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    Perhaps one of the most controversial to me pieces of Canadian children s literature, where a young Roch grows up idolsing Maurice Richard That love of Richard helps further fuel his passion for the Montreal Canadiens When Roch s hockey jersey becomes too small for him and is filled with holes, his mother writes to the famed Eaton s department store, asking for a new Canadiens sweater Waiting for as long as he can, Roch is excited to see a package arrive from Eaton s However, his glee turns to horror when the package reveals. a new Toronto Maple Leafs jersey Scorned by his friends and everyone else around him, Roch must seek God s forgiveness for his short temper Neo liked the story, but I think he has yet to grasp the depth of the division between our beloved Maple Leafs and those nasty Canadiens I will keep fostering an understanding over sports rivals and hope he, too, can learn when to cheer and boo loudly.

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    Wow I just saw this on the recommendations page and it was like a flood of nostalgia hit me in the face.This book was a huge part of my childhood Being a kid growing up in Canada, it s almost impossible not to become a fan of hockey and the NHL Growing up in Toronto, I was raised a true and loyal Toronto Maple Leafs fan, no matter how terrible of a team they have been recently Being raised a Leafs fan, you are also usually raised to hate the Montreal Canadiens To be presented with a book that revolves around a young fan of the Canadiens, you can t help but wonder why in the hell anyone would expect you to read it, but alas, it was about hockey so I did.This book was so relatable to me, but maybe from a reversed perspective Within the Hockey Sweater, there is a young boy who is a huge fan of the Montreal Canadiens and all he wants as a Christmas gift is his own Montreal Canadians jersey sweater Turns out his family doesn t know him at all as they get him a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey instead, the enemy team.It s hilarious because his reaction would be the exact same as mine if anyone dared give me any memorabilia of the team I hate the most, The Montreal Canadiens.This book is a classic for every Canadian and I recommend it to all the little hockey fans regardless of who their favourite team is

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    This is the quintessential Canadian children s book about hockey.Doesn t matter if you are from Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, or Calgaryeveryone I know my age has read this book as a kid You definitely can t put a price on nostalgia

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    This book is, at once, both completely universal and uniquely Canadian It is excellent in any of its forms short story, short animated film called The Sweater , or my favorite, illustrated as a children s book Based on an incident from author Roch Carrier s childhood, it is the story of a young French Canadian boy whose hockey sweater wears out His mother sends away through a catalogue to get him a new one, and instead of a replacement for his beloved Montreal Canadiens sweater, a dreaded Toronto Maple Leafs sweater arrives Anyone can identify with the disappointment and ostracism this simple mistake leads to Don t be caught rooting for, or even appearing to root for, the wrong team wearing the wrong thing, listening to the wrong music, having the wrong friends, etc or you will no longer be accepted But for Canadiansoh this story speaks to us on a whole different level The hockey rivalry between the Habs and the Leafs is grounded in history, language, culture, and even religion If any non Canadian wants to understand Canada, this story is an excellent place to start Sure, you could look into the history of the English French divide You could read about the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, distinct society versus sovereignty, separatist politics with the Parti Quebecois provincial and the Bloc Quebecois federal Or you could read Roch Carrier s charming, funny story and get it on a gut level.It also has one of the best closing lines ever at least the animated movie version does, it s been a while since I read the book view spoiler I asked God to send me, right away, a hundred million moths that would eat up my Toronto Maple Leafs sweater hide spoiler

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    Sectarian discrimination ruins a boy s life in post war Quebec.

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    You know, as a Canadian, I never realized that I hadn t read this book So I sat down and read it and loved it It was a great time, very funny and very french Canadian As a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, this gave me a big smile I m not sure I would read this to any crowd in story time though There are a lot of words on each page, which may bore some kids There are also many references to God, so if your community isn t all that religious, or in the Judeo Christian faith, it may not resonate with your audience I would only use this book if it works with the theme and you re only reading one other book aside from this one.

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    I m sure I must have read this as a child but I honestly don t remember Was fun to read to the baby and he definitely recognized the little hockey players Big thank you to my brother for picking it up for my son s first Christmas

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    A young Montreal boy must endure the indignity of wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey sweater in this modern classic of Canadian children s literature When his red, white and blue sweater the uniform of the Montreal Canadiens, worn by his idol, Maurice Richard becomes too small for him, the narrator s mother sends away for a new one from the Eaton s catalogue When the wrong sweater arrives, the boy insists he will not wear it all of his peers wear the Canadiens sweater, and so will he His mother has other ideas however, and he finds himself wearing it after all This leads to trouble at his first game thereafter, and a visit to churchOriginally published in French as Une abominable feuille d rable sur la glace literally An abominable maple leaf on the ice , The Hockey Sweater was first translated into English in 1979 as part of the collection, The Hockey Sweater and Other Stories It was made into a short film in 1980 The Sweater , and presented in this picture book form in 1984, with artwork by Sheldon Cohen, who also illustrated Carrier s The Flying Canoe Set in 1946, the story is immensely engaging, and absolutely hilarious I chuckled aloud on than one occasion, while reading it Carrier captures the centrality of ice hockey to the narrator s life apparently the story is partially autobiographical and to Canadian culture, and his narrative feels like it is told from an authentic boy s perspective Cohen s artwork is colorful and entertaining, capturing the humor of the tale quite nicely I enjoyed this so much that I think I will track down the larger collection of Carrier s stories, mentioned above Recommended to anyone looking for children s stories featuring ice hockey and or a French Canadian cultural setting.

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    I bought this for my infant son, a dual citizen, many years ago He internalized the story through repeated tellings When This Hour Has 22 Minutes presented its short satire The Lockout Sweater, he was thrilled When we visited the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau it had a Hockey special exhibit Naturally a good deal of the exhibit honoured Maurice Richard, and my child s imprinted familiarity of The Hockey Sweater enhanced his enjoyment and understanding of the exhibits, and impressed upon him how long and pronounced the rivalries and cultural differences have been between Canada s two largest cities, two of NHL s Original Six, east and west of the Ottawa River.

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    I first read this years ago.I was in the library yesterday and this was on the shelf saying read me again John It was even funnier than I remembered.My uncle played with the Rocket on the Canadiens and had some good stories about him.There is also a video on youtube read by the author with his rural french Haccent that s how the Quebecois pronounce accent that s worth checking out.

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Le Chandail de Hockey download Le Chandail de Hockey, read online Le Chandail de Hockey, kindle ebook Le Chandail de Hockey, Le Chandail de Hockey 8329ea5edadc In The Days Of Roch S Childhood, Winters In The Village Of Ste Justine Were Long Life Centered Around School, Church, And The Hockey Rink, And Every Boy S Hero Was Montreal Canadiens Hockey Legend Maurice Richard Everyone Wore Richard S NumberThey Laced Their Skates Like Richard They Even Wore Their Hair Like Richard When Roch Outgrows His Cherished Canadiens Sweater, His Mother Writes Away For A New One Much To Roch S Horror, He Is Sent The Blue And White Sweater Of The Rival Toronto Maple Leafs, Dreaded And Hated Foes To His Beloved Team How Can Roch Face The Other Kids At The Rink From The Hardcover Edition