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Wait for What Will Come pdf Wait for What Will Come, ebook Wait for What Will Come, epub Wait for What Will Come, doc Wait for What Will Come, e-pub Wait for What Will Come, Wait for What Will Come caf9db3304e She Was The Last Of An Ancient Cornish Clan, And Carla Trgellas Had Inherited The Pride Of Her Family Name A Huge Mansion That Loomed High Above The Jagged Cliffs Of Cornwall She Felt At Home There Right From The Start, For Everyone Seemed So Kind And Welcoming Everyone Except Mrs Pendennis, The Eccentric Housekeeper Who Advised Carla To Leave At Once To Deter A Tragic And Inevitable Fate But Carla Could Not Leave For The Invisible Bonds Of An Ancestral Curse Were Just Beginning To Take Hold

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    Wait for what will come is one of Barbara Michael s most fascinating stories, set in a crumbling house by the cliffs of the sea.Deliciously gothic blended with a modern feel The writing is as usual spot on for this genre type There are some brushes of paranormal touching the lives of skeptics, and I wish the author had done a wee bit with it, but I like the surprise ending when you re left wondering if it s all logic and science, or if there is something else out there after all Guess which one I m going with I didn t dig the main character Clara all that much because she was mainly bitchy and unapproachable, but I enjoyed the cast of characters overall when they mixed together Throwing in the cautioning housekeeping with her strange grandson, the local doctor with his unstable sister, and you can t get much better with enriching the atmosphere through character types.The small town feel fit it well too since the legend was such a large part of the storyline As usual romance is only on the back burner and I wasn t even sure which one she d end up until the end, which is kind of typical for Michaels The relationship isn t fully realistic, but oh well.I would have liked stronger supernatural oomph into the story, but overall it s an interesting gothic tale that kept me glued and waiting.

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    Okay, so yeah, this book is terrible Just look at the cover Basically this woman inherits a mysterious house in Cornwall from a mysterious relative she s never heard of, and when she goes there OMG Everyone thinks she looks just like this dead woman from 200 years ago And the anniversary of her disappearance is coming up And there might be an evil merman involved Also, there are not two, not three, but FOUR possible love interests LOVE PENTAGON And yet, I still love this book I don t know why Maybe it s the setting Maybe it s all the mentions of clotted cream In any case, it s a total comfort book and I have read it and will continue to read it an embarrassing number of times.Whatever, you guys WHATEVER.

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    This is my third Barbara Michaels I participated in an Ammie Come Home buddy read last year for Halloween bingo, which was so much fun, and I read Be Buried in the Rain, which has a terrifying southern gothic vibe going on, as it is set in Virginia Wait for What Will Come was set in Cornwall, which is well trod ground for the gothic romance indeed And while I will say that this book was FAR SUPERIOR to Cousin Kate insofar as its gothic bonafides are concerned, it was rather humdrum in comparison to Ammie and Rain However, I picked the book, and I knew about the Cornwall setting, so I can t really complain that I got fog and cliffs and smugglers and coves and legends related to the sea And parts of this book were really quite chilling, even though in my jaded old age none of the old gothics are nearly so scary as they used to be But that doesn t mean that I don t love them This one also had a fabulous orange tabby tom named King Carter who is instrumental in saving the heroine from certain doooooom Like this guy Quite enjoyable I think that Michaels is one of the best at plotting stories that are genuinely scary.

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    Not my favorite by Michaels, but this tale of creeptastic goings on in 1970s Cornwall is an entertaining read When Carla, last of an eccentric family, inherits the family pile in Cornwall and travels to investigate it, her first meeting with housekeeper Mrs Pendennis ends with her being told to go at once I wondered if I might be in for a Rebecca style story, but this one took me down another path all together The mixture of old Roman history, local lore, selkies and romance feels like a bit of a mishmash at times, but I did enjoy the characters and the mood of the story.

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    Barbara Michaels Gothic thrillers seem to involve some sort of a haunted house castle, a man with a secret shady pasty, time setting around 1950 s and witty damsel in distress with spunk and a bit of an attitude This suits me just fine when I am in deed in the mood for mystery, thriller and romance all mixed into one and a relaxing evening of some fun, light reading This kept me glued to the pages enough to finish quickly and I am looking forward to of her books in the future This is not serious literature but when in the mood this suits me fine.The story begins with Carla Tregellas, an American math teacher who travels to Cornwall, England to inherit an estate left for the last bearer of her family name It s appropriate that the moorland landscape surrounding the mansion adds charm and mystique to the ragged coastline and crisp weather, taking the heroine and the reader back in time With Celtic blood in her veins Carla feels close to her roots in this new surrounding and starts to wonder whether she really wants to sell the grand house or not Occupied by few servants, a cook and local gardener she is quickly surrounded by locals who want to take her around and show off the area Impressed by the warm welcome she makes a few quick friends, most of them men as things start to get complicated An old legend surrounding Lady Caroline who used to live in the house and who s portrait looks very familiar to Carla is on the lips of Mrs Pendennis, a housekeeper stuck on the past, trying to warn Carla about the upcoming midsummer eve anniversary of madness and death that doomed the lady of the house, a tradition that is not going to stop this year A demon from the sea is said to be waiting for a new bride that night and Carla doesn t know whether to run and pack or laugh Things start to happen and near accidents change her mind but there is that meets the eye.The reader is quickly introduced to all the characters and that s when the real charade begins, I was wondering myself whether the tale of the man from the see who seeks out his bride on the fatal night was real or whether Carla s friends weren t so friendly after all and were after something in the house instead This was a fast read and I almost guessed the chain of events, with many twists and surprises from the author.Good fun and lot s of intrigue from Carla s male suitors made for an entertaining read Kasia S.

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    Absolutely loved it Interesting characters, great storyperfect

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    Wait for What Will Comeby Barbara MichaelsBarbara Mertz Barbara Michaels Elizabeth Peters has long been one of my favorite authors However, she was so prolific, that I haven t read many of her books This was one of her Michaels books that was moldering away in my to read stash an old old paperback that I probably picked up at my local library annual book sale I ve decided to try and read one of her books either pen name a week for the rest of the year so a trip to the library will undoubtedly be part of my weekly schedule for the next few months.In this wonderful, old style Gothic, Carla Tregellis, an young American, has been contacted by a UK attorney and informed that she has been named the heir to a Cornish estate Unfortunately, the estate is almost bankrupt, but it s hers, so she decides to take a trip and check it out Once there she is greeted rather oddly, as the old housekeeper opens the door and exclaims It s Lady Caroline come back from the dead As the mystery unfolds, Carla discovers that she bears a strong resemblance to the European family she never knew existed, and especially to one ancestor, Lady Caroline, who disappeared mysteriously on Midsummer s Eve 200 years previously A legend has arisen surrounding a supposed curse on the family that requires one of the family s women to be sacrificed to some sea creature every two hundred years The story is populated by many characters There is, of course, the main character, Carla There are also the housekeeper, Mrs Pendennis, the cook, Mrs P , the maid, Mary, Michael, the grandson of Mrs Pendennis, his American friend, Tim, the local doctor, Simon, the attorney, Alan and his sister, the local vicar, John and, of course, the non present, but still affecting the living, ancestors, Thomas and Caroline Tregellis Someone, probably one of those I listed, is conspiring to convince Carla that she is the next female Tregellis to be sacrificed Odd happenings and accidents occur Could the legend be true Is there some sort of sea demon that demands Tregellis sacrifices on Midsummer s Night eve every 200 years Or does someone just want Carla to go back to the states and let them have her property This book was a delicious read It is a full blown gothic, complete with windblown estate on a Cornish cliffside, a sea demon lover legend, lots of gorgeous men and, of course, our single damsel in distress The writing style is evocative, the plotting perfection, the pacing excellent and the editing and proofing top notch I was very surprised to find one proofing error you almost never find those in the older books published in the days when publishing houses actually offered their authors proofreading and editing , but on page 162 market paperback is this I play to stay here until I m asked to leave Obviously, that should be plan to stay, but it s the only problem I found in the entire book Yes, a delicious read Yum Can t wait to read another Just have to decide WHICH one

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    Leaving this at 4 stars for sentiment I used to devour Barbara Michaels books when I was in high school college I loved her gothic atmospheres, wise cracking heroes, and hints of supernatural happenings I m not sure how well the books have aged, though there s a touch of sexism here, and elements of the plot a maybe fake abortion a drug smuggling lawyer a merman costume seemed pretty ridiculous The ending was really rushed.Still, I devoured this book, and it was a non taxing, comforting read I ll likely read another one or two of Michaels books in the coming months I like a familiar, cozy story when life is busy.

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    Read this as a young teenager, and it made me want to go to Cornwall some day A few years later, I found I have ancestors from Cornwall, and I actually got to go and visit my distant relatives, although they lived in a nice, comfortable cottage, not a big mansion I thought of this book the whole time I was there, and it added to the experience Barbara Michaels does such a great job of creating atmosphere and history in her stories And they are always fun to read, the ones I always go back to because I know I ll enjoy them over and over.

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