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花花游龙 summary 花花游龙, series 花花游龙, book 花花游龙, pdf 花花游龙, 花花游龙 c11fbbf68e In Order To Help Their Chief Find A Wife, The Bandits Kidnapped A Woman From The Bottom Of The Mountain In Order To Offer Her Up To HimThe Chief Of The Mountain Stronghold, Lu Cang Falls In Love At First Sight With The Absolutely Stunning Beauty However, On The Night Of The ConsummationNote This Is The Manhua Adaptation Of The Novel With The Same Name, Hua Hua You Long Each Chapter From The Novel Was Made Into A Volume Of The Manhua There Are Two Complete Volumes Of The Novel With Ten Chapters Each

10 thoughts on “花花游龙

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    This is straight up terrible I decited to read this since there were very mixed reactions on it and what can I say I thoroughly regret it First of there is barely any plot, and the plot that there is gets constantly interrupted by the MC getting raped Second problem So much rape I usually don t have a huge problem with it, though I don t like it, it was just unacceptable I m not kidding, he gets pretty much raped every chapter My third problem the Love interest is a MASSIVE piece of shit It s a misunderstood bad boy gone wrong Basicly your typical abusive boyfriend but hardcore I am surprised the MC doesn t have hemoroids at the end of the story considering how much his ass got ripped Bonus problem They have a happy end I m not even kidding The MC gets raped and literally seconds later the ML is like I actually love you, I just couldn t express it and shit like that I hate it I hate absolutely everything about it Stop glorifying rape Stop glorifying abusive relationships It s not cute.Also if you want to read an actually good Chinese BL novel go read The grandmaster of demonic cultivation it s actually great

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    Ahhhhh I didn t like this one The panels didn t flow well, the dialogues seemed amateur and rushed Maybe this was due to the bad translation but I tried reading the Chinese version and I found the same thing It just felt like reading without any linking sentences, choppy and cringe worthy Also the graphic rape was..no I like sappy, fluffy yaoi You know the sweet type that makes me go awwwww but not only BL The things that happened in this was just cruel and I was a bit disgusted I actually DNF this Sorry Kai w If you can read Chinese, I recommend Nan Dai

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    this is review base on the novel NOT the manhua.the manhua is not worth reading, read the novel it is one of the best yaoi novels i have read.

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    It ended right when the story was starting to get better I ll have to find the novel version of this.

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    Ah the version I read of this, the manhua, was a bit much even for me Probably won t continue I ve seen in other comments that the book it is based on is actually much better so I might seek that out instead.

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    This could have been better The panels were disjointed and the dialogue seemed jumpy and didn t flow at all Sometimes it was impossible to tell what was happening, which of course lead to me jumping to conclusions.

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    Rape porn with no logic and one dimensional characters story, enough said Honestly I m not reading yaoi any, nearly all of it is not just a waste of time but an offensive one.It s like reading a homosexual Asian themed bodice ripper of the worst sort Only with a very pretty art.

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    I really liked the novel This is definitely not for the faint of heart because of the torture and it is homoerotic which may not be everyone s cup of tea but I liked it.

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    Stockholm Syndrome, enough said.

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    It s still ongoing, but I don t know Chinese so I have to wait until is translated There haven t been any new chapters since 2014 It s SO good

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