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[EPUB] ✻ Minstrel In The Tower (Stepping Stone,paper) Author Gloria Skurzynski – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 Minstrel In The Tower (Stepping Stone,paper), meaning Minstrel In The Tower (Stepping Stone,paper), genre Minstrel In The Tower (Stepping Stone,paper), book cover Minstrel In The Tower (Stepping Stone,paper), flies Minstrel In The Tower (Stepping Stone,paper), Minstrel In The Tower (Stepping Stone,paper) 9ec0afd14dc94 In This Gripping Medieval Page Turner, Roger And His Sister Alice Arekidnapped And Held For Ransom In An Ancient Tower To Escape And Find Theiruncle, The Children Must Summon All Their Courage And Imagination Designed Aseasy Reading Material For Middle Graders, This Has The Virtues Of An Attractiveformat And Illustrations, A Fast Plot, And Even A Feminist Fillip Alice Is The Intrepid Of The Siblings, Roger S Gifts Are For Music Andventriloquism Bulletin, Center For Children S Books

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    Read with my 7 yo Good story, great to talk about towers, castles, moats.

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    Roger and Alice are still waiting for their father to return from the Crusades, even though the war ended three years ago When their mother falls sick with a fever, she begs her children to find her brother, who will surely help them.Lutes and lyrics Tree climbing and towers Ruffians and ransom Uncles and heirs A neatly written short story that gives a glimpse of medieval life Alice s tomboyish ways and outspokenness are endearing, and her older brother Roger s carefulness and cleverness are equally winsome Their cooperation and courage bring about a happy ending Beautifully illustrated

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    This book is part of our Sonlight Curriculum in Core C We re studing the middle ages and this quick read is a captivating story set in this time period The mother is ill and in desperate need of medicine She sends her children to fetch a nobleman to come to her aid Along the way the children are captured and held prisoner The children scheme to get away and get help Will their scheme succeed While an easy read, the story will hold your attention as the characters are made very real in their simplicity I also appreciate the feeling of the time period and gaining some understanding of what this time in history was like My kids and I all enjoyed this book

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    Another historical fiction children s book that is impressively accurate about the time period in which it is set This was a quick, simple read for my upper elementary student, but it was not so easy that the plot was simplistic and boring It kept my attention as an adult and I was pleased with how it conveyed the sense of uncertainty for widowed women and her children in the Middle Ages Also, the main characters are two resourceful and plucky children and so readily identifiable with the intended audience.

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    This is an easy book for someone entering middle school I used it for read aloud fluency for my son It was simple, but he liked it However, I do have a problem with it categorized as a history book This was historical fiction and should have been classified as such It lead to a conversation about how books are classified, so that was an unplanned teaching moment Very easy intro to the Middle Ages I think it could have been complex.

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    This book is part of a group of books Stepping Stones that are written for children who are either new to reading or have difficulty reading Many of the books are abridged copies of classics This particular book is historical and contains a fairly good story of a brother and sister living in England during the Crusades in medieval times.

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    Read this to the children They liked it well enough, but weren t on the edge of their seats excited The characters did remind me a little of Jack and Annie from the Magic Treehouse series But at one point in the book the kids are separated from each other and the action becomes very slow at that point Not especially memorable story weeks later after reading it.

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    I liked this book quite a bit as a kid, probably because I could see myself in Roger, and my sister in Alice It s a bit simpler than I remembered it being, but I enjoyed the illustrations, and even though it doesn t really take full advantage of its medieval setting, there are some fun words in there that aren t common usage these days 3.5 out of 5 stars, rounded up for the illustrations.

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    What fun for a beginning chapter book Family values, adventure, conquering fears, villains, knights, and a happy ending of course.

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    Great book for history Goes along with Veritas press history

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