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The Gamble txt The Gamble, text ebook The Gamble, adobe reader The Gamble, chapter 2 The Gamble, The Gamble 486a66 Welcome To New York Times And USA Today Bestselling Author Kristen Ashley S Colorado Mountain Series, Where Friends Become Family And Everyone Deserves A Second Chance Love Is The Greatest Gamble Of All Nina Sheridan Desperately Needs A Timeout Vacation With A Fianc Who Can T Even Remember How She Takes Her Coffee, Nina Wants Some Distance To Rethink Her Engagement Flying Halfway Around The World From England To A Mountain Town In Colorado Should Do The Trick But When She Finds A Gorgeous Man At Her Rental Cabin, Nina S Cold, Lonely Adventure Suddenly Heats UpThe Owner Of The House, Holden Max Maxwell Is Surprised By The Beautiful Woman Who Turns Up At His Door But When Nina Becomes Ill, Max Spends Days Nursing Her Back To Health A Private Man With A Broken Heart, Max Finds Himself Drawn To The Strong Willed Woman Soon It Becomes Impossible For Nina And Max To Deny Their Growing Attraction To One Another Yet Even As These Two Wounded Souls Think About Taking A Chance On A Relationship, A Secret From Max S Past Emerges And Threatens To End Their Love For Good

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Kristen Ashley was born in Gary, Indiana, USA She nearly killed her mother and herself making it into the world, seeing as she had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck already attempting to accessorise and she hadn t taken her first breath Kristen grew up in Brownsburg, Indiana but has lived in Denver, Colorado and the West Country of England Thus she has been blessed to have friends a

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    4.5 Wonder Max Stars Duchess He threw his other hand out, his gaze drifting the length of me as he said, Fancy ass clothes, fancy ass purse, fancy ass boots, fancy ass accent His eyes came to my face and he finished firmly Duchess Nina and Max SpoilersOk so this is only the 4th book by Kristen Ashley that I have read The other 3 being the books from the Three Series which is her PNR series The Three Series was iffy for me I hated the first book Until the Sun Falls from the Sky with a deep passion I hated that hero so much I thought my head was gonna pop off Then I loved the second book With Everything I Am and the third book Wild and Free was just Meh for me So I have been putting off reading any Kristen Ashley books afraid of what I would get But because a ton of my friends love KA and brag about how great her books are I thought I would give her another shot I m so glad I did I loved this book, but boy is it a big book 629 pages but never was I bored Also because the book was so big it never felt rushed There was great character, and relationship development in this book that I felt like I really got their whole story Jesus, he muttered, dropping his head What He looked back at me Duchess, you can argue about anything No I can t So, now you re arguin about not arguing Max and Nina Has anyone told you you re domineering Nope Well, let me be the first You re domineering Nina and MaxMax was amazing for me AMAZING I fucking loved him He was super sexy, totally domineering, and could be really sweet Max for me was the perfect Alpha male He had all the yummy qualities of a bossy, protective , possessive Alpha without going over that line into abusive controlling dickwad I loved that even though Max is a widow and even though he really loved his dead wife, I never felt like Nina came second I never felt like he compared the two, never felt like she had to compete with a ghost Hell he never even brought Anna Dead wife up until almost the end and that was after he found out she already knew almost the whole time they had been together Max didn t come off bitter, mean or uncaring In fact he treated Nina great was thoughtful, romantic, and supportive Truly Max made this book for me Shut up and kiss me, Duchess Max All right, I ll kiss you Max and Nina Fucked her last night, man, and this morning Five times Five It was like she hadn t been touched in a decade So fuckin sweet Damn, he taunted, his eyes locked on Niles You ve had her, you gotta know, not enough money in the world s worth that MaxNina I also really liked, not as much as Max but damn close Nina wasn t perfect, but her flaws made her endearing for the most part The only thing she did that kinda annoyed me was all through the book she kept saying Sorry Uhh HMMM. I m sorry..mmmhmm Max I bet she said sorry at least 200 times in this book Oh and I didn t really care for the fact that she had some major insecurities It didn t make me dislike her but I wish she would have just talked to Max about her fears instead of getting all up in her head Max may have never seen her as second to his dead wife or treated her that way but Nina seen herself that way She just decided that because he loved Anna and she died that she was his one great love and she would never have his love And that she would be his second and have to settle for being runner up if she stayed with me And although I think any woman would have her doubts She should have talked to him about it like a grown up He asked her a number of times what was wrong and each time she lied to him That being said I still really liked her crazy, sassy, and funny self The thing I loved the most about her was that she didn t take shit If someone got in her face she would go off I love that she stuck up for herself and the ones she loved like a little bulldog Babe, he replied, grinning then said no Still being helpful, I explained, I know you think that word speaks volumes but, I have to tell you, it actually doesn t Max and Nina Learned some things in my life, Duchess, one of the most important, you find a good woman, you take care of her Please This happens between us, Duchess, I d take care of you Don t Die doin it, he vowed Max and NinaNina and Max s relationship was cute They bickered all the time Neither one had a problem with speaking their mind or taking the other to task if they did something hurtful There was some steamy sex in this book, but not so much that it was ott I also liked that that sex happened towards the middle of the book Giving them time to get to know each other I loved Nina s mom and step dad I also loved Mindy and was glad that she got her Hea in this book Something I noticed right from the start was this book made me laugh I laughed so much reading this book that my face hurt at times I love that when a book can make me smile and laugh and just give me hours of happiness I adored the HEA totally swoon worthy I can t wait to try another KA book I lucked out, baby, Max went on When I was young life handed me somethin beautiful Then it took it away Ten years down the road, somethin different, but no less beautiful, showed up right at my front door I knew it almost the minute I saw it and nothin has happened since to shake that You think, findin that in you, I m gonna let you change my password, write me some fucked up note and walk away Max

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    In my life, I ve learned when to let shit go and when to fight for it This, babe, what we got, I ll fight for What is it about Kristen Ashley s books that just leaves you with the warmest, fuzziest feelings ever They just reach right into your heart and connect you so deeply with each of the characters big smile Absolutely LOVE her writing and I m officially in love with Macho Mountain Max Tired of her boring life with her bland and clueless fiance, Nina decides she needs a timeout to rethink what she wants out of life and so she books an idealic 2 week stay in a gorgeous mountain house in Colorado But things don t quite go according to plan She arrives in the middle of a bad storm, late, exhausted, coming down with a bad cold, only to find that there was a mix up with the house and that the owner, swoony gorgeous Alpha hot Macho mountain man Max, is occupying it At first, he wants nothing to do with her and tried to send her back to town to stay at a hotel Frustrated by this huge wrench in her plans, Nina leaves in a huff only to end up in a ditch on the side of the road Utterly depressed over her ruined timeout vacation plans, she bursts into tears and promptly falls asleep When she wakes up some time later, she s in a warm, fluffy bed back at Max s house, and is changed, cleaned up and sick as a dog And over the next several days, Max continues to look after her and nurse her back to health.Right from the start, they have grin enducing banter and Max just swoonily slips into her life And, unphased by her many ruffled feathers, he starts convincing her to stay a while longer. and take a gamble on him You re half a world away, Duchess, you been sick as a dog and your man doesn t contact you Niles is reserved, I whispered Niles is an ass, He returned You don t know him I ve seen you naked, I ve seen you sweet, I ve seen you unsure and I ve seen you riled and, seein all that ,I know, you were half a world away from me, I d fuckin phone Then, to add a little spice to the story, a local man is murdered, and, as with many KA books, there is a healthy dose of kidnappings, death threats, swoony seductions, second chances, brawls, shebitchesfromhell, healing, rape happened to one of the side characters prior to the story , beautiful family moments, squee worthy showdowns, plot twists oh, and did I mention the Macho Mountain Man Oh, Max Holden Maxwell LOVED him I loved how affectionate he was both physically and verbally He was always doing something sweet, calling her affectionate names, looking out for her, paying attention to the small stuff I love that he just never let their relationship slide into the stupid zone He was laid back, but at the same time deeply possessive and totally Alpha Found somethin I want, don t tend to fuck around when that happens, Duchess Ever Its kinda hard not to love a man who calls his woman babe , darlin , honey, baby and Duchess and all in a sexy as all hell gravelly voice swoooooon Learned some things in my life, Duchess, one of the most important, you find a good woman, you take care of her Please This happens between us, I d take care you you Don t Die doin it, he vowed Nina was also a surprisingly fun heroine Sure, she fought his affections a little at first, but only to the extent that it was cute, not annoying She could be soft and sweet at times, but had a totally tough as nails side and would take no shit from anyone or let anyone walk all over her or her friends She was loyal, and I loved how she just got some things there were some characters with some serious hurt and trauma in this book, and she just totally knew how to handle it.There s a whole slew of side characters that we meet who become integral parts of the story There is something just so deep about many of KA s characters little gestures and actions that convey a world of understanding or tell you so much about a character I just love it It connects you so strongly to the story.The pacing of the book just never lets up you go from funny to swoony to action packed to oh my god to squeeeee to fanning yourself to heart in your throat its just non stop and keeps you flipping the pages It had me smiling right from the beginning KA s writing style is so effortless and easy to connect to I could literally just see the story enfold in front of me as though I were watching a movie My first sitting reading this book, it kept me riveted to the story until 5am This book was not quite as light hearted as the Rock Chick series and not quite as badass as the Dream Man series It was just about a real life, super swoony Alpha guy finding his woman and I loved every minute of it It s the perfect kind of story you can just loose yourself in I m not making out with you in a bar Why not Why His face dipped closer Because, first, I want you to And second guys are checkin you out and that d be me stakin my claim Staking your claim Its a guy thing Its a Macho Mountain Man thing Same thing You re impossible You gonna kiss me or what If I don t, you re just going to kiss me anyways, aren t you Again, he gave me a grin You finally got that Impossible, I muttered Kiss me, Duchess C mon, doesn t that make you smile And I have to just say that Kristen Ashley writes the BEST epilogues EVER The HEA was perfect and beautiful and I ended the book wiping my happy tears 3I don t think I ll be able to stop myself from going straight to book 2 of this series How I see Max and Nina For of my reviews, visit Aestas Book BlogAnd come join the Aestas Book Blog Facebook Page

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    I made it to page 1354 of 1466 before I decided to stop torturing myself Kindle pages The book isn t THAT longthough it sure felt like it.The main character, Nina, is British American really, but has a British Accent I didn t like her It s not that I disliked her, I just didn t like her I found her very one dimensional, without depth to her character And she says Um a lot A LOT I tried to use the find button to find a specific paragraph that really irked me, but I gave up after the first 100 Um. s Here s how it went.Max So you knew Nina Um Max But you didn t tell me Nina Um Max How could you not have told me Nina Um Max Didn t you know how that would hurt me Jesus Nina Nina Um Ok, possibly not quite that bad, but seriously, there were quite a few Jesus, shoot my head off now moments for me If Nina wasn t bad enough, the rest of the characters were Maybe it s because I m from the west coast, and never been to Colorado,but none of them seemed real to me Especially the way they talked They were all over the top, and they were ALL eccentric I can understand having a kookie mother, or neighbour, or main character, or sister but when they re all competing it hurts my eyes Max I had to re read his sentences SEVERAL times because they left critical words out Not a grammatical error, either as it was done throughout the book I don t know why, perhaps people in Colorado talk like this, but I sincerely doubt it It aggravated me to no end Oh, and Max also says Yeah a lot, which bothered me It seems British or Australian Nina, just don t do it again Yeah But the main thing for me is that they ALL sounded alike, and none of them had any distinguishing characteristics They were too cliche Macho mountain man always protecting his woman, eccentric mother who wants to move in next door, crazy hermit neighbouryou get the idea.And MaxI have nothing against domineering men I LOVED Fifty Shades, and I think that s why this was on my recommended list But Max isn t the same Sure he talks dirty, but it didn t turn me on I didn t feel the chemistry between him or Nina either I mean, he falls in love with her because she gets pissed at his cabin Really After that it was over, and he d die for her Oh, taking her car keys away That kind of did it for me She wasn t even angry well,the book says she was angry, but I didn t see it The moment his lips touched hers, she was happy I would love to meet a man whose lips are so magical, no matter how angry I was, I forgave him instantly and jumped on my back Ugh.Take this review with a grain of salt, because I m obviously a dissenter here A book with this many 5 star reviews must have something going for it I m just not sure what Maybe the sex scenes They were pretty hot But I can t even bring myself to finish the last 100 pages to find out who did it the murder, which apparently is the plot of this book I don t care about who did it, or why, or even that the guy is dead I grew up reading Harlequin romance novels, and while my literary palette has slowly graduated, I do still love to read beach novels and easy reads I was hoping this would be one of them.Alas, all I can think is ick and I m glad I don t live in Colorado

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    DNF 45% I give up My first Kristen Ashley read and most likely my last I ve heard so much about her books, I finally got around to trying one and unfortunately the experience was not so great Rather miserable to be honest Just gonna get straight to the problems THE WRITING Dear gawd There is absolutely no structure or editing in this It s a looooong winded mess with no direction I needed to re read a Lisa Kleypas book to flush this out of my system Gah Use of parenthesis Charlie, as ever if he d been there but, unfortunately, he was not , was right What is the point of this Someone explain this to me because I really don t understand this superfluous writing approach It s totally unnecessary Stating the obvious is one thing but doing it constantly and in such a manner is super annoying and very disruptive It breaks up sentences that are already fragmented or ridiculously long so it s hard to follow along The writing does not flow well because of this Emphasis on wrong words KA has this strange tendency of italicizing words that do not need emphasizing and only manages to make the characters sound strangely juvenile He cracked two eggs into the side of the skillet with the bacon and the bacon grease and I stared JustWTH Fragment and Run on sentences They wreaked havoc throughout the book The inner dialogue is riddled with endless rambling sentences that have no end and are hard to follow Words are missing in some places, incomplete sentences that just hang there and make no sense in other places And, I also had to admit, no matter where I went and what I did, Niles didn t seem bothered with whether I arrived safe and sound He didn t check in, even if I was traveling for work and would be away for a few days And when I checked in, he didn t seem bothered with the fact that I was checking in Or, lately because I tested it a couple times , when I didn t check in and then arrived home safely, sometimes days later, he didn t seem bothered by the fact that I hadn t checked in Summarizing and repetition of words After doing that, I cleaned up my face Then I threw another log on the fire Then I stared at the log burning, trying to sort out my head Then I failed at sorting out my head Then when it got late, I made dinner for one and ate cookies for dessert Then I read until it got later WHAT S WITH ALL THE LISTS Stop stop stop it Shitty grammar the further fact , contentish, nice ish, fuckeva, a fuckin gain Flat characters There is no substance or dimension to the characters in this story All the men talk the same And it doesn t help that the entire story is being told in first person by the heroine, so readers are already at a disadvantage But the bizarre dialogue and over the top reactions and mannerisms does not fit the characters KA tries to bring to life A nineteen year old girl who was raped 3 weeks prior and is in an abusive relationship does not skip dance everywhere she goes and cry for joy so easily Like huh Very cartoonish and inaccurate Which brings me to my next major bone to pick MAIN CHARACTERS Nina Our heroine is one inconsistent spineless stuttering mess with zero personality She s a 37 year old British American lawyer who s supposedly confident, independent and has had years of experience with men 8 relationships to be exact Yes EIGHT Bwaha Yeahok Yet she comes across as oblivious, stammering, huffy, frigid, defensive and unbelievably dense to certain things It s obscene how every little thing needs to be pointed out to this woman Whenever she s around Max, the Hunky Colorado Mountain Man she s reduced to this She s a stammering mono syllable confused idiot who parrots and repeats everyone else s simple questions The countless I UmSorry DROVE ME FUCKING NUTS She s confused when someone asks a question, when someone changes the subject, when someone tries to pay her a compliment How is this woman a lawyer For someone who s apparently so smart she seemed to be the last one to buy a clue or would point out the obvious to everyone like she s sherlock and solved a mystery RME Good grief Am I seriously supposed to relate to someone like her It just made no sense and was unreal Make it a drinking game, take a shot every time this woman says I m sorry in this book and I promise you will be knocked off your butt after just 50 pages.Here are some examples of our brilliant attorney She shook her head and announced, Damon did this Did what I asked stupidly, feeling my heart start beating faster and my palms start itching Your car, honey, Max answered, and I looked at him My car I repeated..He tipped his head to the rental and his arm slid around my shoulder Damon, he did that to your car Hello Nina My body jolted and I asked What He grinned and asked back, Baby, you awake Um Sit down But Sit down All right I muttered. So, Nina, you come back with Max Harry asked me Back I asked him Yeah, Harry said grinning a somewhat goofy grin Um I replied, answering his confusing question the only way I could No I just.can t Max He s the most cardboard like hero I think I ve read in a Contemporary setting Nothing about him impressed me He s a walking cheesy overly sentimental extremely macho stereotype Like..where did you get this guy He s a rugged alpha man in his 40s but doesn t talk like one at all The endless slang, excessive swearing with words like fuckeva and a fuckin gain made it worse Get serious I found none of it attractive or realistic And I had a hard time understanding what Max saw in Nina that had him so quickly enad with her He s calling her cutesy names like Duchess baby and babe just after 2 days of meeting her and taking liberties like they are in a full fledged relationship Very odd Apparently to him she s the cutest thing in the world when she gets angry and he goes from not caring at all to being wildly attracted to her because she s a big softy when she s passed out unconscious with the flu Yeeeeahnope There was absolutely zero build up or momentum with these two I only read up to page 259 and the only thing I got was them making out constantly and Nina waffling and finding endless excuses to leave Max Didn t even manage to get to the first love scene This was a book that had no business being 688 pages long when all you have is endless droning on and chewing scenery Nothing happens.Clearly this wasn t a winner for me I have a few other works by KA on my TR list but I m not sure if I can sit through another round of this She s not for everyone that s for sure I have quite a few GR friends who ve given her work high ratings but even so, the overall issue people have is with her writing which I m honestly surprised could ever be overlooked Unfortunately for me the writing is the deal breaker and something I could not ignore There was no way for me to even get into the story, what little there was of it, with all the ridiculous bizarre hiccups I kept encountering Sorry Kristen Ashley is not for me.

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    Solid 4 starsWow Kristen Ashley is one fantastic storyteller I adore her charismatic characters, her intimate writing style, and her fabulous, sexy, overprotective, alpha heroes Her heroes are truly swoonalicious Overall, I really enjoyed The Gamble. I did feel the book was a tad long winded and wish the hero and heroine spent time together without the constant interruptions from the secondary characters With that said, I still loved this story I loved Max s and Nina s characters I loved their chemistry, as well as their bantering I did have a few small issues with their lack of communication i.e., talking about Max s deceased wife and Nina s inability to utter words than Um Max and I m sorry Those small annoyances, however, were not enough to hinder my overall enjoyment of the story Note I might tear my hair out in frustration if all Kristen Ashley s heroines use the term I m sorry when not comprehending a question or statement Just sayingThe secondary characters were superbly developed, entertaining, endearing, and, frankly, nuttier than fruitcakes There were times I felt Nina and the cast of characters belonged on an episode of the Jerry Springer Show It became that kind of crazy That being said, I couldn t help but fall in love with them The best part of The Gamble, other than Max, was the epilogue It s become my favorite epilogue to date It was poignant, heartwarming, and left me with happy tears and a full heart Thank you Kristen Ashley for another great story with a lot of heart and soul If you re already a Kristen Ashley addict, or interested in checking out her books, be sure to stop by our Kristen Ashley Addict s Support Group here on Goodreads

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    Kristen Ashley magicor my blind devotion I absolutely love this story, but sometimes I feel guilty It makes me feel like a hypocrite It sort of has cheating in it, sort of has Nina trapped against her will and is completely OTT insta love.It must just be KA magic I m blinded to the things that would normally make my eye twitch I honestly never saw those things when I initially read it and had to have someone tell me.How the hell does she do it Magic, I tell you The Gamble definitely paid off.I ve decided that my re reads will be done on audio With my busy schedule and real life, I don t have time to enjoy my re reads any The beauty of audiobooks is that you can listen to them anytime I listen to them when I m exercising, baking, doing school pick ups obviously not when my little munchkin is in the car and when I m mucking around on Pinterest As these are re reads, I don t need to worry that I ll miss something important or need clarification on a plot point, it s just a nice and relaxing way to keep reading while I m doing stuff The Gamble was one of the first books I read by Kristen Ashley and I have a signed paperback that sits on my shelf and never gets touched If I want to see the message insideI look at the photos I took I want it to stay in mint condition I wasn t sure how the audio would go, to be honest Nina s character is an American who has spent a lot of time in England and has a bit of an accent The narrator managed Nina s English accent perfectly while also giving Max a fantastic slow and smooth drawl I always knew when the characters were changing as there was a slight difference in the accents and the way they talked which made it easy to distinguish them.Max and Nina s story is still one of my favourites Nina comes to America from England to have a break from her fianc and to decide if she really wants to stay with him They had been having difficulties in the relationship leaving Nina concerned she was making the wrong decision Unfortunately, Niles, the fianc , wasn t listening when Nina voiced her concerns and didn t really see any problems with the way things were It doesn t take Nina long to realise that she doesn t really matter to Niles and his work was a lot important to him than she was Even when she finally explains this all to him, he can t be bothered or is too busy to deal with it I was glad to see the back end of Niles.Max has faced heartache and managed to keep going even though he s not happy When Nina rocks up to his house for her holiday, they realise a mistake had happened and Nina s holiday destination will need relocation Stuff happens, Nina s sick, the plans are a mess and Max ends up having to nurse Nina back to health It doesn t take Max long to realise that Nina is awakening feelings in him that he hasn t had for a very long time He knows he wants with Nina and doesn t want to see her return to England When Niles eventually comes out to see what the problem is, Max explains to Niles where he went wrong and why he doesn t get to keep Nina The Gamble is at times funny and at times so sad you can t help but shed a tear All of these emotions are hard to hold back as you re sitting in your car out the front of your kid s school The squirming at the set of lights when Max is speaking all husky and smooth, demanding that Nina tell him while he s deep inside her the words he wants to hear The crying when your heart is breaking for the woman who feels dirty and unclean The laughing out loud when Nina turns into Zombie Nina in the mornings But generally, this book just leaves me with a smile on my face.I still love The Gamble and the audio just reinforces my love.To buy The Gamble from buy the audio of The Gamble from m an Aussie chick who loves to read and review romance, drink coffee, be a Style Setter and stalk David Gandy To see of my reviews, fashion, food and pervathons

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    There are already many excellent reviews of this book, so I m going to keep mine short I kept seeing Kristen Ashley s name show up on my Goodreads friends status and review updates, so I had to see for myself what all the hoopla was about Well, to be honest, I can t quite put my finger on it, but whatever it is about this book and this author, I m sold The writing isn t flawless and it took me a bit to get used to the author s style, but once I did it was easy to read and I couldn t put it down The characters are often times annoying as hell, especially Max who is, hands down, one of the most obnoxious, domineering men I ve ever had the pleasure of reading about The story itself is all over the place and yet easy to follow and a joy to read The bottom line Sometimes heartwarming, sometimes tragic, The Gamble is a funny, romantic, hot story, one I truly, truly enjoyed If you re a Kristen Ashley addict, or just interested in checking her books, be sure to stop by our Kristen Ashley Addict s Support Group here on Goodreads

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    5 stars Contemporary Romance The Gamble is my second Kristen Ashley read, and I enjoyed it as much as Sweet Dreams, mainly because yummy, protective alpha hero Max actually rocked my world than SD s Tate Nina and Max were great together, and the story kept me completely engaged, despite the fact that it s very lengthy The Gamble is another winner, and I m looking forward to reading from this author 5 stars One of my favorite scenes is when Max mops the floor with Nina s snooty ex fianc , Niles, without even delivering a single punch view spoiler He put the knuckles of his fist to the table, leaned toward Niles and spoke quietly, cuttingly, in his rough, gravelly voice Fucked her last night, man, and this morning Five times Five It was like she hadn t been touched in a decade So fuckin sweet Damn, he taunted, his eyes locked on Niles You ve had her, you gotta know, not enough money in the world s worth that Not one fuckin thing gentlemanly about protecting what s yours Looks like you re gonna lose it, you do everything you can to stop that from happening Max looked back to Niles And you didn t do that She was a week away from me, she walked into a room I was in holdin another man s hand, I d lose my fuckin mind Not at her Wonderin where I lost my way and I d talk to her about how to find my way back hide spoiler

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    REVIEW COMPLETED SEPTEMBER 6, 2012 You ll get the good stuff, Duchess Wonder Max Divine Admittedly, my Max did change his eye color from grey to brown Whatever He is gorgeous Forgot about carin about someone so much you would do everything in your power to stop them havin pain I should have read The Gamble sooner rather than later Yes, Sweet Dreams and Tate will always stay above and beyond, however, Max he is simply another divine KA hero I was surprised that he had very few jerk ish moments, and I felt that he was kind of tamer than her other badass alphas You re being domineering again, I informed him.I felt his mouth grin under mine and watched his eyes do it Yeah, baby, fair warnin , when we re naked, you better get used to that I gasped at his words then he kissed me.Without a shadow of a doubt scrumptious, studtastic, yet caring and tender Max is responsible for another unforgettable read Max challenged Nina He made her think and kept her on her toes Max is the opposite of boring, that s for sure, and Wonder Max offered me another wonderful taste of KA sweet Mmmm Max is sex on a stick And while we re on it, the sex was good, however, for such a loooong book I d ve appreciated some smexy times Whatever Despite that The Gamble is not a perfect book, there is always something very specific that I can find in every KA story a feel of utter contentment after having read one of her novels Kristen is able to make me want to devour her stories and characters Yet again, she left me wanting I m not making out with you in a bar Why not Why His face again dipped closer Because first I want you to And second whether you believe it or not, guys are checkin you out and that d be me stakin my claim Staking your claim It s a guy thing It s a Macho Mountain Man thing Same thing You re impossible You gonna kiss me or what If I don t you re just going to kiss me anyway, aren t you Again, he gave me a grin You finally got that Impossible, I muttered Kiss me, Duchess Where this book did not quite work for me was the heroine I m very sorry to say it but Nina has to be one of KA s most annoying heroines She was simply too neurotic and hysterical for me That said, she was always so wrapped up in her own drama and neuroses that she never gave enough thought about what Max was going through I ve had my issues with her jumping to conclusions all the freakin time, and when did she actually ask Max about the stuff that bothered her I mean why is it so difficult to voice what you d like to know Now and then I silently told her Just spill it already I think Nina has a hearing defect cause she did not listen to me Having said that, she was listening to other people s insights and was jumping to conclusions again Yeah, and then when Max laid it all out to dear Nina hell, what did she do, huh She was view spoiler running away hide spoiler

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    4 the definition of guilty pleasure STARSAnd another Kristen Ashley book for me I simply can t stop with this woman I m guessing it has something to do with my current mood and my need to read something lovely that makes me feel goodlike coming home, or eating comfort food in grandma s kitchen.Anywaywhy did I put the definition of guilty pleasure up there in my rating Because it s one of those chick flicks where you have to suspend your disbelieve and just go with the flow I looked to the ceiling and told God, God, next time I want an adventure, strike me with lightning You have my permission Thirty six year old Nina Sheridan needs a timeout from her job and her life, but most importantly from her neglecting fianc So naturally she hops on a plane from England to America, drives into the Colorado Mountains where she booked a beautiful A Frame for two weeks.Turns out the idyllic get away is occupied by the owner and her booking was made by mistake Said owner, Holden Max Maxwell makes her turn around in a snow storm to find a hotel room in town What could possibly go wrong, right When I met you, my first thought was you were very pretty, great fuckin eyes, but not my type High class which means high maintenance Then you got pissed and that was it Even if you hadn t been in that ditch, now you d still be in my bed So if you think this attitude is a turn off, baby you re wrong Just a minor accident Nina lands in a ditch and wakes up in the A Framerescued by Max sigh The moment she hit that snow bank I jumped up and down and screamedOMG she s about to be rescued by someone tall, dark and handsomeSee where I m going with the whole clich , guilty pleasure, suspend your disbelieve thing No Well, I ll give you one thing Turns out Nina gets sickhonest to godfever and not being able to walk sick Max takes care of her and after she is better he won t let her leaveo.O I mean he is sweet about it and there is a spark there and they go into town and do stuff and have guests over and all that, but common sense says RUN, girlRUN Remember Suspend your disbelieve You think to slide back, settle for something that made you run away because you think it s safe, because it s familiar, because your scare of taking a GAMBLE on me, I m warning you now, Duchess, I m not gonna allow that If you just go with the flow, this is one hell of an entertaining book The whole town is involved and is cheering for Max and Nina and there are a lot of crazy mountain town people shenanigans going on and ohthere s a murder Didn t expect that, did you Then there is also the matter of the fianc and family is always a bad thing and thank god for pretty mountain viewslife would be really hard otherwise P Babe, he replied, grinning then said no Still being helpful, I explained, I know you think that word speaks volumes but, I have to tell you, it actually doesn t My biggest problem was Nina She is a smart woman, a lawyer, and she is very independent and self sufficient and all that But for some reason she doesn t talk in whole sentences Here are her favourite words Um Max and my personal favourite Sorry I think she has some hearing problems Nina doesn t get what you re saying the first time around, which is odd since she is a smart girl But in the end it leads to people always repeating their sentences to herUgh and that s just not cool.But Max on the other hand is AWSOME He s all mountain man, no bullshit, I take what I want and I take care of what I own fabulous It s pretty neat, in a romance book kind of way You re being domineering again, I informed him.I felt his mouth grin under mine and watched his eyes do it Yeah, baby, fair warnin , when we re naked, you better get used to that I gasped at his words then he kissed me So, Max the local poster boy who everyone loves and the American girl who lived too long in England and who speaks in an English accent They re the best OMG, they fightmostly because Nina is a hell cat and Max is a stubborn mountain man and they bicker and they are made for each other From the moment they met there was no other way but for them to be a couplefate really DI m going to read the first book in The Burg series nextjust hopping around and checking out all of KA s books and different scenarios I ll be back to the Colorado Mountains in no time.See you then D

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