, look what I did for you 20 In these lines from Emptying Town he is suggesting that although everyone will not agree on how to view other people s experiences, no one wants help by being pitied Flynn addresses his childhood with such dramatic language and imagery, with crude depictions of his mother and the male company she kept What allows for him to freely express these ideas is the use of free verse and figurative language These read like short narrative of an on going tale that chronicles his existence Each piece has a dark tone Themes of loss and longing run continuous through these pieces Nick Flynn s Some Ether is a staggering viewpoint of one man s experiences, told through the power of voice.

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    I loved Flynn s poetry book about bees Blind Huber It was gorgeous, and didn t exhaust the subject, which often happens with poetry books that have just one topic.Some Ether is also fantastic I read some of the poems from this book when it first came out because some of them were on Poetry Daily I don t think they featured the best poems I think the best poems in this book are the darker ones.Most of the poems in this book are about life with his mother, who committed suicide when he was young, and there are also some about his father, who was homeless None of the poems were about who took care of Flynn and his brother after the suicide, which gives this book even anxiety I feel like Flynn brings me, easily, so deep into his feelings So many people write about losing someone, but he wrote something new I haven t heard these poems before I feel so emotionally invested in these poems, I want to do research to make sure the poet is doing okay.The titles are mostly one word or a short phrase There are a lot of poems with fragments in the title throughout all the sections and subjects The stanza and line breaks are not regular, which contributes to feeling off balance There are gorgeous images, and good endings in the poems.My favorites from the book You moved me through each roomFragment found inside my mother Visible WomanTwenty Pound Stone This poem was posted as the answer when someone asked What are some good contemporary poets or poems

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    Some Ether is Nick Flynn s debut collection of poetry, winner of the PEN Joyce Osterweil Award 1999 , and an astounding work of beauty wrapped in a ball of pain.Flynn takes us on a journey through his childhood divorce parents, a troubled mother, strange men, and his mother s suicide Pretty dark stuff, but written with a sense of enlightenment The way he recalls these memories is so poetic and honest, it s what I hope to achieve every time I write but I m nowhere near as graceful.After I read the first poem in this collection, Bag of Mice, I was hooked Check it outI dreamt your suicide notewas scrawled in pencil on a brown paperbag, in the bag were six baby mice The bagopened into darkness,smolderingfrom the top down The mice,huddled at the bottom, scurried the bagacross a shorn field I stood over it as the burning reached each carbon letterof what you d writtenyour voice released into the nightlike a song, the micegrew wilder.

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    I really dig Flynn s style of poetry This combination of imagery and straight confessional autobio stuff is really breathtaking.

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    Some Ether is a downer Normally, I am one to cling to depressing topics as a form of art and expression you always get the best reaction from an audience that way However, when it comes to Some Ether I don t feel anything I could never connect to his words because it felt as though he, himself didn t understand them The book itself deals with suicide, death, loss of human contact and the inability to move on It is split into four sections that focus on his mother, before and after her suicide, his childhood and growing up, the relationship with his father, and finally ending with sex and love, or the distance from love.In this book it feels as though Flynn is too clever for his own good Trying too hard to be creative and write outline the lines.There were however, a handful of poems that I enjoyed and that were understandable My favorite poem in this book is Sudden It was one of the only times I understood what the speaker felt, the clear images, the beautiful, simplicity of language, painted the abrupt, resonating grief This was a poem that said with less, which is something that Flynn was desperately lacking throughout the rest of this book.This book is seemingly dismal, though I did not feel many emotions while reading it When I read poetry I want to feel something, and though Flynn has some very stunning moments, when I read this book of poetry I feel next to nothing.

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    Many do not know that Nick Flynn is a poet, in fact, I had no idea when I met him a couple years ago Some reviewers on Goodreads have criticized Flynn for his candidness about his life, and his parents which most know a little about from his other work, or from the film Being Flynn One reviewer even ranted that it was a poor me collection of poems about suicide, schizophrenia, and self harm I think these reviewers know little about poetry, and quite possible missed the point of this collection Sure, this collection stands on the line of tragedy, and sure the content is no holiday in Paris This is a traumatic collection, certainly no where near the melodramatic as some reviewers would have you believe , no where near heavy handed If anything, I fell in love the with tenderness of the language, and the gentle handling of harsh content In the hands of a novice, this collection could have run into common cliche , but Flynn is anything but novice I enjoyed this collection, at least as much as one chooses to fall into the trauma of another, accepting the pain that comes with reading such material Flynn s attention to the details that matter, and word choice that avoided the easy route, and called readers to look at the subjects in each section through different lenses This is a collection that leaves me uneasy, but it is the power of creating such a space that has left me still ruminating.

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