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    I found this book to be very intertaining and informative regarding the music scene of the early 60 s through the 90 s I have heard the title song many times even though I am a senior citizen It was fun going back to my youth and a lot of the subjects covered were very interesting to me My son is an executive for Warner Music Group, Nashville, TN so I will forward this book to him for his opinion He will know a lot of the people mentioned and I am sure he will also enjoy it The chapters mentioning George Harrison were somewhat surprising I forget that people we hold in high esteem are just people with the sames hopes, dreams, and interests that most of us have I was especially happy to hear of his peaceful passing among the gardens that he tended during his lifetime and that he enjoyed until his death The chapters mentioning meditation also helped me to learn a lot about the meaning of this religious practice and I will read further on this subject in the near future All in all, great read

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    There was a time when the art of music meant everything to some, and it wasn t about fame and riches it was about passion I think every up and coming musician and songwriter should read this book and other autobiographies from this era to understand what true passion is all about This book reflects a time when there were no instant celebrities or contest winners, and no one purchased beats and auto tuned the vocal tracks It was an era when music was created by real people, with dedication, sincerity, drive, and just plain raw guts Recording music wasn t easy by any means, nor was the lifestyle, but it s how a musician existed if they wanted to play music Gary Wright s story has passion What I enjoyed the most were the adventures, sometimes lugging monstrous gear across the seas, other times on a spiritual journey I found it very interesting to read the names of the musicians who collaborated on the recordings up and coming artists at the time, but nothing short of musical legends in present day Musicians have always learned from each other, and this book details many instances where coming together as a team only led to the real magic behind the music It was also refreshing to be reminded how music companies once played a nurturing role in the development of a band or artist The message of Yoga and the Divine was delivered loud and clear, possibly too much Remembering this to be an autobiography, though, as opposed to past issues of Rolling Stone, I read on, and surprisingly found myself inspired, even rooting for Mr Wright during moments of turmoil I think many would be surprised to discover how many projects and albums Gary Wright has been involved in Some may say he was a one hit wonder, but I tip my hat to a man who endured well over a half century of dedication in order to give the public a few minutes of listening pleasure This book captures an era when music was exciting and independently crafted I enjoyed reading Gary Wright s journey.

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    I thought this book was very interesting I love the song Dream Weaver and it was nice to see where the idea for the song came from My interest was piqued with the mention of George Harrison I am a big George Harrison Beatles fan and I was curious as to how Gary met George This book is very extensive in the spiritual journey of Gary Wright, as well as the way George Harrison helped Gary to continue to seek this faith I would recommend this book to people that are interested in Hare Krishna and the way that a guru helps to teach the path that leads to the divine In addition, this book discusses the ups and downs that Gary went through in the music business The music it s self was a spiritual journey for Gary.

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    Although musically talented for all intents the author was a one hit wonder thus the title who just happened to befriend George Harrison because of their connection over Eastern philosophy and religion I see a pretty narrow audience for this book of interest only to people with a deep love of rock history and also for those who want to learn about the Hindu faith with its vast history and its teachings A lot of name dropping about lesser but talented musicians along the way.

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    pretty amazing, under the radar life Gary Wright continues to live part one hit wonder part master studio musician, there s plenty of name dropping here and beautiful recollections of something Gary had that we all wish we had first hand memories of a friendship with George

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    Gary Wright comes across as the oddest mix of deeply spiritual and totally self important and self involved You really need to be a huge fan of his work for this one some may care about who played what instruments on his unknown albums I surely didn t.

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    Credit to Gary Wright for continually weaving spirituality into his life story

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