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❴PDF / Epub❵ ☉ Sacred Marriage: Celebrating Marriage as a Spiritual Discipline Author Gary L. Thomas – Transportjobsite.co.uk chapter 1 Sacred Marriage: Celebrating Marriage as a Spiritual Discipline, meaning Sacred Marriage: Celebrating Marriage as a Spiritual Discipline, genre Sacred Marriage: Celebrating Marriage as a Spiritual Discipline, book cover Sacred Marriage: Celebrating Marriage as a Spiritual Discipline, flies Sacred Marriage: Celebrating Marriage as a Spiritual Discipline, Sacred Marriage: Celebrating Marriage as a Spiritual Discipline eb3c0cf5876ee This Book Has Alternate Cover Editions For This ISBN ACEACEYour Marriage Is Than A Sacred Covenant With Another Person It Is A Spiritual Discipline Designed To Help You Know God Better, Trust Him Fully, And Love Him Deeply Scores Of Books Have Been Written That Offer Guidance For Building The Marriage Of Your Dreams But What If God S Primary Intent For Your Marriage Isn T To Make You Happy But Holy And What If Your Relationship Isn T As Much About You And Your Spouse As It Is About You And God Everything About Your Marriage Everything Is Filled With Prophetic Potential, With The Capacity For Discovering And Revealing Christ S Character The Respect You Accord Your Partner The Forgiveness You Humbly Seek And Graciously Extend The Ecstasy, Awe, And Sheer Fun Of Lovemaking The History You And Your Spouse Build With One Another In These And Other Facets Of Your Marriage, Sacred Marriage Uncovers The Mystery Of God S Overarching Purpose This Book May Very Well Alter Profoundly The Contours Of Your Marriage It Will Most Certainly Change You Because Whether It Is Delightful Or Difficult, Your Marriage Can Become A Doorway To A Closer Walk With God, And To A Spiritual Integrity That, Like Salt, Seasons The World Around You With The Savor Of Christ

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    This book began with several problems for me, and really the best chapters come toward the end First, I wasn t particularly fond of the portrayal of women in the book as always housewives or working women toppled by their ambition I couldn t decide if this was because Thomas s own wife was a housewife and so that was the male female relationship he knew to speak about, which seems reasonable, or if he very firmly holds to a complementarian view of men and women, which often is a tricky business to me Relatedly, the book is certainly written from a very masculine standpoint, and often seems to be written to men That is not to say women can t gain insights from the book, merely that the male voice within the book is unmistakable.Otherwise, the book is certainly peculiar There are many great single lines and lessons within the book that can engage the reader on a very practical level I was impressed with a lot of the passages about how sometimes God calls us to humble ourselves and choose to be the better person even if we re not getting back at the time in a marriage, not only for the sake of a better marriage or to get along with a partner, but simply because God often commands us to love unconditionally without getting it in return This was an obvious lesson, but very profound to me perhaps because I m always terrified of giving than I get At the same time, because the book refuses to be another 10 Steps to a Happy Marriage book, it offers little advice, especially not until the end, for how to handle conflict The book readily admits couples will not always get along and sometimes things will even be unfair, but often it does not offer a good solution for how to toe the line between addressing your needs so that your partner can fulfill them which it says you should do and understanding when things aren t going to go your way and humbly deciding to love your partner anyway which it also says to do, for God s sake.I actually really like Thomas s main thesis, which is simply put that marriage, before anything else, is not designed necessarily to make us happy but instead to make us grow in God I can see how other reviewers could think as I did at parts that he seems to push this point too hard, instead forgetting the joys, delight, and companionship that marriage really can bring At the same time I think it is an important message that is often lost in these times Christian or not, a marriage is a commitment to make something as permanent as humanly possible, so it requires commitment in the face of much ugliness and adversity Having seen poor marriages, it is clear to me that not all marriages are an idyllic state, even if we like them to be Even the best marriages go through trying times For those people, or during those times, Thomas s message is one of hope, showing that even in the worst moments we are engaged in an important project not just for the betterment of our partners but ourselves and our relationship with God.While I do not regret having read this book as a young woman soon to enter into marriage, I definitely think the audience is meant to be already married couples who find themselves disillusioned by the commitment they ve entered You re going to find advice for addressing the partner you have, not finding a better one or somehow changing him or her Likewise, if you re looking for easy steps to fix your marriage, don t read this, because there aren t any If you re looking for food for thought in helping you understand and define the nature of the commitment you ve made as well as what can make you stronger within it, then certainly check out this book.

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    This book is absolutely amazing The tag on the cover sums it up What if God designed marriage to make us holy than to make us happy This is a ground breaking concept in today s world of serial divorces We seem to shop for spouses like we shop for new clothes When the marriage gets difficult, or just worn out, we get a new wife or husband But what if marriage is supposed to be hard What if the worse in for better or for worse is pretty much a guarantee, and designed by God, to draw us closer to him, and maybe in the process even draw us closer to our spouse These were questions that really challenged me to take a look at my all of my relationships Do I run as soon as the going gets tough If I don t like the people I work with, do I just get a new job If I don t like my church, do I shop for a new one And if I m not particularly happy with my wife, do I consider just throwing in the towel These are all questions I ve been asking myself while reading this book The author really helped me come up with some great answers After 20 years of marriage, through some hard times when I wanted to just run, I am growing to love my wife than the day I married her I feel so sad for couples that never get to this point because they gave up, just when the good stuff the hard stuff started to happen And, importantly, I m growing closer to God I can see him working in my life every day Teaching me how to love, even when those around me aren t very lovable isn t that what He does every day I d recommend this book for anyone who is married, whether happily or not so much It can really help define for you the God designed purpose for your marriage to draw you closer to Him.

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    For the first time in four or five years, I did a Bible Study this summer that wasn t an inductive study To be quite honest, I was a bit fearful that I would hate doing a book study I can t stand how to books and really hate being led by the nose to a specific conclusion Issues with authority, you think So I was pleasantly surprised to find myself really enjoy this book Here s why 1 This isn t a how to book Instead of giving us a list of things to do to make our marriages better, Thomas encourages us to don new glasses in viewing our marriages When we choose to do this, we can see our marriage not for what we gain from it, but for how it can shape and change us to be like Christ 2 This book is readable Our group read two chapters each week and I found I could usually read the most of the two chapters in one treadmill session roughly 30 minutes 3 While the book is readable, it is still thought provoking Two chapters each week were plenty to read and ponder Whether I m reading fiction or non fiction, I like a book that makes me think This book not only made me think, it made me thankful for the marriage I have and made me take concrete steps to ease small frustrations I might have with my mate 4 This book has stayed with me I finished the book a few weeks ago and honestly didn t even think about reviewing it until yesterday What prompted me to reconsider were conversations with two separate friends about how good I think this book is One friend shared her challenges to regain her footing in her marriage after the birth of her first child Another talked about her husband s ongoing work commitments and the drain this places on her family I didn t have any wisdom of my own to offer, but did share that I think this book would be great for either of them to read.I ve been married 13 years This book made me thankful for the marriage I have It also made me determined to pour myself into my marriage Not to change my husband, but to be changed If you re recently married, engaged or have been married for years, I d encourage you to read this book For the cost of a few hours spent reading, you can see marriage in a new way.

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    This is a great marriage book I would recommend this to everyone that is married or is going to get married I have read bits and pieces of this book before and it really helps my spiritual and married life.

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    I got rid of my copy before finishing it roughly four years ago Between my incomplete reading and poor memory, I am probably doing the book a disservice But here are some of my criticisms 1 I don t think the main purpose of marriage is to make us holy rather than happy Marriage was portrayed as a crucible designed to reveal our selfishness and sinfulness If God instituted marriage before the Fall, I don t see how the hypothesis can hold up Yes, God can, and does, use everything in our lives to make us holier, including marriage But I think the overall purpose of marriage is to make us happy If God designed marriage, then I see it as one good option in living an abundant life on earth If I shared Thomas view, I may not have gotten married my purpose, at least, was to be happy On the other hand, maybe I would have married anyway, since 2 Being single does not appear to be a good option I think too great a burden is placed on marriage, depicting it as a unique revealer of God, ourselves, and as a light to the world I know this is a book about marriage, and there s no need to include benefits of being single Still, I felt like marriage was being exalted far above being single, which seems to contradict what Jesus and Paul said about being single Also, I object to ideas like a strong marriage will picture to the world the reconciling love of Christ for His church Not only because I m skeptical of such a message being received, but also because I don t think that it exists within the marriage Neither spouse plays the role of Redeemer big jump from a relationship between two humans of equal footing to Christ and the church The emphasis on marriage as a witnessing tool also contributes to another issue 3 Divorce is never an option Thomas says, The first reason I keep my marriage together is because it is my Christian duty If my life is based on proclaiming God s message to the world, I don t want to do anything to challenge that message And how can I proclaim reconciliation when I seek dissolution I didn t notice encouragement to flee abusive marriages, to protect children from harmful spouses, etc I would say it is sometimes one s Christian duty to leave a marriage But apart from that, I found his condemnation of a failed marriage to be too harsh 4 This book could be detrimental if read by someone with a demanding or controlling spouse In fact, Thomas goes so far as to say, The thought that God wants me to serve him by concentrating on making my wife happy was extraordinary Can it mean, then, that if my wife is unhappy, I m failing God No, an unhappy spouse does not equal a failure on the part of the other spouse it does not mean a failure on anyone s part One is not to blame for the actions, attitudes, or emotions of one s spouse.5 I usually dislike gender based advice While I readily acknowledge differences between men and women, I think cultural differences are too often attributed to biology, and too many generalizations are made If a couple happens to fit Thomas stereotypes, the book will be useful for them I didn t think it fit too well for my husband and me.6 As someone who doesn t believe in a gender hierarchy, I object whenever patriarchal teaching occurs.I d prefer the book if it didn t take a doctrinal approach, and instead just tried to offer helpful relational advice.I got the quotes from the book s study guide I really shouldn t write anything without the book itself, or a better memory, but that hasn t stopped me from hazarding opinions anyway.

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    Sacred Marriage continues to be my go to book on marriage which by definition for me could be restated as Christian marriage This is my third reading, and I still find myself underlining, hmm ing out loud, and learning Thomas treats marriage with a respect far greater toward God than for happiness, and that makes this book unique and profound.The subtitle explains the premise of the book What if God designed marriage to make us holy than to make us happy This question is one that is explored on every page of every chapter Thomas concept is simply stated, albeit hard to live is the end of marriage personal happiness, or sanctification It s obvious that Thomas believes the end of marriage is indeed personal sanctification, and Scripture would bear out his conclusions.Because of this unusual premise, the chapters in the book are not what you might expect Each chapter deals with one area of personal holiness that marriage deals with truth about God, good prayer, building character, serving, and so forth In other words, you won t find the typical chapters on finances, in laws, sex, and so forth That sort of inward focus how can this or that area of marriage be improved goes against the very nature of what Thomas writes God is most glorified not when a marriage is pleasing to those involved, but when those involved are focused on Christ, rather than themselves or even each other.As much as the book is excellent, though, it needs some complementing Because of the Godward focus, there are areas that married coupled should investigate, in light of a God glorifying lens Sexuality must be examined, probably in greater light than does Thomas The same is certainly true for gender roles and headship This is not an end all resource, but it doesn t seem to attempt that goal It does purport to be a central guide and correction for marriages that are focused on satisfaction in self and each other, though, and that is much needed.If you believe Scripture to be true, you really have no good excuse for not purchasing this book It bears repeated readings, and will challenge your ideas about marriage many times over.

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    Sacred Marriage is not a book that seeks to tell you how to have a happier marriage It s not even a book that seeks to tell you how to have a better marriage than you currently have It is, rather, a book that tells you how to endure your marriage Cheery, no But if you accept marriage as a life long proposition, then chances are, there will be times, perhaps seasons, when you simply do have to endure it, and I have yet to discover another book that advises people how to endure those times while growing in character There are no ten ways to spark up your love life to be found here no six steps to better communication Rather, Sacred Marriage is a book that looks at how we can use the challenges, joys, struggles, and celebrations but, let s be honest here, mostly the struggles of marriage to draw closer to God and to grow in Christian character I once heard an Indian pastor say, In America, if you ask parents what they most want for their children, parents usually answer that they want their children to be happy In India, parents usually answer that they want their children to be good Now, being good sometimes results in being happy, but not always And being happy often does not require being good We Americans tend to enter marriage thinking that it will make us happy, and if it fails to make us happy, we often leave, and this is just as true for Christians as it is for anyone else in fact, Thomas points out that the divorce rate is actually higher among self identified born again Christians than it is among secular people What if, Gary Thomas asks, God designed marriage to make us holy than to make us happy It s neither a romantic nor a mercenary way of looking at marriage, but it may be the most useful way to look at life long marriage in a fallen world I recommend this book to any Christian who has ever felt less than fulfilled in his or her marriage or who has ever considered divorce I personally would not recommend it to the engaged or the newlywed, however It s not that I think newlyweds should not be forewarned that a life long marriage will almost inevitably entail some period of hardship, it s that the book does make marriage seem rather like a crucible, and, unless you ve already felt some marriage pains, you are bound either to be alarmed by the book or to be dismissive of its truths Sacred Marriage is a book written by a man and largely for men, but women can also benefit from reading it, and I feel I did, despite the fact that I often did not feel his gender stereotypes applied to my own marriage I run into this in secular marriage books as well, so it s not a complaint about the author s Christian traditionalism It s just, apparently, a universal tendency in books about relationships to assume women are always like X and men are always like Y Overall, I thought the book was insightful and that it did the important work of dispelling an unhealthy romanticism with regard to marriage, but I did feel that he occasionally took things too far, that the book had too much to say about the struggles of marriage and too little to say about the joys At times, I even felt he risked blurring the line between being selfless and being a doormat Finally, he took too many pages to say some basic things Despite all this, I rate the book highly because of the amount of truth that is in it, harsh though that truth may be, because of how desperately this message is needed in a society that teaches us to perpetually seek self fulfillment, and because divorce causes so much poverty and emotional and social instability in our modern world.

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    So why would the unmarried girl want to read a book about marriage Well, my recently married friend Brittney was reading it in a couples Bible study She said thought was helpful for married people, but she really wanted to give it to all her unmarried friends because she thought it would set up some realistic expectations for marriage what, it s not all rainbows and unicorns And seeing as most of our single friends would tell her where she could kindly stick the book, she thought I would be open to it since I m in a relationship and not riding the Single Train right now.And seeing as how I would, in fact, like to be married one day, I told her I d give it a shot.Anywhatzit, I think the premise of this book is applicable to so much than a marriage, although it probably seen most sharply within matrimony My pastor always said if you want to look like Jesus, get married No one will point out the ways you don t look like Jesus than your spouse If we take a look at the relationships in our lives, none of which are perfect and all of which cause us some sort of problems, we can use the experiences from those relationships to shape ourselves into looking like Christ When all we want to do is lash out retreat eat a cake, we can what would Jesus do the situation and try and act accordingly I think it also sets up some realistic expectations for marriage If we expect that the primary reason for marriage is happiness, we ll cut bait and run when things get difficult But God is a God of commitment and constancy and a deep abiding love, so we should strive for that as well in our marriages and other relationships Quite a bit of good stuff in here Read my full review here

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    This is a great book for those who ve been married awhile It s not really a how to process, but rather a mindset perspective change in viewing our marriage as God intended, regardless of how long we ve been married So many powerful quotes that I would ve liked to highlight I listened to this When you say to your spouse I don t love you any you are in essence saying I can t live like a Christian any. He also brought out how our culture has overly romanticized marriage relationships, which gives young people a skewed view of what true love is Hadn t really thought about that, but I totally agree I will be coming back to this book, and feel encouraged and challenged to make my marriage better every day I can only change myself

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    Original Review posted HEREI think every married couple should read this book Of course, if you are not a believer in Jesus, you probably won t like it But, I found the book both comforting and challenging.Gary Thomas writes in a way that s easy to understand and follow with several appropriate anecdotes to illustrate his points I usually have a hard time reading non fiction, but this book flowed nicely It took me a long time to read because there is so much meat in it to process Further, he uses lots of scripture and few rhetoric It s less about building a better marriage and about seeing the character of God IN marriage However, his principles can help you build a better marriage as he gives a proper and biblical view of marriage than most of us hold Favorite Excerpts It is unfortunate and sad when something so profound as living out and analogy of Christ and his church is reduced to experiencing this relationship as something that will help us avoid sexual sin, keep the world populated, and provide a cure for loneliness God is always worthy of being obeyed, and God calls me to serve my spouse so regardless of how she treats me at any particular moment, I am called to respond as a servant No human being can love us the way we long to be loved it is just not possible for another human to reach and alleviate the spiritual ache that God has placed in all of us.

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