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  • Paperback
  • 307 pages
  • The Unleashed (Blemished, #3)
  • Sarah Dalton
  • English
  • 14 March 2019
  • 9781490456317

10 thoughts on “The Unleashed (Blemished, #3)

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    I tried to finish this It s the last in the trilogy, too I couldn t do it After sitting half read for months, I m officially giving up on it.

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    This finale was anticlimactic Most of the book showcases Mina being gullible, oblivious, and lacking common sense, with everyone else trying to rescue her and to stay alive in the process I liked Ali Hiro s characters the most Daniel for the most part was a nice POV to be in I nod to the author for making the Scottish dialect come out so well on paper I liked that there was a conclusion to their tale, though it was a bit happily ever after Yet I sadly can t think of much else to praise It s not to say that Unleashed or the Blemished series is bad, but I guess it just wasn t the tale for me I tried really hard to like the series, but something was missing from each one that I can t place my finger on In this book, Mina s lack of caution and common sense is what really irritated me for the first 3 4 of the book She blindly trusts a woman she hasn t seen in 10 years over her friends and her father who s cared for her for most of her life She takes everything at face value If she stopped to think that maybe he kept the truth from her for a reason, such as to protect her, instead of just focusing on the fact that he lied to her, things would have turned out much better Matthew wasn t very bright either He clearly says at one point that he tortured by the GEM for information about Mina and the Compound Then when Mina s mother who works for the Ministry steps in, he thinks it totally fine to bring her to Mina AND the Compound Isn t that just giving the GEM what they were after all along I d have lost her as soon as I had gotten free sister in law, mother to my niece, or not Everyone including the reader could see how fake she was, except for Matthew and Mina apparently.As I mentioned in my review for Vanished, it seemed everyone s tempers flare so easily I m not sure why everyone, and I mean everyone, has such short fuses Speaking of attitudes, the Resistance was just as bad as the GEM in their mentality Neither one was in the right Again the author s theme of the need for equality and justice floated along in this book as well There were a few grammatical errors and inconsistencies, like Matthew calling Mina s father Jonny when he referred to him as John in Vanished Hiro calling Mina Aunty when in Vanished they said they were like brother sister And when did Angela learn to load a gun I don t remember her doing any combat in Vanished or in Blemished Mina s dad monologue with his extended dying breath was lengthy and not surprising Why couldn t he have just told her from the start I mean having telekinesis when no one else does would make me assume I wasn t normal Learning that why I and my friends had those powers was the result of genetic research would make logical sense, considering the Ministry is just around the corner learning that my mother works for it Why so hush hush And why so shocking to them all when they finally learned the truth There were also some random bits Like the snake when Mina and her mother were picnicking Surely it was planted Also when Angela later thinks about a future with Cam, the thought of buying a goat and making cheese seems very out of place with the thought of having kids together and a house by the sea Also, Daniel becoming the face of the Resistance seemed a bit unbelievable His speech wasn t even inspiring They definitely took his words out of context, especially considering the Resistance was the ones who bombed the civilians in the first place, regardless of whether they were caught in the crossfires or not.Finally there was mention of the rest of the world There was only 1 2 sentences in the epilogue simply stating that the world had abandoned them in their time of need Seriously It s quite unbelievable that countries would do absolutely nothing, especially when they seem to love to get into each others business nowadays I ve said enough I refrained in my critique of the first two books so I guess I decided to not hold back with this one In the end, I suppose a fitting conclusion to the series, though a bit anticlimactic.Note I received a free, advanced copy from the author in exchange for a honest review.

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    This novel is definitely the most intense of Dalton s The Blemished series Intrigue and subterfuge take a stand in a big way amongst the increased action and drama that she brings forth The real scientific and political possibilities surrounding the concepts behind this novel are just chilling and add to the overall forward motion of the tale Dalton s eloquent, well written method of storytelling round this out into a fantastic tale that you won t want to put down The characters that you ve come to know and love in the first 2 instalments of the series come back with a vengeance in this novel I appreciate the fact that although each character, regardless of age, race, or ethnicity, has grown throughout the series, no one has miraculously become an entirely new person You also get to know about some of the characters backgrounds in this tale, making them, and the story as a whole, rounded and filled out It s also very reassuring to see that each character s speech patterns stay consistent with their native tongue throughout It adds an extra measure of consistency to this very intriguing tale Overall, this was a brilliant conclusion to Dalton s Blemished Trilogy She wraps up all events from the past 3 books and gives everyone a sense of conclusion and purpose That said, she also leaves an opening for adventures from these characters, so one can only hope.Please note that I received this novel free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    I got a copy in exchange for a honest review I liked Sarah Dalton s previous works I liked the blemished and the vanished But the unleashed I must say, not that much The unleashed, i dont know how, makes me kinda lost interest with the series It all begin with the appearance of Mina s mom, Anna She suddenly comes and claimed she loves Mina very much and all Oh she was faked alright I dont like her a bit But i really cannot understand why Mina trust her so blindly All of sudden, Mina became so childish, silly and lost her all common sense She even hates her father, the one who raised her all along Well if only she knows better, the story would unfold better And then there s Daniel, a little thing that bothered me is he got a vision from the beginning, and he knew his vision always right, then why not tell everyone earlier Well, this novel could have been better i guess But it maybe just me Well Mina and Daniel has to act that way to reach the ending But i cant help feeling so bored reading this.

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    A fantastic conclusion to this action packed dystopian story, where war is waged and emotions are high.I liked the way the chapters were divided so that other voices were heard as well as Mina s, which gave greater depth to this final installment and helped move the story and explain motives.Secrets are revealed, characters are seen as complex and realisticnobody is all good or bad, just human Of course, some are likeable than others, but the author s skill shines in how each character is portrayed, flaws and all.A thought provoking idea, with many issues raised to do with what it is to be human and that perfection is not the answer to happiness.Brilliantly told.Highly recommended.

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    I really don t want to give it 3 stars because i liked the two before but i just couldn t get into the story, It was really frustrating the way Mina was acting against her dad and view spoiler how she forgave her mother right away even though she kept her drugged for several days hide spoiler

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    I loved the first two books of this series, but found this last one to be a little disappointing while there was some great stuff going on in the first 3 4 of the book, the ending was somewhat anticlimatic almost as if the author ran out of steam, and just didn t want to tell the whole story any I would still recommend it for a fan of the series, just don t expect a stellar ending.

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    Very good ending to a a great series I liked how each main character s story was wrapped up in the epilogue I think the ending was perfect for the series.

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    This series was just OK for me I liked the storyline, but the writing was not great I really struggled to get through this last book.

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    After reading my previous tomes I hung especially at the end or the suspense was at the rendezvous Some chapters passed by the wayside or I did not quite understand what was going on, but when I was immersed in the book I was hanging too especially with lovable characters There is Mina, who want to live and not go to war and to build a future with Daniel by his side except that he must find her and finds himself involved in the resistance There s also Angela who helps S bastien to find his father in field 14 A breathtaking final Apr s avoir lu mes tomes pr c dents j ai accroch surtout la fin ou le suspens tait au rendez vous Quelques chapitres pass s la trappe ou je n ai pas tr s bien compris ce qui se passait mais quand j tais plong dans le livre j accrochais trop surtout avec des personnages attachants On y retrouve Mina, qui veux vivre et non faire la guerre et se construire un futur avec Daniel ses c t s sauf qu il doit la trouver et se retrouve impliqu dans la resistance Il y a aussi Angela qui aide Sebastien a trouver son p re dans la zone 14 Un final poustouflant.

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The Unleashed (Blemished, #3) characters The Unleashed (Blemished, #3) , audiobook The Unleashed (Blemished, #3) , files book The Unleashed (Blemished, #3) , today The Unleashed (Blemished, #3) , The Unleashed (Blemished, #3) 46371 I Wanted To Live I Wanted Us To Have A Future, And There Was Nothing Else On My Mind With Daniel By My Side I Ran So Fast My Lungs Ached Mina S World Is Turned Upside Down As An Important Person From Her Past Materialises To Take Her Away From The Compound She Finds Herself Separated From Her Friends And Facing Life Changing Decisions On Her Own Meanwhile Daniel Is On A Mission To Find Mina When He Becomes Involved In The Resistance Along With The Rest Of The Freaks His Visions Take Their Toll As He Learns Of An Event That Could Devastate The People He Loves The Most Only He Can Stop It Angela Finds Herself On The Adventure Of A Lifetime As She Helps Sebastian Find His Father In Area After Action And Adventure On The Way There, The Group Are Thrown Into Another Life And Death Situation Can Angela Find A Way Out Fans Of The Popular YA Dystopia Series Blemished Will Not Be Disappointed By This Thrilling Conclusion It Will Keep You Guessing Right Up To The Very Last Page Trust No One

About the Author: Sarah Dalton

Sarah grew up in the middle of nowhere in the countryside of Derbyshire and as a result has an over active imagination She has been an avid reader for most of her life, taking inspiration from the stories she read as a child, and the novels she devoured as an adult.Sarah mainly writes speculative fiction for a Young Adult audience and has had pieces of short fiction published in the Medulla