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A Gathering of Twine pdf A Gathering of Twine , ebook A Gathering of Twine , epub A Gathering of Twine , doc A Gathering of Twine , e-pub A Gathering of Twine , A Gathering of Twine ccbed159a79 Everything About You Is A Lie Freeman Sullivan Is A Man Running Out Of Time As He Submits His Final Manuscript To His Sceptical Editor, He Tells The Story Of Professor George Tate, And Celus His Seemingly Ageless Assistant As They Are Expelled From The British Museum And Embark On A Journey That Leaves A Wake Of Irrevocably Changed Lives Because Freeman Has Realised The Professor S Truth That The Walls Are Thinning And The Shadows Are Lengthening As Our World Awaits Her Arrival

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    If you enjoyed tense psychological thrillers The Shining and Imajica then you will love this A British Museum professor discovers lost inscriptions that tell a very different genesis story to the bible and one that makes sense because it explains why there is suffering , but his obsession with revealing his findings to the world could cost him everything.However, not all is at it seems with his apparently ageless assistant, and their actions in pursuing the truth could have terrible consequences for those left in their wake A gripping read, with much of the story skilfully interwoven with true events I had to go and look up if there really were mines under Edinburgh Airport and there are it really forces you to question who you can trust.

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    This is the most engrossing and interesting novel I have ever read I was hooked just a few pages in and literally stayed up all night until I finished it The author mixes together fantasy, horror, sci fi, thriller, mystery, and history with a twist , spices it up with perfect word choices and lush descriptions, and serves up a sumptuous literary feast Sorry to sound trite, but it s the best way I can think of to describe it.For years my favorite book was A Winter s Tale by Mark Helprin, as his imagery was simply beautiful Adil Smith surpasses this and every scene he writes puts the reader right into the story As I do not want to spoil any of the delights awaiting other readers, I can only say that this novel will take you places you don t expect and will stay with you long after you read it I ve already read it twice and, once I get it back from the friend I lent it to, will be getting my fix before lending it out again.If you like HP Lovecraft, Stephen King, or Dean Koontz, you will love Martin Adil Smith If these aren t your favorite authors, I would still recommend that you give it a try as it is simply a great story.

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    I honestly had no idea how hooked I was going to be by this book The scope and breadth of the story had me from the first chapter There isn t really one central character to follow, as the story encompasses a conspiracy that encompasses the whole world Every human being in Adil Smith s universe is a part of the greater narrative of what can only be described as a conspiracy of godlike proportions By the end of the book I was left with that feeling you get when your head is still in the story, but you are back in the real world now I missed the characters and had the need to know how it was all going to end Two books in, and I still have that feeling I still think about this story, months after having finished the first and second book I can t wait to see where Adil Smith takes me with the third instalment Do yourself a favour Buy This Book You can thank me later m

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    Maybe I am just becoming old and crotchety, but in recent years it has become positively de rigueur to compare authors to Lovecraft, or even that their work is inspired by his.In itself, there is nothing wrong that except when an author is just aping Lovecraft for an easy buck and falling well short of the weird standard I find myself becoming increasingly frustrated and disappointed when reading such tomes, because I end up thinking can t you come up with your own ideas How refreshing it is then to read A Gathering of Twine, which takes Lovecraftian Weirdness to a whole new level.First off, let me just state that this is not for everybody it is arcane dense quasi mystical, and filled with conspiracy and shadow.If that is your thing, then great, and if not then move along.Secondly, this does not follow a traditional story format partly because it is the first part of a two parter, and secondly well it posits that the future can affect the past As a result we begin chronologically speaking at the end of the story, with an aging writer submitting his final manuscript that shows proof of a malevolent Creator, and then the rest of the book is told as a series of interviews, but jumping years or even decades, and often not in sequential order.There is a reason for all of it, but it does mean that you really have to pay attention In amongst the arcane theology there is alliance, betrayal, a re writing of the Genesis story, mass suicide, alcoholism, and the wickedly delightful Raven Men.The atmosphere is best described as new gothic in so far that the narrator is locked in a room high up in a skyscraper, as things that walk as humans but aren t wait for him below, and it is certainly oppressive crawling feeling when you begin to realize the amount of genuine history that is interwoven with this magical reality.Is this true Lovecraft No, but that is not a bad thing I would describe as Inspired Lovecraft insofar that it establishes its own gloriously dark cosmology, whilst having due regard to madness and tentacles.Now, if you ll excuse, I m off to praise He Who Lies Dead But Dreaming.

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    Several reviewers have compared the author of A Gathering of Twine to a gamut of fiction writers all masters in their genre I found these comparisons to be the source of the one real problem I had with this story I couldn t get comfortable with the narrator s style.I loved the basic premise confirmation verification of the true story of Mankind, how we came to be, how we developed as we did and came to the global situation the story is set, and finally, who makes it all happen as it did and does.I liked Freeman Sullivan and his publisher I loved George Tate and, in a completely different way Celus In fact, I could suspend disbelief in favor of the majority of characters throughout the book.What kept this from being a great read, versus a very good read was that well allow me to make an author comparison, after all Dante Dante s Inferno is considered by many to be a masterpiece of epic poetry, and I m certain that the critics are better able to make such claims than I As it was when I read Dante s Inferno, so it was with A Gathering of Twine I became lost and confused in the intricacies of the plot twists and turns so much so that I could not make the necessary connections to reach closure at the end.As to a recommendation if you understood and liked Dante s Inferno you ll like or love A Gathering of Twine As for me, I remain intrigued by the premise to such a degree that I plan on reading the book again when I have time Maybe then I can come back, upgrade the star level and give the book a stronger recommendation.

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    This is a totally offbeat story that reminds me of the finest tales Cthulhu Mythos by Lovecraft, with a generous amount of gothic doom in the vein of Poe.The story follows the obsession of an archaeologist, as it his determination to reveal the true origins of man costs him his job, his marriage and even his health.And yet the story moves beyond that, to encompass the consequences of his actions and how they affect all those around him.The chapters are perfectly designed, taking no than an hour each I have children, so bite size portions suit me , but keeps you wanting to read .If you enjoyed Stephen King s Everything s Eventual and Four Past Midnight , then you will love this.Recommended.

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    This is a tale of creeping shadows, questionable sanity, and uneasy allies.Is our world being secretly run by an arcane order bent causing misery and chaos Or are these these just the incoherent rambling of Freeman Sullivan as he struggles to complete his final book.This book reminds me of many authors from different genres, and thus is difficult to categorize yes, this is horror, but it is the horror that you don t see is it the shadow under your bed, it is the movement in your wardrobe.No one can doubt the scope and the scale the main story is set in the near future 2030 something , but recounts events of 100 years before, and entwine many families and friends In that regard, it reminded me of James Clavell s work, and to a lesser degree The Dark Tower saga a massive world filled with politics, deceit, and questionable religion.Then there is overarching themes dead God s returning Lovecraft , secret societies and conspiracy Dan Brown Twilight Zone X Files , and the terrible things that people will do in a crisis Stephen King Clive Barker Graham Masterton Dean Koontz.Finally there is the characterizations They are textured, with back stories and history, and a great deal of love and care is shown, which reminds me of Anne Rice s early work.This is a gripping and compelling story, but one that does not fit neatly into any one category It certainly does make you think, and that is just one of it s many strengths.

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    A tale of epic fantasy, with an amazing occult twist on it.One for deep thinkers.

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    How far would you go to reveal a lie Would you sacrifice your marriage, your family and even a part of your sanity just to prove you were right As always, Martin Adil Smith gives the reader a lot to think about, creating a philosophical battle inside the story and making the reader doubt the reality What actually is true and what is a lie in our world Maybe the truth we are taught to believe is just skillfully spun bundle of half lies and half truths A big fat lie where nothing is as it seems The author has a talent of planting the seed and getting the reader s mind confused, turning everything upside down our religion, the reality, God If you love dark fantasy and thrillers that really hits the nerve This is definitely your book A masterpiece of a horror story and a must read but, you better leave the lights on Highly recommended

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    There are three types of cheapo kindle books Firstly is the one you regret spending 99c on because it s just so bad you don t make it through the whole thing or get through it painfully with your one star rating ready to dish out The second is the average book that you are relieved you only spent 99c on, but enjoyed all the same and you are content with your purchase And then you have the 99c books that are so wonderful that you congratulate yourself that you only spent 99c and discovered a masterpieceUnfortunately this is not one of those masterpieces, yet is absolutely not one of the cruddy ones This was an enjoyable book But I didn t love it.Picture this, an old man named Freeman has been writing a conclusion to a number of popular books he wrote years ago Finally after missing deadline after deadline he takes his almost finished manuscript into his editorial office and confesses he has totally changed his viewpoint He now believes in a creator, when his books have been totally the opposite Unconvinced, his publisher goes through the evidence with him about this creator And so begins this tale It is a collection of stories, all intertwining with each other All supposedly leading to the proof of a creator, but not in the traditional sense.I admit It is really well written It weaves in and out of situations and times, the characters are mostly interesting and there are so many different atmospheres in the book It is creepy at times, other times funny or engrossing However the next minute it drags on needlessly and you feel yourself just wanting to get through it I liked the mythology of it, and did get swept away in the where does this all come from aspect of it I also think it s clever that the author took real events and shaped them in a way that it fit his story Silly me not really researching this purchase was not a stand alone novel, and the story actually continues into another book Not sure if it captivated me enough to read the conclusion to be honest The need for an answer does not necessarily outweigh having to read another novel.Although I have read some reviews of his other work and it is all well received Perhaps another time.

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