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Red Sonja 1: The Ring of Ikribu pdf Red Sonja 1: The Ring of Ikribu, ebook Red Sonja 1: The Ring of Ikribu, epub Red Sonja 1: The Ring of Ikribu, doc Red Sonja 1: The Ring of Ikribu, e-pub Red Sonja 1: The Ring of Ikribu, Red Sonja 1: The Ring of Ikribu 627dc231511 First In A Six Book Series Based Upon The Comic Book Character Of Red Sonja, Who Was, In Turn, Loosely Based On The Character Of Red Sonya With A Y , Who Was Created By Robert E HowardShe Lived In A Savage World In An Uncivilized Age A World Ruled By Men And Governed By The Sword They Called Her Red Sonja For Her Flame Red Hair, For The Smouldering Fire Of Her Pride Which Gave Her Sword Arm Strength That Few Men Could Match And None Had Ever Defeated

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    Who could deny the appeal, attraction and anomoly of a master swordswoman in a world full of raw, armoured conflict Red Sonja came about as a chance idea in one of the many Conan stories as a woman who could best Conan at his own game This is the first of just six novellised stories by David C Smith and Richard Tierney of some of the adventures of Red Sonja.This book is clearly a fantasy adventure and a damn fine one at that The world the title character lives in is almost a dark ages world It is often called Swords and Sorcery and with good reason It is a world where there is always someone to fight Life can be very cheap and yet often all the valued It is a world where sorcerous power is greatly feared, horribly powerful and thankfully quite rare But not as rare as our heroine She predates Xena, she predates even Wonder Woman Red Sonja is very much a one of a kind Her stories are as much battling whatever she has thrown her lot in with today as the opinion and prejudice of a woman in armour and wielding a sword And wield it she does By the end of The Ring Of Ikribu, the reader has lost count of how many enemies Red Sonja has vanquished, some with the heat of ire Yet she can also be kind and compassionate to those around her She is a well realized person.The writing is compelling Smith and Tierney know how to pace a story, they know how to craft enticing prose, they know how to build distinctive characters to put around their heroine They also know how to put their heroine through the ringer And she does not come out entirely unscathed This book can be as powerful as you let it I m looking forward to the other five, some of which I ve read before, though a long time ago I know Red Sonja changes and develops Such a wonderful character deserves it.

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    1.5 stars SPOILERS for an almost 40 year old book that you probably aren t going to read anyway.An uninspired sword sorcery tale and a forgettable slog that took me two months to push through because I kept putting it down and forgetting about it.Here s how bad this book is The main villain is killed off screen by a side character, and the secondary villain is killed by an even minor character at the end Red Sonja was pretty useless and could have skipped this whole adventure and things would have worked out just fine.In fact, her actions in this story actually caused the deaths of countless people because she refuses to give a magic item up to someone for absolutely no reason, mind you who has the same mission as her to kill an evil wizard that is on screen once and never actually seen again until they find his corpse He wins the award for most one dimensional villain in fantasy literature The person who wants it gets it anyway after almost everyone dies and immediately kills the big bad with it, thus saving what was left of the day But, seriously, Sonja single handedly leads an entire army to its doom because she wants to act like a spoiled brat I picked up a few other books in this series when I got this one, but I don t know if I will ever care to read them after trudging through this dumpster fire Recommended only if you absolutely have to read anything and everything Red Sonja and or sword and sorcery.

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    The first in the series based upon the comic book character of Red Sonja, who was, in turn, based fairly loosely on the Robert E Howard character of Red Sonya, who appeared in only one story I was never a fan of the comic but these books are all pretty good David C Smith is a very fine writer, but he is constrained here by the nature of the character His own Oron books are much better in my opinion.

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    Despite looking like it jumped off a gas station book rack, RED SONJA THE RING OF IKRIBU is a surprisingly adept pulp fantasy novel that I m sure would ve made Robert E Howard proud The sorcery and sword fighting is near constant, and the story is much darker and brutal than I was expecting Probably because my only previous exposure to Red Sonja was the campy Brigitte Nielsen flick There s not a whole lot to discuss about this novel, since the shallow plot and lightweight characters are exactly what you d expect from this sort of thing However, I found myself impressed with the quality of some of the writing, as well as all the really great imagery is sprinkled throughout The only thing I didn t care for was that the authors decided to give Red Sonja a romantic interest this early in the game Considering her hard edged nature, it seemed strange for Sonja to fall so head over heels in love only halfway through the very first book in the series.Fussy readers will find plenty of other nits to pick For example, just what are the limitations to the sorcerer s magic, anyway And, when Ikribu s acolytes came to her looking for the ring, why did she hesitate so long before telling them whom she gave it to That being said, a lot of thought and effort was put into this book, and it shows Anyone interested in fast paced, blood soaked fantasy should be sure to check this one out.

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    I was pleasantly surprised by the sheer volume of sword and sorcery action thrust upon the readers face from word go Authors David Smith and Richard Tierney didn t waste time in getting this story off to a fast start More importantly they maintained the momentum throughout the entire book The plot itself is fantasy formulaic as you d expect, following a linear path from Red Sonja s appearance at a drinking hole through to her eventual journey to face off against an resurrected sorcerer determined to claim the mysterious ring of Ikribu for his sinister means.There are loads of great moments filled with character development and bloody fantastical battles which are just fun to read While THE RING OF IKRIBU is first and foremost a book of Red Sonja, I found her not to be the constant center of attention with many characters given time to shine through on the page This approach added depth and context to the quest I can t compliment THE RING OF IKRIBU enough, I simply loved everything about this book and will track down the remaining books in the series as fast as I can This review first appeared on my blog

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    Simple sword sorcerybut not The story is set in Hyboria, the world invented by R.E Howard for his Conan stories But there is not much left of Conan s Hyboria in Red Sonja s Hyboria the feeling and atmosphere is a radically different one Somehow the authors were unable to copy that Conan experience Other authors have written Conan pastiches, and especially the older ones by de Camp, Nyberg, Carter and Anderson are quite interesting, but here we have a very drawn out story that would have better been told in a 30 page short story, and even then it would be regarded as second rate fantasy, as there is no originality, only a collection of stock characters with stock fantasy clich s.I guess that if this novel hadn t that Hyboria and Roy Thomas connection, nobody would remember this story Still, if you don t know Hyboria or R.E Howard or Conan, you might enjoy it.

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    Last time I read this book and the Red Sonja series was about thirty years ago when it was first coming out I thought it was really good back then in my younger impressionable mind, and can say that it has stood the test of time reasonably well In this book you are introduced to Red Sonja, and are given a very good insight to her origins as well as her geas which is upon her The story is fast paced with only a few moments where it seems they messed up as in didn t you lose that horse how did you get it back lol but those slips are forgivable The nightmarish forces these people have to face are incredible and to those who survive, well I am sure they will be scarred for life Over all good story and am looking forward to rereading the rest of the series.

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    Might be an example of a comic book not conforming to the format of a novel Seems rushed, as the details you see inked in a comic book are not related here so well That said, we do see some things that we don t see in the comics rarely mind you Some of Sonja s thinking is literally spelled out, and the written word might be better at showing thought Additionally it should be said that the writing is not up to R.E Howard s standard, not that this Sonja is anything like his Sonja.

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    Surprisingly disappointing The prose format did allow for an interesting reselling of Sonja s origin and how she felt about it, but the plot followed one colossal mistake after another, ultimately leading to an anti climatic ending where Sonja was basically an observer.I do have hopes that the next book in the series will be better.

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    I was in a reading funk during 2018 so I read very little In 2019 my goal is to read 63 books the 52 week book challenge I found plus the 11 books from book club.52 week challenge a fantasy novelI found this copy in a local little free library I ve always loved the Red Sonja character after watching the 1985 movie with Brigitte Nielsen Unfortunately, this novel doesn t give Red Sonja her proper due The Ring Of Ikribu is a sword and sandal adventure that doesn t have a plot Sure there are some framework Red Sonja joins a mercenary band to take back a city for a king but the emotional heft is lost because there s no reason to care about the city, the cult of Ikribu, or Red Sonja The events are thrown together and I didn t care for it But, novels like this one are called pulp fiction for a reason There s no need to make sense of things when you re just here for the good time I guess I m looking for than a good time but I m glad that the 2019 reading year has started.

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