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Eli the Minnow and The Coral Cave Adventure explained Eli the Minnow and The Coral Cave Adventure , review Eli the Minnow and The Coral Cave Adventure , trailer Eli the Minnow and The Coral Cave Adventure , box office Eli the Minnow and The Coral Cave Adventure , analysis Eli the Minnow and The Coral Cave Adventure , Eli the Minnow and The Coral Cave Adventure 4f36 The Coral Cave Adventure Is The First Book Of The Eli The Minnow Series, And It Encourages Our Children To Never Give Up Regardless Of The Circumstance In This Story, All The Friends Get Trapped In A Cave After Watching Multiple Friends Try To Get Out But Failing, Eli S Confident Determination To Get His Friends To Safety Pushes Him To Find A Way Out Don T Let Eli S Size Fool You He Is A Very Determined And Dedicated Little Minnow, And He Always Gives It His All Come Join Eli And All His Friends In Their Exciting Adventure At Coral Cave Park Visit Eli Now At EliTheMinnow

  • Kindle Edition
  • 34 pages
  • Eli the Minnow and The Coral Cave Adventure
  • David L. Sterling
  • English
  • 09 August 2019

About the Author: David L. Sterling

I am the husband of a beautiful wife named Nikki and the father of three amazing little boys, Alex, Brayden and Ryder I fell into writing by chance and have found it to be an amazing adventure I look forward to sharing Eli the Minnow with the world and hope my stories are encouraging and a joy to read

10 thoughts on “Eli the Minnow and The Coral Cave Adventure

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    This book had a 5.00 average rating, with 14 ratings and 13 glowing reviews I mean, literally, I had never read reviews that glowed so illuminatingly I trust Goodreads ratings implicitly Never before has there been such truth in advertising as on Goodreads, amongst Goodreads reviews I sat down with my eleven great grandchildren to read this book with a fish that looks like Elaine Stritch on the cover They range in age from two to thirty nine, and there is nothing they love than being read to Also present were my four daughters, ages 44 to 77, and my husband, age 98, and my dog Murakami Soon we were either in tears, or had fallen asleep my husband , or our faces had gone dark with anger because the story was so confusing and disturbing, with its message that kids must never give up and its bright, psychedelic colors There were so many characters we couldn t keep track of them Also, we didn t understand why Elaine Stritch was on the cover Halfway through the book my dog, Murakami, began howling as if possessed by the spirit of John Wilkes Booth Several of my daughters had wet their pants from anger and confusion this was the first time an average Goodreads rating had misled them Two thirds of the way through the book I wanted to kill myself, but I was trying so hard to absorb the message of the book Never give up Four of my great grandchildren began purging and cutting themselves in their anxiety to get the book over with My husband was so still I thought perhaps he had slipped the surly bonds of earth, but after banging him with the fireplace tools for about two hours he came to I see that the author is planning another Eli the Minnow book and my fear is that my great grandchildren and daughters and my dog Murakami will find out and attempt to harm themselves I might read it, though

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    This is a great parent read to book for kids The message within this book is so simple, encouraging kids to never give up , and the story used to tell it is so fun This book doesn t read like your normal kids book so parents will enjoy reading this than the average kid illustration books they re used to The illustrations are absolutely ridiculous and the richness of the colors are amazing An encouraging message, fun to read, phenomenal illustrations What s not to like about this book I can t wait for the next Eli the Minnow book to come out

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    An amazing book that will keep you re kids engaged to the very end It s one of those books they will be read and reread and reread many times The talented author and illustrator have created one of the most unique stories lines and illustration A must read

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    Love, Love, Love this children s book Get it now to read to your kids

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