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    Ashby heads to Overhome Estate to try and get acquainted with her Overton ancestry and past She also is there for a purpose of being a caregiver to her young cousin over the summer Ashby soon finds out that there is much to this dark, dreary, yet huge and beautiful home that has been in her family for many a century There is another presence there, one that wants Ashby to help her and to help the truth come out This presence is Rosabelle Ashby learns that finding out information about Rosabelle is harder than she thinks No one wants to talk about her or will tell Ashby how she is connected to the house or the property Soon Ashby is learning things about her ancesters that are not very flattering and that make her wonder how safe she is at this wonderful Overton home With the subtle help of a housekeeper and old family friend Ashby soon discovers things she wishes were still unknown to her Now that she knows things will she be safe there Is there such a thing as knowing too much Can the people she has come to love and care for in this new place be trusted as much as she thinks What dark secrets lay on the Overhome Estate At what costs are people willing to keep those secrets hidden This was an edge of my seat read I found it to give just enough information that I just had to read on, but not too much that the rest of the book was all played out in my head after chapter two The descriptions used in this book to describe things was amazing I could see the old estate and the wonderful old house perfectly I also felt like I was experiencing the entire mystery with Ashby It was a different kind of mystery for me to read It was of a dark mystery than a who done it mystery Different as it was to me, I quite enjoyed it The characters really came to life for me too They were so well developed, but grew so much through the book The last few chapters especially are something to write home about, as they say This was a fast paced book with a little of everything in it for readers There was adventure, mystery, paranormal, drama, family secrets, spookiness, great relationships, and a little love too It really fulfills any want I had as a reader To give description would be to bring in super spoilers, so to keep it spoil free, I will simply say that so much happens in this book you just have to pick it up and read it There is no if s, and s, or but s about it Great writing style, amazing characters, wonderful plot that has a bit of a twist like no other book I have read.5 5 Stars

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    This book has a great local flavor The mystery includes historical references about an area that was flooded to create a large lake and uses this reference as a background for a romantic mystery that includes a historic home, a respected family, and a ghost The book is a delicious page turner that will appeal to all readers, especially those familiar with the area surrounding Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia.

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    I love cozies, ghost stories and romance, so A RED, RED ROSE provided two of my favorite genres When Ashby, a student from New Jersey, is invited by her Aunt Monica and Uncle Hunter to spend the summer at their ancestral plantation Overton in Virginia, she has no idea what or whom is in store for her As she watches over her little cousin Jeff, she spends an idyllic time horseback riding, enjoying the countryside, and falls in love with Luke, the stable hand, adding a dash of sweet romance to the story As she settles into the bedroom once used by Rosabelle who s long departed this life, Ashby realizes there s to Overton than meets the eye aside from its rich history As she finds a single red rose in various places and senses a spirit s presence, she goes to work investigating her family history and finds out it s Rosabelle s spirit lingering but why Ashby soon finds out and narrowly escapes a horrendous accidental death at the hand of someone who wants her out of the way but I won t spill any than that Well written, chilling yet not downright creepy, with just the right touches of romance, history and the forces of greed and evil, A RED, RED ROSE provides what we cozy paranormal romance readers look for, but rarely find in one book Kudos to Susan for her handle on those genres and the skill to wrap it all up.

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    A sweet read.This book, with its southern charm, reminded me of Gone With The Wind The main character, Ashby, is a young woman on a mission Returning to the birth place of her ancestors, she hopes to connect with family that had become estranged from her parents On her journey she discovers love among the beauty of old Virginny If you re a romantic at heart, you ll love reading A Red, Red Rose.

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    Two Contrasting Southern Writers Take on the Complexities of RomancePosted on April 18, 2012 by PeterA Red, Red Rose, by Susan Coryell, L L Dreamspell London, TX , 2012, 210 pages and The Ballad of the Sad Caf , by Carson McCullers 1941.By Peter H GreenA Red, Red Rose, a suspenseful young adult romance and a good ghost story, revolves around the summer 20 year old Ashby Overton spends with her uncle Hunter Overton, his wife, Monica, her seven year old cousin Jefferson, the faithful, attentive retainer Miss Emma, and the handsome stable boy and main caretaker Luke, with whom she is to fall in love, on the family estate, Overhome, in a rambling 18th century colonial mansion nestled in the mountains of Virginia Ashby, daughter of one of three sons of the family patriarch and raised by the other surviving son and his wife, is an aspiring writer seeking adventure, the family s guarded history and knowledge about her deceased parents untimely death.As she studies family diaries she finds in the ancient attic, she begins to wonder whose version of past events Luke s, her aunt and uncle s, or Miss Emma s she can trust Although she is a competent and constantly improving horsewoman, a series of riding accidents befall her, as they did her grandmother, who died in just such a mishap She realizes something is amiss and does some sleuthing on her own to piece together Overhome s horrible secret.A beautifully crafted story redolent of the languorous atmosphere and brooding evil of the old South, the thickening plot brings Ashby, a very contemporary girl with a cell phone and Internet access, into intimate contact with her staid and tradition bound ancestors and eventually aligns her in their common cause, unsatisfied claims and despair over unpunished wrongs The fast paced tale weaves contemporary characters, southern charm and Gothic mystery into the historic setting all the way to its violent, shocking and yet fitting end.Coincidentally, I recently read The Ballad of the Sad Caf , a classic 1941 short story by another southern writer, Carson McCullers 1917 1967 , set in a dull West Virginia mill town This tale depicts a tragic love triangle among Miss Amelia, who runs the local general store, her criminal one time husband of six days and a homeless hunchback whom she takes in and whose love stimulates her to open a caf that awakens the social instincts of the dead end town The semi autobiographical, bisexual nature of this three way relationship is only hinted at in the story, but the violence that results is described in graphic detail Comments McCullers as narrator, First of all, love is a joint experience between two persons but that does not mean that it is a similar experience to the two people involved Often the beloved is only a stimulus for all the stored up love which has lain quiet within the lover for a long time The most outlandish people can be a stimulus for love The lover craves any possible relationship with the beloved, even if it causes him only pain Perhaps it s unfair to compare this relatively new novelist with one of our finest Southern writers, admired by both Truman Capote and Tennessee Williams But the contrast of Coryell s work with Carson McCullers s short story points up how the character of Ashby s Aunt Monica, who has been deceived by her evil intentioned husband, might have been developed in depth While it might be said that such complexity does not belong in young adult genre fiction, it is nevertheless a missed opportunity The chance to explore Monica s misplaced trust, unrequited love and a broken heart, to offset Ashby s romantic fulfillment, while painting a less rosy picture for readers, might have served to enhance its Gothic sense, add tragic poignancy and provide needed balance to an otherwise solid story Nonetheless, this novel is well worth reading for its romance, mystery, and convincing evocation of the past to influence of characters of today And since the author hints at the continuation of the series in a trilogy, maybe we ll learn about this intriguing family in the future.

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    Susan Coryell s A Red, Red Rose combines all the elements of a good story Gothic mystery, romance, an approachable ghost, family secrets, a horse farm, a handsome stable boy and caretaker, and the wonderful landscape and southern charm of rural Virginia When Ashby Overton travels from New Jersey to the Overhome estate in Virginia on Moore Mountain Lake to be an au pair for her young seven year old cousin, Jefferson, she also hopes she ll be able to finally dig up her roots and learn about her ancestors Her deceased father, Washington Overton, and wife were killed in car accident, and she has been adopted by an estranged brother, Madison Overton and his wife, Helen Hunter Overton is now the sole keeper of the old manor with his wife, Monica, and young son.While searching her ancestry, Ashby also reawakens a quirky old ghost, Rosebelle, from past generations who changes her radio station to country and western and leaves rose petals to indicate her presence This is a fast paced tale unveiling the story and family mystery in layers to keep the reader engaged and intrigued Susan Coryell has a unique way with words that linger with you once you ve finished the novel One of my favorite descriptions of the antique table used by family ancestors in the old manor Generations of my family had sat at this very table, their conversations ebbing and flowing, and settling into the porous barn wood where the rise and fall of their voices, their very words were trapped forever A RED, RED ROSE is a well written book with interesting characters You ll find yourself turning to it in free moments to find out what happened next.

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    A Robert Burns fan, I was quickly drawn into this captivating novel I breathed in the roses their fragrance and thorns I identified with Ashby, lover of gothic novels and feminist dreamer so vulnerable in her strange room, cut off from her old world At first I resisted the mysterious ghost, Rosabelle, but soon sensed her immortality where nothing is ever lost, or dies, or changes Ah, the romance of it not to mention handsome Luke Ashby brings to mind visionary Catherine in Austen s Northanger Abbey and my own girlhood with errant horses When Ashby falls from her horse, I know the pain.Coryell was wise to make her heroine half aristocrat Overton and half blue collar Mills Eddie Mills turns out to be sheep than wolf, but through Eddie we fight the Civil War again Does love and hate exist in the same family the author asks But yes Her magic pulls us toward an ending that will thrill and chill A Red Red Rose is a richly plotted novel with a wholly engaging heroine and so wonderfully written I could see, taste, feel and live each moment of it Five stars,yes And a bouquet of roses

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    The paranormal elements are exceedingly well done The book is entertaining from start to finish.

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    Good readThis is a story of Ashby whose parents died when she was just a baby She is invited to stay with her Aunt and Uncle and their son Jeff She was hoping that she would find some information about her real parents while she was there She was picked up by the stable boy, Luke, that worked at their stables When she got there Emma, the housekeeper set her up in Rosabelle s room She wanted to know who Rosabelle was She awoke during the night and stepped out on the balcony and spotted at red rose She brought it inside yet when she awoke in the morning the rose was gone Ashby takes Jeff out horseback riding, she learns how to ski and she falls for the stable boy However, all is not perfect The ghost keeps visiting her She investigates the family history trying to find something about Roseabelle Very interesting book, you may be chewing your fingernails at the end of the book.

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    Susan Coryell s A Red, Red Rose quickly drew me into the slightly gothic atmosphere of a Southern mansion with a ghost and a hidden history Ashby, a modern girl, misses her cell phone and internet access as she takes on caring for her nephew for the summer at the family home she s never visited The explanations for the estrangement increase the suspense page by page just as the romance between Ashby and Luke grows stronger.Ashby is intrigued by the family secrets and the ghostly spirit that seems to be protecting her despite the reluctance of everyone to share what they know, Ashby persists The revelation result in a violent and surprising end.I really enjoyed reading A Red, Red Rose and will be looking for the next story by Susan.buy link for A Red, Red Rose by Susan CoryellLink

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A Red, Red Rose download A Red, Red Rose , read online A Red, Red Rose , kindle ebook A Red, Red Rose , A Red, Red Rose e673df6bc7c8 A Whole Summer To Absorb Two Hundred Years Of Overton Ancestry Their Lives, Loves And Secrets Especially Their Secrets Year Old Ashby Overton Is Invited By Her Aunt And Uncle To Spend The Summer At Historic Overhome Estate As A Companion To Her Young Cousin Ashby Has Ulterior Motives She Hopes To Unearth Her Ancestral Roots And The Cause Of A Mysterious Family Rift Surrounding The Horseback Riding Death Of Her Grandmother Lenore Many Years Ago Situated High Above Moore Mountain Lake, Virginia, The Imposing Mansion Is An Idyllic Setting For Ashby, The Aspiring Romance Writer From The Moment She Enters Her Room In The Oldest Wing, Ashby Feels An Invisible, Enfolding Presence This Was Rosabelle S Room, The Housekeeper Tells Ashby But No One Is Willing To Talk About Rosabelle As Summer Unfolds, So Does The Shroud Of Silence Surrounding Overhome Ever Present Is A Force Ashby Never Sees, Only Feels Candles Light Themselves, Notes From An Old Lullaby Fall From The Ceiling, The Radio Tunes Itself Each Day And Roses, Always Meant For Ashby, Appear In The Unlikeliest Places Are The Roses A Symbol Of Love, Or Do They Represent Something Dark, Something Deep And Evil Full Of Heartbreak And Adventure, Fear And Passion, The Summer Leads Ashby On A Suspenseful, Sometimes Terrifying Journey As She Navigates Centuries Of Family Strife Alongside The Puzzling Parameters Of The Spirit World Ultimately She Discovers That Some Secrets, Even The Most Fiercely Guarded, Are Destined To Be Revealed